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Emily played with herself silently to the low rutting sounds of her son Ethan fucking his 18-year-old girlfriend Ashton. Her back was to them but she could hear their slaps of skin-on-skin, Ashton moaning as he fucked her deep.

“Suck my tits,” the girl then said, sharply inhaling as Ethan’s lips made contact and soon they both groaned as they climaxed together. Ashton then lay on top of Ethan, his cock still nestled gently in her warm cunt and they fell fast asleep.

Emily waited until she heard their snores and turned over, watching them in the aftermath of their fuck. It was so beautiful, reminding Emily of she and Kyle around that age.

She was glad they started earlier, not having to hold off what both of them so greatly needed like she and Kyle had.

Downstairs, Kyle, Selena and her sister Kristi had already sat down to breakfast and Marie was setting some eggs onto the table.

“Good morning Mom,” Emily warmly greeted Marie, the two kissing warmly, tasting the loads of cum from the night before. “Where’s Roxie?”

“Still asleep,” Kristi replied, “she took over 40 guys last night.”

“What of it?” Marie laughed, “I took 60.”

“None of us have yet mastered your nymphomania Marie.” Selena said, standing to help dress Ronnie and Nicky, “But you will soon be challenged.”

The two laughed and kissed before Selena headed upstairs.

Emily sat down and proceeded to stroke Kyle, prompting his moans. “How was your night honey?”

“Oh perfect,” he replied, “You wouldn’t believe how good Ms. Largo is in bed!”

“Our old science teacher?!” Emily exclaimed in disbelief to which he nodded.

“Her tits are sort of saggy,” he responded, “but she fucks like a machine!”

Emily laughed and began to eat.

“Ah ah Emily,” Marie said with a shake of her finger, “I believe you’re forgetting something very important…”

Emily sat back. “Oh yes. Of course.”

Kyle stood as Emily gripped his cock, quickly expelling his cum onto the three plates before the women, splattering their pancakes with gallons of fresh hot semen, each shot hitting with a dull thunk.

“And now we eat!” Marie said as he ran dry.

“Amen!” Kristi exclaimed, shoveling the sperm drenched pancakes into her mouth.


After servicing all the women of the house until they were satisfied, Kyle headed to his office to get some work done. He opened his laptop and looked through some fan mail, hate mail and requests from various women to have his child.

Sharona and Molly handled all of this and he was free to handle his writing. On IncestisBest, there were loads of requests and comments, mostly all positive. The most popular video at the moment was of Jodie, a hot freshly 18-year-old redhead whom Emily had met at the mall.

She was on a bed, getting railed hard in every hole by Little Charlie. She screamed out as he drained his swollen nuts into her teen pussy and bared her braces for the camera.

One mother had sent in a video of herself sucking off her birthday boy, fulfilling his wish for his 19th birthday.

In the Open Chat section, visitors could talk about whatever fantasy or deviancy they had without fear of reproach or shame.

Some even sent pictures of their naked family; 18-year-old boys with boners sucking the tits of their mothers and 18-year-old girls with their fathers’ big dicks in their tiny hands.

From chatting, Kyle had been able to really get to know his viewers and appease their personal fetishes.

It was the way things were. Sex only made for happiness. Whether it was between family members or human and animal was really irrelevant. If it was enjoyable on both sides was what mattered, not who was involved. If a man can marry a man, a woman a woman or a person can decide to change their gender, why can’t a parent consensually fuck their child or whatever else they decide to?

As Kyle stood, Emily walked in holding two bottles. One was slim and held a cold beer while the other was wider and empty. Emily handed Kyle the beer and he took a refreshing sip. Emily gave a hungry glance to his dick and he instantly realized what she wanted.

Soon, the head of his cock was in the bottle as she stroked his shaft vigorously. Kyle groaned and soon his thick cum was firing into the bottle by the gallon. Emily got wet as the smell of masculinity filled her nostrils, Kyle sucking her tits throughout the handjob.

“Oh fuck…” he moaned as she removed the bottle and capped it, making sure to not waste a single drop.

After he was well drained, the two kissed tenderly and Emily continued to stroke him. After a long period their lips separated and Emily took a long swig of Kyle’s dick milk, the fluid making her whole body shiver.

“I’ll see you later honey,” she said, “I have some new sluts to break in on the north side.”

He nodded and smiled. “Have a good day.”

She grinned and patted the bottle. “I certainly will.”

As she went upstairs and got dressed, Kyle went to Melanie’s room where ankara dansöz escortlar he found her being eaten out by one of her daughters, Stephanie. Her juicy black ass was already up as she munched on her mother’s cunt.

