Return of Service

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(To those who have not read my other stories, Cynthia, real name Sheila Schwarz has built a bondage and discipline studio. Charles, one of Cynthia’s existing clients introduces Sean Richards as a possible client. During the introductory session Sean turned the tables, took the whip, and made an impression. Cynthia, or Sheila, sent a still photo of herself, bound and gagged, to Sean to see what would unfold. Unknown to her, a mutual friend, Francine Martel, had met Sean in a restaurant. In addition to renewing their friendship in the physical sense, Francine recommends Sheila to Sean as a good match. This story begins the next day.)

* * * * *

I sent the package out by courier yesterday afternoon. I had been working out all afternoon, just to keep from waiting by the phone. When it rang, it was a relief that it was from someone else. I had seen Francine maybe twice in 10 years, but practically fell over myself to make a date for coffee. Anything but more waiting.

An hour later over skim milk frapaccino I got the answer to the eternal question of “Why?” Francine knew Sean. Biblically it seemed. But they were friends. She wanted to know how I felt about him. Duhhh…

“Sheila Dear, you are the most capable person I know well. Heaven knows you have more talent than I do, and I haven’t done badly. If you want him, give him some line and let him play with it.”

I couldn’t help it. I started laughing. Then I told her exactly what kind of line I had given him and what he had done with it. For some reason, our little session did not shock her. Then I reached the end of the session.

“There I was, standing on both my very grateful feet, and he looks at me and says, “You were a dancer. A good one, but you overdeveloped.’ It was like he looked right through me. You swear he’s 30?”

“Same as me.”

“I thought he was 10 years older. He has this stillness about him. Patience. Quiet.”



“I think I understand. All right Dear. Here is what you do. Meet him where he wants and follow his lead. This is all theatre. Give him a difficult role. Challenge him. Clarence is all about rising to a challenge.”


“Yep. He hates it. Goes by his middle name. I’ll tell you this much Dear. He really, really likes you. Truly.”

That was two shocking revelations in 24 hours. Well maybe not as shocking as yesterday. I had gotten some clue that he liked me. I felt warm all over. I almost forgot to check the messages. Almost. He wanted to meet. Same time, same place. What in heaven’s name was I going to do for a whole weekend?

By the time Monday arrived, my videos were completely catalogues, my window box had no weeds, my underwear drawer was rearranged, and I had a freezer full of half cooked lasagna. I may not be much good at working off nervous energy, but I tried. The big moment was a bit of a relief. What did Churchill say, “…nothing to fear but fear itself.”? I had never understood that one before. I did now.

I strolled into the diner at exactly the same time. Sean was there with Charles, again. They were having soup and salad, again. It had to have been choreographed. Having Charles there was too perfect. He took one look at my face and froze. Sean must have brought him to get his ounce of flesh. I wanted one too.

“Charles. It’s so nice to see you. I needed to properly thank you for introducing me to Sean. You have free session coming you know.”

Charles was stricken. I think he wanted to gloat over something. No chance. Sean bailed him out.

“Do you like Prokofiev?” Do wolves like meat?

“Yes. Of course.”

“Fine. I’ll get tickets for tomorrow night. I have some business I want to discuss.”

Charles’ eyes were bulging. Maybe Sean had not bailed him out after all. Then I saw it. “Mother” was going out on a date. Charles is older than I am and he thought of me as his senior. Maybe I understood that a little. I looked at Sean and realized that Francine was telling the truth. I only expected someone older.

“You get the tickets and I’ll get dinner.”

Poor Charles. A boy among grownups. But that was why he paid me. I left him there; sitting with a wolf he had thought was a friend.

Tuesday was a blah day. To much tension. My clients were insufferable. I had to reign in my temper all day long. At 5:00 I changed into a black cocktail dress, a real Julia Roberts piece, and went to Ramone’s. I was early so I went to the bar. I amused myself by shooting the fish. Metaphorically speaking. I shot down three in quick succession before the rest got the idea. It was therapeutic in a way. I would have to try iced drinks on the genitals at work. It certainly works in a bar using bourbon. When Sean came in, exactly on time, I was starting to loosen up. He went to the other end of the bar. Huh?

He came toward me with a drink.

“Why Sheila Schwartz, it’s been…hours since I saw you.” Cheeky sort.

