One Drunken Evening

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The night ended late. Cheeky vimto’s and shots of tequila and a drunken duo staggering back up the hill toward the dark estates on the hill. It was the early hours of the morning and we decided to go back to Michelle’s place for further drinks. The night had started out well, fun times in a few pubs — but had soon degenerated into drinking shots and slumping in the corner of a seedy little nightclub, chatting closely, our heads resting against each other.

‘Truth or Dare’ I said, swinging around a lamppost and launching myself into the middle of the road. Thankfully there was no traffic. ‘When was the last time you had sex?’

‘Oh, no you don’t. You’re not going to do that to me.’ Michelle leaned in close, ‘First I start thinking about it — then I start thinking about how long it’s been — and then you come up with some sneaky plan to have your wicked way with me. Oh no, you hairy old baboon, I’m going to take the dare on this one!’

I laughed it off, my stomach dropping as she so clearly read my intentions, and made up some dare about watching a horror movie back at her place.

We staggered through the dark streets of Douglas, singing as we went, and stumbled through the doors of Michelle’s house. We slumped on the couch, flicking thru the channels until we found a vaguely interesting film to watch. Michelle nestled her head into my chest, and I casually ran my fingers through her hair. Minutes passed and Michelle’s breathing deepened into a rhythmic pattern. She was asleep.

Looking down her body I noticed that her jeans had ridden down and I had an amazing view of her tanned, gorgeous ass. She had gone ‘commando’ — and there was no visible pantyline or thong. Soft and tempting, her arse looked like the curve of a peach and all I wanted to do was have a taste!

With drunken tomfoolery in mind, I finger-walked my hand down her back and to the curve of her ass cheeks. I told myself I shouldn’t, as I stroked her warm skin, looking for a sign that she was waking up. My fingers stretched down, slipping under the material of her jeans, extending down and stroking along the crease, back up and around her cheeks until sliding back up to the small of her back. I continued this for a few minutes, then decided to get adventurous, and slid a finger down to the top of her thighs, then ran it along her bottom until – –

Michelle moaned and shifted her position. She pulled away slightly and I retracted my hand, holding my breath for her to wake and slap me across the face. There was no slap, and her eyelids fluttered closed and she slumped back onto my chest, falling a little into the crease of the sofa. She sighed, and I groaned.

The horror movie was rubbish and my attention returned once more to the sultry goddess next to me. Michelle had settled into a deep rhythmic snooze, cuddling close to me, laying her arm across my chest. I was getting bored of the film, but was enjoying anadolu yakası escort the closeness with this gorgeous woman, knowing that I would rarely be so close to any beautiful creature like this again. At least, not without clutching a handful of tenners.

I glanced down at her angelic face, red lips pouting, brown hair draped over her neck and shoulders, lightly tanned features and delicate nose. She seemed to be murmuring in her sleep. She fidgeted slightly and moved again, falling into a natural pose, but her top had slipped and I caught sight of her huge breasts, pushed forward and straining against the lacy bra.

My mouth went dry as I stared at those magnificent breasts. They swelled with each breath, lush and inviting, two golden brown orbs of delight. I could feel my cock hardening, growing and pushing against her belly as she lay against me, almost painful as the tip scraped the hem of my coarse jeans.

Bloody hell, I thought, Well, in for a penny, in for a pound. I carefully pulled my left arm free and lay a hand on her shoulder. She didn’t stir. Tracing my hand down her arm and up again, I splayed my fingers wide and brushed them along her neckline, the littlest finger rising on the swell of her breast, then dipping into her cleavage and up again over the other breast. I continued this a few more times, casually trailing my fingers lower and lower, feeling the heat from my own palms rub against her skin. And then, before I realised it, I slid my palm under her bra and cupped her breast in my hand. Oh my God, you idiot. What have you done?

I gently caressed her skin, my thumb stroking a wide arc whilst my hand ran sweet, slow circular motions around her bosom, grazing the nipple with my fingers, amazed at it turned from a soft button to a hardening nugget. I tweaked it gently between the meat of my fingers and it firmed up, becoming erect and responsive under my touch.

I felt like a teenager again, as if I was discovering what a woman looks like, feels like, responds to — and all for the very first time. I was completely lost in my own world when Michelle murmured something and I froze. A smile curled the edges of her lips and she mumbled something again, some sleep-talking nonsense. I was sure she was still asleep, and perhaps she was dreaming.

‘Do you have a hard on?’ She murmured, the words coming out quiet and slurred.

There was no denying it. If she was asleep, then I could be as honest as I liked. My hand massaged her breast, the tips of my fingers grazing her skin, marking them with slight, white scratches.

‘Mmmmm’, she muttered. She shifted position and her hand brushed against the hardness in my pants as I lay on my back. She nudged my cock again, and I gasped as the tender flesh caught against some material. It was as hard as a steel rod, peeking out from beneath the top of my jeans. ataşehir escort Straining against the material and leering out like a drunken sailor.

