Playing the Game

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“Your shoulders are so stiff! Lie down, I’ll massage them.”

“Mmm, nice. Then I can give you a back rub.”

“Yeah, sure, you naked straddling my bottom? I think we know where that will end up!”

“Ok, I don’t want to sound cocky here, but naked in your bed several years into our relationship, I was already pretty confident about where this was ending up.”

“Ha! Well, you never know, do you, maybe you can get ‘cocky’ later, but for now, what you’re getting is a massage. But if you’d like, at the same time I could tell you about a little fantasy I’ve been playing with.”

“Ooh, very nice, do tell!”

“So, it involves a game of strip poker. Usually I imagine Greg and Maia as one of the other couples, and, I guess, this time I will let you choose the other!”

“A heavy responsibility – and that feels really good, by the way. What about Andy and Julie?”

“Haven’t you seen Julie naked often enough, up at the lake?”

“You know it’s not polite to be too obvious about looking when you’re skinny-dipping! Anyway, I’m always amazed at how someone with such a small frame can have such, I don’t know, such full breasts.”

“Oh, I see!”

“Oh, come on, you know I love your little teacup tits…ow! I thought this was a massage, not a spanking!”

“You’ll be lucky if it’s anything in a minute!”

“Ha! Ok, fair enough! But tell me more about this strip poker game.”

“Oh, all right, but only because I want to play out this fantasy! And they’re a good choice anyway – did you know I’ve seen Andy not just naked but, you know, hard? One morning at the cottage – I’d woken up but was just lying in bed, and as I looked through the door Andy got out from under the blanket on the couch, I assume to go to the washroom, and he was fully erect! I ought to make some disparaging comment about your cock now, but I am above such things! Still, he was…well, I didn’t mind seeing that, let’s leave it at that!”

“That must have been one of the few hard cocks you have seen without sucking it.”

“Ass! Technically, that is true, I guess, but only because I have personally encountered a relatively small number of hard cocks, not because I have sucked an enormous number.”

“Meaning that you’d have sucked more given the opportuni – ow!”

“I’ll give you three guesses as to one cock I’m not going to suck if you’re not careful!”

“Ha, all right, fine! You could keep grazing your amazing nipples across my back, though, that’s very nice, while you tell me more about this strip poker fantasy.”

“Well, it starts as strip poker, but as we get into the game further, somebody asks ‘what happens when a person loses all their clothes?’, and so we all agree that we will write down some challenges, you know, a dare, basically, and if someone is already naked but loses, they have to take one of the pieces of paper and do what it says.”

“I like this fantasy!”

“Well, yes, obviously! But everyone has to be a little careful because they might end up drawing the dare themselves. And we all agree to put a one minute limit on it, too, just so nothing goes on too long.”

“Mmm, makes sense. And so what dares do you put in?”

“It’s – I’m still just, toying with this. I do like the notion of a loser having to go out into the front yard, naked, that seems like a good one. And, maybe, ‘dance on your chair’, something like that?”

“What about ‘fondle your own tits’. Or ‘finger yourself’.”

“Any player might get these, you know – they need to be more gender-neutral, how about “rub your genitals’?”

“Can we just say ‘masturbate’? And I’m putting the ‘tits’ one in anyway!”

“Oh, aaaaall right! But I hope you draw that one!”

“Can they be interactive?”

“You mean, like, maybe ‘kiss the person to your right’?”

“Sure. Or ‘fuck the person to your right’.”

“Ass! That’s too much! We’ll split the difference, ‘go down on the person to your right’.”

“By some odd coincidence is Andy to your right in this fantasy? And don’t swat me!”

“Oh, you are such a…tell you what, you choose.”

“Greg to your right – let’s keep Andy’s cock out of your mouth just a bit longer.”

“Ass. If you could see me right now you would know that I am rolling my eyes at you! So who’s on your right? eryaman escort bayan Maia or Julie?”

