Party Swap Ch. 02

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This is the Part 2 to the story ‘Party Swap’ that should be read before this one. It won’t really make sense otherwise.

Thank you to all the readers that pointed out this this second part is sorely needed.


The drunken cobwebs in my head had mostly cleared up, and I was once again starting to feel like my old self. Well, except for that little part about my girlfriend Karen messing around on me. She had been messing around with Mark, and his girlfriend (also named Karen) had caught him doing all kinds of naughty things with her. This was all news to me, but after last night my eyes had been opened to the truth.

Thoughts of revenge crossed my mind, but so did the idea that maybe we should just break up. We did have a good thing going, or at least I had thought we did, so just parting ways seemed like too much of an easy way out for her. If I played my cards right, we could still break up, but maybe I could get some of my fantasies fulfilled before we did.

I know that she had seen me grab another girl’s ass the night before, and that was the last time she saw me before I went to bed. Unless my guess was wrong, that would also be the first thing on her mind when she got up. As possessive as she was, I was certain that there would be hell to pay. Now it just struck me as kind of funny. Karen must think that her and another guy could maul each other and dry hump and it was OK, but I’m sure the simple act of my one touch would be way out of bounds.

Since no one else was up yet, I took the liberty of looking around the house. Mark and Karen were already gone, they must have slipped out early. One could only imagine their chat on the way home. Was he pissed about me grabbing his girlfriend’s ass the night before? Did he suspect anything about who was fucking which Karen last night? I suppose I was just going to have to wait to find out.

Karen finally came out of our room as I was getting our stuff ready to go. With the thoughts running through my head, I was not the same loving boyfriend I usually was on the ‘morning after.’ She was obviously upset, but my actions toward her were kind of cold and distant. I did not want to come right out and be an ass and make her suspect anything, I was going to warm her up to my new attitude.

She looked like crap. Hair tousled, puffy faced, and moving slow, she looked like she could have used some aspirin and a shower. Since I was ready to go, there would be no time for her to get comfy before we left. Stopping me in the kitchen, she whined “Dammit babe, do you have to be so loud? My head is pounding and you are not helping at all. I just want to shrivel up and disappear for a while.”

I brusquely walked by her. “Nope, no time for that. We have to get moving. I need to get home to check my email for some stuff going on at work. Come on now, we need to get going.”

We had brought a duffel bag of stuff with us the night before, and I had put it in the car before she got up. “I have already packed up our stuff, and now that you are finally up, we can get going. And yes, you are going to have to go home in the clothes you were wearing last night. Yes, even though they reek of alcohol and cigarettes.”

Grumbling under her breath, she stalked past me and went to wait out in the car. As I came out, I saw her perched in the passenger seat, arms folded, looking very not happy. I got in and started the engine, pretending to not know what was causing her attitude, ignoring her pissed off stare.

As I backed out of the driveway, she couldn’t take the silence any more. “Well?” she exclaimed. “Haven’t you noticed that I’m pissed? Aren’t you going to even ask me about it?”

“Oh, you are pissed off at something? I thought you just didn’t feel all right after last night.”

It was hard to contain the cruel smile I was feeling. Hoping my comment was vague enough to cover several topics, I just let it lay like that.

“Well YES, it was about last night. But it’s not just the hangover headache. You should know why I’m mad at you. Don’t try to think you were Mr. Sneaky with Karen. I know what I saw.”

“What do you mean?” I asked innocently. “Ya, we spent some time together, but not quite as much as you spent with Mark. So now you can spend time with him, but I can’t hang out with her?”

That made her pause. Looking over, the look on her face had changed. Now she went from looking pissed off to worried. I could almost hear her thoughts of “What did he see?!?!?”

“Listen, right before you went off to bed, you and her came out onto the deck awfully close together. From the look on your faces, it looked like you thought you had to place to yourself and were surprised to see us out there. Then you spend a few minutes out there so it seems like you meant to just chat for a minute, then went back in. Then you were not sneaky AT ALL when you grabbed her ass like it belonged to you. The fact that you grabbed it and she didn’t even react at all tells me a lot more about you too!”

