Soderton Pt. 02

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Note: So only the first short story here is part of the ‘main’ storyline, though only just. I think I’m just gonna do a bunch of disconnected short stories set in Soderton so I can jump right into ideas I like without bothering with set up. I also added extra bits to the fuck furniture section but since I can’t edit submissions on lit I didn’t put them *here*.

Warning, the end of Dating app mentions prolapses as does Birthday present. The rest are all anal as usual.

My favorite ones are dating app, truck driver, and dinner party. What are yours and why? Wanna get a fix on what people enjoy. Like do you think stories are better with or without the build up/set up or just getting right to the point? Which ideas did you like the most?

~ Soderton Dating App

“You won’t believe this,” Craig said. “It’s the most amazing thing ever.”

“You say that every time,” Drew replied. It was true but I kinda agreed with him anyway, everything about Soderton really was the most amazing thing ever.

“So you don’t want to hear it?” Craig asked.

Drew said nothing and instead took a pull on his drink.

“What’s it this time?” I asked.

“OK, so I was messing around on my phone when I found out that Soderton has like its own secret little version of Facebook that you can only use here after being invited by a resident.”

“OK… And?” I asked.

Craig smiled wide and brought up his phone, showing me the profile of a girl on it. It looked like a typical profile on the surface exception for one glaring difference; underneath the girl’s profile picture was a shot of an absolutely brutalized looking piece of ass. Craig showed us more profiles and it was the same every time. The girls that made an account on the social media site always included a pic or short loop of their own assholes right alongside their profile portraits and the shots were always brutal, sometimes even a little worrying.

“I’m never gonna get sick of this place,” I breathed.

Craig just kept smiling.


Later back at Sam’s I pulled the app up on my phone after asking her for an invite. I quickly made an account, accepted her friend request and started browsing. Despite seeing profile after profile showing the same thing, I just couldn’t get over the sheer incongruence and obscenity of it all.

The girls would look so normal in their profile pictures; they’d be doing normal things, like any girl outside Soderton would. But right next to those photos, they themselves would publically post pictures showing off their gaped out, beat up assholes, entire albums worth of photos like that. The profiles weren’t even set to private, anyone could see those photos if they wanted. If photos like these accidentally leaked for a girl outside of Soderton, it wouldn’t just be humiliating in the extreme, it would dog them for the rest of their lives. But here, none of the women had any sense of shame about it.

One girl’s profile portrait was a photo of her on the beach with her surfboard. She looked laid back with her sunglasses and wavy beach hair, like someone I could imagine being friends with back home but the stuttering loop next to it showed her spread eagled, one hand plunging in and out of her asshole, the other giving the camera a thumbs up. A photo of her rock climbing, then one with her shorts pulled slightly down and the rim of a beer can just visible peeking out from her ass.

Another girl’s had a shot of her in a cute dress in some park, the next had her asshole looking red, puffy and inflamed as she laid on the edge of a bed; her knees still on the floor and her arms hanging limply at her sides, several massive and intimidating looking toys scattered around her legs.

The next was a girl holding a violin and diploma, a young musician who just graduated. She had a loop of herself riding a monstrously long and thick toy that looked like it reached her ribs from tip to base with a strained expression. The photo after was a close up of her asshole, gaped out and looking raw. I couldn’t understand why she would do it to herself but the contrast between the normalcy and the perversion was as startling as it was a turn on. And she wasn’t the only one with photos like that; the short time I spent browsing I found dozens of accounts with women displaying their own broken open assholes for the world to see.

And it wasn’t limited to just the younger women either. Everyone in Soderton seemed to have a profile on the site; the police, the mayor’s wife, the teachers at the school, nurses at the hospital, I even found the nice florist I met on the first day here on it, all being every bit as depraved. The florist was a married woman with children as her profile picture showed, but in the very next photo she was standing with her back turned to the camera along with a few friends at what looked like a garden party. Each of them had hooked their fingers into their assholes erotik film izle and pulled them open for the camera, so wide that you could see the pink, ridged flesh of their rectums and the tips of toys lodged even deeper inside. Far from being strained, each of the mature women looked like they were mid-laugh and actually having fun, as if showing off their guts to the world was just a silly joke.

