Passionate Peach , a Cold Corona

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I have come to enjoy Corona, my favorite beer, with a peach rather than the traditional lime, thanks to a dear friend.

I had to travel to Las Vegas on business recently: another conference to attend with long days and often boring company. The first day, I attended meetings all morning. During one of the breaks, I noticed an old friend was attending. Jack and I met at a Regional User’s Group years ago. For a few years, we saw each other often, strictly business of course. I had not seen him or heard from him in a while. Jack is a handsome man in his mid 40s, a tall man with a trim but solid built.

“Hey, Jack! Long time no see! How have things been?”

“Well, well, well. If it isn’t my favorite Computer Programmer! How are you, Mindy?” he asked, pulling me into a warm, tight hug. “Are you alone this trip?”

“Yup! You?”

“I am. Wanna team-up for dinner tonight?”

“I would love it! How about that Steak House here in the hotel? I hear the food is excellent. See you at seven?”

“Seven at the Steak House!”

We exchanged a quick hug and hurried off to separate seminars for the afternoon. It was great to run into a good friend; especially one I was comfortable being my direct easygoing self with. I could easily recall the close friendship we shared in the past and I was happy to have someone I cared about to spend time with.

My last session was over at five. By the time I made it back to my room, it was almost six. Since we were meeting right in the hotel, I had plenty of time to freshen up before our dinner meeting. When I got to my room, I threw books and papers on the bed and sank into the overstuffed chair with a sigh.

“Man, am I glad that long day is over! A nice shower would do me good.” With that, I tossed my blouse and dress pants on the bed and stripped off my bra and panties as I walked to the shower. The hot water pounding on my body was relaxing. As I washed, I thought about Jack. From the first time we met, we were instant friends. There was something about him that made talking easy. And he evidently felt the same about me. We never really spoke about intimate topics, but I have to confess I did wonder that he looked like naked. On more than one occasion, I wished for the proper opening to get personal. There were times he could have made a pass at me and I would have obliged. I had to chuckle to myself; if he only knew.

After the shower, I dried myself and considered what to wear. Since the restaurant was fairly formal, I chose a black dress with a silk jacket. I was feeling very playful and a little naughty. Crotchless, black pantyhose would make me feel sexy and no one would be the wiser. Thanks to the jacket and my trim build, I was able to get away with wearing no bra. Black high-heeled shoes completed the outfit.

I checked my appearance in the mirror. The dress fit me perfectly. It hugged by waist and my firm, round ass. The skirt was short and my shapely legs were well displayed. With a quick toss of my long, curly hair, I declared myself presentable.

Jack was as prompt as I was.

“Mindy, you look great! I am so glad we ran into each other.”

“Thanks, Jack,” I said as I looked him up and down. “You look pretty good yourself.” And he did look good in a dress shirt and black Dockers.

He took me by the arm and guided me to the hostess podium.

“Table for two, nonsmoking?” he queried the hostess.

“Right this way.”

We were seated in a booth in the corner of the restaurant. The waiter took our drink order and disappeared. We caught up on the latest news in each other’s lives, which did not take long, as we waited for our drinks to be delivered.

“Jack, how did that promotion work out for you?”

“Good and bad. Good in that they did make me an Officer. Bad in that they stole my life. I work so hard, such long hours, I never see my family and I have no energy for sex.”

“Oh, I understand, only too well. It’s been so long since I’ve been held. I can’t remember the last time…” I realized at that moment I was treading into territory unfamiliar to us. While Jack was a good friend and easy to talk to, we never really broached the sex topic so openly before. Certainly, there was a level of sensuality between us, but before now, it was always unspoken.

“Mindy, don’t worry. You don’t have to say any more.”

Jack must have sensed my discomfort because the conversation turned to talk of work and he began to rattle on about operating systems, infrastructure and the future of programming languages.

By the time our dinners were served, our conversation was in safe territory. Safe on the surface, but the sexual energy was there, obvious to both of us. Occasionally, my knee would touch his and when it did, it seemed as if a shock of electricity passed between us. We are expressive people and when I touched him as I talked, he seemed to melt into me. He touched my shoulder, then rested his hand on my thigh. It was all so natural, so easy. We were both unaware and aware. pendik escort The touches were not conscious acts, but the effects of the touches were very real.

As I finished a most excellent prime rib dinner, I was relaxed enough to ask him, “Have you ever had a ‘Passionate Peach’ blowjob?”

