Rehab Duty Nurse

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As a private duty nurse, I am well paid. Getting dressed for my next assignment I get out my favorite uniform. Since home care assignments like these allow me more flexibility in my dress, locations of work and hours to work, I have really enjoyed the new found freedom’s it brings. I am called today by the staffing office and informed I have been re-assigned to a new case, and will be working there for the next few weeks. Never having had a live-in assignment, I am excited at the opportunities.

They tell me I am to report to the county hospital, and assist my ‘charge’ with the paperwork and get the transfer to home process started. They tell me the patient is an adult male, mid 30’s, an athlete who was in a car accident and has been in a coma for a few weeks. Recently, he regained consciousness and is now progressing swiftly through his rehab and is set for discharge in a few days. He is paying extra just to have his own private staff of RN’s to watch him during this recovery period. BJ, he is called, is still an inpatient and they want me to stop by today for my approval interview and to get acquainted with his rehab and personal cares routines.

I am told to report at the county hospital at 12noon. I am early and can see that the lunch trays have yet to be distributed, so I ask the ward clerk if I can take in the tray to BJ, as I am his home care nurse. “Go, right ahead, we can take any help we can get!”

So, after locating the tray, I look for BJ’s room. Oh, lets see, I think it should be down here at the end of the hall. Yes, there it is. I knock. “Come in.’ is the meek reply from within. An attractive man greets my smiling face, about the same age as myself, and he has just pushed himself into his wheelchair, preparing for the food he could start to smell wafting into the rooms. He is very pleased to see that someone finally brought him his lunch! Such service in this dump. “I’ll be glad to be out of here soon and back in my own home.” “Hey, who are you?”

“I’m Rachel, the nurse from the home health agency. I am going to be your private duty RN and, it’s nice to meet you too,” I say under my breath, convinced this jerk is a real control freak and spoiled rotten! I can see why the agency assigned him to me; my track record with these types of cases is a record yet unsurpassed by other RN’s in the agency.

I move the tray table closer to the wheelchair making it easier for him to reach his meal. “How do you like your food set up?” I ask.

“Just throw that slop on the damn table and I may decide to eat it!” BJ grumbles.

“What else would you like to know about me, that, is, if you can manage to interview me and eat lunch at the same time!” I retort.

BJ realizing he has been a bit rude to his new caretaker apologizes. “I’m sorry, Rachel, it’s just been so long that I’ve been cooped up in this dump, and I’m really looking forward to going home.”

“Apology accepted,” I said softly. After eating most of his lunch, BJ says, “the floor staff around here never have time to do much personal care for me, do you have time to give me a bath?”

“Sure,” I say, as I look to assemble the needed equipment. BJ has already learned how to move himself from wheelchair to bed and back, but cannot easily reach all areas of his body that need bathing. So, once back in bed, I begin my labors.

I can see why the staff around here don’t always give him the attention he needs, what with his attitude and all. I can’t help it if some drunk driver injured him, I can only help him if he really wants to get better, and I tell myself….

The water is soapy from the bar of soap on the wash cloth. I reach down and pull the sheets back to expose one of his massive legs. What definition these types of athletes can get, I think to myself. Impressive! Grabbing the foot first, I gently rub the cloth around the toes, first, and then down around the ball of the foot, following the arch to the heel. Looking back at BJ, and noting the surprise in his eyes as he sees what care and nurturing touch I use. “Wow, no one else has even touched my feet before, let alone, in the arousing manner you’re doing right now!”

I surprised even myself at the out of character performance I was making! I have never thought of a patient as a sexual being, they are always a body with an ailment that I can ease. Realizing the arousal of my sincan escort bayan own body, I continued. Slowly, and with more soapy suds from the warm basin, my clothed hand moves up BJ’s leg, stopping at the knee. “How far can you bend your knee?” I ask. And he promptly shows me that he has full range of motion, pulling the foot up to his groin area. This motion has exposed his loins, which I happened to glance at, in the surprising movement of the sheets. “Oh, I see you have more ‘movement’ than I had expected!” I say, smiling and winking one eye. BJ’s cock has moved off the bed a bit in the response to my catching sight of it.

“Higher, bathe me up a little higher!” BJ requests. Re-sudsing the cloth on my hand, I approach the thigh. The definition is rippling the cloth as it guides my hand upward. Now getting a little concerned that we may be interrupted, I say, “hold on, and let me lock the door….”. BJ smiles in response. “Now this is the type of therapy that will get me out of this fucking joint! Remind me to give my agent a bonus, I’ll really have to show him the MONEY!” Moving my clothed hands again back to the thigh, I lean on the bed. BJ’s arm and hand are close enough to reach my body, and he pulls me closer. Facing each other, my hip resting on the side of the bed, with my hand finding his manhood, I begin to ‘scrub’. Mmmmmmmmmmm…. can be heard from the bed. BJ’s hand has reached up to the front of my bodice, attempting to loosen the front buttons. Enjoying the feel up from through my uniform, I press my chest into his awaiting hand.

