Playtime at Dinner

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Big Tits

“Right, now we’ve got our breathe back jacuzzi time,” suggests Celia, “then dinner.”

All nine ladies and Dave, having been rounded up, now saunter to the wet room and avail themselves of bubbles, pussies, tits, fingers, cock and lips.

“So Dave as it’s your night how would you like us all dressed?” Fi smiles, knowing his answer.

“I know a couple of you lovelies will know my answer so Celia, what do you think l would like?”

“Easy,” replies Celia, “you naked, all ladies in stockings and suspenders, ladies waiting on in micro minis because you want to see pussy and bum cracks, made easy to access.”

“Smart arse,” smiles Dave. “I would like Julia seated to my right, Celia on my left, Maxine next to Celia then Fi. We’ll decide which lady gets to serve who, or do they just do a round Robin so we can all enjoy their services?”

Round Robin is the unanimous reply.

After pampering and much petting all are assembled and seated for dinner. Glass table top, mirrored floor and glass chairs afford views of all body parts. The chairs are sculpted so there is a raised ridge at the front, giving balls, cock and pussies a convenient rubbing area. Looking round the table Dave is treated to the sight of naked tits, all capped by erect nipples. He can see legs spread wide with cunts on display. The girls are looking at his erect penis, eyes shining and tongues licking lips. The girls who are waiting on are standing in a group, legs apart so they can all be viewed from underneath, a very stimulating erotic sight.

“Ladies l think tits need some attention, would all seated please move their chairs back from the table, leaving enough room for the skirted ladies to crouch down in front of them. Now ladies wearing skirts please stand in front of a seated person,” asked Dave, whose cock was standing proud as he thought of the next moves he planned.

He noticed that the seated ladies were wriggling bottoms, fidgeting, a good sign he thought.

“Good now please all extend arms, take hold of nipples in front of you with thumb and forefinger. Gently pinch and squeeze, make nipples hard. Sorry my love but you will have to do the same with my bell end, maybe use your left hand there and run your hand up and down my shaft. I’m Dave by the way,”

“I’m Tara and honestly Dave, no need to be sorry, l would love to handle your nice hard cock instead of nipples. Mmm your fingers feel nice teasing my nipples, it’s making them tingle and my cunt is getting gooey.”

“You have gorgeous boobs my dear, and your nipples are certainly liking my fingers.”

Dave’s cock is responding to Tara’s rubbing and stroking, bell end oozing and enlarging. He looks round the table, the ladies seated are in various attitudes of sexual excitation, wriggling and squirming bums, rubbing pussies on their chairs, low gasps and moans as their nipples are tweaked, pulled and squeezed. Cunt aroma fills the air.

“Ladies l would like the lovely ones who are serving to move to the second person on their right. Thank you, now crouch down and open your thighs wide so your rampant pussies can be ogled. Now, starting at the inside of the right ankle in front of you lick slowly up Lto the stocking top. Slowly ladies, enjoy the silk texture of the stocking and the trembling legs. Hi Angela, afraid you will have to enjoy my skin.” Dave’s cock drools, as do the seated cunts, as the tongue tip traces a wet saliva path up his leg.

“When you reach the soft tender flesh of inner thigh lick little circles. Slowly now, make your seated victim shudder and dribble. Lick up and down the moist pussy, flick your tongue into the soft labia, a little deeper, make the cunt lips open for you. Mmm Angela lick my balls, pull my hard cock up so you can lick up and down it.”

Seated ladies are in an agony of sexual arousal, wanting deeper and harder cunt attention. Fi screams as her dam bursts, trying to pull the girl licking her, Andrea’s face into her sopping minge.

“Ladies now go to the left ankle and repeat. All the way to pussy heaven.”

Low moans and sighs become shrieks and screams as the horny ladies give vent to their sexual arousal. Dave let’s Angela take his bell end in her mouth, she licks and sucks his engorged member.

“I now want crouching ladies to move two more persons down, face your lady and sit on her lap, astride because now seated ladies suck nipples presented to you and finger open cunts.”

Again the entire assemblage is consumed with debauched abandonment: writhing, squirming, shuddering, trembling bodies in sexual bliss.

“Open your cunt baby and let my cock sink into you, we’re cheating but it’s my night and l want to fuck your hot wet minge,” Tina sighs deeply as she feels Dave’s rigid cock fill her yearning orifice. “Bounce up and down, ride my hard cock.”

After some very sweaty sloppy minutes Dave enquires whether dinner is to be served.

