Race to Eleven Ch. 04

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Raghav was a one happy man on the last Sunday and he had fucked the woman other than his wife for the first time in his life. But he loved his wife, whom he never understood and he knew that he would never in his life. He knew that she loved him too.

Pooja still was recovering from the fucking she got from her husband. Her sore pussy was now feeling somewhat better. She knew that she has somewhere motivated her husband to cheat on her and she fucking loved it. She thought that she is a nut but her husband fucking other woman and still loving her deeply made her happy and her cunt horny.

Raghav was deprived of any sex by his wife for a week and her new muse Kamna was also not able to provide him any relief as Raghav would be in office during her working hours at their home. Kamna was a woman in heat as she wanted desperately to be fucked by her Sahabji. Her cunt was on fire and wanted to be filled by hard throbbing cock of her Sahabji. But she didn’t get any chance as Raghav use to leave for office before she could come and would be back late night at home. She was looking for any chance to get her cunt getting rammed by Raghav’s cock. She had no respite and had no option to but let her husband and lover fuck her. But, they both could not extinguish the fire lit by Raghav’s cock.

Friday morning, Raghav was getting ready for the office. Pooja too was getting ready for the office as she had an important meeting with the client for her weekend sales meet. She was dressed to kill. Her skirt was so tight that her ass stood out firmly to get mauled and spanked. Her white chiffon shirt was clinging to her body perfectly, giving a clear indication of her curves. She has kept top two buttons open. She bent in front of Raghav to give a good view of her cleavage.

“Is the view good honey? I have a very important meet today. I should not disappoint.” Pooja teased Raghav.

Raghav was startled with the ample cleavage on display. His brain was angry and his cock was happy.

“You are going to office like this? Buttons open.” Raghav asked.

“Is the view not good darling? My client should get the best view of the future prospects.” Pooja winked.

“Slut. The clients would be interested in your future prospects than your company’s” Raghav smirked, knowing Pooja was teasing him.

“Its better that way. Company’s clients should be interested in Company’s assets. It fetches good business.” Pooja grinned.

“You are impossible my wife. A slut. I love you.” Raghav smiled back.

“You just spoil my mood. I know you love me. It was going fantastic till you called me slut. I had such big plans to be a big slut tonight. Maybe I would have got laid tonight. But this love thing. Leave it. Now I can’t get fucked tonight.” Pooja mocked angrily and started laughing. She fastened all the buttons, but her boobs were perfectly stretching the shirt to give the viewer her boob’s size of 34C.

“You are really impossible slut.” Raghav shot back

“I love you too hubby.” Pooja grinned and started packing for the office. Raghav too got ready to leave.

Both left the home and reached their respective cars. Pooja saw Kamna entering the building. She gave a mischievous smile.

“Kamna, come here.” She called Kamna and Raghav too noticed her.

Kamna came hurriedly to Pooja and saw Raghav too and gave a smile to her Sahabji.

“Yes madam.” Kamna said.

“Going to Malhotra?” Pooja asked her, she saw that Kamna stared at Raghav and gave him a smile.

“Yes Madam. Will work at their home and will come to your place. Anything to be done madam?” Kamna asked.

“Ok. No, nothing for today. Can you help me with tomorrow? I will be out of town tomorrow, so Raghav would be alone on weekend. Could you cook for him?” Pooja asked, noticing a glint of happiness in Kamna’s eyes.

“Sure Madam. You don’t worry. I will take care and cook for sir.” Kamna said happily.

“Good. I know you would like to cook for your Sahabji. But don’t keep him hungry as you did last weekend. I hope, you didn’t had any complaints from him, although.” Pooja asked mischievously.

“Yes Madam. You don’t worry.” Kamna replied.

“I am hungry madam. I need your husband’s cock in my cunt so desperately. I was waiting for entire week for it.” Kamna thought.

“Good. And don’t spoil my husband. Don’t serve him in entire house. Especially in bedroom. He loves his food in bedroom.” Pooja teased Kamna.

“No madam. I will clean it up even if sir has his food in the bedroom. I can’t deny him what he wants.’ Kamna replied with a shy smile.

“Madam, I am his slut now. He can have me wherever he wants, whenever he wants. Don’t worry bitch. I will have her in entire house, in whatever hole he wants.” Kamna thought.

“Kamna, you are so good.” Pooja said and winked at her and then to Raghav.

Raghav didn’t say a word and gave angry look to his wife for teasing her. Kamna gave a wink to Raghav and all left for the day.