Well. There it was. This had bakırköy escort to come out carefully as it would lay the stage for the next part of my plan. My heart pounding, I pulled off the road, going in to the closest parking lot. Luckily, it was for a large grocery store, and since it was still early in the day it was almost empty, giving us plenty of privacy in the open space. Lighting up a cigarette for each of us, I saw the pack was now empty.

“Allright, I admit it. Yes, I grabbed her ass. I had been admiring it and wanted to see if it felt as nice as it looked. But she was drunk too, so you didn’t see that it took her a minute to really react to it. She did get kind of pissed off, but not too bad. She was so pissed at Mark it didn’t bother her much. Besides, I didn’t think you would mind, and she said she didn’t think Mark had a right to be mad at her either.”

Her face was a mix of shock and anger. She was getting redder the more mad she got. “WHAT? What the hell do you mean you thought I wouldn’t mind? Are you insane? And how was Mark supposed to be OK with you groping her?”

Calm down. Pause for effect. Look over at her pissed face. As evenly as I could, I said “After what her and I saw right before we came out, why wouldn’t we think you two wouldn’t mind. We were tame compared to you two.”

Keeping my expression masked, I turned to her. That bright red face went as pale as a ghost. Her mouth hanging open, I think there was even the hint of her eyes tearing up. She knew she was caught.

Continuing before she could remember how her voice worked, I said “You two did about everything short of fucking. So how are you are mad about me touching Karen’s ass? That is not OK, but it’s perfectly fine for him to suck on your tits while you grab his cock and jerk him off? You two can stick your tongues down each other’s throats? And that’s just what I caught you doing last night. I can only imagine what I missed.”

I didn’t think it was possible, but her ghostly white face went even paler. Her eyes were closed, and a small stream of tears had made a path down her cheeks. With her heaving chest, it looked like she was doing her best to stop from bursting into tears.

“Ya, I caught you. You two were not nearly as sneaky as you thought. Your world has just had a massive change. I’m not going to tell you what else I know. But you will. How much I know doesn’t matter right now – I know more than enough. You, however, will fill in the gaps of what I might have missed. Got it?”

Starting to sniffle, she could not talk. Just nodding her head seemed to take all the effort she could muster. Done nodding, her head remained hung down, her chin resting on her chest.

“Since you can’t seem to talk, I will continue. Feel free to stop me if you think you can talk without blubbering all over my car.

“Technically, I have enough knowledge to easily throw you to the curb. To kick you out of my place. Maybe you can move in with Mark, maybe you can move in with anyone else you’re playing with behind my back. Hell, for all I care, you can live on the street. Maybe I’ll find you a shopping cart to carry your treasures. Want me to give you a few empty beer cans to start your new job?”

Still no comment. I know she could still hear me, she just wasn’t to the point of being able to talk yet.

“Maybe I’m just feeling really accommodating right now, but I don’t really want to throw away what we have had for so long. Maybe we can still work this out, it’s up to you now. What do you think, do you want to try to make this up to me?”

Nodding her head, she seemed to have got some color back in her face. Drawing a deep shaky breath, she whispered “I am so sorry. None of this should have ever happened. If there’s anything I can do to make this better, I will. Anything. Just name it. I just don’t want to lose you. I love you more than anything.”

“HA! No shit it should have never happened. You should have thought of that before you started messing around on me. I guess now I know why you were not so interested in sex with me lately. If you are getting some action somewhere else, why would you need it from me?”

“No, it’s not like that” she replied, still not able to meet my eyes. “It was just messing around, really. That’s all it was. It was just the excitement of being naughty. It was the danger factor I guess.”

Since I didn’t know how far their actions took them, I didn’t push much for more. Her guilt would let the truth come out. Letting this sink in, a plan started forming in my mind.

“Well, if you are after a danger factor, and you want to be naughty, then I will be able to help you out. You will do everything I tell you to, is that clear?”

Looking out the side window, she nodded ‘yes’ to the door.

“I don’t know about you, but I could use another smoke. My slut smoked my last one. In a few minutes, you will get us some more, right bitch?”

Her head swiveled around to stare at me, her eyes wide beşiktaş escort in shock at my language. I hadn’t called her names like this before. She opened her mouth to call me on it, but the realization hit her before she could speak. Closing her mouth and her eyes, she hung her head. “I guess I deserved that” she said, her eyes tearing up again.

