Our first cuckold session

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Our first cuckold session
The evening had been planned for a while, but even so, now that it had arrived, we were both a little nervous. Nervous, but also very excited.

I’d always had this fantasy of watching my partner getting fucked by another man, and we’d talked about it and acted out the fantasy many times, thinking it would never happen for real.

Until about a month ago. After a hot session with her, we were both lying together in bed, recovering when she suddenly sat up, looked at me and said ‘I think we should do it.’
‘For real?’ I replied.
‘Yes. I know you’ve wanted it to happen for ages honey, and the more I think about it the more I want it too. The thought of having a strangers cock in my cunt while you’re there watching gives me goosebumps, my tummy flips, and I get all hot and wet down there.’

And so the planning started. Well, to be honest, we didn’t know where to start!
We decided to put an ad on a sex site.
Mature lady, 40DD 30 38, requires studs for cuckold sessions. Please reply with as much personal info as possible.

We were amazed by the response! We had 75 replies in the first 48 hours, took the ad down and sifted through the applicants. We narrowed it down to 10 possibles and sent them pictures of her dressed and naked, our location, and a request that they send back full body shots of themselves, dressed, naked and a close up of their cocks erect.

Replies came back almost immediately once they’d seen what she looked like! Four dropped out because of distance, but four of the remaining six looked amazing.
We spent a whole evening going through their pros and cons. There were very few cons!

Eventually there were two favourites. A white guy, in his thirties, nicely built, six pack, cute bum, the works. Nice cock, long and thick, heavy looking balls. He professed to be eight inches erect. The other guy was black. 28 years old, tall, muscular, thighs like an ox, a cute bum too, oh and his cock. Wow! He said nine inches but it looked much longer, and twice as thick as the other guy’s.
I know who I would have chosen, but I told her it was her decision.

It didn’t take her long. So not only our first cuckold session, but also her first BBC experience!
We messaged him to tell him the news, and he messaged back to say he was honoured and couldn’t wait to get his hands on my gorgeous girl.

We arranged a date and booked a room in a fancy hotel for the night. The days seemed to drag, but soon enough the Saturday came.
We spent the morning shopping for underwear, buying a very expensive tiny black bra and panties set, seamed stockings, suspender belt and a pair of gorgeous black six inch heels. A figure hugging black dress to wear over the lingerie, just long enough not to be too slutty, but short enough to show off her shapely thighs.

When we got home, I ran her a bath and afterwards watched her shave her legs, armpits and pussy, leaving her trademark dark little tuft above her naked lips.

I got her to lie on the bed and blindfolded her.
‘What’s this for’ she asked, and I told her I had a little surprise.
I got the razor back out, shaved off her tuft, ignoring her protests ‘It’s not me without my tuft!’ and sat back admiring her now completely hairless cunt, then went to get my surprise.
When I’d finished, I took off her blindfold, and just where her bit of hair had been was a small Queen of Spades temporary tattoo. She smiled and said ‘That’s perfect hon.’

We got to the hotel an hour before our agreed meeting time of 8pm. We had a couple of drinks to calm our nerves and I asked her if she still wanted to go ahead, that I wouldn’t mind if she was having second thoughts. She said that although she was nervous, she was really looking forward to it, that she was so excited I’d be there watching. So I called James, told him we were ready. He said he was fifteen minutes away and gave him the room number.

True to his word, fifteen minutes later there was a knock on the door. We both got up, I looked at my partner, she smiled and gave me a big kiss, whispered ‘thank you’ in my ear, and I opened the door.

James was even more handsome than in his pictures, an imposing figure in black jeans and tight polo shirt, and black dress shoes. He smiled, perfect white teeth and said hi. Shook my hand, gave my partner a hug and kissed her cheek, then stood back and looked at her and said ‘Wow, you’re gorgeous dear,’
I got him a drink, he sat on the edge of the bed next to her and we chatted, drew up the rules, casino siteleri he was to use condoms and stop if she said so and he agreed.
While we were chatting, she was running her fingers through his hair and staring at him, a sexy grin on her face.

