Only a Matter of Time Ch. 01

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All characters in this story are consenting cheating bastards above the age of 18. Based on a true story, because I too have been a cheating bastard. Sorry. Not sorry!


It was only a matter of time…

As soon as it’s clear what we both want, there’s no preventing it and neither of us really wants to, despite what’s at stake.

Your frustration and mine combined is like jet fuel-propelled lust, charging us toward each other into a collision of unchecked sexual desires.

Once that happens there’s no looking away, no laughing it off. We’ve crossed the boundary between harmless flirtation and captive honesty.

‘I’m coming,’ I read when the text comes through.

‘Lol dirty bitch…’

‘No, I’m at the station and walking to your house!’

That feeling of every nerve ending stirring in my abdomen has radiated through my gut since last night. Now it’s pushing my heart into my throat.

One day we’re sharing pics of nudes in an inbox conversation. then we’re sharing what gets us off.

It isn’t long before we’re confessing to what we’ve both wanted and what we would do, were we to have it.

It’s only natural that I wrack my brain now, thinking about what boundary will come next.

Last night we were all but decided. There’s only one way this is going to end up, because it’s what we want. no bullshit excuses about being too weak to fight it. Who wants to at this point?

As soon as I see you from the bedroom window I’m down the stairs in a rush and opening the door. Then I’m flying out across the threshold and giving you the same cheery hug as always.

And when that door shuts the devil takes over and a friendly kiss becomes something else entirely.

There’s a peck on the cheek, on the corner of the mouth and on the lips. Friends will be friends. But there’s a look in your eyes that isn’t the same and it’s hungry, it’s nervous and your lips are ever so slightly parted and otherwise unoccupied.

So when I reach them with my own and kiss them like ice cream, tasting you and synchronising my movements with yours, no, this is no friend’s kiss.

And you’re no angel yourself. Rather than making it clearly mutual it becomes a competition of sorts; who can go the furthest?

Pulling away for air, your lips almost stick to mine in the heat of the kiss.

Nope, no stopping there. It’s already so addictive. The crotch of my jeans tightens and I press into you, my hands on your hips as the deafening silence gives way to wet dancing tongues and hammering hearts.

‘Please tell me that you really want this,’ I gasp as I pull away heaving. Again that hunger in your stare burns into me.

‘Do you?’

‘Fuck yeah I do!’

‘Then so do I,’ you say with such frankness that I have you by the wrist and up the stairs before anyone can think twice.

Half an hour later we’re in bed, in a hot mess of lips and tongues, eyes closed and softly moaning to the sensation and smooth caress of skin on skin.

I unclasp your bra, letting your breasts fall free for me to worship. Beautiful half-globes – they yield to my touch like nothing else on earth and my heart is now dangerously approaching the tip of my tongue.

I take them gently in my hands as I run a istanbul escort trail of kisses down your neck before coming to rest at your faintly pink nipples, running my hot tongue in circles around them and kissing them; everything I ever wanted to do while I have the opportunity.

Then I’m sucking them into my mouth like a baby, feeling them lenghten and grow stiff against my stroking licks.

“Speaking of which,” your eyes seem to say and you roll me onto my back, noticing all too well the pole tenting my shorts.

In all fairness it’s pretty hard to miss and you’ve yet to see in the flesh just how big I want to be into you.

‘Lie back and relax. I’ve been thinking about this,’ you pur. I take your advice, piling up a few pillows so I can enjoy the view of you crouched over me on your hands and knees, those beautiful big tits swaying; nipples wet with my saliva.

You edge down the bed, peeling down my shorts, and let my hard cock spring free before you. If it isn’t at full mast already, it becomes so when you take me by the shaft and slowly begin to work the foreskin back and forth, looking to me to see how I react.

I’m rock hard in seconds and sliding easily into your mouth, becoming quickly drenched in your hot slimy spit.

It isn’t long before you’re slurping at my entire length and running your tongue along my pulsating, convulsing cock. Still my knees involuntarily jerk and so does the rest of me every time you slide wetly over those little sweet spots.

I’m groaning my satisfaction aloud already by that point.

‘Am I doing okay?’

‘You’re doing fucking amazing. Please don’t stop,’ I groan ecstatically.

You wink, taste my pre-come, smile. ‘Never even crossed my mind.’

My eyes are fit to roll back into my head. You continue to work away, sucking seductively at my swollen pink head. All I can do is watch, helplessly, as you devour me, sliding your lips up and down my glistening, slippery shaft as each sucking motion and lick of the tongue drives me towards an edge I am not yet willing to go anywhere near.

But to see you enjoying yourself that way is just irresistible, so I lie back and encourage you with my moans of approval. And in the meantime I take the time to run my fingeritps through your soft raven-black hair and caress your bone china-smooth face.

Soon after it’s my turn to show you what my mouth can do, just like I confessed the other night. I’m thirsty for you too, and my mouth has drained dry, so I waste no time settling between your thighs and planting kisses everywhere the butterflies reside.

But first I begin to lick your swollen clit through the damp fabric, and with such a thin layer between us that I can smell and taste you so easily. I’m thirstier.

I begin to rub your clit with one thumb while I lick away, but it’s clear I’m only teasing. I pull the crotch aside, grab two handfuls of your seductively bucking hips and run my rough, hot tongue along your soaking pussy for the first time.

It’s as if the fuse to the dynamite has been lit. Such reactions from you imply that an explosion is imminent.

Up and down! Up and down! Swirling, kissing and lapping. Kissing is avcılar escort a gateway drug to harder things, but I love the kissing too much to advance so soon.