“Hmm, that is a dilemma! Let’s say…Maia is on my right, so Julie to my left…”

“So now you want Julie going down on you!”

“Hey, this is your fantasy life, I’m just living in it! Anyway, do we have to play out the game? Couldn’t we just get to the dares?”

“I will admit that I have only the loosest sense of how to play poker, never mind strip poker, so, yes, I don’t usually dwell on those details. But I’ve never gotten a really long way into playing this out in my mind, you understand, most of the time I haven’t gotten terribly far, before…”



“Haa!! Before you’ve made yourself cum!”

“…shut up. Possibly. Anyway, how did your lower back get so stiff, it’s nothing but knots! I mean, I have thought a bit about the strip part. I know that I’m not the first down to only one item of clothing, that’s, well, I guess Julie, who is sitting there in bra and panties when she loses, and has to decide what to do, and it’s a crucial kind of moment, because although everyone has taken off clothes, who cares about socks and so on, still nobody has really, you know, ‘stripped’ in an important way. So she’s deciding for all of us, because if she chickens out and doesn’t take something off now, we’ll all just laugh and call the game over and get dressed, but if she does…”

“Then anything could happen. And she does, I can see her setting the spirit of the game, just matter-of-factly, ‘what the hell’, undoing her bra without any ceremony and tossing it over her shoulder! ‘Read’em and weep’, she’d laugh, thrusting her chest forward and shaking her tits!”

“You’re right, she probably would – Julie and Andy are the right couple to include here! And actually the way you describe her confidence makes what I always envision as my choice seem even more, mousey, I guess”.

“You chicken out?”

“No, no, not at all! Who would have a fantasy in which they’re afraid to indulge in their fantasy, you ass! No, it’s that I always imagine that when I’m down to just two items, I’m wearing a camisole and panties, and I figure we’re sitting around a table – “

“We’re sitting at a table? Why not the couch, and the chairs, around the coffee table? Waaay more comfortable!”

“Um…ok, I guess that actually does make more sense. See, my point was going to be that, with the table, nobody could see me below the waist anyway, so I could wriggle out of the panties and stay sitting there still with just my camisole on. But it’s long enough that sitting down on the couch I could do that anyway, I guess.”

“That’s…not mousey. I’ve seen your camisoles. I’ve also seen your nipples which, I repeat, are amazing. More to the point, I have seen your amazing nipples poking out very obviously and teasingly through the fabric of your camisole. Believe me, Greg and Dave will not be disappointed in your choice!”

“Well now you’re going to make me blush!”

“When Greg loses next, having to pull off his – boxers? briefs? – who knows, but he’ll be looking at your nipples poking through, his eyes switching from that to Julie’s naked tits, and when he drops them his cock will be swelling already, half hard at the sight of the two of you.”

“Oh gods, do you think? Who loses next? Has to be Maia, doesn’t it? Taking off her bra, I’d bet her breasts are larger than Julie’s, don’t you think?”

“Definitely, yes, maybe not as firm, hard to say, but probably dark, dark nipples! Fuck it, everybody’s naked, who draws the first dare? And what is it?”

“Maia again! She has to dance naked by the window! With the lights on!”

“Nice…I can see her doing that, body twirling, smiling…hands covering herself and then sliding away…”

“…Eyes darting nervously to the window, not sure whether anyone is passing on the street, counting down till the minute is over!”

“The next hand – I’ve pulled the dare, it’s…”

“Don’t tell me – it goes to…Andy”

“He drew ‘masturbate’.”

“Mmmmm! And he’s sitting right next to me on the couch! Maybe he stands up to do it? He does, he stands up, he stands there, on my…oh gods, cock not really hard, his hand grabbing it, pulling it, only a little etimesgut escort distance from my eyes, getting harder as he strokes it, gods, entirely erect now, his eyes closing, I glance across at Julie who’s got a huge smile on her face…”

“BZZZT! Time! Ha! That’s his minute! Don’t want to push him too far!”