I told them I was ready when they were, and she made the first move, taking his head in her hands and gave him a long sexy kiss. I imagined her long tongue in his mouth, and when she eventually broke away, she was flushed and smiling. She got up and pulled him to his feet, helped to pull his polo shirt off over his head, kissing his muscular chest as she did, then she knelt down, undid his belt, trouser buttons and pulled his jeans down. The head of his semi erect cock was poking out from the hem of his boxers and she kissed it as she helped him step out of his jeans, she undid his shoe laces as his cock started to grow and when his shoes and socks were off, carefully removed his boxers. She gasped when she saw his cock in all its glory…. It really must have been over ten inches! Both her hands wrapped around the shaft and there were still three or four inches for her to suck.
He grinned and pulled her to her feet, turned her round and undid the zip on her dress. She shrugged herself out of it, and it rustled to the floor. His hands went to her smooth brown ass cheeks and she pushed herself back against him, his cock sliding up her back to her shoulder blades. Then she turned, showing off her new underwear, her bra just about covering her swollen nipples, the rest of her breasts spilling out everywhere. Her tiny thong just about covered her lips, and above it her Queen of Spades tattoo. He saw it and laughed, picked her up in his arms and kissed her hard.
‘Am I your first bbc my queen?’ he asked.
She nodded and he said ‘Well, I hope you’ll enjoy it.’
Both her big breasts had fallen out of her tiny bra as he laid her on the bed and he reached under her and expertly undid it and dropped it on the floor. He kissed each nipple, sucking on them as she turned her head and started to suck his big curved cock. She managed to get three quarters of him down her throat, before she had to pull it out, slimy and covered in her saliva.
He straddled her face, and kissed her belly, moving slowly down towards a very wet looking pussy. The insides of her thighs were shiny with her secretions as he started to lick her cunt. He’d lowered himself so his cock was back in her mouth and she sucked and wanked him slowly, starting to moan and groan. He’d found her clit. Soon she was bucking and grunting, close to orgasm. Then quiet for a few seconds before the first wave hit her, her body rigid, then shaking and trembling as she let out that low growl that turns into a scream when she cums.
Lots of mini aftershocks as her body calmed down. John turned her over onto her belly and pulled her up on her knees, came round behind her, his cock rock hard and dripping with her saliva. He got between her legs as she looked at me questioningly. I nodded and she closed her eyes. He put the head of his cock in the entrance to her pussy, her eyes opened as she stared into mine, then they rolled up so I could only see the whites as he slid all the way inside her. Her whole body shook and trembled as he started to fuck her with long slow deep thrusts. She came again almost immediately and I could imagine her pussy contracting hard against his shaft. She stared at me all the way through her second orgasm, then mouthed ‘Fantastic cock.’

And it was only then that I realised he was fucking her bareback. Oh well, too late now. I just hoped she hadn’t forgotten to take her pill.

He pulled his cock out of her cunt, and she moaned a loud nooooooo. But he just picked her up and turned her so she was facing me, her hands gripping the edge of the bed. I pulled my chair up close enough to her to play with her swaying breasts, and leaned in to kiss her. John had come round and his cock was inches from my face. It was covered in her thick white pussy cream and I could smell her musky scent. I licked from his balls to his swollen head, picking up a nice big glob of her cum and kissed her again. She moaned as she tasted herself, sucking hard on my tongue. Then she took John’s cock in her mouth, licked and sucked until it was completely clean. He climbed back behind her and she whispered ‘I really want his cum in my pussy honey’ and gasped as he rammed his cock back inside her. ‘I want that too sweetheart’ casino oyna I replied.
She closed her eyes again as he built up a slow rhythm, her big breasts swinging out and then slapping together. I played with them for a while as he fucked her faster and faster, squeezing them and pulling her long hard nipples. She squealed, moaned, grunted, sighed, kissing me passionately. Every now and then I could tell he’d pulled completely out of her, a long very wet pussy fart ringing around the bedroom as he impaled her again.

