Perfect Day Ch. 02

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Imagine driving, along a windy road that weaves its way between tall trees and sheer cliffs. The play of light and shadow running over the car bonnet that gives way to bright sunshine and spectacular ocean vistas. The sound of cockatoo’s calling as a large white flock flies over head. Music playing on the stereo loud enough to hear without straining but soft enough for the ease of conversation, watching as the light flashes over her face. Her expression as she negotiates each bend, hands flowing over the steering wheel your hand on her thigh feeling the contraction of muscles as she shifts through the gears. Such a beautiful day warmth from the sun’s rays competing with cool of the over hanging shade. No pressure to speak, banter comes in lazy waves contented in the recollection of waking in her arms, taste of her lips and the way her fingertips made your skin tingle.

Soft sound of the engine purring as the miles drift past the change in tone as she matches the car’s speed to the canter and curve of the road acting like a seductive lullaby. Settling back into your seat you feel her eyes on you, fleeting glances as she takes your measure, drinks in your presence building on the elemental buzz that that hums between you. She wriggles in the driver’s seat and sighs with satisfaction as her shoulders drop you watch the peace evident in the world around you work its magic on her. Smile spreading across her face as a particular piece of music comes to her ears, head rocking as her fingers tap in time to the tune. Affording you a glimpse of her, of how she sees her self and the pleasure she takes in sharing the hours with you. Approaching your destination; the starting point for an four hour hike through the forest to a secluded pool filling you with a regretful reluctance to give away the synchronicity between you two the excitement of exploring somewhere new, of discovering as yet unknown delights and sharing new experiences.

The car’s speed falls as bitumen gives way to dirt, dropping into low gear to negotiate ruts and potholes in the road. Pulling into a shaded parking space not much more than a spot off to the side in the middle of nowhere, turning off the engine she undoes her seat belt, leans across for a kiss with her hand gently caressing the side of your face. Sighing softly she sits up and reaches for the door giving you the opportunity to watch as her body unfolds. Joining her at the back of the car, you grab the two packs in the boot. One filled with food, water, an emergency kit and blanket. The other Photographic equipment and clothes in case the weather turns, not very likely at this time of year but you just never know and miles from anywhere is nowhere to get it wrong. You check the provisions while she pulls out the Olympus pendik escort body and attaches a 45-140mm lens. Packs are shouldered, the car is locked and the keys safely stowed before setting out on a new trail.

All the while, thoughts of being woken most delightfully linger in the back of your mind, the feel of her body pressed into your back as she gently stroked your skin, fingers tracing the lines of your muscles as you lay there relaxed and dozing. Tranquil memories elegantly slipping into the sounds of nature as the two of you follow a narrow but easily defined trail. Small birds flashing in and out of the underbrush, quiet scurrying of creatures as they come and go the smell of eucalyptus and forest peat filling your sense’s stroking away the worries of the world. While drawing you closer to an undefinable energy, an almost electric feeling of life that surrounds and runs through you, binding you to each other and the world around you.

With the sun on your face and peace in your mind, she stops to take a picture. At first you can’t see what she is aiming at then the sun moves and a bright glint catches your eye. Revealing a beautiful spider wed complete with is maker bouncing in the breeze. Following the line of light you see a small caterpillars dangling from the base of the web spinning slowly on its single thread. Feeling the world seem to telescope around you drawing such a small beauty into sharp focus; noticing the smell of her perfume the slight hint of sweat from your shared exertion, the undercurrent of arousal that wraps around you. Bodies moving together sailing through the splendour of the forest, visiting the serenity of nature, consumed in the wonder of creation and the hum of life.

Laughter erupts from her throat she fiddles with lenses as she quietly talks to a skink that has run out across the path to bask on a handy rock. Repositioning slowly bending, turning as her knees fold and she drops low to the ground with the sound of her boots sliding across the gravel and her camera firing all the while. The lizard skitters off into the bush and she laughs again, seconds before you realise you’ve become the centre of her attention. Then she sees you, not how you look or the face you show the world, but you and she smiles, camera drops to her chest and she moves to you, looking deep into your eyes, watching hers as she leans in and kisses you, fire hiding behind those eyes, passion kindling between you. Tracing the outline of her curves with your hands feeling trembling waves of excitement fluttering though the very centre of your being.