Moving my cloth-covered hand from BJ’s loins, I move slowly up his abdomen, caressing it. From below, I can see his cock beginning to grow. From my nursing training, I know that he should be able to handle more…and ‘always wanting for further the recovery of the patient by any means’…. I move closer.

His chest is huge. The pectoral muscles are pointing out at me, waiting for their cleansing…. Rolling on his side, to allow easier access to me, BJ reaches across the bed with both hands and finally undoes the buttons to my uniform. Rubbing the cloth more firmly over the great pectoral muscles, BJ does the same. HMmmmmmmmmm….my tits are perking under his hands. To squeeze them is the same as using one of those grip strengtheners, which I see lying on the windowsill. Enjoying his newfound rehab and bathing regimen, BJ says, “come closer.” Still standing at the side of the bed, my large tits now hanging, protruding from their release of my lacy bra, BJ begins to suck. First the right one and then the left. While he sucks, I return to my bathing. Taking the cloth back over his belly and down to the pubic area. Massaging just above his erect penis, I can see the lusting his penis has for my body. Asking him how much cardiovascular workouts he has had in his rehab, BJ, replies “well they make me walk the stairs with those guide poles, and then the walkways… but nothing like this! I can handle this,” BJ says with a big grin.

His cock protruding from underneath my cloth, he begs me to ‘join’ him in bed. With my tits sagging down into his happy mouth, I climb up on the bed, positioning myself on top of his growing shaft, and then easing myself down… BJ is surprised at how wet I am… thinking he is an invalid, who could not turn on a department store mannequin, he is very pleased with his agent. Stroking my tits with his tongue, as I expertly maneuver on his cock, hmmmmmmmmmm’s can be heard growing in slight intensity. Riding BJ’s cock up and down, deeper, deeper, more, more, more…oh…My eyes open, I check to see that my ‘therapy’ is tolerable. From the expression on BJ’s face, I can see it is most acceptable. His cock is so hard; I can feel it half way up in my tummy. Carving out pieces of my pussy, and slapping our bodies with my juices…. with each plunging depth…. I begin to smile. Today I thought would be just another ordinary day…taking care of some ungrateful patient. Feeling our urges close to climax, I turned on the TV to drown out our anticipated moaning, the cloth from the bath now draping the side of the bed, long since forgotten. Cumming, cumming, cumming, together, and together, more, more, more…. I worry that this is too much for him, but as I look down, I see a most approving grin. So close now…so close, I can feel our bodies blending as one. Each eryaman escort rise and fall of our bodies is felt and echoed by the other, our efforts now synchronized. Practically writhing in pain, the pain of love, I feel him cum, deep within my drenching pussy. And I smile. Today wasn’t so bad after all!

I ease off the bed and explain that he has had enough therapy for today and that I would expedite the discharge plans to later today or tomorrow, as I was eager to get more of him. BJ smiled and said I’m ready for more now, baby! Well, just think of all the interesting possibilities and freedom’s we will have at your house. Free to explore more rehabbing exercises and moaning…BJ smiled. Now he understood.

I left him then, after cleaning up our mess and giving him a very wet passionate kiss. I regrouped as I headed back out to the floor of the hospital and looked at the assignment board, to find his nurse. I see that it is Valerie and I ask a nurse who is at the desk charting if she is she, and if not how to find her. The nurse looks up from her charting and says, ” Yes, I’m Valerie, what do you need?” I begin to explain to her that the patient has arranged for private duty home health nurses and that I was to begin his discharge plans. Valerie informs me that, “Everything was all set for tomorrow, but if you are here and he wants to go, then I don’t see what the problem is with leaving now.”

I pop my head into BJ’s room and say it won’t be long now. BJ says, ” That is correct, and growing!” I chuckle to myself and go back to the desk. After signing the papers and arranging for some transportation, I get into my car and head over to BJ’s to prepare his place for him. He should be right behind me in about 1-2hours they said. He gave me his keys and directions, which were very easy to follow.

I find an elegant manor out in the country, down a winding road, flanked with tall willow trees. A small bridge connects the road to the driveway over a small stream, that you can hear babbling. I drive up the long approach, and park my car just near the garages. The place looks a bit deserted, but clean and tidy. After opening the door, I discover that this place has been shut up the whole time he has been gone. They must have laid off the house staff. My tour of the house begins in the foyer, black and white marble tiles, and a beautiful winding staircase w and open lofted view of the first floor. I bring in the groceries I bought on my way over here and unpack them. I have my special spaghetti recipe planned for dinner and a great bottle of Gerwerstdaminer chilling in the refrigerator.

I then take my search upstairs, as that is where he’ll have to live until able to maneuver the stairs alone. Hard wood floors in the hallway make our moving about much easier than thick pile carpets. 5, 6, 7 bedrooms, plenty of space for me and potentially other staff. I finally find the master suite. Done in navy’s and beige, I love it immediately. I know that I will be sharing this room of the house the most, and proceed to hang up the few things I brought with me.

