Part 02: Marla’s Lesson

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On a cool October Tuesday morning, following a day I had been dreading, I was walking my dog Buster around the neighborhood. I had expected the previous day to be sad and depressing, and had convinced myself that it would be a bleak Monday.

After all, it was to be my initial day of unemployment due to the pandemic, and cases were still increasing. My company was yet another casualty, added to the thousands of businesses that couldn’t sustain themselves for months on end without customers. Unexpectedly, however, it actually turned out to be one my more stimulating and satisfying Mondays ever.

Strolling along, I was surprised by my own feelings of hope and optimism and I could feel a renewed buoyancy in my step. My light mood also caused me to have extra patience with Buster, too, feeling at ease and in no hurry at all.

Stopping occasionally so he could sniff random patches of grass, Buster would selectively deposit a bit of his own scent, as if to cover that of the interloper he had just detected. While my dog focused on the universe of smells he was immersed in, a world that humans only barely experience, my mind was free to roam and relive the very human, five senses that I had experienced the day before: the sights, sounds, smells, feeling and taste of yesterday’s acquaintance with Marla.

I replayed the scene from the previous day in my head as I walked my dog, recalling how easily she had seduced me. Once I had realized what she really wanted, it didn’t take much effort on her part. I was a willing participant and I was happy to learn that what she wanted included much more than muffins and a massage.

Except for a little uneasiness about her husband, I had been happy to fulfill the wanton needs that she revealed to me. She showed me a side of her that I had never imagined existed, one that I soon learned was very sexy and very naughty, too. I had only seen her from afar in the past, and barely knew her, before yesterday, that is. Meandering through our woodsy neighborhood that morning, I felt like I had since come to know her much better. I now understood both the inner Marla and the one she allowed the world to see, and I liked everything about her, inside and out.

Bright and confident, always in control of her world, Marla cast an impressive and commanding presence. An outspoken activist on social justice and environmental issues, she was a leader in the community and people listened to her when she spoke. Yet the powerful persona she cultivated was tempered with a sweet innocence that made her seem, at times, somewhat vulnerable and much younger than she was. Without telling me her age, I figured her to be in her early to mid thirties. She had shared that she’d been married to Frank just over ten years, having wed him in her early twenties.

At this stage of her life, she was now accomplished, successful and wealthy. Wherever she went, all were captivated by her searing intellect, her bright smile and infectious laugh. She also kept herself in amazing shape. What a beautiful and curvaceous body she had. Those long, tanned legs, pert breasts, small waist, luscious ass, and a perfectly sculpted face, highlighted by sparkling eyes and framed by raven hair, were no match for any man with a libido. Her husband Frank was a very lucky man, I’d often thought, but I thought it again that morning, having enjoyed the briefest taste of her the previous day.

Recalling the vision of Marla from the end of our time spent together yesterday, I envisioned her loosely wrapped in the tangled sheets next to me on my bed. I could almost smell the aroma of fresh sex that permeated my room. I remembered her captivating eyes and soft smile, obscured by the tangled mass of dark hair strewn about her head. Her gaze followed mine as I admired every curve of her body.

I looked up into her face, meeting her eyes, and told her, “God, woman, you look amazing in my bed. Looking at you lying here, tangled in my sheets like this, I could almost take you again right now.”

“Oh my God, Will,” she replied. “That sounds wonderful, but believe me, I am more than satisfied right now.” She reached over to feel my flaccid cock, and added as she rubbed it gently, “I just want to lay here and cuddle with you for a while, okay?”

“That’s just fine with me,” I replied, thinking of how spent I felt anyway, and wondering if I even had any more in me to give her.

She smiled and stretched lazily, looking even sexier, then returned her hand to my languid member and nestled into my embrace. “But before I go today,” she told me, “I am gonna find out what this thing feels like going from…” she paused and squeezed my soft member, “like this… to rock hard. I want to feel it grow and fill my mouth.”

“And you always get what you want, don’t you, Marla?” I teased.

“You know I do.”

My cock stirred slightly at her words and touch, but nothing more at that moment. Instead, we snuggled and talked for a while. I learned about the many facets sarıyer escort of Marla. There was the insatiable vixen, which I had just glimpsed, and definitely liked best, but she also told me about her other sides and her ongoing internal struggle between leading and following, between dominance and submission.