“Damn skippy you did. And as a matter of fact, we will continue our relationship as long as you stay my slut. Understand? Good. You will do everything I tell you to. Your need for excitement, attention, and danger will be met by me. Got it?”

Nodding her head in resignation, she folded her hands in her lap and lowered her head. So softly I could barely hear her, she said “What do I need to do?”

Now we are talkin! This is right mindset I hoped she would have.

“First of all, I think a blowjob would be great. If you do a good job, you can earn yourself a smoke too. Now get over here.”

Staring at me unbuttoning my pants, she went wide-eyed. “Right here? Right now? We are in the middle of town!”

“Well yes, right now. What did you think I mean, next week? Now get your face over here and wrap your lips around my cock.”

She looked around nervously, but saw no one. Turning on the seat, she bent towards me with an open mouth. Starting tentatively, she just took the head of my stiffening cock into her mouth. Too slow. Pushing on the back of her head, I encouraged her to get a little deeper. I just grinned as she choked a little as she deep-throated me. This was new, she would never take more than half of my cock into her mouth. Now, however, everything was changed. She had good blowjob skills before, but she would improve with my helping hand.

With a handful of hair, I showed her how she would now do this. After a few minutes of pulling her head up and almost off of me then straight back down, she got over her urge to gag, but my arm was getting tired. Letting go of her hair, I reached under to play with her tits. They were perfectly sized for me, and she had always liked the attention I had paid to them. But playing with them through her shirt wasn’t quite enough.

“Hold on a second and sit up. We have some “firsts” for you now. Now you can finally suck my cock the right way, and that’s a ‘first’, and you have finally done it in the car, also a ‘first’. The next one is that you will do it topless since I wanna play with your boobs without clothes in the way. Besides, I like the way they move when you’re sucking me off.”

As she sat back and looked around again, I added the kicker. “Well, as far as I know, this is a first for you. At least it’s a first for you and ME. Now hurry up with that shirt. I don’t want to go soft while you are taking your sweet-ass time.”

Her face burned red at that, but she didn’t say anything. Taking one last look around for other eyes, she ripped off her shirt and put it at her feet and leaned towards me again. “Nope, sit back up again. Don’t stop halfway, the bra has to go too” I ordered.

Acting shy, she unhooked the back and let it fall off, but covered her boobs with her arm as she dropped the garment on top of her shirt. I pulled her arm down, enjoying the view of her boobs for just a moment before I pulled on the back of her head, getting her back to work.

Savoring the moment and trying to block out the mounting pleasure, I reclined my seat for a better view. Her bed-head hair was hanging everywhere, so I scooped it up with my left hand so I could see better. My right hand was busy playing with her tits, squeezing and kneading, plus twisting and pulling on her nipples. She might have started out embarrassed and shy, but I knew it wouldn’t be long until she was getting into this as much as I was.

Most of the time when she gives me head, I am either busy licking her pussy or finger-fucking her. Not now though, this was all for me. I was really enjoying this performance. A thought came to me now that I looked at it this way. We still needed smokes. It would be nice to have a smoke right about now.

Pushing Karen’s head up again, I said “Hold on again, I just thought of something.”

She sat up and covered up her boobs with her arms again, looking around self-consciously. Her face getting red again, she looked at me questioningly.

“You can put on your shirt, but only your shirt. Do it now.”

In an instant, it was over her head and making her decent again. Looking down, she saw her nipples standing at attention and tried to cover them up, but I pushed her hands away. Grabbing her bra from the floor, I tossed it on the floor in the back seat. “You won’t be needing this for a while.”

She looked to me plaintively. “But this shirt is so low-cut, my boobs are almost hanging out” she complained.

“I don’t really care. Now put on your seatbelt, we are going for a short drive” I replied.

We only went a few blocks, stopping at a strip mall where I knew there was a tobacco store. Pulling in at the side beylikdüzü escort of the building, I parked and waited. A few minutes later, another car pulled up. Perfect, it only had one person in it, an older guy. I told Karen my plan as he got out and went in the store.

