Older Is Beautiful

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It all started innocently enough when I sold Eileen her retirement home. She had been widowed a few years and was downsizing.

She had sold the family home and now buying a smaller two bedroom condo and she wouldn’t have the yard work etc to stress over.

I spent a great deal of time with her making sure she understood the whole process and felt comfortable, even going over things again and again. I wanted to be really nice to her because she was an elderly person and I was always taught to be kind and respectful to people older than me. Plus I was feeling sexual attraction for her. I was turning up the charm because one has to be prepared. You know the old phrase, luck favors the prepared.

During the transaction as I got to know more about her, I began to notice her cleavage among other things. I noticed how curvy

her body was for a woman of sixty four. I made an effort to touch her when appropriate. I would gently touch her arm to guide her. I would pull out chairs for her and then gently pat her shoulders when she sat down. She was soft and warm to touch. She commented on what a treat it was to see such a well mannered young man, saying how rare it is to meet young people today who weren’t rude or hostile.

I visited her often even after she had moved in. I had offered to help her move, but she had hired professional movers. I helped her understand her security system as well as her new modern appliances. She was always hospitable and always eager with tea and snacks. We got to know each other really well over the next couple of months. By now I was really wanting this lady. I found myself picturing her when I was giving it to my girlfriend. I couldn’t keep from ogling her form every chance I got. I always tried to sneak peeks down her blouse or between her legs and more than once I wanted to attach my face to her plump round behind.

I put my arm around her waist one day as she looked out her kitchen window admiring the little garden she had started on her little deck. She didn’t move away so I just caressed her there on her side feeling her warm rolls under her blouse. I leaned into her touching my head to hers and telling her how wonderful it was to see her getting settled and making a home of her new house. Well she leaned back into me, so I gave her a kiss on the cheek. She then turned and faced me and gave me a hug. It was a pleasure having my body against hers. I gave her a little squeeze and pushed my groin forward a little so she was sure to feel my hard cock. We stayed like that long enough that I was able to caress her back and she caressed mine telling me that I’m a special friend and she’s happy to know me.

Well my cock wanted to explode right then and there. I kissed her on her forehead as my hands worked their way down to her soft warm plump behind.

I said, “I like you very much Eileen, you are a special lady and I’m happy to know you as well,” before she gently backed away to get the kettle which had reached its boil and had started to whistle up a storm. Damned kettle!!

Nothing like the storm in my pants let me tell you! Nothing but tea happened that day, but I was now kissing her as opposed to polite handshakes. I also had my hand on her ass, even for a moment, and she didn’t disapprove. That, I was definitely going to push further! It was a kiss on the cheek and a hug as I left, and I put my hands on her plump ass again. She didn’t move away so I caressed her buns as I told her it was a pleasure seeing her today and again that I’m very happy to know her, then patted her cheeks as I headed out the door.

I went back the next day with some roses I scammed from one of the girls in the office. I had clients booked all day but I wanted to see Eileen to reinforce the connection we made the day before. She leaned in and kissed my cheek as I gave her the roses, oh she smelled good! She quickly rubbed the lipstick off my cheek with her thumb then turned to go get a vase. I followed her and put my arm around her waist. In the kitchen she bent down to get the vase from a lower cupboard and man I could not control myself, I had to act. How could I not do something with the wonderful gift before me.

Seeing that warm plump ass bent over in front of me was too much, I acted. I put my hand on it and rubbed. “Oh, Tristan you….,” came the response.

That’s it, that’s all she said. My cock was hard, I wanted to have her just like that! I got behind her, she didn’t come up right away. She seemed to freeze as I pressed my hardon into her ass and held her hips. I waited for her to respond while enjoying the feeling of my hard on pressed against Eileen’s plump round ass. I know I sensed her push back. This was it, but I was booked up all day with appointments. I didn’t want a three minute quickie with this wonderful lady. I wanted us to be lovers. What seemed like minutes maltepe escort I’m sure were only seconds.