Getting to know her as she laid in my arms, I learned that she had a secret fascination with her own ability to manipulate those around her. In our intimate pillow talk, she shared that she loved exercising her power to influence others, sometimes using her brains and sometimes using pure sexiness depending on the situation, then enjoyed watching the results.

“I’m glad you didn’t take the intellectual approach with me,” I said and hugged her close. “Not sure I could keep up with you if you did.”

She purred into my chest, “I doubt that, Will, but I’m glad, too. You certainly had no trouble keeping up in the sex category,” she added while gently massaging my lazy member.

“Well, I surprised myself a little, I must say. You’re just that hot, woman.”

“Tell me. Would you have seduced me if I hadn’t made the first move?”

“I sure as hell wanted to, but I was trying my best to be a gentleman,” I replied. “First, I wasn’t sure how you’d react. And then, of course, there’s Frank.”

“Oh, don’t you worry about Frank. I appreciate that, but I’m glad I did what I did. I’ve needed a good romp like that for…” she paused, “…for longer than I’d like to remember.”

“I’m glad you did what you did, too,” I reassured her.

It seemed she needed to talk, so I listened. She confided that Frank was not the greatest in bed. She told me that he never initiated sex on his own, so she always had to be the one to get things going whenever she craved sex, which she confessed was basically every day. When she did get her husband aroused, she had to tell him exactly what to do and he usually finished much too soon.

“He’s not what I would describe as an intuitive lover, like you are. and he certainly doesn’t have your stamina!” she told me as she idly fondled my member. “At the country club, with my friends, and even with Frank, I’m always expected to be the one in control. That’s why it’s been so much fun to completely lose control with you today.”

“Yeah, it was,” I agreed.

“Now that I’ve had you, I’m gonna want more, you know,” she informed me.

“I’m fine with that.”

“But sometimes,” she purred, curling up against me, “I also like being told what to do, you know?” I filed that tidbit of information for future application, and held her close as she continued to confide in me.

“Frank’s a great guy, and a wonderful provider, so I shouldn’t complain,” she continued, “but the biggest red flag was when he seemed to get more pleasure out of watching me play with my toys than using his own cock!”

“Ooh, that’s rough,” I tried to console her. “Not that I really knew you before this, but I never got the impression that you… that you guys… that you didn’t…” I stopped, not quite knowing how to finish.

She finished for me, “That our sex life sucks?”

“I guess so. Sorry.”

“That’s one of those mysteries of life, I guess. You know what they say, ‘Lucky in cards, unlucky in love.'” she sighed and gently stroked me. Then, noticing the time, she bounced up in bed and cried, “Oh my God, I have a lunch at the club in less than an hour!”

“Time to get back to being in control?” I asked.

“‘Afraid so,” she sighed and then added, “But before I go, remember what I told you earlier?”

“How could I forget?”

She crawled between my legs and lifted my limp member with her mouth. Drawing it in lightly, her tongue explored the tip of the soft head. It swelled at the touch of her warm, wet mouth. I felt my blood coursing to it, pulsing at the pull of her soft lips, firmly wrapped around the swelling rim. She swathed the underside of my helmet with her tongue. My cock thickened and grew inside her mouth, spreading her lips wider with each heartbeat. Her eyes widened at the effect she had on me.

When my cock was fully outstretched, she licked her way down my shaft and lovingly sucked each of my balls into her mouth. Gently releasing them, her tongue reached behind my sack and licked there, causing a tingle to run up my spine and my rod to thicken, pulsing in its full girth. She kissed her way back to the top of my straining member and lolled her tongue around the engorged head. I had no idea how this chick could get me so hard, especially right after sex, but she did. I felt her saliva dribble down my shaft as she excruciatingly sucked on my helmet for another minute or so that seemed to make the rest of the world disappear.

Then with a slurp and a pop, she pulled her mouth off my cock, jumped off the bed to the floor and announced, “Okay, that was hot! Gotta go now! Bye!” She leaned down and gave me a short but sweet esenyurt escort parting kiss. I lay in bed, watching her gather her clothes and hastily dress, my towering cock swaying and yearning for more.

Once her panties and shorts were back in place, she ran her hand over her crotch and laughed, “Mmm, your cum is gonna be squishing around inside me all day, while I enjoy a delicious lunch with the prominent ladies of our illustrious town!”