The female police officer’s profile showed her standing proudly in her uniform in one photo and in the next a couple of her colleagues were sharing her ass at the station. The nurse showed herself making the rounds and intimately taking care of her patients one by one.

The teacher looked like she was in her class during the last day of school. She was on her knees surrounded by a number of her students and tilting a large glass bowl with a few dregs of cum left in it towards the camera, looking quite proud of herself and smiling widely. A few of her students had even commented on the photo, complimenting the teacher on her cum drinking and thanking her.

The woman had more than 20 albums of photos, probably one for each year she worked as a teacher and in every album she looked like she took a photo with every one of her graduating students. It was the same story in every album; she started off looking fine but as she took care of more and more of her students she looked messier in every photo until the last ones showed her laying on her desk drenched in cum, her asshole leaking and purple from abuse. To cap it off, the albums each also had a video, edited like it was a touching graduation video with comments and clips of herself and students, but really, it was just a video of her students gang banging her.

She was more almost 50 but still letting a classroom of guys less than half her age run a train on her ass every year, letting them slap her around, pull her hair, make her go ass to mouth and more. It felt wrong for someone her age to be letting her students do that to her but no one here seemed to mind.

The mayor’s wife was the worst though. I thought someone like her should’ve had a more dignified profile, something subdued and appropriate, but instead she seemed to give her ass out the most freely of them all. Her albums were filled with her meeting and greeting her husband’s constituents, travelling all over Soderton to offer her guts to anyone in need. The most disgusting example was one where she visited an emergency shelter and worked the soup kitchen. The first few photos were normal, like a photo op you’d expect from a politician’s wife doing something charitable. But after, she was bent over a table, her blown out asshole being given out to a large group of people that’d suffered from some fire that swept through the area. She’d been Used so much that the photos showed the woman easily pushing out her guts, prolapsing messily for each of the fire victims as she spread her cheeks open. The men looked grateful as they dipped cocks into the prolapsed meat but even swiping through the album as fast as I could, it would take minutes to get through the hundreds of photos before I reached the end.

The event looked like it broke something in the woman since before it, her photos showed a “normal” amount of anal abuse if there was such a thing, but afterwards every photo she took with a resident showed cocks sheathed in her rosebud.

Shaking my head I put the phone down and took a breath. All the photos and profiles were getting to me. I needed to calm down or figured I’d grab Sam for a quickie. Instead, a better idea occurred to me; I needed to find the mayors wife.


~ Birthday Present

“Surprise! Happy birthday!” Jules yelled out as Markus got inside his apartment. She was on the floor and practically naked except for the ropes binding her so thoroughly she could barely move. Her hands and arms were bound behind her back while her legs and thighs were locked tightly together. The only thing she could do was get on her knees or lay down on her stomach.

Markus smiled, happy to see his friend but then frowned at the display. “Jules, this is pretty cool but… how the hell did you tie yourself up?”

“I got your roommate to let me in and help.”

“Oh, yeah that makes sense.”

Markus moved over and bent down to give his friend a hug. “You didn’t have to,” he said.

“Don’t be silly, after what you got me? I had to do something you goofball.”

“Well this is great, I love bondage,” Markus said appreciatively.

“This isn’t all though. I talked to Em and she told me how much you liked prolapse fucking so I got you this,” she said, slowly turning around on her knees and leaning forward to show off the massive buttplug she wore. “I’m pretty sure I’ve been wearing it long enough that my ass’ll just fall right out,” she said with a chuckle.

“Jules,” Markus said. “I don’t know what to say.”

Jules shrugged off the gratitude. “Thanks film izle would be a start,” she joked.

Markus pulled her into and hug from behind, smiling widely. “Thanks Jules, you’re the best friend a guy could ask for.”

“So, do you want to tear it up now or later?” Jules asked.

“Do you really need to ask?” Markus said with a grin.

“Thank God. Wearing this thing has been giving me cramps all day,” Jules said in relief. She pulled the plug out with a wet plop, letting Markus see the state of her ass.

