Out of Cyber Into My Dreams

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She sat at her computer clicking away. None of the usual crowd was on, it was way too early. That’s why the bing of her instant messenger startled her.

Captain88: Morning Darling

Shahrazad: Oh hi

Captain88: What are you up to this morning?

Shahrazad: Just going in to take a shower…Care to join me?

She joked like this with the Captain all the time. He was way too far away to take her up on her offer. However, it was always nice to dream. She lost her mind in the possibilities. The bing of the messenger brought her back to reality.

Captain88: you bet your sweet ASS I would 😛

She giggled to herself. He always knew just how to excite her.

Shahrazad: well hurry up! I’m heading in now i’ll leave the door open… hehehe

Captain88: (lol) Give your self an extra ‘special’ wash for me. I want to hear about it.

He knew just what turned her on and telling him about her masturbation was something that turned them both on. Now she was even more anxious to get into the shower.

Shahrazad: Kisses

Captain88: Kisses back

She turned off her computer istanbul escort and headed for the shower. The water was so hot and felt so good on the back of her neck. She closed her eyes and tipped her head back, letting the hot water warm her skin and turn it a rosy pink. Thoughts of the Captain filled her head as the water caressed her skin. Like the hands of an unseen lover it touched every part of her, pricking at her nipples and stroking her stomach. The sweet scent of the shower gel quickly filled the steamy room.

Thinking of the Captain’s dark eyes, she reached two of her long fingers down to stroke her sweetest spot. His voice was gentle on the phone last time they talked, were his hands as gentle? She rubbed her pussy faster just thinking of the possibilities. A soft moan escaped her lips as she grew more and more excited at the thought of him. It was odd, she felt like she was being watched. Knowing she was alone didn’t make the feeling go away. It was exciting nonetheless; she loved to be watched. So she began to put on a avcılar escort show, rubbing thick white suds sensuously all over her body, down each leg one by one and back up the length of her body, fondling her tits and moaning with self pleasure. She felt a cool breeze which made her pause. Then she heard a low deep moan of pleasure.

Startled, her eyes popped open and through the steam she saw him. As dark as all his pictures, yet taller and far more imposing than she had imagined. She looked up into his smoldering dark eyes and her whole body shuddered with anticipation. With one large gentle hand he stroked the water from her cheek, slid it around to the back of her neck. Cradling her head in his hand he pulled her in and kissed her hard. Her breath came out in a shudder and her knees felt weak. She began to speak and he placed a finger to her lips. She closed her eyes again and surrendered her body to him. He pricked at her nipples, rolling them between his fingers and hungrily kissing her mouth.

She began to pant now, her breath coming out in moans and sighs. şirinevler escort His hands roamed her smooth wet skin, touching every inch of her. She reached her hand out and felt him. She ran her hands over the hair that covered his belly, and with one manicured nail drew little circles in the soap that she left on him in prints of herself. She looked down. His cock was so hard and it looked so good. She reached out and stroked him. As she did his touch got faster and more urgent. He slid his fingers between her legs and ran them between the folds of skin. She threw her head back, only his strong arm supporting her. She screamed and moaned with pleasure. She felt his fingers enter her and her body shook with orgasm. Over and over she came, waves of ecstasy filling her world. Her small hands wrapped around his cock rubbing and stroking, waiting for the moment of his release. Than she felt it, the throbbing and pulsing. He let out a sigh and his hot cum filled her hand. The waves of her orgasm came again, this time harder than the last, her muscles tightening around his fingers and her wetness flowing from her in hot gushes. She caught her breath as his kisses hot and sweet covered her mouth. She reached out, turned off the water and felt the coolness of the air against her skin. She took the towel and dried her hair.

She turned and he was gone, leaving only memories of his touch and sweet satisfaction in his wake.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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