Reluctantly breaking away from her; too again follow the trail all the while feeling her eyes on your back, roving over your flesh the pleasure of being kağıthane escort wanted tickling goose bumps as they flush across your skin. Sun climbs to the centre of the sky as you walk. The sound of rushing water in the distance grows closer, glimpses of a creek through the trees. Coming into a clearing that looks across an oval rock pool with the stream flowing off the right a small water fall that tumbles over a curved cliff face with a wide deep cave cut in underneath. Laughter rings out again as you both stumble your way behind the waterfall cascade. Dropping your packs and pulling provisions for lunch, bumping and sliding over each other, enticing each other. An implicit invitation that has lain between you since you met. Salad cold meat and kisses washed down with cool water.

Laying out across the rocks with the sun’s heat radiating into your body, peace disturbed as she stands. Opening your eyes you watch as she removes her clothes, piling them up neatly away from the water’s edge. The smooth arch of her body as she dives into the water; waiting anxiously for a moment until you see her break the water’s surface again. Breasts floating on the surface bobbing in the ripples caused by her movement, nipple rings sparkling in the sunshine. The tannin coloured water highlighting the paleness of her skin. Shedding your own clothes wading into the icy water feeling its coolness travel up your thighs before dipping under the water, to resurface and pull her into your arms. Her legs wrapping round your hips arms around your shoulders, plunging her tongue down your throat, your hands glide over her back gripping the roundness of her ass and squeezing. A deep gentle moan rattles in the back of her throat, breast pressing into your chest as tongues chase and dance together.

Traitorous woman tickles you; giggling she breaks away and using long slow strokes makes her way to the edge of the pool. By the time you catch up she is sitting on a flat rock with her legs dangling calf deep in the pool. Knees slightly parted providing an enticing hint of hidden secrets. Vision captivated by a single droplet of water sparkling in the sunshine suspended from the black locking stone of her gold nipple ring. Stretching out your tongue to catch it before it falls, feeling her breast tremble as your breath plays over her white mound tongue licking her dusky nipple. Sipping on the rivulets of water that trickle down her neck, flow across her skin hugging the supple curves of her chest and smelling the freshness of her skin mixing with the scents of nature. Moving in to steal a long deep kiss wrapping your arms around her, fingers slipping over the length of her spine causing her to shiver and wriggle maltepe escort closer to your.

Encouraging her to lean back across the rock on her elbows, the shifting of her body changing the angle of her hips, legs spread, wrapped around your waist exposing her labia as they shine and pout in the sunlight. Dressed in glittering jewels, delicate pendants of water resting in her pubic hair, so enticing; an open invite to taste and touch. Finger outlining the shape of her plump lips as the slowly open for you; displaying their warm pink secrets to you, dipping deeper into her, feeling her soft wet flesh respond to your ministrations. The smell of her sex floating into your nostrils beguiling your senses, drawing you down to savour the texture and taste as she groans in pleasure her wetness increases coating your tongue and chin with her juices.

Driving your fingers into her with growing speed and ferocity, tongue flicking and rubbing over her clit, teeth gently tugging and teasing her flesh as she begins to thrash, feeling her building excitement rushing along toward climax as you diligently work at your task. Easing back allowing her excitement to drop, calm a little before stretching her with a little more of your fingers, curved and pushing in deep to the knuckles on your hand dampness oozing over your palm and wrists. Her body yielding to the pressure muscles soften and stretch even as they contract around you.

You know it would not take much to push her over the edge, a hard suck, persistent rub of her clit but you choose instead to lap at the nectar her body provides in such abundance. Finely balanced, holding her suspended between wanton sexual pleasure and the craving need for release.

She reaches down and grabs handfuls of your hair and thrusts her hips toward your mouth, tongue pressing hard against her clit as she trembles and shakes. You can feel the muscles of her pussy quivering over your face as her body bucks and heaves, the resulting flood of ambrosia splashing, covering you both. Feeling trembles ease as her ragged breathing relaxes and subsides, lying wet and spent across the rocks for any and all to see the after effect of your handy work.

Ragged breathing begins to slow and she sits up to kiss you tasting her own flavour, bending forward she encircles your left nipple with her tongue, fingernails playing lightly over the top of your hips and thighs. Wrapping her arms and legs around you; pulling you closer holding you to her lithe body. Her head rests on your shoulder as she strokes and caresses your body. Drifting on waves of ardour, lost together in the pleasure of the moment; holding each other as time dribbles into the past. Passions subdued but not gone, embers linger, clouds rolling over the sun draw you back to the present.

Sunlight reflecting over the water, the suns movement across the sky announcing its time to leave, reluctance fills your mind. A long walk, followed by a longer drive; home to share the evening together, so many possibilities so much to take pleasure in as you explore each other.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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