Markus didn’t know how long Jules spent preparing his gift, but it must’ve been a while given how badly she gaped; her asshole looked completely ruined and overly stretched out. He doubted it would ever look good again after what she put it through. He thanked Jules again for ruining her body for his benefit but she just brushed him off.

Jules reached back and sank six fingers into her brutalized flesh and pulled herself open even as she pushed out. Her rectal walls flowered out as she pushed, prolapsing wetly. “Have fun with your present,” Jules said back to him cheerily.

Markus stared at his gift and gave Jules one last hug before taking out his cock. Without needing to warm up, he plunged into the sopping, offered flesh, shivering in delight at getting the chance to ruin another woman’s body. The last girl that he got to prolapse fuck had been so torn up that it took weeks before she recovered enough for others to enjoy her ass again. He hoped Jules would take even longer.

As if she read his mind, she satisfied those fantasies. “Ungh, damn Markus. My shitter’s gonna be so busted after this it’ll be months before anyone else has any fun in her again.”

Markus swallowed. “You think so?”

Jules nodded. “Look at my ass, do you think anyone’s gonna want to fuck it after your done with it? It’s used up.”

The words only drove Markus to fuck her faster. Jules felt like she was being torn apart but made sure to push out constantly anyway, so her flesh stayed prolapsed even as Marks pulled and dragged at her rectal walls with every stroke.

After near an hour of the relentless anal abuse Markus finally groaned and pulled Jules into him, slamming his hips into her and for the first time that hour, forcing her abused flesh back into her body with his crotch.

Pulling out, he let Jules go where she collapsed to the floor limply. Her ruined asshole couldn’t even stay inside anymore and flowered out again as her chest heaved, spilling his cum over her ass cheeks and then onto the floor.

“Wow,” Markus whispered.

Jules chuckled weakly. “Cool right? It tends to happen when you break a girl’s ass.”

“Yeah,” Markus breathed.

Jules looked up at her friend. “So, does that mean you liked your present?”

“It was better than I could’ve hoped. Thanks again Jules.”

“You’re welcome,” Jules said tiredly as she dropped her head back down.

~ Soderton Uni

Mike slumped down heavily in the couch next to his friend Janice, getting her attention. She stopped working on the engineering paper she was writing and looked her friend over. He looked pretty beat to her.

“You really need a cumdump,” Janice said after eyeing him up and down.

“Can’t, no time find one,” Mike said.

“Uhm, hello?” Janice said, gesturing to herself. “I’m sitting right here.”

Mike looked up at her. “Sorry, didn’t think you had time for that either.”

“I don’t but it’s not like it adds that much more to my plate. Just pump a load in me whenever y’know?”

“I don’t think I’ll even have the energy to do that,” Mike said tiredly.

Janice stood up. “You’re just saying that because you’re stressed.” She bent over the arm of her couch and pulled her pants down before going back to writing her paper. “Here,” she said, sticking out her ass. “You’ll feel better after dumping a load in my ass.”

Mike looked Janice’s curvy, plump ass over and felt himself stir, though far more slowly than usual. “Maybe you’re right,” he said with a groan as he pulled himself up off the couch.

“Mmhmm,” Janice mumbled.


After, Mike pulled his half hard cock out with a wet sound and went round to Janice’s face. But she was still so occupied with her paper that Mike had to start slapping her across the cheek with his slimy cock – still half soaked in cum and her anal juices – before she huffed in annoyance and turned to take care of him.

“You were right, I do feel a lot better,” Mike said as his classmate cleaned his cock off.

Janice gulped. “See, told you. You really need to stay on top of that; you can’t learn anything when you’re burned out Mike.”

“Yeah, I know I know, I just really needed to pull those all nighters to finish that last paper off.”

Janice rolled her eyes. “That’s only because you left it till the last moment. You could’ve saved yourself a lot of headache if you just started earlier.”

Mike had seks filmi izle nothing to say, she was right after all.


