Power Trip

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It had been a week since she’d called or texted him and though she knew he would be waiting on the other end of the phone she didn’t care! A few texts sent that afternoon had set up the date and made him feel special and wanted. He always made a special effort try to impress her to win her over but it was all in vain. This was her time, her independence, her prerogative.

She had waited all day for this, and although he wanted more from the relationship she had made it clear from the start it was no ties sex; what more could a girl ask for? As she got out of the car and walked towards the boat she squeezed her wet pussy with each step, feeling a shudder that made her even hornier.

He was sitting on the deck waiting, no doubt with mounting excitement; the earlier text messages had seen to that. He had a certain smugness about him that could either be because he dared to think that she finally wanted him or that some arrogance had kicked in although she didn’t care. Walking over saying nothing and showing no emotion, not even acknowledging that he was there or that she was longing for him inside her, she climbed on deck. Her clit was throbbing wanting his hard cock. He got up to greet her and as he leant over to kiss her, she stopped him, put her finger against his lips and silenced him before he said anything. There was determination in her eyes; she knew what she wanted.

He sat back down; he didn’t know what was going on, but what he did know was that his cock was now stirring and he felt it get tighter. He wanted to grab her, take her below deck, slam her on the bed and take her from behind but he knew she had other things in mind. Making him wait she turned and went below deck. He could hear her moving about, he was excited and getting impatient but consoled himself with the thought that it would be worth the wait.

When she came back on deck he looked at her, longing to be inside her and to feel her soft wet pussy round his cock. Not a word eryaman genç escort bayanlar had passed between them, but he instinctively knew not to speak. As she leaned over, her short skirt slid up just enough for him to see she wasn’t wearing panties which drove him wild; shivers ran through his balls and up his hard shaft.

He tried to get up to touch her but she pushed him back and sat down opposite him. She could see the frustration on his face and loved the power trip. As she brushed her hair back with her hand he could smell her perfume, he’d missed that, and when she moved her hand down towards her breasts he saw her nipples were hard. He had certainly missed them. He wished he could kiss and lick them, squeeze them and bite them just the way she liked it. She caressed her nipples with her fingers sending shivers right through her back and down to her throbbing clit. He breathed deeper as he thought about her dripping cunt and how he wanted to fuck her hard.

She gave out a slight moan, loud enough to make him feel it too. She stroked her thighs, sending waves of pleasure through her body. He watched, not allowed to move or talk because that night she controlled him; this was a turn on for both of them. Her hand slipped up her inner thigh as she opened her legs just enough so he could see her naked pussy. He yearned to lean over to touch her, slip his finger in her wet haven and taste her. He watched as she stroked herself and saw her breathe heavily. Rubbing herself and gently massaging her hard clit she knew she was teasing him and loved the thought of him squirming not allowed to do anything about his swollen, pulsating cock. She began slowly squeezing her swollen clit, moaning with every shiver. She fingered her very wet pussy and tasted herself. How he wanted them lips around his cock and to be teased by her tongue.

She moved closer to him and leant forward to kiss him with the slowest and deepest kiss, he was left breathless ankara escort bayan and ready to explode, then she pulled away. He tried to pull her back but she shook her head seductively. She brushed his cock with her knee and teased his earlobes with her tongue as he breathed deep and slow. She kissed his neck and moved down to his chest, still rubbing his cock. He wasn’t allowed to touch her.

She moved down towards his throbbing cock, unfastening his trousers she gasped at how firm and excited he was. She unbuttoned her blouse and moved back and forth so that her firm naked breasts rubbed his dick. He inhaled deeply as he felt her against him. Though she wanted to feel the tip of his cock rubbing her clit she held back intensifying the sensations that had now began to direct her.

She licked his large cock from the base to the top and circled the end with her tongue and tasted his precum, she gasped and her juices flowed and her cunt opened up even more. He couldn’t take much more, he wanted to be deep inside her, his balls banging against her, pulling her hair, both of them moving together and breathing heavily.

He realised that he was in her mouth, her tongue applying pressure as she moved up and down the shaft. He had never experienced blowjobs like hers. She gently moved her hand in time with her lips up and down his throbbing cock increasing tongue pressure with every movement. He breathed heavily, she moaned as she felt his balls tighten and her pussy getting hungrier at the thought of him inside her.

Still not a word had been exchanged!

Reaching into her skirt pocket she took out a condom and placed it between her lips, she covered the head of his cock with her mouth and slid it on in one long, pleasing movement. Still rubbing his balls she squeezed just enough to make him tremble. He gasped at the sensation.

She got up, brushing his hand away as he tried to feel how wet she was. She straddled his lap etimesgut escort with her back to him, and tenderly placed his dick between her legs resting it on her throbbing clit, which was as hard and swollen as his cock. She moved back and forth using him to stimulate herself and pleasuring him at the same time. Her nipples felt every touch on her clit and they became harder with each stroke.

As his moaning became louder she moved to the rhythm of his deep breaths, she loved to hear a man groaning and it made her even hornier and determined to be screwed really hard. He tried to hold her but she motioned him not to and continued with her seduction. Placing him deep inside her she at last felt him hot and hard inside her wet pussy. She moaned and arched her back trying to control her intense feelings.

As she rocked back and forth she could feel him getting tighter. She moved quicker while he thrust deeper into her, she moaned loudly and squeezed her nipples until she felt it in her clit. His thrusting made her even wetter and her muscles tightened around his cock, contracting and sending intense shots of ecstasy through her whole body. Ready to come she gave in to the sensations that had built up within. Her body jolted, her legs trembled and her toes curled. Moaning loudly, her whole body felt on fire, her nipples tingled and tightened. She could feel him throb and twitch inside her. He had come too, but for that moment she cared about nothing and no one as she felt overwhelming rapture as her orgasm consumed her whole body. Overpowering emotions released in one split second followed by aftershocks of pleasure as she felt her warm juices running down her leg, she had come and come hard.

Neither of them moved as they looked at each other intensely. He felt that they had been the only two people that existed that evening, but it wasn’t the same for her. As far as she was concerned there had only been one person.

She brushed him away again as he tried to hold her. Having used him to fulfil her needs there was no reason for her to stay and she didn’t want to. She dressed herself and casually stepped off the deck onto the gangway and walked back to her car as he watched, stunned and confused.

Still not a word had been said!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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