“Well Clarance Richards, it HAS been a while.” That scored. This was fun. “I thought I would come over and get you drunk so I could sincan escort bayan have my way with you.” Was that a Groucho leer?

“Why Mr Richards.” I can act too. “All that trouble for little old me?”

“Why, tis no trouble at all my dear.” Bad sheriff. Foghorn Leghorn maybe.

” I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” I love Bette Davis. That was Bette wasn’t it?

“Watson, to the hunt.” Oh yes.

The ham stopped at the door and bowed to the room. I broke up. I had not laughed that hard in years. It hurt. He kissed my hand.

“Its good to see you laugh. You were so serious last week.” Well duh. I have to be serious. It comes with the job. Maybe why this was so fun. I broke up again.

“Oh Sean, you are the first person to MAKE me laugh in, good heavens, years.”

“Mother thought I would turn out to be good for something. She had hoped it was Law or Medicine. Still this has its rewards.” What a card. People probably think of him as serious too. Hell I did.

The dinner was a bit of a let down after that. Tedious. By the time we reached the concert, I had dropped into a funk. The giddiness of the bar had worn off, and I did not have a follow up. The music was helpful. By the time the intermission came around, I was feeling better. Suddenly I came to a decision. I had a problem with Mario, and Sean might help me with it. Our eyes met over wine. He looked intrigued. Cool.

The headline was Axe doing Prokofiev. I love Prokofiev, and this was my favorite piece. I always see Amy Irving playing it to beat Richard Dreyfus in the “Competition.” Just one more audition. I could relate. I looked down and my hand was on his knee. That was all right too. He had not said anything. I liked that.

When the piece was over, I detached my hand. My fingers were aching. How hard had I gripped? He led us out.

“I met an old colleague of yours.”

“I know. She called.”

“Francine and I go back to, what, 10 years old. I never dated her. I don’t think anyone did. No time.”

“I remember.”

“There was a picture of the two of you. You had to be about 15 at the time. She said you were very talented, ‘unreachable stretches and impossible holds’. Something like that. She was favorably impressed, and I give her opinion a fair amount of weight.”

I think I smiled, but this was not a pleasant memory, “We were Herr Gruber’s star pupils. About a year after that picture, he kicked me out. A kindness he said.”

“The man knew nothing about kindness.”

“On that we can agree.”

“What did you do?”

I told him. I told him a good deal of how I had gotten started. I waited til we had reached the parking lot. Then I blurted it out.

“Sean, I want to bring a third person to the appointment Thursday, if that’s all right with you?”

“What exactly do you have in mind?”

“His name is Mario. He’s a dear sweet man, but I just can’t hit him hard enough to suit him. I told him you would be there and that I would be observing. I think it’s the best idea I’ve had for him in a while. I hope you don’t mind terribly.” I was rambling. I had never said a word to Mario, but he would agree. He agreed to anything. Control girl. Just say it. “I’ll be glad to give you a consulting fee.”

He seemed taken back. Well Francine said push and I really needed the help. I cocked an eye and did my best Spock.

“My Dear, you be there, and I will take care of things.” Balls. I give him points for that.

By the time Thursday afternoon rolled around, I had come to realize that what I really needed was a partner. I had spent seven hard years building all this from nothing, but it had grown to big for one person to handle. I had no life outside my work. Worrying about how to broach the subject to Sean had left me with no fingernails. Mario at least had been no trouble.

I watched from the office when Mario arrived 5 minutes before his appointment. Normally that would get him a reprimand, but that part I would leave in Sean’s hands. I had a feeling Mario would not be getting off easy. Sean came in exactly at four. He looked pissed. I stepped out to meet them both. Sean sent Mario off to undress and put on a blindfold. Then he turned to me.

“Will you be participating or observing?”


“Very well, go to the bar and clasp it with both hands behind you. I trust that you will show your usual discretion as we conduct this session.”

I swear I would never take this off anyone else, but not a word of protest. I just went and did as I was told. I was wearing a new top just for the occasion and hoped it survived more or less intact. If the first session was any standard, these meeting would be hard on clothes. He naturally would barely work up a sweat. As usual he kept me waiting almost, but not quite, too long. He came out of the storage area with a cart full of stuff. Paddle, whip, penis ring, beads. For me he had a mask.

“My dear, you look lovely today. I would like to put this on. If you will allow me, I would also like your hair down.” He must like eryaman escort my hair. Well I could understand that. I had used scented shampoo just for him.

