Slammin’ Asses

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A week ago I moved back into my parent’s basement, from my college dorm rooms. With this change in lifestyle, I realized two things: one, there are very few things in life that are more debilitating than living in your parents’ basement and sharing a bathroom with your sister, and two, my sister had changed since I left for college.

When I left, she was finishing her junior year in high school and was two weeks from getting her cast off. She was a cheerleader, and had broken her leg when her bases failed to catch her during a routine trick. I’m proud to say that no, she wasn’t the preppy blonde type that project enthusiasm from every orifice. My sister Katie was an brunette Irish girl with freckles under her eyes and a squinty smile.

But when I pulled my bottomed-out-with-college-shit-Honda into my parents’ driveway last week Katie was the first to meet me. She threw the front door open and came bounding out through the front lawn to me. I couldn’t hardly move; I was stunned. Her pale, thin legs had firmed and tanned. They were long and taught, all the way up to her green short shorts. She wore them the way she always did; with the waistband rolled down a few times to make them even shorter. Only this time I shamefully felt myself wishing she had rolled them one further.

To make matters worse she was wearing a tiny blue bikini top, her toned stomach and hips made up for her modestly sized chest. She had always joked about having a lack of boobs, but had sworn she was waiting for her ass to come in. When she crashed into me and threw her arms around my neck I found myself looking down to see if it had. I was not disappointed.

“Liam! I’ve missed you so much!” Katie said into my shoulder. I could smell lavender in her thick, brown hair.

“I know I’m sorry I didn’t call as much as I said I would.” I shrugged when she finally separated. She kept her hands on my shoulders though, her bright green eyes looking into mine earnestly.

“You think I actually believed you’d call every two weeks?” she glowered at me.

I laughed. “Well then I retract my apology, since I obviously didn’t disappoint you.”

Katie scoffed. “Jerk.”

She insisted on helping me with my suitcase while I took my computer bag and backpack. I stayed behind a second to “lock my trunk” so Katie would walk in front of me. My mouth slackened at the sight of her ass in those shorts. They were so short that I could see just where the backs of her thighs curved outward to her ass. So tan. So smooth.

My parents – that is, Katie and I’s dad, and our step-mom – greeted me from their various positions in the house.

“Hello, hello!” My dad called in his familiar echoing call from the dining room.

“Hello?” I called out, leaning through the entryway to see him.

He had his glasses low on his nose, looking down to his laptop on the dining room table.

“Hey, Liam. I’m in my office.” Our step-mom Tracy said.

“Hey,” I waved when she came into view behind her desk. She had lost weight, it seemed, but with her enormous tits hanging so low, it was hard to tell. But I could see it in her face. I didn’t really care, Tracy was a bitch. I couldn’t stand her.

“How was your drive?” Dad asked.

“Not bad. Little bit of construction in Pullman but nothing bad.”

“Good, good. Well, your room’s all cleaned out, Tracy took the storage boxes back out and put them in the boys’ play room.”

“Tommy and Eric are sacrificing their lego room?” I mocked astonishment.

“Yeah, big deal.” My dad rolled his eyes. “Anyway, Katie said she’d help you unpack and Tracy and I are working on some numbers for a new client so we’ll keep workin’.”

“No problem.” I nodded, unsurprised. Always the businessman, my father. Once I got too old for him to keep coaching he started to lose interest in making time for me. And when I football season was over senior year, and he couldn’t even watch me anymore, it was like he couldn’t have cared whether I was living or dying. Probably an exaggeration, but the point is still valid.

Anyway, Katie did help me unpack, making several trips out to my car with me to move everything in.

“I really appreciate the help.” I assured her when the point of her being able to help had passed.

“No problem, dude.” she smiled. “I’m glad you’re back.”

“Yeah, we’ll see how long I last before I blow my brains out.”

She laughed, a little too hard it seemed. Like she was exaggerating for my benefit or something. “Don’t do that.”

“Ok. Well, good night, and thanks again.”

“Anytime.” She left the room with a funny little strut that wiggled her big butt around and then she stopped and turned around at the door. “Are you going to shower before you go to bed?”

“Probably, yeah.”

“Okay.” she nodded, and then closed the door as she left for her room across the hall.