Jack chuckled and confessed ignorance to this technique. “Have you ever been fucked by a cold Corona bottle?” he asked back.

I laughed and said, “You’ve got me there!”

Well, the mood, the company, the lead up, and now the intrigue had us dead to nuts! When the waiter asked us if we wanted dessert or after-dinner drinks, I took the lead.

“Do you have fresh, whole peaches?” I queried the waiter.

“Yes, Ma’am, we do. May I slice them for you? We usually serve them with whipped cream.”

I chuckled and asked, “Can I get one whole and uncut?”

He confirmed the order by asking, “You want one peach, whole and uncut?”

“Yes, Sir, and a Corona for my date. And the check.”

With an odd smile, the waiter nodded and walked off to accomplish his tasks.

“Jack, here’s the deal. When the waiter returns, we’ll pay the check, palm the peach and you can sneak the Corona out in your jacket.”

With a lustful chuckle, Jack reminded me, “Mindy, this is Vegas! No need to sneak the beer out. And there is no law against carrying fresh fruit in public. Let’s carry our goodies out and go to your room.”

I nodded, nervous yet excited, as the waiter returned with the fruit, brew and bill. Jack offered his credit card before the waiter could depart. In moments, the bill was settled. We grabbed our treasures and left.

I led the way to my room. We were lucky enough to grab an empty elevator as we rode to the eleventh floor. I was feeling very playful. We stood a few feet apart on the quiet ride up when I suddenly got a devilish idea.

“Jack,” I whispered to catch his attention. “Check it out!” As I said that, I lifted my skirt to show my crotchless hosiery.

“Mindy!” Jack gasped, his eyes wide with wonder.

I flipped the skirt back down as he grabbed me for a kiss. Suddenly the elevator door opened and a lone young man stepped in.

“Oh! I’m sorry,” he stammered, realizing we were breaking up from a passionate embrace.

“Not a problem,” I assured him. “You take chances doing that in a public elevator.”

At that moment, we arrived at my floor. Giggling, Jack and I exited the elevator. I led Jack to my room and opened the door. Jack put the Corona bottle in the room’s refrigerator as I rinsed the peach and set it on the counter.

“So, what do we do next?” he asked.

“Well, I need to cut the fruit for my technique and for that, I’ll need a knife. I just so happen to have a Swiss army knife in my briefcase.”

“Ok, Girl, I’m not going to ask,” he replied, throwing his hands up with a shrug and a smile.

I chuckled, grabbed my pocketknife and explained; “You know how much I travel alone. Well, every time I find I need something, I add it to my briefcase so I’ll have it for next trip. See? Here is a dry-clean stick, here a travel corkscrew, here a travel vibrator…”

He grabbed my hand to stop my chatter and motioned for me to get on with what I had planned.

“You know, Mindy, I can’t help but wonder what ‘need’ you had in the past requiring you to pack a Travel Vib now when you leave home.”

I laughed and teasingly replied, “Maybe I’ll just have to show you.”

As I got ready to cut the fruit, I could sense Jack was up to something behind me. I casually peeked over my shoulder and watched him remove his shoes. Momentarily stunned, I watched as my old friend began to shed his clothes. After he kicked his shoes aside, he unbuckled his belt and unzipped. He raised his head to look into my eyes as he let his pants fall.

“Ah, that answers that question,” I remarked as I turned to face him.

His questioning look made me laugh.

“Boxers. Boxers versus briefs. You are a boxer man,” I explained.

He slowly unbuttoned his shirt as I continued to watch. Then he abruptly stopped.

“Mindy, are you going to stand there staring at this old half-naked man or are you going to strip? I need that body naked to do what I have planned.”

I set the knife beside the ripe peach, shook my head to end the reverie and began to strip, slowly. This time, it was Jack who had his eyes glued on me.

I kicked off my shoes and began to weave seductively. My hands went to my black silk jacket and I slowly slipped it off my shoulders.

“Hey, let’s help each other the rest of the way. What do you say?” Jack asked me with a husky voice.

Without a word, I moved closer to him and reached for his shirt. Our eyes were locked as we completed our tasks by feel. I could not resist a quick touch as I worked. He rubbed against my breasts as he unzipped my dress. In moments, his shirt and my dress joined his pants on the floor.

