The Family Business – Chapter 9

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The Family Business – Chapter 9
Jess woke up the next morning with a bit of a hangover after the previous nights party. As normal she was sandwiched between Lyn and Clinton.

“Good morning, darlings last night was fun wasn’t it. Oh yes don’t stop that.” Clinton was shoving his morning wood into her muff. Lyn was feeling left out and so was stroking the cock as it entered into her friend. The two girls had a nice snog whilst Clinton fucked Jess. Being the expert he was Jess soon came, at which point he switched to Lyn without the girls breaking their clinch.

Later as they were showering together in the big rain forest shower Jess asked Clinton if he would be willing out help out ferrying Siobhan to her patients at high speed.

“Look I grew up here I know what it’s like of course I will take our kinky little doctor as fast as that b**st will manage. Do you think I can get it blues and twos?”

Downstairs having breakfast in her customary shorts and nothing else when Gwen and Siobhan wandered in wearing even less.

“I sort of left my clothes up by the pool. Even for an Irish girl I put it away last night. Gawd my head, serve me right. Is there juice I need to re-hydrate. Gwen was not even that coherent.

“Why on earth did we all go that much over the top last night wondered Jess to herself. The only explanation was that they had navigated dangerous waters the previous night in a great storm. Then navigated equally dangerous social ones the next day. There was relief when new friends proved exactly like them. Then as they were coming down from all that, in walks a strange doctor watching them misbehave. Then instead of being scandalised and getting upset, she joins in the festivities. A release of tension with amenable companions who were destined to become good friends. Add in that they were a bunch of sybarites to the last cock and fanny and that is what you get.

Anne wandered down wearing just a thong bikini bottom.

“How is my patient this morning.” asked the naked doc.

“Still sleepy from the happy juice you gave him. The bruises are really pretty, pretty painful as well but the ribs distract him from that. Bit early for house calls isn’t it.”

“Not when you never left. Gwen and I are old friends and occasional lovers. That may be a bit less occasional from now on. Ah Clinton, my lovely did the fair Jessica put her plan to you.”

“Jess used her feminine wiles to persuade me I of course gave in like a gentleman.”

“With a silver tongue like that you must have Irish blood. Gael and Bahamian a sterling combination as I should know.” That explained one thing Jess thought, later on she found out that Siobhan had been bought up in Cork of an Irish mother and a half Irish, half Bahamian father.

Over breakfast a lot of decisions were made. Firstly, Siobhan was going to become a semi-permanent feature on the island, living as she did on a yacht come floating surgery the location was more convenient for her patients than her current base and of course there was the sex.

As for the shipwrecked sailors getting paid for what they already did for pleasure appealed. Add to that they had skills upright that were useful. Simon was a computer tech who was interested in CGI, Vic was a materials engineer skilled at fabricating inventive items in synthetics. However, the icing on the cake was Luke who had finished training as a cameraman. The two ladies were skilled seamstresses. What is more they wanted to stay, both stay and play.

Keith came round and refused more d**gs during the day. Siobhan muttered comments about macho men but did not try to insist. It did mean that he was compis mentis and once his wife had filled him in on the previous night his reaction was first bugger, I missed a good party and next where do I sign.

That afternoon in the studio Nina put her pussy where her mouth was and started on a short Lezzy pic where she was supposedly seduced into a life of lesbianism by an older woman played by Angela. That girl did false innocence so well and really gave her seductress the run around before they moved to a bedroom in the old mill buildings.

Slowly Angela lured her victim towards the bed and got her to sit nervously on it. Nina got up as if to leave but was gently pulled down. The first kiss was broken off but persistence played dividends and she started to respond. Against resistance Angela tried to get her blouse undone. Slowly one button at a time and a fair few kisses and reassurance and the blouse was undone. Getting it off required more blandishments but the poor girl’s resistance was weakening. Kissing the top of her breasts above the blouse got Nina to show signs of pleasure the skirt was easy and there was a nice sequence where her breasts were kissed and her areolae nibbled.