Looking around at my suitcases and bags of old dormroom knick-knacks and studying equipment, I realized I had a ton of work ahead of me, and I really didn’t want to do it. Resolving to student sex parties porno definitely do it tomorrow or never, I piled everything to one corner of my room, knowing I would be living out of that corner of living supplies until their containers were empty.

Instead I wanted to take that shower. I stripped down naked and threw a towel around my waist, and stopped to check myself out in the mirror by my door. I was relatively pleased, considering I had been so busy studying for finals that I had no chance to get any exercise. I was mostly just glad I had managed to avoid gaining the dreaded freshman 15. I knew a lot of people that even got hit by the uglier freshman 25. Sad souls, all of them.

I threw open my bedroom door only to find Katie halfway across the hall headed to the bathroom completely topless, and nothing but tiny pink Brazilian panties. She made no effort to cover herself, but merely made a slightly quicker step into the bathroom. She even kept eye contact with me, and I swear I saw a smirk on those red lips.

When she closed the door to the bathroom, I heard the shower head immediately burst to life. I couldn’t help it; I was stunned again. She was so cavalier with her body in front of me suddenly. She used to be so nervous around me.

I suddenly felt a pulse of lust course through me and jolt my dick against my towel. I felt it lengthen and thicken as my thoughts of my sister in the shower suddenly turned very wicked. It took no stretch of an imagination to think of what she looked like completely naked; the panties didn’t hide much.

Before I knew it I was leaning in the door frame, staring at the golden door knob of the bathroom with my hand under my towel, firmly squeezing my aching cock. I imagined the hot water of the shower cascading down her tight back and down her big round ass cheeks. She joked about getting her ass, and God knows she got one for the ages.

I could feel my cock start to tingle with ecstasy as I imagined myself in the shower with her, standing behind her, my finger inside of her from behind, my rock hard cock resting firmly between her ass cheeks.

Before I knew I was pumping my cock into a furious orgasm. It was unlike any I had ever had; I went up on the balls of my feet, I groaned like a walrus and not to mention I came all over the fucking place. It was the type of orgasm you get dizzy from afterwards and your ass starts twitching. In fact I’m sure if anyone would have seen me I’d have looked completely ridiculous, but I didn’t care. I had never had a more powerful orgasm in my life. And it was because for the first time I was thinking of my sister.

I waited for the guilt; I waited for the blood to flow back from my still-throbbing cock and get back to the rational part of my brain. But even when my dick finally softened, a good ten minutes later, I didn’t feel guilty. I wanted more. I wanted to look up all the incest porn on the internet I could find. I had always been so disgusted with the idea, told from day one that it was an evil thing; but I didn’t care if it was anymore. Nothing got me off like the thought of fucking my sister.

And she didn’t make it easy to stop either. More and more often I would catch her on the way to taking a shower. She kept her towels in the bathroom so she never wore them going in, and even coming back out she’d walk dripping wet into her room.

Of course, when that happened, I was deliberately leaving my door open whenever Katie took a shower. I even considered repositioning the furniture in my room so I could lay in bed and look right out the door and into her room – should she ever leave her door open too. But I got a hold of myself before that started to get out of hand.

One day not long after I spent a good hour browsing brother and sister incest videos Katie knocked on my door. When I beckoned her in she poked her head in, leaning forward. She was wearing the tiny blue bikini again, and I could see she had the bottoms on now too.

“Hey, I’m gonna jump in the hot tub. You wanna join me?”

“Uh,” I pretended to act like it was a hard decision, “sure, I’ll be up in a few minutes.” I told her. She smiled almost wickedly – or so I thought anyway – and retreated down the hall with a towel under her arm.

“Okay, think.” I said to myself once I knew she was out of earshot. I knew there was a way I could get a peak at her naked. It only took me five seconds to think of a way. Both of our rooms were in the basement, which meant our windows had wells in them with little mini iron ladders to use in case there’s a fire. But they’re only about 4 feet deep. And I knew from memory that if I stood just at the edge of the well in my back yard, I could see Katie’s bed through her window.

I rushed into my swim trunks and slowly crept across the hall to Katie’s room. I knocked first, to see if she hadn’t yet left. But there came no answer, so I entered. I saw that the blinds on her window were down and closed. “Good thing I checked,” I said out loud.

I opened the submissive cuckolds porno blinds completely and raised them up almost to the top – enough so I knew I could still see Katie’s bed from my back yard. Luckily both our parents and were at our little brothers’ basketball game, so Katie and I had the house to ourselves.