I protract my long hot tongue, smooth as silk beneath and yet as rough as stone on top, and just when you begin to approach your first little death I sensually attack your melting core, tongue fucking you in deliberate slow motion.

And I smooch at your labia, suck at your clit-teasing your piercing with my tongue-and rub my nose up against you as my tongue continually laps away at the come oozing out of you.

Rocking your legs and your butt back so you can get a clear view, I then roll out the full extent of my tongue and begin literally fucking you with it at the pace and roughness you want.

All the while your heaving breasts play into the palms of my hands, tickled deliciously by your now rock hard nipples.

I want you wetter and wetter, regardless of your rapid panting and pleas for me to just fuck you already. I slide a finger in and begin to tease your g-spot, literally sucking the come out of you as I do, and my god the taste…

Seriously, I would suck your delicious pussy juices straight from the end of a hard cock I love the taste of you that much.

Fuck, I would deep throat it and suck that fucker dry, and see myself from your point of view as your hormones drive you insane.

And now that you’re shaking and moaning I’d say it was about time that we step over to the point of no return, which I announce by suggesting just how much I really want to bump hips with you right now.

I’m breathless and my heart is jack-hammering. My cock is straining at its fullest length and dying to fill you, to kiss you where my tongue can’t reach – to smooch at the door to your womb and to surrender to you indefinitely.

But I want to see you lose control as I fuck you. I want to see myself sliding wetly in and out of your dripping pink pussy. I want to feel your heat as you melt around me, forging the mother of all ramrods in your scorching foundry just to hammer myself home.

‘Are you ready?’ I ask.

‘Let’s fucking do this,’ you challenge, as if we’re about to clash in combat. The fuse is burning down fast and that moment is nearer and suddenly I have no patience to wait for it.

I position myself right between your glistening wet lips, take your hips in my hands and then pull you down onto me ever so slowly.

That whimper!

I hiss as I hit the furnace but I keep sinking deeper into the lava until I’m buried right up to the hilt.

Oh God! The sight of us!

‘Oh, you and I were made to fit,’ I groan.

Our pubic bones are pressed right up against each other and with the longest mutual gratifying sigh, we both stare at each other nervously, knowing what comes soon after.

I withdraw and then repeat; another mutual sigh. Again and again, we’re giving each other mischievous looks, heaving with heavy breaths and enjoying the sensations of getting deep and meaningful together.

You watch, fascinated, as I withdraw and slide back in deep, your tight pussy offering just the right amount of resistance as I slowly glide back and forth, going in deep and coming out wetter şirinevler escort every time.

We’re literally sloshing together, like two adventurers lost in a deep muddy wood and charging onward toward distant daylight.

I take your hands and place them up over your head, atop the pillow behind you, planting a sensuous kiss on your lips and we can taste each other as sweet and salty collide.

It becomes the most erotic kiss as you heave your breasts up against my chest and as I continue to buck steadily against you, parting you deeply and still feeling as if I’m growing harder with every stroke.

You flip over to your side and we spoon as my thrusts become faster, rubbing against your favourite sweet spot, making you cry with joy for every time the pleasurable little bombs go off inside you.

Not satisfied still, you get up onto your hands and knees and demand I take you from behind. By now your pussy is literally sucking at my impossibly hard cock, trying to get as much length out of me as it can.

The room is filled with moans, sighs-the wet suction of dripping pussy on throbbing cock and Jesus Titty fucking Christmas I can’t take much more of this as much as I never want it to end.

We take turns in gyrating against each other, thrusting back and forth until you decide it’s time to send me hurtling out of my mind.

You throw me down onto my back and straddle me in reverse cowgirl, offering me a birds-eye view of your beautiful ass and shaven pussy. Hovering, you grab me by the shaft and lower yourself down onto the head.

All I can do is inhale deeply as I watch you slide that slippery slope onto me before your thighs nuzzle against my hips. From over your shoulder you give me a nod and the dirtiest smile of approval as you begin to mash your pussy up against me and grind away.

We’re past the point of no return and approaching the precipice of the dangerous and unknown. We’re going to come to that all important climax soon, the moment when you realise what it is that we’ve done; in creating a bond that so few friends have.

After teasing me long enough, you turn around to face me and soon you’re straddling me tight and riding me like an animal as I suck on your tits and lick my sweat off you. I’m so hard and sensitive by now that any one stroke could be the last before I shoot off like a geyser.

And it seems that you’re just as hot to the touch as I can feel you burning up hotter inside, melting and dripping and bathing me in your juices; coaxing me into releasing my seed to bathe your eggs.

‘Fucking come in me,’ you plead, reaching your own orgasm like a charging train headed off into the dark of the deepest tunnel. I flip you over onto your back and push your legs back, entering you one last time and riding you to climax.

You take hold of my hips and try to force me deeper and faster, then settle for hanging your arms around my neck as my last thrusts finally reach towards the end of the line.

Pulsating, throbbing, swelling and convulsing, I begin to pump you full, bracing you tightly. It’s so much that as I continue to slide in and out of you, you’re soon dripping and squirting back at me before we collapse into a hot, sweaty sticky mess.

And for a moment there I forget how to breathe. I feel like a race horse at the finish line and my lungs are on fire.

Your phone begins to ring.

‘Oh what the fuck now?’ you protest.

‘Oh shit I left the windows open,’ I laugh. ‘Who’s that, work?’

Only two words seem necessary.

‘Oh fuck!’

It’s your boyfriend.

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