“Angela is in charge of food and serving, as she has attended a couple of these dinner nights before, all erotik film izle food is in containers and ready to serve whenever you command, my sexy lord and fucking horny master,” informs a breathless, flustered Maxine.

“Let’s start then,” suggests Dave.

With sighs and lingering pussy petting the 5 ladies troop out to the kitchen.

“Right all chairs back around the table please, feel free to fondle whilst we wait for sustenance,” advises Maxine.

When settled Dave turns to Julia, “Celia told us you are a master cunt muncher, l would love to watch that.”

“Dave Celia gives really good head but l would be most willing to let you watch us lick each other out, and l bet she would too. I saw you fucking Tina you lucky bugger.”

“Well as it’s my night l thought l would bend the rules a little.”

“Nothing bendy or little about this monster now my darling,” Julia observes, fisting her fingers around his throbbing hard on and wanking him.

Dave leans forward and brushes her hard nipple with his fingers, cups her heavy full tit and squeezes and fondles.

“You are one marvellous mc for dinners, l’m horny as fuck after you got the girls to sex us up. All of us are fucking rampant, thanks to you,” smiles Julia squeezing his cock harder.

“Must say there are a lot of sexual firsts l’ve experienced since meeting Fi and Celia. Now l just go with the flow and if l can l make things go how l want them to. They are very obliging when l take control of our sex, but then they can be stern as well.”

“Would you like me to lick your bell end? My cunt is juicing up at the thought of your hard oozing head filling my mouth.” Without waiting for his approval Julia slips forward off her chair, crouches so he can see her wide open pussy and takes his throbbing bell end between her lips. She uses the very tip of her tongue to lick his engorged cock end. As he moans and oozes she sucks his cock, taking it all the way down to touch the back of her throat. Dave covers her nipple with his palm, rubs it gently, squeezes her breast. He kisses her neck, nuzzling her as he feels their passion rising.

From the corner of his eye he catches a glimpse of Fi, Maxine and Celia kissing and fondling each other. Maxine is between them and undergoing assaults by mouth and fingers on her tits and pussy. She is ogling his cock in Julia’s mouth, licking her lips and wriggling as her pussy is overheating.

“How many courses of food is there for dinner?” Dave enquiries.

“Five,” pants Maxine.

“Great,” exclaims Dave, “what say we have one of the girls lying on the table for each course?”

“Oh yes, as a side dish for all to share,” salivates Celia.

“Dave you really are a dirty depraved horny bastard,” cheers Fi, clenching her thighs and opening Maxine’s pussy in her excitement.

The serving girls troop through the door with small dishes for the first course, Angela leading.

“Andrea honey place your dish here, now stand on my chair so l can help you to lie on the table, you are the first course supplement,” informs Dave.

As Andrea raises a foot to step on his chair he slides his hand up her thigh and lets his fingers feel her mushy pussy.

“Face me honey, bum on table first as we want you on your back, we really need to access all your intimate areas, explore your sexual delights.” Dave opens her pussy lips and slides two fingers into her moist pussy, frigging her as she lies down. He gently manoeuvres her so her cunt is facing Julia – he wants Julia to have first snatch of the course supplements – and spreads her legs wide.

“Andrea love, finger your gaping pussy for us, some-one will soon take over to ravage you,” gloats Dave, stroking his cock as he sits down and peers at the yawning pussy before him.

The serving girls surround the table, place dishes in front of all present, careful to leave space for Andrea to lie.

“Girls please avail yourselves of whatever you desire,” urges Julia as she places her hand between Tina’s thighs, fingers tracing little circles as she rubs the tender inner flesh, moving up to brush hot damp pussy lips. Tina opens her legs wider and Julia pushes deeper into her now wet cunt. She continues her in and out movement as Tina rocks back and forth, moaning and shuddering as her passion mounts.

Celia stands up, leans over the table and lets her hand ride up Andrea’s leg, skims over her cunt and tickles her way to a very pert nipple, begging to be fondled. She leans further forward to suck and lick the wanting breast. With her right hand she is fingering her moist pussy, claw fashion she rides her hand, loving the sensual feelings of her cunt juices seeping over her fingers and thighs.

Maxine is lounging in her chair, her left hand is idly rubbing her pussy mound, her right is pleasuring Angela’s pussy. Three fingers are in her cunt stroking while her thumb is rubbing Angela’s mons. Angela is side on to Maxine, her right hand thumb and forefinger pinching and squeezing hard throbbing film izle nipple while her left hand is rubbing her own tit. Angela rocks her pussy against Maxine’s fingers as she tries to increase the pressure on her inflamed genitals. She moans and whimpers as she drips.