The hot tub was on our back porch, just outside our parents bedroom, so before I went outside to join her, I made a quick detour into their room. Giddy with anticipation, I could already feel my member stirring in my loins. I peered through my parents blinds to the hot tub where Katie was sitting with her back to me, seemingly waiting patiently. I waited for a moment; watching her, realizing how creepy this would be if someone saw me, laughing at myself for how sick I had become, but never leaving.

I don’t know what I expected. To catch her masturbating? Not likely. I only waited a minute or two before I joined her in the hot tub, but I wanted to make sure I had a good chub going to fill my swim suit up for her.

“Finally.” she said when I came out.

“Yeah, sorry I was just using the bathroom first.”

“Suuure.” she smirked. I knew she was just teasing, but the fact that she was at that moment made me suspicious.

I hung my towel on the racks and looked down at Katie in the corner of my eye. I wanted to see if she was looking at my crotch, but I couldn’t tell without being obvious and staring at her.

When I got in, I sank slowly into the bubbly depths of the chlorine tub and enjoyed one of the few benefits to living in my parents’ house.

“Miss this?” she asked with a knowledgeable smile.

“More than you know.” I replied just as covertly.

Our hot tub conversations were, historically, arbitrary, and irrelevant. It was something of a tradition for the two of us to have some random, really entertaining and most likely hilarious conversation. This time it was about what would be the worst super power. Katie said mind reading, because then you would know everybody’s dirty little secrets, not to mention what they really thought of you.

“True,” I agreed. “I’m sure there’s plenty of people I talk to who act nice but actually wanna beat the piss outta me.”

Katie laughed in agreement. “Exactly! So what about you?”

“Constant horniness.” I answered bravely.

She just scoffed again. “How is that a super power?”

“Some guys would think it is, you’d be surprised.”

“Pff. College guys?”

“College guys.” I nodded, and we laughed.

“Hmm. I don’t know. I kinda like being horny.” she grinned.

“You do?” I asked, trying to remain calm and keep the bubbles over my swimsuit.

“Yeah, I mean . . . getting the tingles all over your body,” she grinned, and I could see her face getting flushed, “being intimate with someone, feeling them get off on you too, it’s all such a rush.”

No use. I was rock hard now.

“Jesus, Katie. So I assume you’re not a virgin anymore?” I laughed nervously.

She giggled to herself, and ran her hands along her thighs under the water.

“Of course not, I’m 18 now.”

“So what they just take your V-card on your 18th birthday as a tradition now, is that how it is? Big oiled up stripper pops outta your cake and slams ass with you?”

She laughed out loud at that one, a genuine laugh this time.

“What did you just call it?”

“Slammin’ ass?” I grinned. “That’s what we’ve been calling it in the dorm.”

“Slammin’ ass.” Katie repeated. “I like it.”

There it was again. That evil smile. It was so dirty. So lustful. And she knew it too, that much I could tell for damn sure. She was teasing me on purpose. And I can’t say I didn’t like it.

“That reminds me of something my friend Jordan was saying today.” Katie said suddenly.

“What’s that?”

“We were just finishing up at the gym and she goes, ‘you know when you shave your um . . . cooch,'”

Before Katie could finish she burst into laughter, and I felt my dick throb with each heartbeat in the hot water.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she breathed slowly. “So she says, ‘You know when you shave your cooch and it gets really itchy?’ And I said ‘No! I always wax my pussy.”

I didn’t think it was possible to get this hard. I literally hard to act like I was itching my foot just so I could grab my cock for half a second and give it a good squeeze. I wasn’t sure, but I might have seen Katie’s eyes dart down into the water towards my crotch when I did. But I couldn’t be sure.

“What does that have to do with you being a virgin?”

“Oh, because when I was a virgin I didn’t wax, and when I was 17 and I popped my cherry the guy told me he liked it bald. And then I realized every guy likes bald pussy so I’ve been waxing ever since.”

“You lost your virginity at 17?” I repeated, dumbfounded.

“Yeah.” she laughed. “It wasn’t that great. I feel like sex should be a lot better than I’ve gotten it yet, you know? Like I want to get it from someone taboo heat porno who knows what they’re doing. I wanna slam ass with a pro, you know?” she laughed at her joke, but I could hardly contain myself. I turned the jets on a higher blast, pretending to laugh her comment off with her, while I actually used the cover of the doubled bubbles to slowly stroke my cock through my shorts.