He took the pins out of my hair. I had used my hand lacquered ivory set. Sure enough, he noticed.

“These are lovely. Are they Persian? You may speak.”


“I would like to discuss some of where you acquire some of your personal things at some point. You have excellent sources. Now I believe Mario is about ready, so we may begin.” He secured the mask over my face and crossed the room to meet his new charge.

“Mario. Some ground rules. Do not speak or make any vocal sound unless permitted or instructed to do so. Do you understand? You may speak.”

“Yes. Master I…”

“Yes is sufficient. Do not address me as master. You are the master here. All I do is for your benefit. If your refer to me, I am “Mr Sean.” If you address me, I am “Sir.” Nod if you understand.”

He nodded. This was just the right tone with Mario. He wants to be punished. If you give his line any slack, he will tie you up with it.

“Very well. I will mark this slip up to poor instruction, and will consider it no more. I remind you that this session is being recorded and that Cynthia will be able to see and hear everything as well as the tapes. Nod if you understand and consent.” Mario nodded.

“At my request, Cynthia will not speak to you til the session is complete. Now, since I see that you are suitably attired, we may begin.”

Mario wears only restraints when he works with me. That day he was wearing a studded dog collar with several rings and leather straps at the wrists and ankles, also with rings. I would have to complement him on his choices.

“Mario, Cynthia has taken this opportunity to present you with some new experiences. You have met myself, but I have an assistant whom you will now meet. This session is her session also. Do not speak to her, or about her to anyone. Nod if you understand.” Yes. “Excellent. Do you have a leash? You make speak.”

“Yes I do.”

“Yes is sufficient. Where is it? You may speak.”

“It should be hanging on the wall beside the door.” He gestured with his head. Bad move. I would not have allowed that.

“It is unnecessary to gesture. Please restrain from such overreaching of my instructions.” Nicely done. “I see three leashes: one red, one green, one of braided leather. Which?”


“Excellent. A distinct improvement. One moment.”

Sean led Mario to me. Shit. Did the AC stop working in here?

“My Dear, this is Mario. I will shortly allow you to become more closely acquainted, but at the moment you look flushed. I think you might be a little more comfortable with somewhat lighter attire. Mario, kneel.”

Mario knelt with his hands at his sides. “Mario drop to all fours.” He did. “For the duration of this session you have no hands, only paws. I will enforce this quite firmly. Do you understand?” He nodded.

“Very well. You may advance and investigate my assistant. Be thorough.” What the hell?

Mario crawled up to me and started sniffing around me shoes. Another interesting point. I had never done much animal role playing. Perhaps I should start. Mario began licking my shoe. I did not care much for that.

Sean took my mind off Mario by beginning to unbutton my top. I had bought it just for him. Those pearl buttons were tiny. He did not even seem to notice.

“My Dear, this is a new top. Did you wear it specially for me?” How sweet. He noticed. I had not spoken, but my dimples must have given me away. How had he seen that past the mask?

“I am flattered. Mario, my assistant has made a special effort on our behalf. Let us make this session memorable, shall we?” Mario stopped slobbering on my shoes and looked up. “Now Mario, I said investigate. I did not say cover with saliva. I think some correction is in order here.” Mario did not look at all abashed. “Now investigate, but nothing more than an occasional nip.” Nip? Oh shit.

He did not give me time to fret about it, because in short order my top was undone. He pulled out the tail, undid my bra, and, with a “Hands my Dear.” took the whole assembly off. I appreciate that he used the hanger I had left out. I paid $250 for that shirt. It was nice to see someone else treat it like it had value.

Mario was the one to grab my attention this time. He stuck his face up my skirt. I am going to get you for this Sean Richards. Oh well, the panties were disposable. Oh shit. Mario was sucking through the panties. It was all I could do not to make a sound. Damn if I would break in front of Mario. I clenched my jaw and suffered.

Sean looked down with a bemused expression. Then he lifted the skirt. He admired the garter, which was worth admiring, and then popped the stocking stays. He rolled the tops down so they would stay up. Now what?

“Mario. Please remove the panties.” Sean you dirty little…

Mario grabbed my panties with his teeth. I would not be shocked to if that a few pubic hairs went with them. etimesgut bayan escort I was turning new shades of red trying to hold it in.

“My Dear, assist him.” What? Oh the panties. I stepped out of them.