Tara is sitting astride Fi’s lap, their pussies close enough to rub each other. Both hands of each woman cup the breasts of the other. Both pulling slightly forward they are rubbing their nipples against each other, squeezing their full tits. The heat and touch of their gooey fannies, and the sideways, up and down nipple rubbing increases their sexual ardour.

Julia traces her right middle fingertip up Andrea’s left inner leg, rubs little circles on her tender thigh and shudders as Andrea spasms. Pussy juice flows from Andrea, Julia pushes up further, rims the engorged labia then pushes three fingers into the wanting minge. Andrea cries in ecstasy as Julia now finger fucks her, faster and faster. Julia is also on a sexual high as fingering Tina is flooding her pussy with love potion.

Dave stands behind Julia, kneels down, uses his left hand to open her labia, strokes and rubs to lubricate then licks up her bum crack, along her perineum and onto her pussy flaps. Julia shudders and spasms as his tongue licks her engorged clit. With her legs trembling Dave holds her upright and fucks her ravenous cunt with his tongue.

In and out, faster and faster Dave licks Julia into orgasm, her increasing sexual energy causing her to finger Tina and Andrea faster and harder. Tina shudders and gushes pussy juice over Julia’s pumping fingers, Andrea screams her release as her cunt explodes.

Dave stands, turns Julia side on to him, sits down with her on his knee. He glues his mouth to hers, tongues fencing as he kneads her tits. As nipples harden he mouths her breasts, sucking and licking her nipples at the same time he opens her legs, pushes two fingers straight into her sopping wet cunt and frigs her. Still coming down from her orgasm Julia accepts his digits hungrily, her pussy wanting more stimulation.

Laura has been watching the orgy with voyeur pleasure, slowly rubbing up and down her moist inflamed labia, particularly excited when ladies have climaxed. Her pussy is dripping, fingers and thighs damp with her own love potion. She stands beside Celia and, as Celia is leaning over Andrea’s tits she fingers Celia’s arse crack. Bending her knees she crouches, opens her labia and inserts one finger to excite her clit. She lowers her arse fondling fingers to Celia’s perineum, slides further forward and brushes Celia’s piss flaps, loving the feel of soggy pussy.

“Maxine should we bring in the second course yet?” Angela asks, a little breathlessly.

“Yes good idea love, that will prolong the ladies yearning, tease them,” Maxine agrees.

“Ladies and Dave l’m afraid it’s time for the second course,” shouts Angela.

“Fear not all, normal services will soon be restored,” reminds Maxine.

As the serving ladies are released from various sexual clasps, Dave sits Julia on her chair and helps Andrea down from the table, managing a soggy pussy grope in the process.

“Ladies l think a little masturbation would be appropriate as we wait for the second course,” suggests Dave, running his fingers along his hard cock and wanking with two fingers, knowing the ladies are turned on by the sight of his erection. Willing ladies now slouch down in their chairs, open legs and finger their rampant pussies. Fingers rubbing into yearning cunts produces the lovely decadent wet sound of genitals highly aroused. Lecherous eyes ogle Dave’s leaking hard cock as he in turn looks right into Maxine’s now wide open cunt.

“Can we have Laura as our next course side dish?” Celia asks. “She has been enjoying wanking as she has watched us but she does seem a loner type and l would like her to mix more, perhaps enhance her sexual skills with others.”

“Good idea Celia,” applauds Julia, “l often catch her fingering and masturbating by herself, whereas the other girls usually indulge amongst themselves, much healthier.”

“So what do you do when you find her playing?” Dave enquires mischievously, knowing the answer.

“Why l assist her of course, would be rude not to.”

“How do you assist honey.” Maxine asks, knowing the answer will add lewd speech to the stimulation already afforded visually.

“Depends: if she’s watching porn l’ll watch it and either lie with her and masturbate or finger her, if fantasising l’ll go down on her and ask her to recite the fantasy aloud, the same if she’s reading porn.”

“Mmm she did that earlier with Dave, Maxine and me, that was a fucking hot turn on,” recounts Fi, raising and clenching her hips as her pussy spasms.

The girls troop in with the second course, envious eyes shining as they take in the mass masturbation around the table. The finger bangers straighten up, as cunt becomes available hands pounce. Dave helps Laura onto the table, again as a reward for seks filmi izle this gallantry he gets a long and gooey feel of pussy. As Laura lies down he gently turns her so Celia has pleasant sight and clear access to hot cunt.

“Laura honey would you open your pussy lips for Celia please,” asks Maxine, “she missed out earlier on our oh so fucking horny session with you, Julia did too but it would seem Dave is seeing to her and we understand you have recited to her before.”