“I’m sure there’s someone who can, er – service you, properly.” I joked.

“Service me?” she gasped, offended. “I’m not a whore, Liam!”

Without any hesitation, she suddenly lunged forward across the hot tub and into my lap. I panicked completely. I yanked my hand away from my cock at first, but then I put it out in front of me to stop her from accidentally bumping it. I crossed my legs and then uncrossed them, all to no avail. The water tossed and churned and she landed herself spread eagled across my lap with her hands around my face.

She mushed my cheeks together like she used to when she was younger, telling me to apologize, but I could hardly focus. She was sitting directly on the head of my cock, putting a lot of pressure on it, and she was acting like it wasn’t even there. I knew it wasn’t because she couldn’t feel it. I hate it when they say “every guy measures”, and I’m not saying I have because I think that’s a little pathetic, but it’s 7 inches and 9 centimeters long.

So she feels it.

She just isn’t saying anything.

Because she isn’t bothered by it.

She likes it.

When I finally apologized she hopped off my lap, and in doing so put her hand on my lap to push off. Before I could stop her her hand was pressing my rock hard cock firmly against my stomach as she pushed herself back to her corner.

“I’m turning into a prune in here. I’m gonna head in.”

“Okay, I just got in, so I’ll veg out for a little bit.” I said, unable to peel my eyes off her dripping ass and legs as she bent over to exit the tub.

“Okay, you should probably put some chlorine in when you get out.” she said as she wrapped her towel around her just covering her tits.

“Good thinking.” I agreed, watching her leave. I waited twenty seconds for her to get through the living room and to the stairs into the basement before I leapt out of the hot tub and threw my slippers on. I stood at the edge of Katie’s window well and waited. I figured she must be drying off in the bathroom, because it was another five minutes of standing in the June sun drying the old fashioned way for me before she entered.

It was well worth the wait.

She was as naked as the day she was born, her door wide open, she even paused in her doorway and looked across the hall, like she was looking into my room. I couldn’t remember if I’d left my bedroom door open. Oh well, it didn’t matter.

I watched, transfixed as she closed her bedroom door and sauntered across her room to the mirror beside her bed. From where she stood, I could see her neck down to her knees. It was the perfect position, because that meant she couldn’t see me standing there, and I could see her perky little tits, her wide hips, her perfect, enormous ass, and of course her waxed bald pussy. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it. My cock throbbed painfully in my dripping swim trunks and I squeezed it tightly in my hand, watching her stare at herself in her mirror.

What is she thinking? I wondered. She had to have felt my cock when she sat on it, and that means she damn sure put her hand on it on purpose –

My thought process was cut short when Katie plunged her middle finger between her legs and started slowly penetrating herself there in front of the mirror. My mouth hung slackly open, my hand was now in my pants, grasping my throbbing, veiny manhood in my palm, squeezing it slowly but firmly, taking my time. I didn’t wanna cum too soon if she was going to do this for a while.

Alas, she only finger fucked herself for another few minutes before she stopped and threw some panties and a bra on and started reading a book in her bed.

I threw a chlorine tab in our hot tub and dried off in the bathroom as well, noticing Katie’s sopping wet bikini tops and bottoms hanging from the shower curtain bar. Without hesitation I grabbed the bottoms and shoved the crotch under my nose, searching for any scent of my sisters juices therein, but smelt only chlorine.

It didn’t matter though, the knowledge that only moments ago my sister’s bald pussy had been touching this fabric, and she might have even been getting turned on to my hard cock, was enough for me to get off. I wrapped the cold, wet bottoms around my throbbing member so the fabric that covered her pussy met the tip of my cock.

It was literally seconds before I was having another explosive orgasm into my sister’s bikini bottoms. I only had to imagine what just happened in the hot tub only naked, with my sister’s bald pussy lips slowly rocking back and forth over my cock, gasping out my name, her long auburn hair dangling over us both as we breathed our lust for incest into each other.

Things settled down for a while after that, sadly. I wondered if she had felt guilty about what happened in the hot tub, but somehow doubted it. She wasn’t acting bashful or different around me, she just wasn’t parading her half naked body around me anymore. Which, admittedly, was just about enough to make me cry.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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