Outta Control Pt. 06

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(Hey Anne, ha ha ha.)

Chapter 1

After two weeks spent literary with each other, Mel invited Edi for supper at her flat. She went to get her hair done, prepared her favorite meal, and had spent an eternity putting on make up and dressing. She decided on a short, flowery deep cut dress, which left a generous amount of cleavage showing, but had a touch of class and elegance.

Edi turned up with a bunch of gay ass flowers and a bottle of wine. They had supper. Mel was pleased to see how greatly he enjoyed her cooking, just as much as Edi was to notice that she could cook.

Mel was so excited she could hardly get the food down. After supper, the alluring young woman walked around the table and slid onto her lover’s lap. She eased her arms around his neck and started kissing him. As he feasted on her lips, his hand reached for her tits. Mel stopped him, and looked earnestly into his face.

“How long are you planning on continuing this free ride, Edi?”

“What free ride?”

“I mean, you’re just riding my pussy and having fun, right? So, like, how much longer are you planning to just keep on riding my pussy!!! What’s up?”

“What the fuck is this now?” he scowled.

“I wanna know where this is going, coz if you’re just looking for some bitch to fuck, I aint interested,” she told him earnestly.

“Na, it aint even like that,” he said nonchalantly. “I like you.”

“That aint enough.”

“Want me to go down on my fucking knees and beg you to marry me or what the fuck? I don’t do that gay shit!” he growled.

“I didn’t say marry me. But tell me what the hell you want!” Mel was getting pissed.

“Alright, there is this song by Dr Dre right? It goes,” he broke into song.

“I just wanna fuuuuuck you!!! We can’t be kissin and huggin girl, You got a husband who loves.. you… You need to give him your quality time”

Edi threw his head back laughing.

“What the hell!!! Fuck you, asshole!” Mel exploded, her eyes flashing with anger. As she tried to get up, he snaked his arms around her waist and held her back, catching her hands.

“No, I’m just bullshitting Mel. Listen, I really like you. Look in my eyes, Mel” she looked into his big, brown eyes. “I haven’t liked a girl as much as I like you in a long time. And every day, I like you even more.”

“Darn! You just joke around so often I don’t know what the fuck goes on in your head,” she complained…

“Sorry! Come on Mel, you’re my baby, you know that,” he kissed her.

“Then how the hell can you make such a dumb joke!” she growled, fighting back a smile, trying to look skeptical. “How do I know you aint just saying that?”

Edi groaned, looking exasperated.

She sighed. “Darn. Edi, yo so foolish. Don’t you darn Africans know how to ask a girl out properly? Ask me to be your girl, idjut!”

“Alright Mel, will you please be my girl?”

“No, I aint interested cowboy. Your dick is good, but you just aint my type…” she giggled. “Too wishy washy…”

“Oh yeah!” he started tickling her, making her writhe and laugh.

“Stop it please! Alright, I’m your girl Edi.”

Then she cupped his face and kissed him, long and deep.

“But listen Edi, I wanna be your only girl. I am very jealous, and if you have any other girls, I will kill you and them as well!” she said earnestly.

“Well, what about Marilyn. Aren’t we gonna go there and fuck her?” he asked, with a naughty smile and a dirty laugh.

Mel thought about it, and then she said… “Alright, listen, you may only fuck other girls on two, no, make that 3 conditions.”

“Which are?”

“That I allow it, that I am there, and that I fuck them too, then it aint really cheating.”

“Alright. Fair enough,” He nodded, his dick hardening at the thought.

“What about you, is it alright if I fuck other guys?” she asked.

“Yeah. Its alright, long as you call coroner and the undertaker first!” he chuckled dryly.

“But I just allowed you…”

“You like other girls. I don’t like other men. So there is nothing in it for me. Or do you imagine me on my knees, sucking off some guy?”

“Why not? I think that’s kinky. Come on.” He shook his head adamantly. “Well, if we cant fuck other guys, then we cant fuck other girls either.”

“So be it!” he replied.

“Fuck Edi, don’t be old fashioned. Come on.” Mel had liked her first taste of pussy, and she had eaten Mona out a couple times since their first night. She didn’t wanna stop that, yet at the same time she did not want to creep behind his back.

“You like nature films. In a pride of lions, there is many females, but only one bull lion.”

“So, you are a bull lion huh?”

“Yeah. And just which guy is it that you wanna fuck? Tell me his name and I’ll fuck him up.”