“Mindy, my God, you have a nice body. çekmeköy escort Your arms are so strong, your tummy so flat and firm. I like your even tan. I like your tits: perky, firm, not small, not large, full, hard nipples…” Jack rambled. “And those stockings… You shave!” he grunted, admiringly. “I like the look and feel of a smooth pussy.”

There we stood, he in his boxers and me in my crotchless pantyhose. His erection was evident by the tent in his boxers. I could feel the hyper-sensitivity of my hard nipples and my pussy was dripping. I guess you would say we were ready.

“Ok, who goes first?” Jack asked.

“Scissors, Paper, Stone?” I playfully replied. The childish game seemed more appealing than flipping a coin.

He chuckled. “Now, how do you signal Paper again?”

I showed him and asked, “Ready, set, go?”

With a nod, he counted, “One, two, THREE!”

He threw Stone; I threw Paper, wrapping his Stone for the win.

“ARGGHH,” Jack grunted in frustration. “How did you figure that one?”

“You forget, Friend, I am an Analyst. You asked how to make Paper, thinking I would think you were gonna throw Paper. So, you expected me to throw Scissors to cut your Paper. I simply figured you’d throw Stone to crush my Scissors. Therefore, I threw Paper to wrap your Stone!”

Jack threw up his hands and said, “Ok, Girl, you win! What shall it be?”

I thought about it and decided I wanted him to show me his technique first.

“I want you to go first,” I declared. “But while you enlighten me, I want to see you, all of you. Off with the shorts.” I can be bossy when I want to be.

Jack made a big show of it, ham that he is. With a whirl and a twist, he freed his beautiful cock from the boring boxers. He twirled the shorts from his fingers as he made his hard cock dance. I giggled and enjoyed the show.

“Now I must remove your stockings. But first, stand by the bed. I’ve gotta get the Corona,” Jack stated as he walked to the refrigerator.

He got the Corona and popped the top. In a moment he was standing in front of me. With a gentle, firm hand he pushed me so the backs of my legs were against the bed. He knelt in front of me as if I were a shrine to worship. After a respectful moment passed, he hooked his teeth in the waist-band of the hosiery and tugged at them.

I looked down at him and when he raised his eyes to mine, he hooked his fingers in the pantyhose tops and roll the stockings to my feet. Gently, I placed my hands on his shoulders for balance as I lifted first one foot, then the other, leaving the pantyhose free in a pile on the floor. I then stood tall, legs spread about a foot apart, quivering with anticipation. There I stood, exposed before him.

“Hmmmm, Girl, you are already wet!” As he spoke, he touched the cold lip of the bottle against my hot and already swollen pussy lips.

He eased the head of the bottle in just a bit. The cool glass made me feel even hotter. He wiggled the lip of the bottle around and around, in just a little, then around again. Then he pushed the bottle into me a little more, then out.

All this activity was making me very, very wet and his actions were actually milking the juices from me. The bottle was capturing every drop! He took his thumb and began to work my clit. Gently at first, but as it got lubed up he got more aggressive. He fucked me a little deeper, maybe two inches, with the bottle as he worked my clit. Because the bottle was full, he moved it side to side rather than pumping it up and down. This side to side action, combined with the increasing tempo on my clit, was really making me hungry for more. I held fast to his shoulders as he rocked me closer and closer…

“Oh, OH, I’m gonna CUM!” I exclaimed. Then it hit me. HARD! I threw back my head and shuddered. He collected my sweet, tangy cum in the Corona bottle as my pussy pulsed and convulsed.

When I finally calmed down, he slowly removed the bottle with a shit-eating grin on his face. He held the bottle up, like a trophy. The white froth of my cum coated the outside of the bottle, a clear line marking the depth of penetration. The bottle was shiny and wet from there to the mouth and you could see where my juices mixed with the beer in the bottle.

With a grin, he put the bottle to his lips and took a long draw, “Mmmmm, damn, that tastes good!”

“Let me try.” I demanded.

He was right! The salty, tangy, sweet flavor of my pussy mixed with the flavor of the beer was incredible.

Before I handed the beer back to him, I made a show of licking the outside of the bottle. I licked and sucked the bottle, keeping half-lidded eye contact with him, treating it as if it were a hard cock.

He stood up and took the bottle back. As he stood, I could see how hard he now was. Pre-cum was dripping off the end of his full cock. I gasped as he made it jump for me. Oh, nothing captures my attention like an eager erection!

We both sat on the bed and enjoyed maltepe escort the beer together. When it was empty, he got up, rinsed it out and partially filled it with cold water.