“Mario, I believe you know how to attend to a glistening pubis. Please do so, while I prepare your discipline.” I will get you for this C Sean Richards. Mario attacked my cunt like a dog at feeding time. Sean just turned around and left me to it. My breath was coming in heaves through clenched jaws. I could not stand much more of this. Sean slowly turned around with a whip in his hand.

“Whack.” One full across Mario’s exposed ass. He yelped. So much for getting even with Mario. Sean was going to do it for me.

“Oh dear. I feel I have failed. I distinctly remember telling you not to verbalize. That is most decidedly true during discipline. Something must be done concerning this. But, for the moment we will concern ourselves with my assistant. She deserves a reward. I expect you to provide it.”

Mario was good at this. My whole lower half was heated like a furnace. Oh Lord, let me slide down into this. Oh shit I’m next.

“Whack.” Right across my breasts. The sensation was like ice against my pounding blood. Then it turned to strips of liquid fire. What a sensation.

“Whack.” “Whack.” “Whack.” “Whack.” Sean traded us off. One for Mario, then one for me. I was in that place they talk about. Half in the fire, half in the freezer. On the whole I should be comfortable. Hah. On the whole I was about to pass out.

“Whack.” He gave one more to Mario. Then he leaned down and put his cool wet lips on my burning tit. Something deep in my throat made tiny whining noise. No way he would miss that.

“Oh my Dear. You were doing so well. Well here goes…” “Whack.” One more time across the tits, with one strand landing on my jaw. I was to spent to care. My hands on the bar behind me were holding me up. Sean leaned in to suck on my tits again. And blow on them. Lord, thank you. That feels so good.

“Whack.” “Whack.” Back with the whip where he had just cooled with his lips. That did it. I may have passed out for a moment. My whole body shook as a series of orgasms came down like kegs rolling out of a brewery. I will never know how I stayed upright. Fortunately, Sean knew when to quit.

“Mario that will suffice. I hope you learned from my assistant’s example. With one minor exception, she performed flawlessly. I hope you aspire to this level in the future. My Dear, you may retire to wash up. Mario we have a little task between us.”

I stumbled to my office. When the room stopped moving I turned on the water. I could here his patient, measured, and heavy as hell, lashes falling on Mario. Damn Sean was good at this. I just wished there was something left of me when he was finished. I let the water wash away most of the flames.

I could not linger. I was dried and somewhat dressed when he finished with Mario. Thinking back, I could tell that Sean was getting his frustrations out. He would have to watch that if we were going to work together. Sheila, listen to yourself. Work together indeed. But I could dream. He came through the door.

“Damn Sean, I’m glad I haven’t pissed you off.”

“My Dear, would you believe me if I tell you I only follow where you lead?” Sure. Riiight.

“Then I must give you some map.”

“Let us not forget your reward.” The SOB held up two strings of vaginal beads. I could not come close to helping it. I cracked up. I was still laughing when he went back to finish with Mario. At least Mario was finished.

We spent the next three hours going over the tapes. I really like this part. It seems to be my one art that does not involve physical exertion. Sean seemed to be impressed too. The thought made we feel warm all the way to my toes. Face it girl, you been bit. We came up with one really nice shot of me where my face was obscured by the ends of the whipcords. I archived that one. As usual when my mind wanders around him, he reminds me to pay attention.

“My Dear, I want to hire you. Some of these are publishment quality. To produce them from passive videotape, even if it is digital, is amazing. I can pay you quite well.”

“You’re serious.”

“I never joke about money.”

I laughed. I had been trying to think of a way to say the same thing to him. All this laughing felt good. It had been so long since anything had struck me as funny. Sean seemed to pull them out of his hat like rabbits. That and blushes. I could do without those.

“Sean, I’ve been trying to think of a way to hire you. To help with this place.”

“Let’s discuss it over dinner. My turn. Leave your under wear here.”

“Sean!” Well maybe I was not all that shocked. Two could play this game.

“Come my Dear, I want to show you off, and I still have your reward to give you. Wear something casual. I don’t have a change with me.”

“You would be a 38 Long, 32 waist, 34 inseam.”

I can size people in my sleep. He was easy. I had some ideas about where we would be going to dinner. Why have a wardrobe department if you never use it? I had seven or eight outfits that would work. I only gave him one real choice: white tie and tails. The others were protective coloring. Damn, it felt good to score one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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