“There aint nobody…” she giggled. “Alright then, I promised Mona we would fuck her together. And I wanna fuck Marilyn. And maybe some other bitches too. Like I think Indian chicks are really cool. Mmmm. And Latinas, and Asians… Damn Edi, lets kadıköy escort go fuck some bitches darling,” Mel giggled.

“Hell yeah!” Edi couldn’t believe his luck. He was already deeply in love with Mel, but her revelation made it all some new and improved shit. This was a woman to marry, straight up!

“But if you fuck any bitch behind my back, Edi, I will fucking kill you!” she said seriously.

Then she stood up and led him to her room.

Chapter 2

They lay side by side in her bed, their bodies covered in sweat, as they puffed on a blunt. Both had smug, satisfied, happy faces. Mel was lying on her belly, propped up on her elbows, naked except for her tiny, flimsy excuse for a thong, the white silky one, with the butterfly at the back.

Edi was lying on his back, puffing on a joint as she stroked his belly, gazing with fascination at her pale finger as it ran over his dark skin.

“This is so funny,” she giggled. “You are so black. And your dick is even blacker than the rest of you.”

“You had black boys before, didn’t you?”

“Yeah, but it was just two quick flings. They had girlfriends,” she giggled naughtily.

“So what happened? You had black and you went back? Traitor.” He teased, smacking her ass.

“Is there some law says once you fuck a black guy you cant fuck a white guy or what?”

“Who cares. But tell me though, who’s bigger, me or your ex, ol’ Martin?” Edi asked curiously.

“Well, his dick was longer,” she said and chuckled.

Edi did not seem to find this funny. “So why don’t you go the fuck back to him then?”

“Did I hurt your pride?” Mel chuckled, and kissed his chest. “Listen, I never enjoyed sex with any other man, whether black or white, as much as with you. Alright? Plus his dick aint as fat or as beautiful as yours. Now quit tripping.”

“Be glad you said that,” he chuckled, and pulled her onto his chest. Their lips found each other and they kissed languidly, suckling and lapping away at each other’s lips and tongue. Mel had the feverish look now. She reached greedily for his cock, but he held her hand back, and eased her onto her back.

“Don’t I get any dick or what? After all I done cooked for you, you scanless n****”

“Chill Mel, why are you always in a rush?”

“Coz I wanna get fucked up!” she giggled.

“No. Chill. Lemme make love to every inch of your beautiful body,” he told her in a deep, lust filled voice, that made her body shiver.

He made slow, exquisite love to her with his mouth, exploring every centimetre of her skin, from her forehead, down to her cheeks, her chin, the nape of neck, her collarbone, and her sides. His soft lips, and his warm tongue were setting her skin on fire, a gentle, warm flame that spread warmth making her feel mighty comfy. She felt tingly, as if tiny bubbles were popping all over her body.

He skirted around her breasts and she fidgeted with impatience. She tried to grab his head to pull and force his lips to her itching, expectant nipples, but he bit her hands and made her pull them away.

“Ouch! Asshole! Come on baby, suck on those nipples!”

“Patience!” he chuckled, flicking his finger against her nipple, causing her to grimace.

He cupped her thick tits in his large hands as he started licking her sides. As he dragged his soft, wet lips all over flesh, whilst his caressing fingers gently traced the lines of her ribcage, she felt thrills coursing through her body and purred with pleasure, like a spoilt cat. Then he came for her bouncy, creamy balloons, baptising them with his tongue, leaving them gleaming in his saliva.

“Oh yes….” She exhaled, her hips rolling to relieve the tingle in her clit.

Mel gazed at his thick, dark lips closing on her nipple, engulfing it in their hot, soft, wetness, giving her wonderful, prickly sensations that made her feel light headed. She sank back languidly, thinking how good life was.

She almost pouted as he finally left her spoilt, excited breasts and travelled down her belly. He made a stopover at her sweet navel and his tongue went slithering around it. She so tickly that she started giggling sweetly and writhing. He stroked and kissed the soft curve of her lower belly, nuzzling her, rubbing his face into her tender flesh. He skirted her vagina, made his way to her feet, and kissed her from her delicate toes, up her shapely legs, and silky smooth, juicy thighs.

The obvious delight with which he explored every inch of her body made her feel like the most beautiful girl. She loved him even more, her African prince, (without the gay ass revolution). Mel lay back, weltering in a warm cocoon of joy and contentment.

Edi hooked his fingers into her panties. Mel raised her hips and he started to peel them off. For a second, her gusset stuck to her vagina, so wet and sticky was she.

Edi held the thongs to his face and examined the gusset, which was wet with her juices.

“Somebody is very üsküdar escort excited,” he teased and giggled. “Are you horny?”

