Oral Presentation in Room 707

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I met an extremely hot woman online who told me she’d never achieved orgasm by receiving cunnilingus. I told her I was up to the challenge, and decided to give her details on how I wanted it to happen for the both of us.

Hope you like it.

* * * * *

You followed the instructions I sent to the letter. All you really were told is to wear one of your best interview outfits and that I love black stockings and heels. You were also told to check with the concierge for your door pass to your room for the night.

I lie in wait in our room, thinking of what you must be thinking as you push “7” in the elevator. What do I look like? What will we say? Will I be as good as I advertise? You squeeze your thighs together and press yourself back against the rear wall of the elevator as you try not to come on the spot.

I like knowing you now have a pass to the room and can enter at any time. When I checked in earlier in the day, all I could do is stare at each beautiful woman as she passed by, wondering, is this my Eva? Look at her legs! And check the fabulous ass on her! I’m having troubles of my own keeping my composure.

My hands roam over the bulge in my briefs as I lie waiting for that incredible moment when the door swings open.

I hardly have time to think further when I hear the tell-tale click of the electronic lock and I realize we’re seconds from my giving you an oral presentation.

The door creaks open and I’m blown away first by the scent of a woman in all her finery. As my eyes adjust I see you have those sexy sheer black nylons on as requested. I can’t wait to find out what’s lurking under that skirt of yours.

You begin to say something but I rush over to you and cover your mouth. “No words. Not now. Maybe later.” It’s time to see if you are a woman who can come under my tongue.

I have you stand at the foot of the bed and I walk around you once, and then again, taking in your beauty and thinking of the best way to love your womanhood. anadolu yakası escort I drop to my knees and lavish kisses on your calves and caress up and down behind your knees, fingernails crackling over your stockings… slipping ever higher to the point where the stockings end and your warm bare flesh meets my fingertips.

I hear you murmur contentment and I’m so pleased. I’m going to make love to your pussy, Eva. I look up from the position I’ve taken to gaze up between your spread legs as you stand before me. I stick my head inside your skirt so I can gather a full breath of your steam. Then my tongue darts out and stretches to lick your thighs, as high as I can reach. I can tell this is going to be special for both of us.

I just as suddenly rise and stand before you. We gaze into each other’s eyes. I see yours are as glazed as mine. You want me and it shows. We share a first soft kiss as my hands grab your sweet backside. My hands travel up and down your back, and then reach around to the front and slip inside your elegant “interview” jacket to find your full breasts heaving, barely contained by your blouse and the sexy brassiere you’ve chosen.

I want you so bad, baby. This is for you. All you. Nothing but total mind-blowing satisfaction for you is my goal. I want you to talk to me only after we’re certain I’m the first man to make you see stars with his mouth and tongue.

I push against you so you fall easily back on to the bed. You scooch yourself up and fully on to the bed so as to accommodate me between your spread legs. As much as I can’t wait to lick and suck you off, I love the thrill of being the one to disrobe you first.

I find the fastens on the skirt and smile as you raise your hips off the bed for me to shimmy it off of you. I’m glad you chose the sexy thigh-highs you did, and you were extra sweet to me by wearing red satin panties. I smell you smoldering now.

I allow you to speak ataşehir escort if you want at this juncture, but you shake your head no, preferring to reach down and grab the sides of my face and direct me into your crotch. There’s something about eating a woman while her panties are still on that sets me on fire, so I’m good to go. I can smell you’ve applied a perfume of some kind to mix with your natural scent, and I’m dizzy from the sensation.

I stick my nose into the mound of your panties and search out the geography of your being. I can feel and hear the squishy wetness of your labia with my nose, so I know I’m home. I press hard up and down your slit with my nose, and you squirm from the highly erotic friction I’m causing as your lips begin to open under my ministrations.

I’m in good position with my hands to search out the rest of your womanhood while my nose continues its play up and down your lips. I quickly wet a couple of fingers and slip them just inside the leg openings of your rapidly soaking panties, searching for secret zones that get the most response out of you. MMM, it seems everything I do is eliciting what I want from you. Ecstacy.

I stop using my nose and replace it with my mouth, pressing up flush against you. Now I’m getting a taste of your leaky wet vagina as it soaks the satin. My fingers slip under the panties further to search out your clitoris, and when I find it, I hone in on it with my index finger and move it back and forth and circle it. Your fingernails dig into my neck.

You are soaked, honey. With my teeth noshing, I travel up to the waistband of the panties and begin to draw them down. You again raise your hips off the bed so you can finally get me to give the full contact you’re craving so desperately.

There’s nothing like that first moment when a woman’s beauty is revealed. And you have so much to be proud of. I’m giddy as I notice you’ve brought one of your own hands down to your pussy ümraniye escort to show it off to me, turning open your swollen petals and allowing me to look inside at your hot pink insides begging for my attention. You moan in desperate heat as I lean in and kiss you full on your lower lips. You are salty, sweet, perfumed, and so juicy. I’m in heaven.

I slip out my tongue and part your swollen wet slit. I feel you part your legs wider and your nails digging into me again harder. I open my mouth wider and purse back my lips so I can graze at you with my teeth. I nibble and chew your labia while my thumb finds that hot clit of yours now standing up for me. You’re already starting a noticeable circular motion with your hips, encouraging me to find a rhythm with my tongue to fuck your inner walls. I’m only too happy to oblige, and I dip my pointy tongue inside your wet hole and slide along your insides.

In and out now I take my hot tongue and fuck you with it. My thumb desperately twitching over your pulsating clit, your juices collecting on my tongue so I occasionally swallow to start anew. With another wet finger I play with your tight anus and I momentarily daydream about fucking you there with my tongue as well.

All I know is you’re rocking. What a woman. I’m forced to pressing down on you to keep you from hitting the ceiling. You’re panting. I see your chest heaving with passion. Your hands helping me as I twirl your clitoris. I shake my head as my tongue is glued inside you. You’re beginning to understand how much I love eating pussy.

Come for me, baby. Let me be the man that brings you this new never-before-experienced pleasure. I taste it! I bite your lips. I pinch your clit with two fingers now. I feel your vagina convulsing around my tongue… my neck is getting sore and my tongue is trapped inside you as you involuntarily pinch it with your loving grip.

Shaking my head over and over, circling my tongue around and around inside you, pistoning in and out with fingers… biting those hot wet lips… I feel you arching! I’m drinking you now as you yelp out my name… flowing seemingly endlessly as I lap with contentment like a kitten.

Come all over me. I’m your pussy man.

All yours. When you’re sufficiently rested I’m going to fuck your eyes out.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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