Raghav’s cock throbbed in excitement through kızılay escort his drive, imagining his day tomorrow at home with Kamna. He reached his office and adjusted his cock and went to his cabin.

Dolly, Raghav’s secretary, came in the cabin with her diary for today’s appointment and schedule. Dolly was a 22 year old, chubby girl. She was definitely not a slim girl, but had flesh at right places and made her body curvy. She wore her skirts and shirts in such a manner that it give a clear idea of her curvy figure. Her waist, though, was miraculously slim and highlighted her ass and boobs perfectly.

Dolly was really good at her work and she knew exactly what her boss needed. Her efficiency at work and dedication towards him made Raghav to rely on her more than other staff. She admired Raghav a lot and never let him down and saw that work allotted by her boss gets done. One year of her job has got lot of appreciation from her boss. But still today, even a small appreciation from her boss makes her most happy and her day becomes bright and happy.

“So what is for me today till afternoon Dolly?” Raghav asked without looking to her as he knew that it was her in the cabin as per the daily ritual.

“Good Morning sir. You have a meeting at 11 today in first half of the day and you wanted to look at comparison for last three years portfolio of the company. I have kept it on your table already. I had few findings of my own regarding the same, which I have noted down for you. I hope you don’t mind it sir. And lastly, you have to call bank manager at the noon for the ongoing project review.” Dolly fired it all, as she always does.

“Perfect. You are my angel.” Raghav looked from his screen to her and smiled.

“Thanks sir. I am still learning.” Dolly smiled and she was blushing with the complement.

“It would be difficult to improve your perfection further Dolly. Go easy on yourself. You are doing well.” Raghav said her honestly.

“I want to be best for you sir. I am still far away from perfection. I am lucky to work with you.” Dolly replied sincerely. She literally worshipped her boss.

“Can’t complain and can’t argue with you angel. How is your boyfriend? Did he get new job? Should I try in my associates?” Raghav asked genuinely.

Dolly was in a relationship with his childhood love and they went to college together. He was a sweet guy but not good as Dolly. He was not ready to face real world yet, but Dolly would always stand for him and they both loved each other.

“He is looking for it sir. He needs to have fire in his belly. Can’t help it. Let him try for his own. I will surely ask for help if nothing comes fruitful.” Dolly replied.

“Anytime angel.” Raghav smiled and got back to his work.

Dolly too got busy in her work. Raghav was happy to have Dolly in his office. Dolly, felt herself lucky, to have Raghav as her boss. She would do anything for him and would follow him blindly. Raghav was aware about it and really wished that she would be happy and successful.

The day went by and all left the office and Raghav was sitting alone, completing his day’s work. He was about to pack up and leave for home. His phone ranged. It was Pooja.

“Yes honey.” Raghav answered the call.

“Darling, company’s client liked future prospects of the company and its assets.” Pooja said on phone with a laugh.

“Slut” Raghav answered, knowing Pooja well.

“Oh, this slut has a good offer for the night. Clients are really interested in company’s assets verifications and inspection for future business.” She continued her teasing..

“Bitch, shut up. Did you really kept those top buttons undone?” Raghav replied seriously, leaving all other things in his hand.

Pooja just laughed on the phone loudly and said “Keep guessing. Baby, could you bring the priority passes at airport lounge for me. You had got it some days back.”

“I will not give you slut” aid Raghav furiously for teasing him and for keeping guessing him. He got up and started looking for it though, in his drawers.

“Oh my honey, don’t you love me?” Pooja said grinning.

“I am looking for it. Dolly, too has left. Need to find out.” Raghav said.

Raghav remembered that he had given it to Dolly to be kept. He went to Dolly’s table and started looking into her drawers. He was stunned as soon as he opened the drawer. He found out panties in the drawer. It would have definitely belonged to Dolly only. He picked it up and saw that it was soaked with juices. He inhaled it and a strong female cunt juices intoxicated his nostrils.

“Are you there honey? Did you get it?” Pooja asked over the phone.

“Yea, looking for it. Will bring it.” Raghav answered still examining the silk panties and feeling the smoothness of the material and the wetness of it.

“See you stud at home. Outside plans cancelled for you baby. Waiting for you at home.” Pooja giggled and hanged the call.

Raghav was astonished to find these panties in her secretary’s drawers. etlik escort His cock was getting bigger in his trouser. He started thinking about his innocent angel. Why she must have kept her inner ware in the office drawers. Does she left naked underneath to her home? Why the panties are wet?