I was very impressed with his stamina and self control, I would have shot my load ages before, but just when I thought he was never going to cum, he grunted, her eyes went wide and she shouted ‘Oh fuck, he’s cumming inside me’ She started shaking again as her third orgasm started to build.
When he was spent, he picked her up effortlessly, still impaled on his cock, and carried her over to me, held her ass over my face and slowly pulled his cock out. I saw for a split second that his cock was still rock hard before I was blinded by a waterfall of his cum splashing all over my face.
When I could see again, I saw her looking at me between her legs and giggling. ‘Honey, you look so good covered in John’s cum.’ She started laughing so much she lost control and a stream of her warm golden piss splashed all over me. And she just kept pissing until I was soaking wet. I opened my mouth, let it fill up and swallowed. She’d stopped laughing now, but kept on pissing until the stream dwindled to a trickle.
‘Oh dear God’ she said, ‘that felt so fucking good. Take me back to the bed now John and show your queen of spades how a proper ass fucking with a real cock should feel. She stared at me and said ‘But be gentle, I’m only used to little pricks.’
I felt humiliated but very horny at the same time. My erection was still dribbling as I watched John carry her back to the bed. He placed her on all fours again, sideways on to me, and she fixed her eyes on me and the they never wavered all through the longest anal session she’d ever had.
He got between her legs and started to lick her.
‘Oh yes honey, lick my asshole good. You like what I’m doing? Stick your tongue in as far as you can.’
I knew exactly what she was doing, making her asshole gape wide open, although I couldn’t see from my position.
‘Fucking hell girl’ John growled, ‘that’s fucking amazing.’
‘Come on big boy, stick that cock inside my asshole and give me a proper fucking. I want to know what a proper cock feels like inside my ass.’
And he obliged, sliding straight in to his balls.
‘Sweet Jesus, that feels wonderful, come on, fuck me harder.’ I watched, transfixed as each of his thrusts made her ass cheeks wobble, accompanied by the wonderful sound of his balls slapping against her pussy, his cum still dribbling out splashing everywhere Her big breasts were slapping against her chin, as she told him how great he felt inside her, how she was enjoying a proper big cock at last, how after he’d filled her ass with cum, she wanted him to fuck her pussy again, flood it with his sperm, how she imagined them swimming inside her cervix to her ovaries, and making her pregnant.
Still looking me in the eyes she said ‘I haven’t taken my birth control pills for a week.’
My mouth dropped open, my eyes went wide. ‘Really?’ I mouthed.
‘Yes, really hon. Remember the last time we had sex?’
I did remember, it was ten days ago. And I remember her saying no more sex until after the meeting. She wanted to be perfectly clean and desperate for the sex.
My mind was going haywire as she stared at me, a sly grin on her face.
‘I want to be desperate for the sex,’ she reminded me. ‘And John’s sperm.’
John grunted, heralding another load of cum. When he pulled out, she turned her back on me, shuffled backwards to the edge of the bed and showed me her massive gape and all his cum inside her. Her ring slowly closed, she tensed her thighs and stomach and pushed hard. A stream of his cum shot out of her ass and splattered all over my stomach, cock and balls.
I must have been quite a sight, drenched in piss and cum. The cleaners were going to have fun in the morning cleaning it up. It was all over my chair, the carpet, splatters all over the wall behind me.
And there was John, kneeling on the bed, my lovely partner sucking his still erect cock, grinning at me. He took her head in his hands and started to fuck her mouth, going deeper with each thrust until he was completely down her kaçak casino throat, her pink tongue sticking out over his balls, making sexy gagging noises. He did this a few times until there were long strings of thick saliva hanging from her chin. He pulled out and she gasped, choking and coughing.