As I finish, I can hear the van pulling up. I go down to meet them at the door. BJ has this most excellent expression on his face, like a newlywed going into their honeymoon suite…. The transport crew has agreed to carry the chair and assist BJ up to his room and help me get him settled. And then they leave us alone.

With BJ sitting there dangling on the side of the bed, I can see a growing bulge in his lab, apparently very happy to see me and still planning to give his agent a bonus. In the time it took me to go to my place to collect my things, and complete the other arrangements, I was able to change clothes and prepare my body for a day of fucking. I always love to wear my black thong that starts at the neck, crosses between my large tits, and then creases through my pussy on its way back to the neck, under my clothes.

I approach the room w two glasses of wine and the bottle sitting chilled in the vase by the window. The sun is dancing through on the Persian carpets that grace the hard wood floors here in this elegantly laid out suite. The room had a couch and chair for meetings, and a walk through closet with a chair. And a bathroom with a Jacuzzi big enough for 2 people to lie down in and float.

As my hips come closer to the bed, BJ looks up and says, etimesgut bayan escort “I’ve been resting all day for this!” And is eager for more rehab. He grabs a soft hold of my skirt and raises it up to display my stockings and garter.

“Wow, no panties? Were you expecting me?” He says with a crafty smile.

I nod, softly to the side, and spread my legs a little.

BJ moves his hands from the fabric of my skirt to the softness of my skin, and begins to rub the insides of my thighs, then around the tops of them back to my tight ass. Fingering me with the right amount of firm pressure and my body prepares. My pussy is getting wet and warmer with the caressing of the thighs. His hands move higher, under the garter now, releasing the stockings as they fall to my knees. Pulling me closer for his hands to work harder, I recover my balance by widening my stance. His fingers are on my mound, stroking the thick black bush and the velvety skin beneath. Fingers pointed to the floor, with the palm on my mound; he eases a finger down under the hood of my clit.

“Ooh,” I sigh, as my thighs clench his hand.

BJ senses that this pleases me and propels his fingers deep into my clit and pulls it out of its natural hiding place. Circling it with his index finger, his thumb pressing up on my mound, the sweet nectar of my pussy begins to emerge on my labia, coating his hand. Reaching down further, he finds my hole, ready, wet, and wanting…in response, he inserts two fingers, and plunges back and forth, rocking my pelvis closer and farther from the bed. It is so good I almost loose my footing and tumble down on top of him, but regain it in time, with a smile. The honey of my loins is smacking under his touch. Drenching us both with the sweetness of our labors. And then I cum, on his hands, moaning, my back arched, my thighs squeezing on his hand, not wanting the pressure to relinquish. “Mmmmmm,” is all I am able to stammer out.

So pleased am I that he took me first, I kneel before him and free his member from his pajama’s. Stroking it with my mouth and tongue, the pole is growing out into my face. Reaching up and pulling at his balls, helping them fill with the juice I crave; I bite down on the shaft. “Ouch… don’t stop…oh, baby” can be heard above me. I smile and turn my face to see his, our eyes meet, my suction grows tighter. Continuing to insert his long cock, hard under my skills, deeper into my gaping throat, I hummm hummm hummm on it. Licking it now, from the outside, up from the hairy mound, down to the exposed head, I can see a few drops of pre-cum forming at the tip. I reach over with a finger and collect this fluid, and smear it on my exposed bosom, rubbing it in firmly. It makes for a wonderful natural moisturizer. Repeating these movements, BJ takes away my hands and massages the ‘oil’ into my large breast tissue. The warmth of his hand makes my nipples firm and red-hot.

Returning my attention to his pole, I insert it again. Its so long it gags me, and tickles him. Wanting to eat it, I remember the biting from before, and begin to take small chews out of it. BJ moans in delight. My teeth exposed on the shaft, it removes and inserts itself along my open path, and the sensation is most arousing. I can feel and see the growing size of his balls, knowing he will cum soon. I return my gaze into his eyes, and ask for directions. He says, “more,” under his breath. Again, kneading the balls with my thumb and index fingers, their skin is a deep purple tone, I can sense impending delight. My thirst increases. Closing my lips down on the shaft, resuming the suction that I enjoy so much, and can begin to feel the spasms from within the organ. The tip points higher into my mouth suddenly, and I am greeted with a juice that has yet to be bottled. Sucking on his penis like a straw, I drink. 7,8,9 jerks, drenching my face and throat, I cannot collect it all fast enough, as I look like a toddler eating cake with ice cream. This cream though is warm, and sweeter, and more fun to eat.

BJ’s head is lowered near his chest with fatigue. A silly grin possesses his face. The cum now quenching my thirst, my loins aching in my own response… leaves my pussy dripping down my leg. I move to stand. BJ reaches over for one last grab of that sweet pussy juice to quench his own thirsts. And I lie him down for a well-deserved nap.

I move to the other room and unpack. I think this assignment could be a long, long, long, fuckingly good one. And I smile to myself as I lay down next to him, having since returned to the main part of the room, here containing, and our bed. We sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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