The kaçak iddaa last item of clothing before she was completely naked were her panties and again Nina resisted. Angela’s dress came over her head and her thing came off. Then she went back to persuading her young prospective lover. Nina gave in to the ecstatic pleasure of an experienced woman doing her utmost to give her the utmost enjoyment. The look of joy on her face when she came took not an ounce of her acting skill.

The final scene was of the two new lovers having a foursome with another couple. Nina had asked very nicely if Jess could be one of those two and Pam was the other. Jess was pretty sure that she knew what the young minx was up to and sure enough soon Nina dived enthusiastically into her crutch whilst Pam did the same to Angela.

Luke was showing his skills as a cameraman doing both closeups and wider shots with throughout a hard on. Jo had the other camera and being as was the norm topless showed erect nipples of her arousal as well. Jess had to admit that young though she was she knew what she was about. Nina tongue flicked all about her pussy and teased her sensitive clit. It did not take long for Jess to cum loud and long.

When Chris shouted cut for the final time Jo put down her camera and took the Luke’s and laid it aside before pulling off his shorts. Luke happily reciprocated and she spread herself on his erect member. Screwing standing up is not that satisfactory but this didn’t matter as the randy young girl pushed her victim backwards onto the bed and kept going.
“Nina already lying on the bed got a ring side seat as she cuddled up to Jess. Pam and Angela hadn’t bothered to stop at the end of the scene and were continuing their pleasures but Jess lay back and with her arm around her affectionate new friend and watched Jo gave Luke little choice in the matter, not that he wanted it. Jess sighed for in the shadows was Alf with their third camera inevitably pointed at the rutting couple. Chris grabbed one of the others and took the close-up view.

“You lot keep me on your toes. I have now got to think up a plot to explain how those two got to that point. Should make a good climax to a take though.”

Subsequently he came up with a story about an innocent young cameraman getting inadvertently involved in porn videos before being corrupted by a sexually aggressive female director turned cameraman. Cheekily the film used some of the film just shot of the lezzie foursome so getting in into two seperate films.

The seas subsided so an inspection party went out to the wrecked yacht. It proved that most of the main accommodation had survived intact though the bilges had been ripped out of her. What that meant is that the personal possessions survived. Thus, Keith and his crew had clothes again not that they showed much inclination to wear them much. The insurance company were co-operative after they sent some engineers over to examine the yacht and the damage mast. They accepted that it was mainly bad luck and not incompetence. The yacht was a write off and they were happy that Jess bought the hulk for a song to use as a set. A now very stationary set.

A few nights later Siobhan and Gwen were roused from a very pleasant cuddle by a message that a young woman had gone into labour and it was a breach birth. With the help of the powerful fast yacht they got doctor and nurse to the girl in time and more important got her to hospital before she was utterly exhausted. The boat retuned the next morning with the news that mother and daughter were doing well. Thanks to Jess and Ruth the family did not see a bill for the hospital either.

Keith was watching his wife being professionally fucked by Pete in the course of her first movie whilst he chatted to Jess. Do you know I reckon I can promote your output far better than those fuckwits you have been dealing with before? I have been looking at the way all the big companies run the porn promotions and can take the best bits and add a few ideas of my own. Would you be willing to let me have a go?

“Without a doubt as we had come to the conclusion that they were not making use of the advantages of our superior product just treating it like the cheap dross you can get on any site. The new web site is near ready and is so much better. Even I can use it easily and I am a positive Luddite. Thanks to Lyn it looks good too.”

“We can make a feature of that as well great porn easy to get at. Anyone can get it up with only their right hand.”
“That’s disgusting and an appalling pun but probably just what we need.” Jess gently hugged him as his ribs whilst mending was still sore. On stage Anne was making a hell of a noise as she climaxed all the time looking at the camera with a hungry perabet giriş look. Keith turned on by his wife’s antics caressed Jess’s bum

“When I can do so without hurting could we have some fun together. I don’t really care whether we are filmed or not but I agree with Naughty Nina that you are a very attractive lady.”