She’s an older lady and just how long could she stay bent over into a cupboard right! I released her and stepped back. She stood up and brought the vase with her. She glanced at me and said, “Tristan, I don’t know what to say.” My mind began to race trying to decide what to do next. I didn’t have time to play this out today.

This opportunity was not expected. I had to delay it till another day. I decided to give her back the upper hand, express remorse and make HER apologize to me. Then she would want to talk it over.

I politely apologized saying that I was sorry that I acted so badly and turned, adding that I better go. “I’m not myself today, I have too many things going on today. Again, I’m sorry Eileen. If I’m not welcome here anymore, I’ll understand.”

By then I was at the door stepping into my shoes. “Oh stay Tristan, don’t be so hard on yourself.”

“You flatter an old lady.”

“And that’s just the thing, I’m way too old for you.”

“Are you not happy at home Darling?”

I said, “really, its a long story Eileen, and today is really not a good day because I’m booked with clients, I only wanted to stop by for a minute, I don’t even have time for a coffee.”

She put her finger to my lips saying, ” You’re always welcome, just call me when you have some time to spare.” She hugged me and gave me a kiss on the cheek as my hardon again pressed into her again. Again she stayed against my hard cock. Again I held her.

I kissed her on the forehead and said “thank you Eileen.”

I wanted to stay, my cock was ready to explode. I wanted to make love to this lady. I was getting closer to that goal, but I was too busy today.

“Its okay Tristan, come back and see me when you can.”

Well that was it. That’s what I wanted. But it would have to wait.

I went back to work, my head swimming with thoughts of what had transpired earlier. It was difficult to concentrate with thoughts of making love to this arousing woman I had come to know and lust after in the worst way. Then there were the doubts that wanted to take it all away from me. It was a really tough afternoon to get through. I called home around supper time and told my wife that it would be a late evening as I was going to be with clients. So now my evening was clear. I gave Eileen a call and told her I was feeling really badly about earlier and apologized again. She said, “enough about that Tristan, I’m busy just cleaning the floor right now, but come see me when you can.”

About a week later I called Eileen to say hello. I had caught her doing housecleaning. She said she was almost done and going

to take a hot bath right afterward. That gave me a hard on and got my mind thinking about her naked. I asked her if she’d mind some company, not knowing if she’d catch my meaning. Well she replied that she would put the kettle on. I left the come on out there for her to do with as she wished.

That was the visit I accidentally spilled hot tea on my shirt and in my lap. Man what a guy won’t do for pussy! She suggested I get my shirt cleaned right away and went to get soda water saying I should take my shirt off. I did, and followed her to the kitchen handing her the shirt. I stood there in only my pants as I fretted about what a klutz I was.

She just brushed it off saying “these things happen, its no bother.”

I suggested that we should do my pants as well to which she agreed. She told me to give her the pants and I could get a towel from the bathroom. Not wanting to pass up an opportunity to be naked with a woman, I undid my pants and stepped out of them. My (thong) underwear was wet too and I mentioned this to her. She chuckled and asked if I wanted her wash them as well. I was only half turned so she saw my buns when she glanced over at me.

” What are you wearing dear boy, Women’s underwear!”

I replied, “no Eileen, men wear these too.” My cock was hard and bulging in the tiny thong as I turned around and gave a view of my ass cheeks and then a full view of my bulge.

“Goodness, that doesn’t cover much.”

I told her I could just carry it in my pocket since it was wet. “you should try a pair Eileen,” I suggested to her. I told her that it only takes a short time to get used to them, I was thinking how nice it would be to see her in a thong.

She laughed saying, “I don’t think so, I’d be too embarrassed to even buy them, much less wear them.” At that moment I decided to get her a pair of ladies thongs, and maybe boyshorts as well! I was going to present them to her and ask her to try them on so I prove to her they looked great.

I said “I’ll buy you a pair then,” as I walked to her bathroom to get the towel. I love maslak escort this this seduction game and stretch it out as long as I can last. We continued the banter as I stood there wrapped in a towel, my thong air drying in the sunlight of her kitchen as she rinsed off my shirt and pants. My cock was a bulge the whole time and I made every opportunity to let her catch a glimpse of it. She wasn’t shy about glancing over at it from time to time.