“Spoilsport! But you’re right, things are just getting started. I pick the next dare…which is…ok, got it…who gets it?”

“Julie this time.”

“Ok that means…lucky you? Wait – who’s sitting where? My point is, the dare is ‘tit-fondling with the person to your right’ – counter-clockwise it’s Julie, you, Maia, Andy, me, Greg, right? So you get to fondle Julie’s tits – your life-long dream come true! I swear I did not do that on purpose! But enjoy it – reach over, feel the weight of them, press your hands onto her nipples.”

“I can do better than just that! I’ll pull her onto my lap, hands reaching around from behind her, crossing her body and cupping her breasts…”

“Here, turn over, I’ll massage your front now.”

“Squeezing them gently, feeling her nipples stiffen in my palms…”

“You know, you’ve got something really stiff on this side, too! And the more you are talking the stiffer it’s getting!”

“Kneading her breasts, pushing them together…”

“I’d better massage that for you, see whether rubbing it might take care of the stiffness!”

“My breath warm on her neck, my lips moving closer…”

“Ok, bzzzzt! Bzz-bzzz-bzzztt!! If you want to kiss her, put it into a dare! Right now you just get to feel her up! Bzzzt!! Next loser! It’s Andy again, he draws ‘go out on the deck and masturbate!'”

“Ha! How come you get to choose the loser and the dare? And what’s with you and Andy masturbating?”

“You were kind of preoccupied – an intervention seemed called for!”

“Fine, fine, I reluctantly let go of Julie’s tits as we all stand at the door watching Andy – he’s really hard, now, he’s making a show of jokingly complaining about this, but we can see how stiff his cock is, he really might cum soon! Better sound the buzzer! And anyway, I’ve chosen the next dare – who gets it?”

“Um…ought to be Maia or Greg, shouldn’t it?”

“Your call. Same dare either way”

“Let’s…make it…Maia.”

“The dare is ‘suck Ariel’s tits'”

“Oh you bugger!! I’d never even thought of dares that were specific to a person, just, you know, left, right, that sort of thing! You ass!!”

“I’m so glad you’re enjoying this.”

“Gods, it is really immersive, isn’t it? The thoughts that just went through my head were, I swear, ‘can I let her do that? With Max watching? Wait, wouldn’t it be even worse if Max didn’t know?’ and only after all of that did I remember that it wasn’t actually happening!”

“Oh don’t focus on that – focus on it happening, spirit of the game, what better time than this! Maia gets up from where she’s sitting and slides onto the couch next to you, her eyes looking into yours as her tongue darts out teasingly across her upper lip. She leans down, her mouth opening, wet lips closing on that stiff, stiff nipple of yours, her eyes closing as well, and you…”

“Oh gods, moaning with delight, oh my gods me moaning with delight!! SOOOO good, I love having my nipples sucked, my gods, and, oh, only, never with, never with, a, a mmmmmmmmmmm!!”

“A gentle sucking motion at first, then her mouth opens to wetly take as much of your tit as she can into it, slowly drawing away, mouth closing around your nipple again, pulling away, tugging on it, just the slightest hint of teeth to hold it…”

“Oh gods, I’ve got the shivers – gaah! I can’t stop wriggling!!”

“Releasing your nipple, her lips close around it again, her tongue darting across the slippery underside, her hand reaching over to cup your other breast…”

“That has to be a minute, doesn’t it? You are making it very difficult for me to focus on stroking your cock!”

“Breaking suction, Maia lets your nipple slip from her mouth and nestles in beside you, leaning on your shoulder…and ok, fine, next dare. Do you want to choose person or dare?”

“Um…person? Yes, person. I’ve chosen.”

“Ok. The moods gotten hot in the room – time escort elvankent to draw ‘go down on the person to your right’.”

“Uhhn! Um…ok…Max – honestly – the person who drew that is, is you.”

“Well, gee, I guess I can live with that!”