Nina had waged a persistent campaign to sleep with Jess having for some reason even she couldn’t explain taken a particular fancy to her. Last night there had been four of them in the big bed in Jess’s room. Whilst all of them gave and received pleasure from all of them as the evening wore on, they resolved into two separate couples. Clinton with Lyn and Jess with Nina.

In the wee small hours Jess woke up needing the loo. Coming back to bed she was soon snuggled up to her young lover again. Before she drifted off back to sleep it occurred to her how things had changed. Jess had been quite determined that she was straight but now had no problems making love to this randy young nymph. Lyn however avoided men at all costs was lying in the most undeniably manly arms of Clinton. Both of them quite content with the situation.

The next morning however Nina demonstrated that she was attracted to men as women by waking up Clinton by giving him a blow job. The other two joined in with this game. All three women taking turns to suck his cock and in between times each other’s breasts.

When the had successful in their mission and were covered in cum they retreated to the shower together. Nina looked at the other two whilst hefting her own breasts contemplatively.

“I am definitely going to have something done about these you and pretty much every other girl on this island outclass me in the tit department.”

“I would talk to Anne first for as I know she feels the same but is worried about the reaction of your mother.”
“Fuck her, well actually that would do her good she doesn’t get much from my father and they are both so boring. Look I am twenty-two and can make my own decision. If as I hope I am going to stay here then Mum is going to have to swallow a lot more than that.”

During this tirade Anne had wandered in to see if they were getting up soon as she wanted company at breakfast. For some reason she was killing herself with laughter.

“What’s so funny.”

“The idea of Jess fucking Jane and then making her swallow. It would do her so much good. I don’t believe she has changed that much from when we were young and we were every bit as bad as you. I blame your father because he is truly boring and I suspect a hypocrite. I know that Jane thinks he is unfaithful.”

That morning as Jess and Lyn’s daughters film a lezzy pick of a food fight turned orgy Jess worked out some more details with Anne and Keith. They would rent one of the mill buildings that had been converted into a house. The original idea was to accommodate any temporary artist they brought in for films but now they had more than enough people on the company roll. Keith would work out a detailed marketing strategy for their films and the new web site would be modified to accommodate their products.

There were roughly going to be four types of product. The feature length artistic story so beloved of Alf, a site for lezzy films since most of the girls loved filming them. The third category was catering for people who liked boots and leather but not BDSM, it would have various kinky clothes to cover a variety of tastes. The last was for the rather more bizarre like the Goddess Aurea film with the gold painted hand maidens. They thought that some more body painted films as well as underwater stuff and possibly mermaid picks. That they had someone competent in CGI increased the possibilities.

“I wonder if we could do a film involving fairies. If they have wings it could conceal a harness and the tether could be CGI’d out Then we could film acrobatic sex. Nina is quite an acrobat and I would imagine that Sue could do a pretty good job. Also, how about mermaids? Fabricate a tail that contains the air tanks then all we would need to get rid of is the mask.”

Ruth and Chris were called over and they listened with interest to the new ideas.

“I think all of that is worth exploring also one of the large sites we have dealt with up to now has said they don’t want any more of our features as they are concentrating on shorter cheaper features. Whilst a blow in some ways the rumours is that they have liquidity problems. How about I see if we can but back some of the older content for cash.
Simon had seen the Aurea film and asked if he could have a play using CGI. The programme he needed was paid for and downloaded thanks to the now repaired satellite dish. Jess and Chris were fascinated as he worked on the transformation perabet güvenilir mi scene blending the encroaching gold paint so it seemed a gradual and smooth process. It looked so much better. The idea of being able to remove from a shot diving masks or ropes for flying fairies he confirmed was easy for him particularly as he would have the actresses easily available. Another example of his skills was that he took the film on Nina’s seduction and made her breasts seem small than the ‘c’ cup they actually were.