Kyle stroked himself and slid into the tight sphincter. Stephanie groaned but didn’t turn around and Kyle gave it to her nice and deep. Her ass clenched and tightened as he began to fuck her harder, Melanie’s lust-filled eyes on him as he fucked Stephanie between them.

Her lips were painted cherry red as her flawless breasts bounced in their natural state. Stephanie grunted and moaned, playing with her large clit, something else that ran in her family. Kyle grunted as well and soon fired a heavy thick wad of cum into Stephanie’s ass.

Melanie was soon after, wailing as her pussy filled her daughter’s mouth. Kyle smiled as Stephanie stood, giving him a full view of her bountiful 34P mammaries.

She began to stroke him and fondle his swollen nuts, Kyle groaned as she kissed him tenderly. She then kissed down his chest before getting on all fours and sucking his dick, covered with the taste of her ass.

“My, my, my. Just beautiful…” Melanie said as she watched them, rubbing herself to Kyle’s magnificent blowjob.

“She sucks it just right doesn’t she honey?” Melanie said to Kyle.

He nodded. “It’s fucking perfect. I bet I know who taught her.”

Melanie giggled and looked at Kyle’s ass, clenched as Stephanie slobbered all over his thick meat. Melanie stood and walked behind Kyle to her closet.

He heard her rummaging around for a bit and then heard,

“Oh Kyle…” Melanie said behind him.

Kyle turned and looked down to Melanie’s pussy only to see a wide rubber strap-on protruding from her.

“Can you tell what I’m gonna do with this baby?” she asked in a whisper while rubbing his chest.

In an instant, the fake cock was up his ass. Kyle grunted and his hand went behind him and slapped Melanie’s ass. She groaned as well and began to fuck him harder. Stephanie pulled her mouth from his dick and began to jack him off.

“Just relax Kyle,” she said in her naturally soothing voice while entrancing him by jiggling her gigantic tits, “doesn’t it feel good?”

He nodded, moaning as the pulsing of his asshole and Stephanie’s soft hands wrapped around his prick. Melanie went faster, grabbing his hips and pounding deeper into his anus.

Stephanie looked up at him, moving her hand in a twisting motion. “Do it baby, shoot that hot spunk all over me.”

Kyle’s head flew back. “OH FUCK!!!!” His cock then erupted, firing thick and long ropes of jizz all over Stephanie’s face, neck and breasts. It seemed it would never stop.

As his flow slowed down, she again took his semi flaccid dick into her mouth and sucked gently to expel the last of his seed.

Melanie smiled and kissed Kyle before she pulled from his ass and gave it a slap, watching his cheeks jiggle. She then got on the couch and spread her ass. “Now you can fuck my ass.”

Kyle grinned widely and plunged his slick cock into her asshole. Kyle was ruthless and he slammed his huge dick into her, watching her huge breasts bounce.

They came at the same time, Kyle’s cum filling her ass. As he pulled out, Stephanie again began sucking him off, his balls nestled against her chin.

Kyle moaned in pleasure, Stephanie’s plump dark pink lips triggering every nerve in his prick. Stephanie watched Kyle and Melanie made out, her mother’s hand fondling Kyle’s balls.

Stephanie’s eyes were practically glazed over with love for the biggest cock she had ever seen, far outdoing her uncles who loved ‘raping’ her shortly after she turned 16. (Cuba’s Age of Consent. Look it up.)

“Damn Steph,” Melanie laughed, “you’ve been sucking that cock since you got here. Let me have some.”

She removed her mouth. “Alright. But only after I give Kyle what he’s been dreaming of since I arrived.”

He knew instantly what she was referring to and she spread his legs, placing each of her whopping breasts on either side of his dick. She wrapped them around his pole and began to fuck it, Kyle’s groans getting louder as he clenched the pillows of the couch.

His hands then shot to her big soft breasts and pulled at her nipples. Stephanie moaned and went faster, Kyle gritting his teeth as his balls clenched but Stephanie pulled back just before he could explode.

Melanie watched amusement as his cock throbbed. She then began to suck him voraciously, her throat opening to the long and wide cock. Kyle moaned as he felt her saliva reach his balls and thighs.

It wasn’t long before the urge to cum returned but Melanie pulled back and pinched the area just underneath his glans, stopping the pending explosion. She then kissed him tenderly, beginning to gently stroke his cock until his cum fizzled back into his sperm tanks.

“Ready to fuck this huge cock honey?” Melanie asked Stephanie.

“Oh yeah!” she instantly replied.

Kyle and Melanie stood, elvankent saatlik veren escortlar allowing Stephanie to lie on the couch in her back. However, she looked them confusingly.