“You’ll get yours for leaving my like this, Marla,” I warned, glancing at my reaching pole.

“I hope so!” she chirped and blew me a kiss as she scurried out the door.

Such were my thoughts as I rounded the corner of our block and her house came into view. It was probably the nicest house in the neighborhood and impeccably landscaped outside. My member had plumped in response to the memories of the previous day and I had to readjust my package. Her house looked empty as Buster and I walked past, though I was hoping to catch a glimpse of her as I went by.

I was almost past her property, when I heard her musical voice cry, “Hey Will!” Turning, I saw her leaning out of her doorway. She beckoned me over.

“Mornin’ boy toy,” she said softly as I reached her front porch. She wore a loose fitting flannel shirt over baggy pajama bottoms, but still managed to look sexy somehow.

“Mornin’ Marla,” I replied, smiling. “How was your lunch yesterday?”

“Boring as usual. Not nearly as much fun as yesterday morning.” She winked at me.

“That was fun,” I agreed, then asked. “Did you sleep okay last night?”

“Like a baby,” she whispered. “How about you?”

“Like a log,” I replied. We exchanged a knowing look and giggled.

She said, “I was just thinking about our breakfast yesterday and realized how hungry I am again today. Did you eat yet?”

“No, I haven’t” I replied.

“And I’ll bet you’re hungry, too, aren’t you?”


She smiled and said, “Okay, you come over here for breakfast today. Be here in five minutes.”

I was taken aback for a split second. I thought she sounded a bit demanding and I’m not the kind of guy who likes getting bossed around. Besides, she may have known that I was out of work, but how did she know I didn’t have any other plans? She could have asked. I quickly decided, however, that I would make an exception with this babe, but I also resolved to give her a lesson on how to take orders, not just give them.

I responded after a few heartbeats, “Okay, I can do that. My schedule’s pretty clear today. I’ll just take Buster home and come right over.”

“Perfect!” she exclaimed, “See you in five.”

I let Buster back into the house and fed him. Having just walked him, my immediate responsibilities were fulfilled, but I decided that I shouldn’t run right back over to Marla’s. Rather, I would take my sweet time and keep her waiting for a bit. After 15 minutes of pacing that seemed more like an hour, I purposefully strode to her house, attempting to appear casual, just in case she was watching for me. Inside, I was giddy at the prospect of another tryst with this sexy beauty.

Although I couldn’t get enough of her and wanted nothing more than to please her in every way I could, I reminded myself that she liked giving up control sometimes. I looked forward to exploring that side of her today. It would be my form of therapy for her, seeing as how she saw to mine so thoroughly the previous day.

I knocked once and the door immediately flew open. Her flushed face looked both happy and relieved to see me. She had lost the flannel and had donned a very skimpy see-through teddy, which did little to hide the matching pale green bra and panties beneath.

“Come in, come in,” she beckoned and hurriedly closed and locked the door behind us. As I entered the large foyer, she said, “I was starting to worry about you! I’m not real big on being kept waiting, you know.”

I smiled inwardly and fibbed, “I had a few things to take care of. I’m here now.”

“Thank God!” She stood before me, spread out her arms and asked, “You like?”

I took in her curvy form, sexily clad in the lacy outfit and said, “I like,” then held out my arms and added, “I want.”

She came to me and melted into my embrace. Reaching up and pushing her fingers into my hair, she pulled me down to her waiting lips. There in her foyer, we shared a long, hungry kiss. As our tongues intertwined, my hands roved down her back, under her teddy and slipped behind her silk panties to squeeze her soft butt.

She pulled away from the kiss and asked, “Is my man ready for breakfast?”

“Sure am! What’s on the menu?”

“Today’s menu consists of homemade quiche.” She stopped at seeing my quizzical look, and added, “Real men eat quiche, you know.”

“I’ve heard that. Well, okay then,” I paused. “I consider myself a real man, so I guess I’ll be eating quiche!”

Her mirthful laughter sounded like music. Then avrupa yakası escort she clapped her hands together and cried, “Okay, It’s nearly ready! I just have to bake it in the oven for a little bit.”

I admired her perfect ass as she bent at the waist to slide a pie pan into the oven, then set the timer and spun around to face me. “Now what?” she asked.

“How long did you set the timer for?”