“Flipping heck that is useful could you do that to others of us. Not all the films look best with us bunch of huge breasted tarts.”

“It would be easiest if we have film of you when you were smaller. That is what I did with Nina I retrieved some footage I took of her when she was quite a bit younger and less developed.“ Jess noted that the two of them had obviously been intimate for some years.

Over lunch they discovered that it was Siobhan who had analysed their genomes. Whose was whose she didn’t know as they were anonymised but they were from here she did.

Would you be willing to assuage my curiosity? The genomes should have been anonymous that I checked but now that I know you all and your relationship its not quite that simple. I got two groups of three closely related people which are obvious mother and daughters but the curious ting is that those two groups are also related if rather more distantly.
“Are you saying that Lyn and I are relatives?”

“Its highly likely but not close relatives. There is a certain degree of similarity that could be chance but one rather rare gene that you all share

“Siobhan having discovered the acting rates wanted to take part in films as soon as possible so they decided to try a rather silly but quite fun idea Chris had some time back – Strip tag.

The girls taking part which was all of them except Hanai cooking dinner were dressed in bikinis nice brief bikinis. They all drew straws and Siobhan lost and had to strip but also became ‘It’. Siobhan then chased the girls around the island and when she caught one off came their tops too. The first to get caught was Sue who stole a kiss before giving up her top. Then it was Gwen who didn’t seem to be running very hard the two friends put a hand down each other’s front. The Jo who once topless rubbed her boobs into Siobhan. Three more girls got caught.

Of course, if caught a second time off came the bottom half. It was Gwen who failed to run fast enough and surrendered her thing but at the price of Siobhan’s. Nina was caught next and happily had her top removed in exchange for a passionate embrace. A couple more bikini bottoms were surrendered along with all but Ruth’s top. For a lady of forty-eight she was slippery as an ell and quite fast. The reality was that though this was a film it had been decided not to script it and the game was real.

Once she caught a victim a third time, they lay down together in the middle of the lawn and screwed with someone else being ’it’ Not surprisingly it was Gwen who got caught a third time and she and Siobhan settled down for some carpet munching. Ruth took over as ‘It’ and hunted down the rest of her victims with efficiency and much groping.
Thus, the last scene was a bevvy of girls in a pile having a very steamy time. Lyn and Nina cornered Jess and had their evil way with her like a tag team switching between breast and fanny. It made a fun and somewhat different film and the girls enjoyed making it.

That night again it was four in the bed though this time Nina and Lyn played together whilst Jess was screwed by Clinton. Just as she was dropping off after cumming three times in a row she was woken by her mother’s screams of ecstasy from next door.’ Anne, oh fuck Anne, don’t stop.’ It was clear that with her husband out of commission Anne had decided to find entertainment elsewhere.

It was Anne who came into their bedroom when she saw signs of life the next morning and put her arms around Nina.
“Nina sweetie, I want to put it off but we can’t we have to tell your mother that we aren’t planning on coming home. Jess would you and Ruth listen in but out of sight of the camera. I cannot see it going well and afterwards we will have to decide how we are going to proceed “

It most certainly did not go well Nina’s mother was furious. As she said she wasn’t keen on her daughter going off on a long voyage with three young men in the first place and now they were staying in some tropical hell hole doing goodness knows what. It was a good job that you can’t bang the receiver down on a videocall.

Anne looked serious and more than a little upset and Jess came over to comfort her. Nina however burst out laughing.
“A tropical hell hole this, I don’t think so and being with three young men if only dear mother knew how many boys and girls, I have fucked the last few days she would have kittens. Sorry Mummy dearest, I am not giving this up.” Nina lay back with her legs in the air and stuck a dildo up her bum.

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