“Yes,” pants Laura, “l love telling her about my fantasies, she is such a hot listener and her tongue in my pussy is a mind blowing sexual experience. Celia am l open enough for you? Can you see my wet horny pussy? Shall l get closer to you, be able to finger and eat my cunt better then?”

“You are fine Laura,” Celia murmurs, breathless with erotic sensations. “Use v fingers to keep your lips open baby, now slowly trace one fingertip inside and all round your cunt hole. Slowly love, want to see your labia moisten and engorge as you tease. See and hear your fingers squelch as your minge juices flow.”

Celia clenches and shudders as she watches Laura’s pussy ooze, follows the finger edging the yearning minge. Laura moans and pushes her pussy against her digit, teasing and pleasing, building her lust. Celia leans forward, her tongue licks Laura’s thighs edging the leaking orifice. Celia’s snatch is melting, boiling over with her own lust. She licks her tongue up the slavering labia, forcing the tip into the cauldron.

Maxine, eyes glued to Laura’s cunt pushes her fingers into Andrea’s oozing mushy minge.

“Bend forward Andrea, lick and kiss Laura’s thighs, put your face right up to her pussy. Kiss and mouth Celia’s neck, drink in the scent of Laura’s cunt.”

As Andrea’s pussy opens with the action of bending over, Maxine spasms as she looks at the sight of glistening minge, crack open to her probing fingers. Pussy aroma assails her, heightening her sensual exhilaration. She slows her fingering, one finger in the salivating labia, sliding in and out, cunt juice flowing and soaking her hand.

Tina’s pussy is a cauldron of sexual desire, four fingers pounding her are being drowned by her flooding cunt fluids. Lying across Julia’s knees, one hand holding her twat open Julia is using her left hand to bring Tina to ecstasy. Fi’s cunt is also adding to Tina’s thrills as she is licking clit, trembling throbbing wet clit. Angela stands behind the slouching open legged Fi, bending over her head, offering her hard nipples for licking and sucking as she fondles Fi’s tingling breasts. Fi is sitting side on to Julia, holding Tina’s face to her pussy, and all, including Julia who is getting sadistic pleasure from ravaging Tina’s pussy, are in sexual nirvana.

“Love the feel of skin here,” observes Dave, “so sexy especially when it’s slimy with pussy ooze.”

“Love being touched there, your fingers tracing little circles, moving up to and teasing my cunt,” Tara shivers, clenching thighs together to trap Dave’s hand.

“Is my dribbling bell end turning you on?” Dave teases.

“Yes it certainly is and you know it, you tease.”

“Lean your bum against the table honey, left foot on my chair, spread your pussy for my cock.”

Tara complies, Dave moves in front of her, slips fingers into her sopping minge to loosen and moisten her portal, as she sighs he slides his drooling bell end into her. Holds to let her pussy accommodate him then in and out, in a steady fucking rhythm. They moan gently and clasp each other as tension builds. Oozing becomes a stream as the tempo quickens. Tara pushes her hips forward and back to meet Dave’s thrusts, matching his pace as they continue on their heavenly sex trip. Gasping and moaning, then shrieking and screaming Tara flies over the edge, her cunt gushes as orgasm overtakes her.

“Oh fuck me yes, yes, mmm, fuck, fuck, fuck me, oh yessssss!” Tara screams her climax, trembling and shuddering, Dave holds onto her. Embracing her smothering her mouth, face and neck in kisses.

“Next course please,” shouts Angela, knowing that all are either close to or have climaxed, she wants to prolong the sexual anticipation of the rampant licenscious gathering.

“Ladies, l want Fi to eat Julia’s cunt and Maxine to lick out Celia,” Dave requests, as cock in hand he moves to Celia and rubs his oozing bell end across her mouth. Celia responds by opening her mouth slightly and licking the drool from his cock, round his head and along his shaft.

Maxine is between Celia’s spread legs, looking up into Dave’s eyes she pokes her tongue between Celia’s pussy lips and licks up and down the glistening minge. Celia takes hold of the throbbing cock, wanks it as she closes her mouth around it. As passion grips her Celia shudders, tries to clench her thighs but Maxine holds them wide and licks her clit, faster and faster. Celia gushes, takes cock further into her mouth

Fi is rimming Julia’s swollen labia, licking around her cunt, pressing her mons with right hand whilst fingering her own sodden pussy. Julia pushes her hips forward, increasing tongue pressure, rubbing her yearning twat against Fi’s mouth. Fi slips her tongue into goo pie, licking into a hot liquid cauldron.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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