The next day, Mike waited for Janice to finish up with the other guys in their class before they went in together. Other courses had higher female to male ratios, but since they were in mechanical engineering, there were only a handful of girls there to take care of the guys; in fact, only two dozen of them were seated on stools for the entire class of almost 200.

Mike sometimes envied the guys taking drama or writing courses, they had a smorgasbord of students to choose from and didn’t have to stand around waiting for their turn.

As the minutes ticked by, Mike wondered if it was all even necessary. The university believed that students had higher memory retention and learned better after sex so required all male students to dump a load in their female classmates prior to lectures. That was all fine and good for classes with lots of girls, but for engineering it just meant a lot of time spent waiting around for a girl to free up, time that could be spent more productively.

But it was pretty hard to argue with statistics and the research papers that concluded it all though. Seeing the line ahead of him, Mike decided to just check his emails while he waited. He could’ve gone to another lecture hall with more girls like other guys usually did, but he wasn’t in the mood to walk so far that day.

Eventually one of the girls did free up, a small Japanese girl called Yui that Mike hadn’t spoken to once during that entire semester. Mike wanted to use his friend Janice but beggars couldn’t be choosers. As Mike approached, Yui emptied and cleaned herself up one handed with practiced motions while her eyes stayed fixed on her laptop.

Mike watched as she arched her back and parted her asshole with her fingers so the semen her previous partner pumped into her leaked out into the receptacle below her stool. The funnel caught the load as Yui pushed out, draining it into a cup. Judging by how high the cup was filled, Yui had taken care of a fair number of guys.

When nothing more leaked out even as Yui strained, she grabbed a wet wipe and cleaned herself up for her next user.

“Huh,” Mike said as he sank in to the balls in Yui’s asshole. She was fairly plain, quiet and kept to herself most of the time so Mike hadn’t ever had a taste of her before, but getting one then surprised him with how good she still felt on his cock, even after who knows how many guys.

Mike gave her a few experimental pumps, pulling entirely out and pushing back in at different angles and speeds, sampling her insides and trying the find the tastiest parts of her. She feels really good Mike admitted. His favorite part of assfucking Janice was always pummeling past the bend of her sigmoid colon, but it was so deep inside that only his tip could reach it at the right angle. Yui on the other hand was so small he could feel his cock force that tight bend straight with every pump.

Mike used her slowly, enjoying the way her flesh rubberbanded over his cock as he pulled out and the way he rearranged her insides pushing back in. It didn’t take long before the snug fit coaxed the cum from him.

Mike pulled out with a satisfied sigh and watched his cum drip out of Yui’s asshole. He moved aside to let the next guy in line have a turn but it turned out there weren’t any more; the girls were finishing up with the last guys.

“Hey, there aren’t any more guys,” Mike said.

Yui turned around for the first time during the entire session and looked around. “Oh, hai,” she said with a nod. She emptied and cleaned herself again but got off the stool that time. Mike finally realized just how small she was when she stood up next to him – she didn’t even reach his chest and he wasn’t even all that tall.

Grabbing the cup out of it’s holster, she threw back her head and quickly downed the entire collection of anal creampies with two big gulps before setting the cup back in place and heading into class. No matter how many times he saw that, Mike never got tired of watching girls eat cum from their assholes. He especially liked how promptly Yui went about it. She didn’t pinch her nose shut and fuss about it like Asmari did every she had to eat ass cum – that Muslim girl was the strangest and most squeamish person Mike had ever known, it was almost like she didn’t like anal.

Mike didn’t follow Yui in though, he stuck around and waited for Janice to finish up with her last guy. As he waited, the other women in class finished up with their last users and polished off their drinks before heading into class too. Janice was almost the last girl left by the time her partner finally groaned and heaved himself into her.

“We’re gonna be so late today,” Janice said as she started emptying herself.

“Don’t worry, I used Yui instead since you looked way too busy.”

Janice sighed in relief. “Good.”

“That took you a while, you usually get them off faster,” Mike said as Janice was cleaning herself up.

“Yeah, I know, but I was way too distracted by these emails I got to massage him properly. Whatever, he got off didn’t he? Get off my case.”

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