“30 minutes,” she replied and looked at me hopefully.

I decided to take some form of command. “30 minutes? Yeah, we can find something to do during that time.” She nodded enthusiastically.

Then, pointing toward the living room, I said, “Go in there.”

“Yes, sir.” She exclaimed with a mock salute. She spun on her bare feet, and marched into the spacious living room. Stopping in front of the expansive fireplace, she turned to me and stood there, watching me expectantly as I walked up to within a few feet of her. “Awaiting your orders, my captain,” she said brightly.

I attempted to appear as serious as I could, and thus began Marla’s lesson.

“On your knees,” I commanded firmly. She smiled playfully and immediately dropped to her knees before me. My plump member bulged in my jeans inches from her face.

“Feel it,” I said. She reached up and rubbed my growing manhood through the material. Under her touch, I could feel it swell and extend down my pant leg.

“How does it feel?” I asked.

She rubbed its length under the denim and said softly, “It feels like it’s getting hard. Can I take it out?”

“Not yet!” I snapped. “I’ll tell you when.” Her look of surprise was quickly replaced with a mischievous smirk as she realized what I was up to.

“Yes, sir,” she said demurely and bowed her head.

“Take my pants off first,” I said sternly. She began to claw at my button and zipper, anxious to reach her goal. “Slowly!” I ordered. Then, she gently and carefully undid and lowered my pants. I put my hand on the top of her head for balance as I lifted each foot, allowing her to pull them off. She gently folded my jeans and placed them aside. Then she reached for my cock, which strained beneath my shorts.

“Slowly,” I reminded her while I peeled off my t-shirt and cast it on top of my pants.

She licked her lips as she carefully pulled down my boxers. She leaned in and breathed in my scent, murmuring her pleasure as my full length was gradually exposed. At last, it sprung free of the confining elastic band and bobbed before her. She let the shorts fall and I kicked them off to the side.

She leaned in to approach her prize, then stopped, remembering our game. “May I?” she looked up and asked coyly from her kneeling position.

“May you what?” I asked, staring down at her, past my outstretched pole.

“May I please suck your big, beautiful cock?”

“You may,” I replied with a grin, then added, “and you can call me master.” I arched my back to stretch and, with my face looking up at the vaulted ceiling, listened to the sweet sounds of her licking and slurping.

She paused from her sucking and cooed, “Mmm, mmm, master. How I love your cock.”

Closing my eyes, I relished the feeling of my thick rod being slathered with her saliva and slowly sucked in and out of her mouth. Kneeling before me, hands wrapped around my girth, she focused on the head, eagerly sucking on my helmet. Looking down at her, I admired the incredibly beautiful sight of this sexily clad vixen, on her knees before me, gliding her mouth over and over my erect cock.

After drawing her lips almost all the way off, she would circle the rim of my helmet and flick the underside with her talented tongue, before sucking it back in as far as she could. Then she would return her attention to the head and massage it with her tongue as she sucked excruciatingly.

I tried to hold as still as I could, tensing my leg muscles to do so, but after a while, a couple of involuntary bucks of my pelvis told me she was getting me too close. She sensed it, too, and sucked on my tool even more vigorously, trying to deep throat my length, but I did not want to lose control that fast.

“Stop!” I ordered and she froze with my cock embedded in her mouth. “Now, hold still,” I told her.

I placed my hands on the top of her head and began slowly rocking back and forth, pulling my meat almost all the way out, then sliding it back into her waiting mouth. I was careful not to push too hard into her throat. We fell into a nice rhythm at a pace I could maintain without erupting in her face. To the sounds of her humming with pleasure, I drew my member in an out of her lips while she gripped my ass cheeks and assisted with the motion.

As I moved my shaft around in her mouth, I asked, “You like sucking my cock, don’t you, Marla?”

She nodded and mumbled, “Mmm, hmm,” around a mouthful of hard meat.

I moved it around in her mouth, swaying from side to side, making the skin of her cheeks bulge out prominently.

“You’re sucking it so good,” I praised her. “If I wanted to, I could cum in your mouth right now, you know that, right?”

She nodded and murmured her desire with her lips stretched around my manhood, her mouth applying suction, and her her tongue circling designs of saliva all over my head.

“Would you like that?” I asked.

Again, she nodded enthusiastically.

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