He started looking for the passes though. At the end, he found the passes in drawer. He collected the same and found some DVDs too. It had no name or marking on it. Raghav’s curiosity raised again. He thought that why it had no name or marking on it. Three of the DVDs, it must have something on it though. He decided to look into those DVDs. So he picked up one of the DVD and kept the wet panties and other DVDs again in the drawer.

Raghav kept that DVD and passes in his bag and left for the home. He was still thinking about Dolly. He might have checked her figure many a times but never thought beyond that about her. But today, Raghav was imagining her naked and how her bubbly curvy figure would be naked. His cock too was standing attention in his trouser on the entire trip back home.

Raghav found that Pooja was already at home and didn’t changed yet. She was sitting on sofa with her top 3 buttons opened up and one could have the view of the best cleavage to enjoy. The dinner was already placed on dining table.

“Hubby, so glad you have come. I was feeling so hungry. And horny. What are you more horny or hungry?” Pooja asked looking at dining table and her own cleavage.

It was very easy for him to choose. He would have always chose what his cock liked than his poor stomach. “I can have you for dinner baby.” Raghav said, removing his bag and marched towards his sexy wife.

“Oh, it means you are hungry more. Let have dinner then.” Pooja said quickly and moved towards dining table laughing.

“Fuck you slut.” Raghav said angrily.

“After dinner baby. And your punishment is still not over.” Pooja said grinning and started making the plates ready.

“Oh baby, please no more punishment. I love you.” Raghav said and moved to dining table for dinner.

“My fucking cheating husband, infidelity has consequences.” Pooja said happily.

“Really fuck you.” Raghav said in mock anger and both husband and wife had their dinner discussing their day.

Pooja got up from the chair and bend enough to give ample cleavage to her hubby under the pretext of picking up the plates. Raghav knew that Pooja was back to her slut role and maybe he would be lucky enough to fuck her sexy wife.

“Oh, I have got so many similar glances today. It makes my cunt juices flowing.” Pooja smirked at Raghav.

“Slut, did you really kept all three buttons undone at the meeting?” Raghav asked angrily as Pooja left for the kitchen.

“I told you to guess. Didn’t you guessed yet?” Pooja shouted from the kitchen.

Raghav knew his wife would keep playing with him until he really fucks her like a slut. He went directly to the kitchen and grabbed her from behind, his hands pressing her boobs and waist. Pooja screamed and started to get free. Raghav was too strong for her and she knew that, however, still, she tried her best to get free.

Her efforts were allowing Raghav to maul her breasts and waists more. His cock was also rubbing on her ass as she tried to bend and get free. Raghav’s cock was boiling with blood with her entire body pressing hard in his arms. Raghav pulled her out of the kitchen and started taking her to the bedroom. Pooja was still trying to get free.

“Leave me bastard. You cheating bastard. Go fuck and rape your muses.” Pooja shouted.

“Shut up bitch. You like to get your company’s future prospects better. I will make your cunt feel sorry for it.” Raghav roared.

Raghav threw Pooja on their marital bed and pounced on her, leaving no chance for her to escape. Pooja’s cunt was also tingling and she was also horny. Her breathing was becoming hard.

Raghav pulled Pooja’s shirt and all her remaining buttons went flying in all the direction. Her boobs were bouncing in her bra. Raghav had become a monster. It didn’t take much of time to remover her bra and unzip her skirt. As he started removing her skirt, he noticed that she was not wearing her panties. She was naked below the skirt.

Raghav looked awe struck to Pooja. Pooja noticed the shock in her hubby’s face. A grin escaped from her face as she couldn’t control it.

“My cunt oozes juices when men give horny glances to my cleavage. It was completely soaked. So I removed it my way home and kept in my bag.” Pooja said.

Raghav had no words. His cock was fully erect and need a cunt to tear it apart. But, he suddenly imagined her secretary Dolly and her soaked panties in the drawer. His cock twitched in his pants.

Raghav quickly removed his trousers and boxer. His hard cock was standing straight at Pooja’s face.

“Slut, you like to tease men, don’t you? But do you know what these horny men will do to you at the first chance they get?” Raghav said and demetevler escort flipped Pooja to come on all four on the bed.

“Oh, I never thought about it. Please leave me.” Pooja giggled.

“Slut, I will show you what men will do to you. You will not be able to walk straight for a week.” Raghav smacked her ass hard.

“Ouuchhh. It stings honey.” Pooja moaned.

“It should hurt slut.” Raghav smacked a bit harder.

“Fuckkk. It hurts. Please, leave me.” Pooja shouted.