“Bet you thought that was it,” he said with a wink as he placed the bottle carefully, on its side, in the freezer.

With a chuckle, I got up and started preparing the Peach. I cut a circle about an inch and a half in diameter all the way through the peach from the top down. I removed the core, including the pit. He watched all this with widening eyes. I could tell he had no idea what was about to happen, but his eager cock gave away the fact he was very, very excited about finding out!

After I prepped the Peach, I told him to stand beside the bed as I had. I knelt in front of him, armed with a firm but juicy peach and an evil grin. I slid the peach over his hard cock until it was all the way to the base of his shaft. There was a popping sound when the peach hit the end of him. The feeling of the firm, wet flesh of the peach, and the anticipation of what was to come, brought more pre-cum to the head of his purple, swollen cock.

I continued to hold the peach in my hand as I slowly pumped him. I brought my lips to the head of his cock; first to lick the pre-cum, then to suckle him. As I continued to please him orally, I squeezed and rotated back and forth, all while moving it up and down the shaft. The juices from the peach trickled down, coating his hairless balls. I moved my head down to his balls and licked the ample juices as they dripped off him. I continued the peach-dance on his cock as I licked all around his balls and inner thighs.

Jack was enjoying this treatment very much. I looked up at him and saw his head titled back, eyes closed with pleasure. He started to hump the peach as I stroked. I knew he was close to releasing his own delectable nectar. I brought my face up to his cock-head again. Peach juice, pulp, and pre-cum coated his cock. As I continued to stroke, rotating as I did, I sucked the head. That must have put him over the top because his whole body suddenly tensed. I reached for his balls to feel the tightening as his load began to burst.

“Arrrghhh! Oh, Baby!” was all he could roar as he pumped his hot juices into my mouth.

The well-worked peach held him semi-hard for a moment. I slowly removed it from him and he fell back to the bed. Laughing, I crawled next to him and we shared the bruised fruit. It had a great taste; sweet peach mixed with his tangy cum.

We lay in silence as we digested the fruit and the release we had both achieved. After a few minutes, Jack sprang up and trotted over to the freezer.

“I told you I was not done, you know,” he reminded me. “It’s time to do some more collecting. How hot did pleasing me make you?”

He knew from our earlier conversations that I got very turned on from pleasing a man. He was about to see I was not exaggerating.

The water in the Corona bottle was half frozen, halfway filling the long neck. I shuddered as I anticipated the feel of that cold bottle in my still swollen, very eager pussy. He poured out the unfrozen water and winked at me.

“Now I want you to lie back on the bed with your knees up and bent.”

I eagerly wiggled to the foot of the bed, happy to obey my trusted friend’s every command.

He got between my legs and gasped when he saw how wet I was. Juices were oozing out of me, clear and stringy, coating my inner thighs. He gently touched the frozen head of the beer bottle against my lips.

I gasped as the cold seared hot flesh. It felt GREAT!

He eased the head and neck in; my soaked pussy made entry easy. The severe cold felt great as it battled my heat. He continued to push, steady and slow, until the entire neck of the bottle was inside me, the round of the shoulder pressing against my outer lips. That was just the start. He fucked me with the bottle expertly. First, he pushed in, ground it all around, then pulled it out slowly. He began to pick up speed as my hips rocked in time with his motions.

I was in ecstasy. I reached for my tits and began to massage them as the bottle fucked me. I pulled, pinched and tugged at my nipples as I welcomed the glass dildo. Deeper and deeper it went. I was getting very close to cumming and Jack knew it. Just as I began to cum, he pushed the bottle in as deeply as he could. The shoulder of the bottle was now in me, stretching my opening and putting pressure on my clit, forced the birth of the most intense orgasm of my life. I came and came, rolling up and down on waves of passionate pulses.

When I finally came down and could see again, I looked over at Jack. He held the Corona bottle high above his head, triumphant. Like a trophy, the bottle drew our eyes. My cum rested in the bottom of the bottle and coated the neck and shoulder.

“Jack, that was wonderful!”

He put the bottle down and pulled me to him as he joined me on the bed.

“I can’t believe we were just friends for so long when we could have had all this,” Jack murmured into the nape of my neck. “Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? Now that we are properly versed in the virtues of Passionate Peaches and Cold Coronas, what’s next?”

I think I mumbled something in reply as I eased into sleep, snug in my new lover’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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