One Last Time…Before I Go

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Let me tell you about Jessica, this girl I’ve known since the 11th grade. At first I thought she was a nerdy musical theatre girl, but as time went on she became a real rocket. She’s about 5′ 3”, 32-20, thin brown eyes with hair colour that changes literally every month. Although her tits are only a B cup, they go great with that amazing ass of hers. She started dating my buddy Bill and after a few years I reunited with her becoming best friends in the process. After a while Bill stopped showing interest to her and more to other girls which lead to their breakup. Anyways, time went on and she moved away and I developed this schoolboy crush for her, but the nerdy vibe I gave off lead her to think I was clingy so whenever I asked her to hang out she shoed me away. Eventually I caught onto this and asked her to hook up although I was deleting her from my friends list on facebook. Her response – she blocked me, and we didn’t speak for a few months.

One day one of my buddies asked me to come out to a pool party near his place for Canada Day, and since I had nothing better to do I came out. Surely enough as soon as I arrived I noticed Jessica there in a black skin tight dress. I didn’t want to cause her any trouble so I immediately dismissed myself. from the party But as I was leaving, she came out and asked me to stay, than she took me by the hand for a walk down the road. I told her that I had secretly always wanted to hook up with her and I used that thought that maybe she would want to if I got my GED (seeing as we hung out with a bunch of stoners) and that if I was trying to get a hold of her it was for business purposes only. I also told her that all I wanted was to bakırköy escort be civil if she wanted me to stay and to not hate me. Than to my suprise, she planted a passionate kiss on my lips and sucked away at my face for a good 5 minutes.

Eventually we made our way back to the pool and needless to say everything was more than good, Jessica was by my side the whole night. We were dancing, and drinking, and overall just having a good juvenile time. Later in the night, we made our way to the basement where she sat on my lap. Eventually she took control of the music and told me to relax, she started to put on “Right Round Instrumental” by Ti-Gress and started doing a striptease dance right in front of me. Eventually she put her hands on my knees and started whipping her hair around, than started to grind up against me in a sitting position. Certainly enough she started to make out with me afterwards than whispered in my ear that we should go somewhere more private.

She took me by the hand and we went upstairs, we figured no one was up there so we’d sneak into my buddies parents room to fuck. As soon as we got in the room she shoved me onto the bed and closed the door. She got on top of me and we continued to make out, I trailed some kisses down her neck and undid the straps from her dress and bra to reveal her tits. As soon as they were free I sucked on them hungrily like I was 10 months old. She let out light moans and held my head close to them and began to rub my crotch, as I went to work.

Eventually she let go out my head and undid my belts followed by my pants freeing my 7 inch erection for her. She began to suck it beşiktaş escort as I moaned in pure delight. I reached down and started to massage her tits again as she continued to bob on my rod. After she lent up she slid up like a sexy snake as I let her out of her dress completely and she took off my shirt. I laid her down on the bed with her legs spread wide and stuck my cock inside her pussy. She moaned loudly as I entered her.

I began to give light, slow pumps as she moaned. She was very tight as I expected as I rocked back and forth. “Oh! Oh yeah Alan! Your cock feels so nice inside me.” I started to pick up my pace as she rubbed her clit for me. I drilled her harder and faster as she began to moan louder and louder. I was sure the other people at the party could hear her as I could lightly hear people outside because the window was open. She was surely enjoying herself though as her moans were definitely ensuring satisfaction.

Finally she came on my cock as I started to slow down to feel the rush of her juices flow onto my cock. After this I picked her up off the bed and put her on top of me, she began to pick up her pace now that she was in control. At this point as she moaned in pure delight “YES! YES! Fuck me Alan!”. She slowed herself down and started doing gyration movements on my cock, she than put her hands on my chest than whispered into my ear “Oh don’t worry, big boy. I’m not done yet”.

She began to pick up her pace again as screaming in pure delight. She bucked wildly on my cock as she slammed her pussy hard and fast down on me. I grabbed a hold of her hips and pushed up hard to match my thrusts with hers. beylikdüzü escort She started to sweat and scream in the pure pleasure of it all and I knew I could not eventually hold up anymore, my cock started to pulse inside her pussy as I was giving her my all. “Harder! Fuck me harder Alan!” she commanded “Cum inside me Alan, I want to feel your hot cum inside my pussy.”

I did not fail to oblige as I gave her a few really hard, fasts thrusts than shot my steamy thick load deep inside her. She began licking her lips and slowing her down her pace as my cock continued to twitch inside her pussy. After she came to a stop she leaned down and gave me another passionate kiss, she than whispered in my ear. “Oh my Alan, you’re a machine!” I smiled as I began to suck on her nipples once again as my cock softened inside of her. She than slid off of me and we both started to get dressed, than went back to the party.

I was suprised nobody knew that we had fucked, because she had a trail of cum down her leg that had seaped out from when I came inside her. But everybody was probably too busy having a good time to really notice so we definitely made the most of the night. Time went on and she unblocked me and re-added me to facebook, than after I came back from College in Kelowna BC back to Woodstock, Ontario (the dump I call home) for the holidays, we started seeing each other again.

Eventually I came home again for one month in the summer and we started seeing each other again, and although she told me in the past that she had never wanted to date anybody that she had sex with.. she was showing an elevated interest and we eventually started dating. Now we both rent a house together in Kelowna as I am currently taking a Marketing course at College while she is working full time at a local retirement home. And although we still find time to fuck like animals every single day with our busy schedules, nothing will compare to that first time we hooked up at my buddy’s party.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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