When she had finished working on the stains she decided to toss them in the dryer for a quick spin so they’d be dry. I carried the shirt and she carried pants to the dryer. She put the pants in and I bent down to put the shirt in. That’s all it took and the towel dropped to the floor. I didn’t even attempt to stop it from falling. My cock was aching and needed release. The little head was beginning to take charge now and he was going to get what he wanted. There I was bent over into the dryer with the towel on the floor and my hard dick pointing at my belly. “Whoops,” is all I said. I heard her gasp. I looked up to see her hand at her lips as she stared at me. I deliberately stood up to give her a better view. She didn’t take her eyes off my cock poking straight out. I knew I had her. I knew it excited her to have me there naked. She wasn’t going to resist now. I wanted nothing better than to get her naked as well.

“Pardon me Eileen,” I said as I bent over again and scooped up the towel. I held it at one end. I stepped toward her and flung the other end around her waist and caught it with the other hand as it came around her. So now the towel is around her waist and I’m holding both ends.

“Tristan what …”. She didn’t get a chance to finish. I pulled her toward me, my hard on poking into her just below waist level. Her hands fell on my chest as I leaned into her and kissed her lips. I sucked on her lower lip.

“I want you Eileen”, “I know it excites you, I’m sure I’m reading your reactions right.”

“Well Tristan,” is all she said.

“Make believe you’re young again Eileen, and let’s share a wonderful experience only special friends can share.”

My heart was so full of emotion it felt like it would explode. My cock was definitely full of blood and was as hard as ever. “I want you so much,” I said to her.

I didn’t wait for a response. I kissed her again snaking my tongue into her mouth while releasing the towel. She stayed against me as I guided her right hand to my cock. She took hold and gently stroked it. We had arrived at a new phase in our friendship, she was mine and I was going to make love to my special senior friend. I reached around and squeezed her ass imagining getting my tongue in between those soft plump cheeks.

I didn’t take my mouth off hers as I steered her toward her bedroom. I guided her as she walked backward my mouth locked on hers. When we reached her bed I began to lift her blouse, stopping the kiss so as to pull it over her head. “Tristan, I never thought I’d be like this with you,” she said.

“But I did Eileen, you are too attractive for me not to make love to.”

“You’re too special a person for me not to have a relationship with.”

She responded saying, “And you’re not the least bit cocky are you!”

By this time I’m very sure of myself. So at that, I guided her hand back to my cock and said, “I’d say I definitely am cocky, dear lady.”

“Here, feel it for yourself.”

I began to undo her pants, slipping my fingers into the sides of her pants I slid them down to her ankles. On my way back up I kissed her pantied pussy. Now my lover was standing next to her bed dressed in her bra and panties and I was stark naked. “So here we are beautiful lady”, I said to her. She smiled and began to undo her bra setting those wonderful tits free. I reached over and took them in my hands and gently squeezed while rubbing the nipples with my thumbs. She moaned as her fingers slid into her panties and she began to slip them down her hips. Bending forward as she slid them down her legs, she came face to face with my hard twitching cock.

She stepped out of her panties as I held her head at my cock. I put it to her lips. She kissed it and I instructed to “lick Eileen,” she complied and licked it. She licked it and kissed it again. I raised it up and said, “My balls too Honey.” She didn’t hesitate to kiss and lick my balls as well.

“Lets get comfortable Tristan.” She said standing up. “I feel a little shaky, I don’t think I can stand much longer.”

“This is a lot, all at once.”

She then turned toward the bed and drew the covers back. I rubbed her ass. She began to climb onto the bed on her knees and I was treated to the sight of her magnificent plump ass. I immediately bent toward her and kissed her ass all over. She let out a gentle moan and held her mecidiyeköy escort position on her hands and knees. I spread her cheeks and inhaled her scent. I kissed her crack and from the top to her hole and put the tip of my tongue on it. She gasped in surprise “what are you doing?”

I said, “something I really like to do,” as I licked her crack up and down making circles around her hole. She let out an ‘ooooh’.

She said “But that’s so dirty!”