“Listen up and no talking back. We need smokes. What you will do is get out of the car, just like you are now, and walk up to that car as the guy gets in to leave.”

Her eyes were wide in shock as I laid out the rest of my plan. But she realized that she had to do it, so she opened the door and waited for him to come out.

She started walking over towards his car as soon as he came out of the store. Her timing was perfect. She got to him just as he sat down and was reaching to close the door. She stopped the door from closing and walked in close, squatting down in front of him. His face showed his surprise, but that look changed quickly as she did what I had ordered. His smile told it all, and he quickly reached for the pack of smokes he had just bought.

A moment later, she got up and walked back towards my car. The other guy didn’t move or close his door, he just stared at her walking away. When Karen got back in the car, he finally closed his door, but did not leave. He just lit up a smoke and stared at us.

Her face burning in shame, she handed me the few smokes she had earned. “I feel cheap and used” she said softly. “Why did you make me do that?”

“Well what do you think?” I barked back. “I thought you like pulling your shirt down for other guys. And letting other guys play with your tits seemed OK to you last night. At least this time I got something out of the deal. Speaking of which, I guess you have earned a drag off of this first smoke. Light it and take a hit, then give it to me. Then take your shirt back off and get your face back on my dick.”

Rolling down my window I exhaled a cloud of smoke as she opened my pants back up. Now I could enjoy the show more. She went down on me with enthusiasm. My cock was hard in no time. It was if she was a different person. As she inhaled my cock, I reached for the boob nearest me and found her nipple was as hard as a rock. I pulled on it, shaking her breast back and forth, making her tongue-lashing of my cock stop as she moaned in pleasure.

“Damn, being my slut really has you turned on, doesn’t it? Let’s see how turned on you really are. Take off your skirt and underwear. Now.”

Without comment, she sat back in her seat and finished stripping down, leaving the last garments on the floor. She got on her knees in the seat and instantly went for my cock again. Reaching around, I smacked her ass hard, drawing another moan out of her. My fingers kept moving and felt that her pussy was soaking wet; she was liking this as much as I was! Her aroma was filling the car as I rudely shoved two fingers deep inside of her. Pulling back, I made it three fingers. She was so wet, that although it was a tight fit, there was plenty of natural lube to let me in.

Tossing my cigarette butt out the window, my hand was free to get a handful of hair out of the way to improve the view. Moving when I did, I was just at the right angle to see back to the side, and noticed the old guy from the car had walked up closer to watch. I was not in the mood to stop her at this point to scare him off. Fuck it, let him enjoy the show. As my rod popped out of her mouth, I pulled my hand out from between her legs and rubbed her oils on my throbbing cock. Shoving my fingers into her mouth I ordered “Clean them off.”

She hesitated since she had always seemed grossed out every other time I had tried that. Not this time! I pushed harder, getting them between her lips, rubbing my fingertips across her tongue.

“Good slut. Now finish your job on my dick. You like the taste of your pussy on me?”

This time there was no hesitation. She kept going like she had not stopped. Leaning my seat back again, I wanted a good view while we finished this off. She didn’t know it yet, but another first was coming. Now she would finally swallow every drop of my cum.

Playing with her boobs and tweaking her nipples with one hand, I held onto her head with the other. Just following her motion, I lost myself in the moment, feeling only her mouth. Hot and wet, then tight when I reached her throat. Feeling the impending end, my hips got into the motion, thrusting up to meet her face.

“Oh damn, I’m gonna cum in your mouth, slut….” I moaned.

“uuuuh, oooh ya, damn baby. Get …. ready …. for …. it …”

I could only grunt and pant at this moment. My hands squeezing the ball of hair, and her left breast, I just managed to get out “take it all, dammit……. swallow it all… UUUUUHHHHHHH”

My body locked up, all except my hips, which were bucking in time with every shot of cum that shot out of my cock. She tried to pull her head away from me, but went nowhere as I held her tight. She gagged a little at first, but I pushed her further down, loosing every drop inside of her.

Still laying back, my energy spent as my hands finally let her free. I looked at her just in time to see her lick her lips, pulling in the small amount of semen that had escaped her mouth. She was breathing hard from her effort, but I could tell from her look that she was still massively turned on.

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