Raghav held her tight from the waist with his one hand and inserted two fingers in her soaking cunt. He started moving fingers vigorously in her cunt. Pooja started trembling and trying to get free from the rough assault of her husband. But Raghav was too strong for her.

Raghav removed his finger and placed his hard throbbing cock at the entrance of the wet tunnel. He pushed the entire cock at one go in her cunt. Pooja screamed and her mouth was completely open with the shock and pain. She fell right on the bed and Raghav fell on her, putting entire weight on her, his cock still fully fitted in her pussy.

“Bastard, get up. Fuckkkkkkk… It’s hurting like hellll. My pussy might have torn completely.” Pooja screamed with pain.

“No slut. I will teach this fucking teasing bitch, a lesson today.” Raghav said and started riding her roughly. His cock was ramming her cunt like a roaring engine. Raghav was roughly mauling her boobs with the hands.

Pooja was screaming in pain. His cock was drilling her pussy at the worst possible angle. But, her cunt was flowing juices like a stream. Raghav was bouncing on her wife’s body to penetrate as deep as possible.

“Do the fucking teasing slut like the cock of a real man in her juicy cunt this way?” Raghav shouted with breathing really hard.

“Fuckkk. Bastard, my cunt hole will change permanently. Fuckkkk… It feels so good… Ram it hard bastard… You mother fucker…” Pooja screamed in pain and pleasure. Her eyes wide open, tears flowing from it.

“Bitch, you like to be used, doesn’t it? Take it slut” Raghav said slamming really fast now.

“Yessss. Fuck meeee… Harderrrr… Slam it harderrrrrrr… It’s coming… Don’t stop. Don’t stop… Cummminnngggggggggg.” Pooja came like a volcano. Her orgasm literally erupted inside her and she felt numb.

Raghav slowed down a bit. Pooja’s orgasm subsided after a minute and she laid motionless, breathing hard. Raghav was still lying on her and his cock embedded deep in her pussy.

Suddenly, Raghav imagined about Dolly and her fucking wet panties. He started imagining her naked. He imagined Dolly naked, her bouncing boobs and her curvy ass on display on his working table of the office. He smacking her hard and she is asking for more in pleasure. Her cunt is oozing juices in anticipation of getting smack on her ass.

Raghav’s cock throbbed and twitched in Pooja’s cunt. She sensed it and looked tiredly back to her husband.

“What are you upto now? My cunt is already damaged.” Pooja said subconsciously.

Raghav didn’t said anything. He imagined Dolly bending on her table and her pussy inviting his cock to enter and ram it hard. He pulled Pooja up from waist and came to his knees on the bed. His cock was still buried in her leaking cunt. He made Pooja come on all four. She looked in shock to Raghav.

“Bastard, I am drained. Can’t take it anymore.” Pooja pleaded.

Raghav didn’t say a word. He was just dreaming of fucking his curvy secretary bending naked on his table. He removed his cock from her pussy, except the tip and pushed it hard in her cunt.

“Fucckkkkk. Nooooo… Pleaseeee…” Pooja cried.

Raghav didn’t heard any plea of his wife and pulled out again to thrust it even harder. He held her waist with one hand so that she doesn’t fall and smacked her ass with the other hand.

“Noooooooo… Pleasseeeeeeee… My pussyyyyyyy.” Pooja cried.

Raghav pulled Pooja’s hair and pulled her back to get maximum angle and started fucking her hard. Pooja was crying relentlessly. Raghav spanked her ass and her ass cheeks were bright red due to assault.

Pooja was trembling and moaning, along with pain. Raghav was in his own trance and continued imagining fucking his secretary deep and hard. He imagined that she was begging for more and more. Raghav pounded her wife instead really hard.

“You want more slut. Do you like your boss’s cock so much? You are begging for more. What a slut I have as a secretary.” Raghav bubbled, in his own trance, forgetting that he was actually fucking his wife and not his secretary.

Pooja’s mouth went wide open. She turned her head to look at her husband, whose eyes were closed. She was in shock that her husband was imagining fucking her secretary. Suddenly, her cunt was tingling. She didn’t understand that she was not at all jealous but feeling more excited. For the first time, she pushed herself back to get maximum cock in her cunt.

“Give it to me. Please. Harderrr… ohhhh… fucccckkkkkk.” Pooja moaned.

Raghav pumped harder and harder.

“Oh my god… Just ram your dirty fucking cock in my cunt.. pleasseeeeee… fuckkkk meeeeee… I ammm cummmminnggggg… don’t dare to stop pleaseeeeee.” Pooja again on the verge of orgasm, screamed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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