He stood up and picked her up by her legs, pulled her pussy to his mouth, so she was hanging upside down. She grabbed his cock and stuffed the head in her mouth, sucked noisily as she stared at me. She orgasmed again as he sucked on her clit, and I watched her big dangling breasts, hanging either side of her face jiggle and shake, her ass cheeks clenching as she came hard. He threw her back on the bed where she lay panting and gasping, chest heaving.
‘I’m ready to have my pussy fucked again lover’ she said. ‘Time to make sure I get pregnant.’
She pushed her ass up off the bed, sticking her legs up and out. He stood behind her and pulled her up further so just her shoulders were on the bed, before sliding back into her messy cunt and fucking her like that for half an hour. He eventually came with more loud grunting.
She looked at me through her open legs and said ‘This load’s staying inside me for a while. You do realise this is the most fertile time of the month for me, don’t you hon. I think I planned the meeting just right.’
I crawled towards her open legs. She looked at me and said ‘Don’t you even think about sticking your dirty tongue in there! You can stick it in my ass, lick out the rest of John’s cum, but if you touch my cunt you won’t even get the one fuck a month I’m going to allow you from now on. My cunt, ass and mouth belong to John now. And that goes for my tits, nipples and ass cheeks as well. If you want to touch you’ll have to ask John’s permission. And he’s already told me he wants me for himself and his other friends. From mow on I’m going to live up to my new name. Queen of Spades. Only big black cocks allowed.’
‘ You can watch me being gangbanged every night as my tummy begins to swell. I’m going to allow them to fuck me whenever they want, right up to the day you drive me to the hospital for the birth.’
John had been on his phone talking quietly while she was telling me the new rules. There was a knock on the door, and John let in two more black guys, introduced them to my grinning girl, as they stripped and I was soon staring at three big erect black cocks. She got on all fours, John’s last load pouring out of her pussy onto the bedspread. He picked her up and placed her on the floor in front of me, slid under her, his cock finding her pussy again with a loud slurp, one of the other guys knelt in front of her and she opened her mouth, while the third knelt behind her and slid straight into her ass. She grunted with satisfaction as all three started to thrust, fucking her three holes with long, deep thrusts. The two new guys came almost together, pulled out and swapped places as their cum oozed out of her ass and dribbled down her chin. John just kept pumping away, his cock white and creamy, her pussy, ass cheeks and thighs covered in frothy cum. I was amazed how they all managed to stay hard after cumming and it wasn’t long before she was taking two more big loads, cum pouring out of her mouth now, her asshole gaping and overflowing too. She tilted her head back, looked at me and gargled, cummy bubbles forming in her open mouth. Then she swallowed, burped and said ‘Yummy. More please guys’
And so it went on all night. By the morning, her ass was permanently gaping, the bits of her cunt that weren’t covered in cum were red raw and swollen, her ass cheeks were covered in red hand prints, her tits were covered in bruises as were her thighs were the guys had got a little over enthusiastic. I watched her sleeping as the guys got dressed and left. She was snoring softly, dried cum all over her. I could still see cum in her open ass. I dared to stick my tongue inside. She tasted wonderful. She groaned in her sleep, muttered something about John and cock…. carried on sleeping. I spent an hour licking her clean as she dreamed sexy dreams, and when she woke up, bleary eyed, there wasn’t a speck of cum in or on her. She looked at me and smiled.
‘Did I just dream that honey?’
‘No’ I replied, ‘it actually did happen’
‘Thank you hon, I had the time of my life. I hope you had fun too. God, I’m sore EVERYWHERE!’
‘I did sweetie’ I replied. ‘You looked amazing with those three big black cocks in you’
She blushed and said ‘Did I? Really?’
‘I didn’t mean all those things I said about you. I just got so horny. I thought it might be what you wanted.’
Actually, it was a real turn on’ I said.
‘And about your pills……’
‘Just k**ding hon’ she grinned.

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