“No, maybe kinky but not dirty,” I said. “Doesn’t it feel good?”

She replied, “Well, I guess it does!” I reached her pussy and began to lick her outer lips. “Oh Tristan I never, ooooh no”.

“Never what Sweetie,” I asked her somewhat coyly. I always had the feeling many of these old girls never had their ass and pussy licked.

“This is a first for me Tristan,” she offered.

“You never had your pussy licked Sweetie,” I feigned disbelief.

“Or my bum either,” she said. With my tongue on her pussy I rubbed my nose on her hole. “Mmmhh” she said. I was pleased to have a virgin of sorts. I suggested she roll over on her back. The smile on her face told me how much she was liking this pleasant turn of events.

I got down between her thighs and proceeded to give her a good licking. I heard, “Oh “Tristan, oh my heaven.” From all the moaning and fingers clawing at the sheets I could tell she was enjoying it. I was merciless on her clit til she came. I then positioned myself with my cock between her tits and asked her to squeeze them together. I could hardly believe I was making love to my Eileen. She looked so sweet and beautiful laying beneath me on her bed. It was so nice seeing my cock poking through her cleavage. After a few seconds of this I spun around and gave her a view of my ass and balls while I again placed my cock between her tits. I asked, “Do you like the view?” She just chuckled.

Laying down on her I kissed her muff as I began to titty fuck her like this. I slid my cock back and forth between her tits making sure my ass was getting up to her face. I asked “kiss me Eileen.” She complied, kissing my ass, and I was delirious. “Oh yeah baby, please don’t stop, it feels so good,” I said as I began to rub my ass on her mouth. It was so intense I got to the verge of coming so fast I had to stop. I spun round again and laid on top of her and kissed her on the same mouth that was just kissing my ass.

I got my legs between hers and took hold of my cock and guided it to her pussy lips. I slipped it between her lips, she said “slowly Tristan, it’s been a few years.” This lady sure knew how to say all the right things. Even if they were true!

I took my time entering her near virgin pussy, kissing her gently and squeezing her tits. When I was all the way in, I paused. I kissed her nose and her forehead looking at her. I said “Eileen, you’ve made me feel very very good today. I’m thoroughly satisfied. Thank you for making love with me.”

Eileen said, “I’m very happy too Tristan, thank you for making an old lady’s day.” With that I kissed her again and began to slide my cock back and forth gently. She caressed my back as we kissed and made love ever so slowly enjoying every stroke, every breath and every touch. She grabbed at my waist with her fingers and pulled me into her harder. I continued making slow love to my new lover savoring her and what I hoped would become a long relationship.

I kissed her cheeks and her then her ears making my way down to her neck. I inhaled the scent of her hair deeply and kissed her earlobe before tonguing her ear, warming her with my hot breath. “Oh Tristan, Oh dear boy”, Oh its so good”, she said as she pulled me in deeper and deeper. I could feel her begin to spasm and I continued to probe her pussy deeper while assaulting her ear with my tongue. I kissed her gently on her neck and that was all it took.

Her breathing got faster and I felt her contracting. I felt her get slipperier as she squeezed my cock with her pussy and that was it for me. I gave her another deep thrust and filled her cunt with my hot sperm. My cock spasmed and twitched as my come gushed. I did some of the deepest grunting I’d heard myself do in ages as we both orgasmed our deep satisfaction.

I kissed her face. “Oh Eileen, mmh. Thank you Sweetheart mmmh. This is so wonderful.”

“Oh Tristan that was so good after such a long time.”

“Thank you dear boy.”

We lay together for a long time after that. I came right out and asked to be her lover. I told her I was very happy to have made love to her. She said it had been great after such a long time and that she was very happy too. I told her that since we were already friends, now we were free to be lovers as well whenever we wanted it. She told me I was very gentle and considerate of making her satisfied and that she liked that about me.

She said it would be wonderful to make love again with me. We talked about more intimate things than ever before. We both nodded off sometime after that.

I awoke to her stroking my cock. It was hardening again!

Well, there was only one thing to do when a fine woman is stroking your cock …..

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