Our Secret

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His lips were so close…

He had temped me many times before, and my heart couldn’t take it. He held a secret from me till now, and he smiled while he whispered to me many words I thought I’d never hear again. His eyes searched for my reaction, and he knew I was afraid. He could see it in my eyes.

His hand slid beneath my chin and pulled me toward him in one swift motion, but never kissed. Those lips, so anxious to move forward, hovered and never took what they desired. Lips barely brushing, and my heart tingled, praying my body would not deceive me.

He pulled away with a smirk. “I knew you wouldn’t pay me back.”

My eyes narrowed and without realizing my own wicked mind, I grabbed his face and leaned in, my own lips taking his for the first time in so long. My heart soared, his lips finally dominating me. His body rolled over on top of me, and worked feverishly to aid a hunger that had been burning for so long.

Our hearts pounded with adrenaline, pumping blood within every limb, making us both throb with a need for release.

Before I left his side, his arms hood around me tightly. “Some to me tonight?”

My heart pounded with excitement. “Alright.”

It was our secret…

The night was cool, and the sky was still crying, while the clouds fought desperately to allow the moon to glow upon me, and I sighed heavily as I reached his door. My body burned with fatigue, but quickly disappeared as the door opened revealing him patiently waiting for me to come in.

The rain still lingered as I stepped inside bakırköy escort and I nearly jumped as his arm circled my shoulders, with a small hug.

The house was pitch black, my eyes only able to follow his silhouette as I made my way blindly down the dark, mysterious hallway.

The strength of his hand around my waist startled me. Without warning, my legs moved on their own, stumbling my way into his nearly pitch black room. The door closed behind us, and I stripped off my long velvet robe, revealing only a black tank top and black cotton pants. Nothing was visible around me; every light was out but his silhouette was visible, walking toward me slowly and stopping.

My heart pounding, and I moved toward him. My arms circled his neck, embracing him while his warm arms wrapped tightly around my waist to bring me closer. My fingers entwined in his hair as hi chin rested in my neck, kissing the most sensitive part of my body.

His hand moved up against my chin, lifting my face to his. Our hearts began to thread, and my lips slowly felt his press to mine, his tongue reaching to massage mine.

He pulled away, but not before grabbing my hand. “Come lay down with me.”

My legs brushed up against the bed, forcing me to sit down, and then allowed him to pull me toward the pillows.

His hands reached for the blanket then, and dragged them to cover us. Warm cloth surrounded my legs and waist, and soon his arms wrap around me while one hand pulled my chin up to meet his face. Warm lips son took mine, beşiktaş escort and my hands cradled the back of his head.

We pulled apart, and my heart clenched. “What do you want?” he whispered seductively.

“I want you…inside of me…” I could feel my face burning.

He laughed. “Do you want me in you now?” His hand reached into my pants, locating me for the first time in so long, and began to rub me slowly, allowing me to feel it once again.

“Oh God! No!” I whispered fiercely. My hips tilted for him.

“No?” His finger slipped inside, igniting a boiling heat, and I gasped out, begging for something, anything. He laughed. “What do you want?”

My adrenaline began to pulse through my veins, and instinctively, I began to fight. My hands reached for his to pull them away, but he thrust in faster, his finger moving vigorously.

My body has deceived me, as my release spread through my system, and I cried out, holding him for comfort. His mouth suddenly cut off my moans, and I whimpered, silently praying for him to take me once again.

Our lips part, and my breathing comes out fast as my orgasm ebbs away.

Without warning, my pants come off and soon my shirt follows, leaving me dressed in nothing but the blanket, which I found later, was to my ankles.

His hands turned me over to face the wall, and his chest rested against my back, naked as well. The sudden feel of his dick pressing into my thigh made jump in surprise. I whimpered silently begging for it.

His hand held on beylikdüzü escort to my leg and brought me against him, positioning himself at the opening of my wet pussy. A sudden tight pain gripped me then, as he thrust in and drove deep.

“Oh God! I think I’m going to cum soon!” a slight worry in his voice.

“No!” My heart nearly cried. “I want you to stay inside of me!”

He sighed a laugh. “We’ll go slow.”

I nodded yes and his arms tightened around me. My legs came up and entwined with his, and slowly my lower body moved against him, as his moved against mine, allowing him to thrust into me deeper. A dull fire began to burn, my pussy growing wetter and throbbing.

My head glances back at him, and our lips dance once again, while he continued to pound me slowly, teasingly.

A sudden thrust ignites my soon release.

“Ah! I want to cum!” I whispered fiercely. “Please?”

His hands tilted my hips into him; his dick began to drive in faster. My hands gripped the sheets of his bed, allowing me to cling to reality until a sudden intense feeling exploded through my veins and my already throbbing pussy. I cried out several times, submitting myself to him.

“Yes…that’s it. Hold nothing back.” I heard him whisper as my soaked pussy engulfed him in several ongoing thrusts.

As my release slammed into me n one giant wave of intensity, I heard him whisper, “My turn.”

My orgasm slowly faded, but as his dick slid in all the way, filling me in completely, a new feeling began to take hold of us both. The rhythm began to speed up, flesh slamming into flesh, and soon, he pulled out fast, allowing himself to cum straight down my naked stomach.

Our lungs fought desperately to draw in oxygen as we both laid there, exhausted, our bodies entwining.

“Our little secret.” I whispered.

Olivia AR

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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