“You bastard!” she exclaimed and laughed. “Someone here is very excited too,” she said, touching his cock lightly with her dainty foot. It was soft but long, thick, and dark.

“You bet,” he said, bringing her gusset to his nose and inhaling her enticing aroma. He groaned and sank to his elbows, as Mel eagerly splayed her thighs.

He sniffed her shaved cunt like a little puppy, and was intoxicated by her rich, female muskiness. His lips mouth made sweet, slow love to her pussy. She felt every nerve ending in the mouth of her vagina come alive as his soft lips, and his wet, hot tongue, slid and slithered all over the sensitised lips of her womanhood, causing sweet, tingling electrical currents to course through her loins.

A smile was splitting his dark face as he savoured her wet womanhood. She moaned softly, gently stroking his short hair, her hips rocking like a boat on a gentle ocean. She felt weightless, as if she was an eagle, soaring over the earth, riding a warm current.

He insinuated his long, hot, agile tongue deeper and deeper into the thick folds of her cunt. Her hips started jerking softly, as she felt the temperature rise in her cunt. Her moans of pleasure were growing louder, more urgent as she arched her back, pushing her hips up from the mattress, holding her vagina up to his lips like a cup of sweet nectar that she wanted him to drink from and quench his thirst.

As her first gentle orgasm broke over her, Edi eased first one, then two fingers into her, stroking the over sensitised insides of her wet, clutching womanhood. His lips and tongue tended to her fat clit. The exquisite sensations drove Mel wild. She supported her body on her feet and shoulders, forming a convex, human bridge, raising her lusty hips high up in the air. She thrust her cunt at him, her hips grinding, popping and jerking against his lips, sending herself deeper into the throes of orgasm.

Mel enjoyed several long, sweet, swooning orgasms, that just seemed to melt together, and never end. Finally, she sank back down needing a respite from all that pleasure.

“U-u-u-u-u!” she exhaled finally, a blissful smile covering her face.

She pulled him up into her arms, and kissed him for ages. She embraced him softly, and held him to her bosom as he slid into her. She opened her body to him, and her hips rose to meet him, welcoming him into the warm, moist depths of her womanhood.

“Oh Edi, I love you baby,” she moaned sweetly, and cupped his face to pull it to hers, so she could suck on his thick lips.

Edi felt the beast in him, the animal in man, clamouring for him to hump and thump away into this beautiful woman, to possess, subdue and overpower her, to claim her womb, and shower her insides with his seeds. But he banded the beast, he wanted to make love to his woman, and enjoy every single moment.

Their lovemaking was unhurried. Edi penetrated her with slow, deep, controlled strokes. Mel’s face was aglow with joy as she mewed and purred like a cat, pushing her hips gently up to meet him. She felt a warm glow spread in her belly as the thick manhood eased in and out of her stretched, lubricated pussy. Wonderful sensations, like tiny, tingly, electrical currents spread from her vagina to cover her whole body, bringing her alive, till she felt like his cock was making love to every single cell of her being.

Mel felt relaxed, and happy. She stroked his face lovingly, her soft fingers tracing his dark temple, his chin, his nose, his lips.

They smiled at each, then they giggled and laughed with joy, like two kids playing a sweet game. They moved together as if they were dancing. Mel was writhing and twisting her hips so that his cock would touch all the different parts of her vagina.

Finally, Mel felt so incensed that she gave in to her carnal lust. Her arms and legs snaked around him, pulling his body down on hers, crushing their young, energetic muscles together, then she started fucking him furiously.

Edi rumbled deep in his chest and let the beast in him take over. He gave in to his animal desire to fuck the shit out of her, so he hooked her feet over his elbows, opening her thighs wide leaving that fat, shaved white pussy at his mercy. He gathered himself and launched his cock deep into her. Mel gave a loud howl, dug her fingernails into his ass cheeks. She threw her pussy at him. Then he was like a crazy beast, black muscles flexing as he fucked her hard and fast. She cried out sharply at every thrust that reached deep into her into her womanhood, throwing her head from side to side, her long, red hair flying, her body jerking heavily as her eyes rolled back in their sockets. Now, she wanted his seed. She wanted him to baptise her as his girl.

“Oh yes Edi! Cumm in me baby! Cumm darling.”

Mel opened her thighs wider, and slid her hands cupped his buttocks and held them tuzla escort firmly. She sunk her fingers into them and pulled him deeper into her. Edi grunted and fucked her harder, till his balls suddenly exploded, splashing his pent up cumm into her. His cumm poured into her belly like cream being squeezed out of a tube. Mel felt the hot fluid seeping into her, and the heat spread all over her body engulfing her.

