Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Eight

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Rocky Mtn Road Trip – Part Eight
Rocky Mountain Road Trip
Part Eight

Kathy was kneeling before Mark & Keith with her back
to her husband who was laying on the bed with his arms
around Sherry & Angel looking very content.
Mark told her, “Lick my hand and suck my fingers as a
show of submission and do the same for Master Keith.”
Kathy said, “Yes Master Mark.” Then she took hold of both
men’s hands and obediently licked and sucked fingers.
After awhile of licking and sucking Master Keith told her,
“Continue sucking our fingers and with your right hand I
want you to masturbate.”
Kathy reached down and slipped a finger into her pussy
and started rubbing her clit. Mark reached down and
grabbed her by the throat and said, “Use both hands on
your pussy slut. Get your fingers good and wet with pussy
juice while we watch you.”
She said, “Yes Sir.” and she began to eagerly masturbate
as the two Master’s looked down on their new play thing.
Keith got up and grabbed Kathy by the hair, pulling her to
a standing position then looking into her eyes he said,
“lick and suck your fingers clean slut.”
As she put her fingers in her mouth he pushed her down
and across the table where Mark was still sitting. Then her
feet were kicked out and her hands were tied behind her
back. She was now bound and bent over the table with
her feet wide apart.
Mark grabbed a handful of her hair, holding her tightly in
this position as Keith removed his belt from his pants.
John was watching intently and seemed excited by his
wife’s current predicament. He was still laying on the bed
watching and holding tits in each hand. His cock was at
attention and it was obvious that he was enjoying it all.
Angel & Sherry started licking his thigh and worked down
to his hard cock and John was still watching his wife as the
two canlı poker oyna girls licked his balls and sucked his cock.
Meanwhile, Kathy was being firmly held down over the
table by Mark and Keith was standing behind her with his
leather belt folded in half and then he laid it across
Kathy’s bare butt. She jumped a little and screamed out
in a sound that was excitement and pain all at once.
Mark turned her face towards him still holding her hair in
a tight fist. He dripped some of his cocktail onto the table
in front of her face and told her, “stick your tongue out
and lick that up.”
Kathy said, “Yes, sir” and her tongue started sliding around
on the table top and Keith pulled back to lay his belt onto
her ass again. This time she flinched but continued to lick
the table top as well as she could with her face being held
tightly against it’s surface. Mark poured some more of his
drink down onto her face where it ran off onto the table
and down on her eager tongue.
Keith started burning her ass with multiple hits from his
belt and she started making sounds that revealed the fire
on her ass was pretty hot. Her butt was a nice cherry red
now and her breathing was fast and to her credit she just
moaned and continued to lick the table top out the side
of her mouth.
At this point Keith dropped his pants and dipped his
fingers into his own drink and then started working her
ass hole with his wet fingers. Kathy stiffened but still
continued to lick the table tops surface as Mark continued
to pour more of his cocktail over her head, dripping down
across her face to her lips and tongue. She started to slurp
the drink as well as lapping at it and so Mark poured the
rest of his glass, ice cubes and all over her head.
Keith started working his hard cock into her tight ass and
she internet casino squirmed and tried to flatten herself on the table top
but it was no use and Keith finally got his big cock all the
way buried in her ass. Then he started fucking her. In and
out while pulling her bound wrists to drive his hard cock
Mark pulled her face off the table and moved her into a
kneeling position on the floor in front of his chair. Keith
moved down with her, still pumping her ass.
Mark unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and still
holding her by the hair he moved her face all over his dick
and then he made her stick out her tongue and he rubbed
his cock over her willing tongue. She started to take his
cock into her mouth but Mark pulled her hair hard, not
allowing that yet. He said to her, “Say Please Slut” and
she replied, “Please Master, may I suck your beautiful
cock?” Mark said, “IF you really want to take my cock into
your mouth slut, tell me just how much you want to
please me.”
Keith was hammering her ass now and sweat was dripping
down her face and she was drooling onto Mark’s cock and
she said in a tiny voice, “Please Sir, PLEASE, allow me to
take your cock into my mouth so I can worship it and give
you pleasure Sir. I really really want to please you
Master. I promise, I will suck it so good for you Sir.”
Mark looked down at her and said, “You had better be as
good as your promise Slut. Open your mouth wide.”
Kathy quickly opened her mouth and about that time
Keith shoved his cock as deep as he could into her and he
spurted a large, hot load of sperm into her ass. She let
out a moan but still kept her mouth open as she had been
ordered to do.
Mark looked down on her as Keith pulled out of her butt
and then Mark pulled her open mouth onto his very hard
cock. güvenilir casino His cock slid all the way in and Kathy gagged a little
bit but continued to hold her mouth open.
Mark said to her, “You’re a very good slut Kathy. Your
husband has been watching and I think you’ve impressed
him with your obedience. I’m going to allow you to suck
my cock and I want a nasty blowjob. Understand me slut?”
She still had her mouth wide open and Mark’s cock laying
on her tongue but she managed to nod and say, “Uh-huh.”
Mark let go of her hair and took her nipples in each hand
and Kathy started slurping on his cock. She sucked it,
licked it, and ran her tongue from his balls up his shaft and
back down again. This continued for about 10 minutes.
Kathy had drool running down her chin and snot running
over her upper lip and she continued to suck Mark’s dick
with a eager passion.
When Mark finally shot his wad she swallowed and then
as the last of his cum flowed out the head of his cock she
rubbed her face all over to get get as much of the hot,
sticky goo on herself as she could with her hands still tied
behind her.
Mark continued to keep a tight pinch on her nipples as he
said, “You have done well for your first time Kathy. I think
you possess a natural talent for being a submissive slut.
Mark then released her nipples and stood up zipping his
pants. Kathy leaned a bit and fell over onto the carpet,
covered in sweat and sperm running out of her ass and the
corner of her mouth, hands still tied behind her back.
Keith asked John, “So was that kinda like you fantazied
John said, “Hell yeah. I really enjoyed watching her being
dominated. We’ve both talked about shit like this but that
was hotter than anything we envisioned. No doubt Kathy
thought so too.”
Mark poured some more cocktails and handed one to
Keith and one to John then he said, ” Sherry, Angel, take
Kathy into the bathroom and you can all soap up and get
ready to go out. I think we will have time to catch most of
the second half of that concert.”

Continued in Part Nine

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