Then, something strange happened. Whether she was in mid dream, or still lost within a drunken stupour, but her fingers gripped either side of the material binding my cock. She finger walked down the length, scratching gently over my balls with her long fingernails. She murmured again, but I couldn’t catch her words this time. But her tongue protruded from her mouth slightly, and she wet her lips.

Michelle gripped my cock with thumb and three fingers, still swaddled within my jeans, and ran her hand along the ridge it made and to the gap at the top where it now poked out, the purple head straining to be freed. Her brow creased, and her fingers played across my cockhead, almost as if she was measuring the dimensions, the width and circumference. Her nails scoring down the edge and I gasp, a small leak of precum spurting onto her fingers. She rubbed the tips of her fingers together and, almost absentmindedly, trailed them over her luscious lips and slipped them inside her mouth.

I was dumbfounded. I could only watch, holding my breath, as Michelle’s hand returned to the bulge in my jeans, deftly unbuttoning the top of my jeans, the rest of the buttons pinging open and, like a humpback whale cresting the water, my cock sprang up, grateful for sweet release.

It bounced around, free and proud, leaning from one side to the other like a tree trunk sprouting from my course pubic bush. Michelle groped blindly around, her hand accidentally batting my rigid member before her fingers find purchase and she gripped it.

With a delicate touch Michelle laced her fingers around my cock, stroking down to the base, then slowly, teasingly, up to the glans of the head. She purred quietly to herself, snuggling closer into me whilst her hand rose up and down my glistening cock. Her eyes were still closed, still in some semi-sleeping state. At intervals she would rasp her fingers over the purple head, causing me to flex and twinge, then resume her strokes up and down.

‘Truth or Dare’ Michelle whispered throatily.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know whether she was awake or still half asleep and dreaming of Brad Pitt or whoever. Not that I cared. And anyway, I didn’t want to say anything to spoil the moment, which I am apt to do — so I went for the safe option.

‘Dare.’ I said quietly.

Michelle smiled. I have never known a woman with such a beautiful smile, impish and sexy at the same time.

‘A dare. Well, I dare you to . . .’ she paused, her hand still working on my member, teasingly, . . . ‘cum on my face.’

‘You want me to . . . what?’

With her eyes still closed, and a dreamy, sexy smile, Michelle rose up and kissed the tip of my cock. Her tongue flicked out and lapped around the ümraniye escort plum shaped head, curling around it as a snakes body might encompass its victim.

Her lips parted, and her warm, wet mouth engulfed my cockhead and slid down the shaft, teeth and lips grazing the veins. She moved slowly, brushing her luscious long brown hair to one side so that I could watch, her cheeks sucking a vacuum as she inched down. And down. And down.

Christ, she was almost at the base of my cock. Her eyes were half closed, her hands gripping my thighs, her mouth a perfect halo that slipped down the length of my meat. She was deepthroating me. And then, once she had reached the base of my cock, pausing to enjoy the sensation of my swollen member wedged within her throat, she began to suck me off in earnest.

She sucked and stroked my cock, massaging my balls, stimulating me with a touch and a sigh, scratching my abs with her fingernails whilst bobbing up and down in my lap. All thoughts were blown from my mind as I squirmed and panted and gasped at the oral pleasures this beautiful woman was performing. The all-consuming and utter intensity felt like the world had withdrawn and I was suspended here, outside of reality, with Michelle working on my throbbing cock.

All reservation or sense of awkwardness were now forgotten, and I was lost in Michelle’s mouth. My breath quickened and Michelle responded, her lips slurping down the length, slick wet with juices. Sucking, pumping, stroking, thrusting; she played the tension within me.

‘I’m close.’ I gasped.

Michelle swivelled her body round so she was facing me, a smile on her face as she plunged down, impaling herself on my iron rod. She winked at me and gripped my balls gently.

My cock pulsed, and Michelle expertly flexed her fingers, rising so that her lips sucked at the head, pursing as if awaiting a kiss. She thrust her hand down the length of my shaft. One.

Rising up then down again. Two.

She pierced me with her eyes, smouldering looks and red lips pouting, her mouth half open and her tongue poking out like a cat. Three.

The tension built up within my lower belly, my thighs began to shake and my legs tightened hard, toes curling and pelvis bucking upwards. It was winding me tighter and tighter, a spring coiled, hot and heavy and rising to a volcanic heat. My back arched and I gasped as the moment rose up.

A calmness enveloped me as the first contractions spasmed upwards, my cock jerked and a long ribbon of white hot cum arced high onto Michelle’s nose and cheek and mouth. She plunged her hand down and a second stream splashed against her lips and cheek, dripping down to her chin.

Again my cock flexed, another spurt, and another, and another. Michelle giggled as she waved my cock around like a firehose, catching the translucent droplets on her face and breasts, cum spraying wildly.

I sat back, chest heaving for air, the last of the tremors leaving my body, like the aftershocks of an earthquake.

‘Oh my god, Shellie. That was — that was –‘

‘Yes, I know,’ Shellie smiled impishly, ‘I am good, aren’t I. Anyway, it was the only thing I could think of to stop you groping me and send you off home!’

‘???’ I said.

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