“Wouldn’t you rather have these on top of you Kyle?” she asked, gesturing to her massive milk sacks.

He nodded, stroking his cock as he lay back, elevating his head on the arm of the couch. Stephanie and Melanie kissed dirtily before Melanie sat on the opposite couch, rubbing her pussy in anticipation of the fucking about to take place. Stephanie then looked down to see the full erection Kyle possessed.

“Much better,” she said, smiling. “Oh my! I had no idea you were so big! Mom and Selena just said I had to come see it for myself.”

“I’m glad you decided to accept the offer,” Kyle said, biting his lip as he spanked her juicy ass.

“Are you ready for me, big boy?” she asked seductively.

“Oh yeah,” he said.

But she hadn’t actually waited for a response. Before he could say much of anything, she lowered her pussy onto the top of his cock, wiggled a few times, then sunk it into her.

The warm, wet sensation… there were just no words for it. For a few seconds, his brain more or less shut down, and Kyle could feel his mouth begin to open in a silent gasp of pleasure.

Down and down she went, slowly, taking all of him — every inch — into her. Then, once she’d gone all the way down, she repositioned herself. Leaning back a bit to put most of the weight on her legs, she slid her hands up and placed them firmly on his hard chest.

When he looked up at her, she was already looking down at him — calm, collected, and smiling.

“Does that feel okay?” she asked.

When Kyle nodded, she began to move again, digging her nails into his chest as she lifted her hips up. Just before his cock had left her completely, she slid down again.

“Like that?” she giggled, her hazel eyes glowing with passion.

“Fuck, yes,” he moaned.

“Ready to fuck my hot little pussy?” she giggled, teasing the head of his prick against her cunt.

Hearing him moan with anticipation, she slowly lowered herself down, feeling his big cock parting her juicy cunt lips.

His hard cock was sinking deeper and deeper into her cunt as she lowered her pussy down over his throbbing shaft, feeling the thickness of his cock knob working its way up through the hot expanding flesh of her cunt.

“Oooooooooo, yesssssss!” she crooned with joy when the full length of his thick cock was embedded in her cunt.

Squatting pertly on his deeply buried cock, the overly aroused woman began rotating her hot wet pussy around the base of his cock.

“Now,” she giggled. “Just fuck the piss out of my naughty little pussy.”

“That’s exactly what I intend to do,” he panted.

Firmly grasping her curved hips, Kyle began rhythmically plunging up and down into her hot cunt.

Bucking and heaving with lust, he drilled his

throbbing cock deeper into her writhing pussy.

Reveling in the feel of his big plunging cock, Stephanie was passionately gyrating her inflamed cunt around the head of his cock. The more he bucked and lurched his prick into her pussy, the hotter she was getting as electric-like tingles radiated out from between her cock-squeezing legs. Squealing with joy, she was almost out of her mind from the feel of his big cock tearing in and out of her hot, tight fuckhole.

“Oh, yes, baby! That’s the way!” she screamed in ecstasy as he ruthlessly slammed his hot prick up into her cunt, bouncing her lovely body off his belly with every brutal plunge. The man’s thick cock was pounding harder and faster into her lust-slickened cunt as she hysterically rode his thrusting prick.

“Oh fuck!” Melanie shouted as she fucked herself on her dildo, “Fuck him faster Steph!”

“Oh, baby!” Stephanie panted as she glanced down between her legs. “Look what your big hard cock’s doing to my juicy little cunt!”

Glancing down, Kyle could see his big blue-veined prick plunging in and out of her slippery cunt. He was fascinated by the sight of her soft pink cunt lips clinging hungrily to his hard cock as it fucked into her pussy.

“Oh, darling,” she whispered suddenly climbing off his hard dick. “Now I want you on top.”

“Okay,” he sighed, crawling up between her widespread legs. “Now we’re gonna get down to some real fucking!”

“That’s all I want,” she said, kissing him passionately before readying herself.

Watching his cockhead advancing toward her eagerly waiting cunt, Stephanie was dying to feel it in her pussy again.

“Oh, baby,” she softly moaned as he slid the hard thickness of his throbbing prick into the slippery warmth of her heated pussy.

She let his tingling cock soak in her hotly grasping pussy for a few blissful seconds, and then he partially withdrew it, violently slamming it back in again.

“Oh yes, KYLE,” she cried, feeling the top ridge of his prick vibrating against her clit as his swollen etimesgut azeri escortlar cock-knob pounded deep into her cunt.

She could feel every vein and bump on his big cock rubbing against the tingling walls of her squeezing cunt. Her pussy opened for the magnificent dick every time he slammed it in and gripped it every time he pulled back.