“No, I mean, yes, obviously, but, but…Max…Maia moved. She sat next to me, between me and…Ok…’go down on the person to your right’. Everyone looks at you as you read out the dare, and then all eyes turn…to Andy, now sitting at the end of the couch, nearest you. Smiling, he stands up, his cock still hard, and begins slowly stroking it again. You sit, his cock inches from you, eye level, he keeps stroking it, I am staring at you transfixed, the room collectively holds its breath, waiting to see what you will choose…”

“…I…I…wet my lips with my tongue and close them around the head of his cock.”

“MMmmMMmm! Oh gods, Max! Andy lets out a guttural sound of pleasure, a moan which is quickly shared by everyone watching. We all watch, fascinated, as you take him into your mouth.”

“Tentatively, I slide my mouth further down his cock, trying to think what I enjoy most. I roll my tongue across the underside of his shaft, feeling him get harder in my mouth.”

“He’s still stroking the base of his cock, pumping himself, stroking the way I’m stroking you, feeling you get closer, tenser…”

“Fuck! I…my mouth slides up and down on the end of his cock, licking it and rolling my wet lips down his shaft, till it hits the back of my mouth…”

“He stops stroking, resting his hand on your shoulders, starting to move his hips, slowly thrusting his cock in and out of your mouth…”

“I…fuck!!…my mouth, I open…I try to…my lips close, wet…his cock slides…”

“He thrusts more quickly, as fast as my hand on your cock now, his cock as hard as yours, as near the edge as you…

“Hnn! Sucking…feeling cock, his cock, in, my mouth opening, lips wrapped around his shaft…”

“Faster and faster, he’s so close, as close as you, gods, you are so close, I can tell, you are about to…it would just take…Andy starting to cum…”


“Oh yes, babe, cum, cum hard, cum for me!! Fuck, cum for me, he’s cumming in your mouth, babe…”


“…swallow it all down, suck his cock, suck him off, oh fuckkkk!!”


“Oh babe, oh gods, SO much cum, cum for me, shoot that cum!”


“…Oh BABE, that was good!”

“hhh…hhhhn…hnnnnn…that…was…definitely unexpected!!”

“Hee! Well, I did say I wasn’t going to suck your cock, didn’t I? Hee-hee! But I can’t think of the last time I gave anybody a handjob!”

“HA! Hhhnnnn!! Oh fuck! Right, the handjob – that was the unexpected part, sure…pwhoooo!”

“He-hee, you mean sucking Andy off? Well, I certainly wasn’t going to do it after you were so snarky about it, but I’m glad somebody did! And now you are absolutely plastered in cum!”

“…Ariel…you should…clean it up.”

“…You…you don’t mean that I should get a washcloth, do you.”

“I’ve always said your brain is your best feature. And your mouth. Which is what you should use.”

“Uhmmmmmm…well…lie still, then.”



“HnnnNNHH! Oh fuck, you look so hot!!”


“That is fucking amazing!”


“Hnn!! Fuck!!”



“Yhou zhould gloze yhour eyezh and ohpen yhour mouf now…”

“Oh fuuuuuuuuck.”

“I ha’ zhomeding do zhare wid yhou.”

“Oh FUCK!!”





“MMM-MMM-MMM!! Oh my gods, MAX! I have never done that before! Never even thought of – oh gods, licking up your cum, that was, that was – and you let him cum in your mouth, GODS that was so hot, and then kissing you, and my tongue and your cum and your mouth and both of us swallowing and oh my GODS!!”

“That was fucking amazing! I will take a handjob anytime if I get to watch you lap it up afterward!”

“Only if I always get to – it’s called ‘snowballing’, right? If I get to snowball you afterwards then absolutely, my GODS, who would think we could find a new fetish!!”

“Next time let it drool onto your tits and I will lick it off your amazing nipples! Fuck, who knew your strip poker idea was going to lead us here! I am definitely up for having that fantasy again!”

“Fantasy?? Let’s go buy a deck of cards!!”

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