Finally, they sank to the bed, both of them spent. They lay next to each other, kissing sweetly. Mel had tears of joy in her eyes. As they rolled down her cheeks, he kissed them away.

Chapter 3

As Edi came from the bathroom he heard some country music playing softly. Mel liked Hank Williams, because her dad had always listened to him. She was lying in the centre of the bed, on her belly, her long, red hair spread out around her shoulders and sides, hiding her face. She had two pillows under her hips, elevating her alluring, creamy, pale bubble butt.

A hand was between her thighs, and her long fingers started stroking her sopping cunt, lewdly playing with her gash. Then they reached up to stroke her pink starfish.

Edi found it poetic. There was old Hank Williams singing about falling into burning rings of fire, and there was Mel stroking her pink ring so lewdly.

He dropped the towel from around his hips and climbed onto the bed, fat dick dangling like a black truncheon. He went to kneel besides her face, as his hand stroked her silky ass cheeks and the small of her back. Then he slid lower, to stroke his way up and down her crack. He wet his fingers in her wet, sticky gash, then he came up to rim her lil, pink starfish.

“Oh yes Edi baby…” Mel, moaned into the mattress, her hips shuddering. He started nudging her rear hole with his wet digit. She rolled her hips against it. Carefully, he sank a knuckle slowly into her.

“Ah!!!!” Mel cried out sharply, and taking him by surprise as she suddenly launched herself onto her knees, taking in two more knuckles. His thumb stroking the small of her back, Edi rolled his finger around her asshole.

“Ah yes! A-a-a-a-a!” Mel cried, and then she scuttled around to kneel before the African.

She took his engorged, black cock into her palm and slowly licked her lips wet. Her big, hazel eyes looking into his, she rolled her tongue over that fat cock, she gave him her most enticing come fuck me smile.

Her fine, soft lips bore down on his cock, taking him into her wet, velvety mouth. She held onto his hip as she hooked her fingers over her clit and frigged herself feverishly to a fast orgasm, moaning around his hard meat. Then she wet three digits in her cunt and started fingering her pink starfish as she fucked his black dick with her tight, constricting throat.

Edi stroked her hair for being such a darling, as he watched Mama suck daddy’s dick like she loved it, drooling all over his meat like a leaking tap. The spot right below his thighs was soon wet from her saliva. Mel purred and cooed, gorging herself, blowing and eating dick till he was dizzy and his balls were bursting.

“Oh fuck yeah Mel. Please baby, lemme fuck you! Lemme fuck your ass!!” Edi begged, pulling his cock out of her mouth or he would have shot it in her face. Mel greedily licked off the tasty precum that gathered in his pee slit. Then she reached for a bottle of oil, and giggled as she opened it.

“I wanna have this black dick up in my ass,” she declared as she lubed his dick, smearing the jell onto it. “But be careful,” Mel said “I’ve never done it before!”

“Word!!!” Edi growled with exuberance, as his baby scooted around and offered him her thick, round, creamy ass. He fed some lube into her hole with his fingers, shivering at the prospect of fucking her virgin ass. He slapped her between the cheeks with his cock, right in the crack…

“Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!”

She moaned and trembled. Edi brought the fat, dark head of his dick to her puckered, pink starfish and pushed gently but firmly. The tight hole resisted. But the persistent black cock prevailed, slowly forcing her puckered lil pink starfish to mushroom open around his thick, dark head, until it finally slid past her sphincter.

“A-a-a-a-!” Mel screamed with excruciating pain. She was close to telling him to take it out, but she wanted to celebrate the official beginning of their love by giving him her ass.

“Relax baby,” he said gently, his dark voice soothing her nerves, as he slid his thick dick deeper and deeper into her lubed, slippery hole, till his balls were lodged against her pussy, and his dick was buried to the hilt in her, stretching her anus.

He grabbed her hips, and started rolling them, grinding her ass against the thick, black cock that was lodged deep in her rectum.

Mel felt the pain softly recede, to be replaced by warm, enjoyable sensations, deep in her virgin ass. Tentatively, she started pushing her buttocks gently back and forth. Edi was rolling his hips patiently, slowly increasing the length of cock that he was using to fuck her.

After a while, he was fucking her with his entire cock and Mel was loving it, relishing every tiny inch of oiled, hard black cock that slid in and out of her tunnel. Feeling bolder, she pushed her ass back on his cock lustily. He fucked her at mid tempo his cock pumping in and out of her ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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