“Oh fuck,” she whispered, screwing her pussy up tighter round the thick base of his cock. “Just fuck me hard!”

The feel of his hard glistening prick pistoning in and out of her sucking pussy was driving Stephanie wild. No one had ever made her feel so sexually alive.

Locking her shapely leg round his body and holding him tightly in her arms, she was spiraling her cunt up to meet every powerful thrust of his plunging cock. The hungry lips of her clinging pussy were grasping at the

base of his thick cock, trying to suck more of his meat into her greedy fuck hole.

Rhythmically pumping his hard prick in and out, he could feel his cock head growing bigger and bigger as it slithered smoothly between the hot fleshy ridges of her sucking pussy lips. He felt as if his bloated prick

would explode from the exquisite sensations being induced by the beautiful brunette’s talented cunt.

Stephanie had never had a fucking this good. Kyle pressed his face into her huge tits and sucked them hard, flicking the rubbery nipples with his tongue as his thrusting never slowed. This was what she needed.

Their naked bodies were writhing against each other as he fervently pounded his thick meaty prick harder and deeper into her feverishly hot cunt. Their hot wet flesh was slapping noisily together as he continued

fucking his hard slippery cock in and out of her super-heated pussy. As his throbbing prick plunged into the steamy depths of her squeezing pussy, he could feel the heat of her turgid nipples burning into his flesh.

“Oh shit, Kyle!” she screamed. “Fuck me faster, honey! Fuck me harder!”

Desperately increasing the tempo of his powerful fuck-thrusts, Kyle could feel an incredible tightening sensation deep in his balls and realized he was about to finally shoot his load. He was trying to hold back until Stephanie could cum, but he didn’t know how much longer he could control himself.

“KYLE!” she sobbed, feeling the thick length of his powerful prick zipping in and out, the top ridge still vibrating against her tingling clit. “It’s so good, honey!”

“Are you almost there?” panted Kyle, slightly raising his hips to put more pressure on her sensitive clit.

“Oh, yes!” she squealed. “I’m almost there! Make me squirt, honey!”

“Fuck yeah!” Kyle yelled, spreading her legs wider and giving her deep strokes, her breasts bouncing more with every hit.

“AHHHHH!! FUCK!!!” Stephanie screamed at the top of her lungs. Kyle was still going strong, pounding her rapidly. Her boyfriend Ted would’ve cum almost 7 times at the this rate. She rarely ever came, save by her own servicing.

But Kyle was an absolute beast. She looked at the beads of his sweat on his forehead and chest, though fucking seemed to take little effort for him, as if it were second nature.

“Holy shit! Give me your fat cock Kyle!!”

He grinned and pumped into her even more firmly. “You wanna cum? You wanna cum on this cock!”

She breathlessly nodded, tears of joy steaming from her eyes. He pulled out to the tip and rammed himself back inside of her. Her body seemed to explode with the strongest orgasm of her entire life.

Her pussy juice sprayed out, clear fountains of her cum shooting onto his crotch. Her muscles tightened and her ass clenched as she received what was truly the best fucking of her life.

Kyle groaned as her pussy tightened, seemingly trying to get him to cum with her. The pleasure was unbelievable, his hands still locked on her incredible breasts. Stephanie screamed to the skies as her nails dug into Kyle’s back.

To avoid losing control, he turned his attention back to her tits, sucking and biting them and making Stephanie cum all the more. She looked up at him with her beautiful eyes, holding her legs put as far as they could.

“Yes Kyle,” she begged, “fuck me. Put a fucking baby in me like you did my mother and sisters.”

Kyle couldn’t reply, his mind shrouded in the fucking he was getting. His cock was dripping in pussy juice. It was quite a miracle he hadn’t cum already. He took a breath and began to really fuck her again.

He spread her legs and picked up more and more speed, watching her tits bounce wildly as his balls smacked against her ass.

“Fuck yeah… fuck yeah…” he groaned, watching his dick slide in and out.

Stephanie screamed and shook, fucking herself back at him. Kyle cried out and tweaked her nipples hard. She screamed even louder, Kyle’s thighs slamming into her ass with each violent thrust.

“Cum inside me… cum inside me…” she kept chanting softly, her eyes closed as she recovered from her third orgasm.

Kyle’s cheeks hollowed as he again began to suck on her nipples, the sweaty salty flavor making his body tingle. They kept fucking each other, Kyle’s rock hard dick buried to the root inside of her.

Her cunt locked around his cock again as he came. Kyle could take no more as he slapped her huge breasts. “I’m gonna FUCKING CUM!!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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