Oh What a Beautiful Morning

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Big Dicks

It started like any other normal day, hitting the snooze button at least four times before acknowledging it was time to rise. I rolled onto my back and gazed at the ceiling, letting my mind drift to thoughts of all the jobs that lay ahead of me.

This part of the waking up process I liked – savouring those last moments, feeling the caress of the sheets against my chocolatey smooth, bare skin. As I turned onto my side, attempting an escape from my sumptuous trappings, I clutched a pillow and held it close to against my breast, momentarily aware of the absence of another body, any other body.

As I got out of bed I caught sight of myself in the mirror and paused for closer inspection – even if I did say so myself, I wasn’t looking too bad for a 35 year old fat bird. Stood staring at my reflection, head cocked to one side, I let my hands wander around, searching out the imperfections, and enjoying my own skin which in parts took on the feel of smoothest silk. A lot of big women can’t see the beauty of their bodies, but today I was revelling in mine.

The October morning was not a kind one, there was a nip in the air so I made my way to the bathroom. I let the shower run for a few minutes before entering the cubicle, all the while holding my hard and almost painful nipples, made so by the cold. I plunged myself under the halkalı escort stream of warm water, luxuriating in it, sensing my goosebumps melt away. I cosseted myself in lavender bubbles, not an inch was spared. Bubbles cascaded down between my ample thighs, causing them to slide against each other. I took the shower head from its holder and proceeded to wash away the lather, starting at the neck, to the shoulders, down my arms, over my breasts, turning everything back from foamy white to luscious brown.

I widened my stance, feet further apart and legs bent slightly at the knee. I directed the jet of water of my soapy pussy, rinsing all traces of soap from the curly black hair that covered it. With my free hand I parted my outer lips and made a second pass with the shower head. Unintentional, but quite pleasurably, the strong jet of water tickled my clit, and thoroughly enjoying the sensation, I let it linger there while I debated whether I should play my little water game through to orgasm, but I knew time was not on my side, I needed to be out of the shower, and this was confirmed when I heard the door buzzer sound. I draped a towel around me, pressed the button to allow my visitor entry, opened my flat door and made for the bedroom, attempting to at least taksim escort be dry by the time he’d made his way up the stairs. After a very quick and pretty inefficient rub down, I went to wrap the towel around me and greet my guest at the door, but I was too late, he was standing right behind me.

He reached around front of me and whipped the towel away from me, laying it on the bed. He kissed the back of my neck and motioned me onto the towel, so there I was, totally naked, totally exposed, watching him watching me.

He stood by the side of the bed, his crotch parallel with my face – he leant forward to kiss me, tenderly at first and then harder, with more intent. He made his way down to my breasts, playing one nipple between his fingers, the other flicked and licked with his tongue before he closed his mouth on it to suckle. I could feel the sensation of my cum flowing, the release, feel myself writhing under his touch, my hips slowly grinding on the bed, stifled moans and gasps escaping me. His hand travelled from my breast, down between my thighs, prising them apart to finger my slippery clit.

He came back up to kiss me before straightening to unbuckle his belt. I could see his hard bulge straining against his zip and I cupped it in my hand, feeling its warmth even through the fabric. şişli escort As he discarded his shirt I pulled on his zip and watched as he bent forward to push them all the way down to the floor. As he straightened again, I was greeted with the sight of his impressive dick at eye level, stiff and inviting.

I lay on my side at the edge of the bed and slowly, but fully, took his engorged dick into my mouth while I weighed his balls in my hand. I glanced up to see him throw his head back and make the first sound he’d made since he’d arrived…’Fuck!’ he sighed in a half breath. I used my tongue to tickle the end of his dick, my teeth to tease. I gently let his balls drop and used both hands to pull him by the hips, rocking him in and out of my mouth. His breathing got more shallow and erratic, punctuated by utterances of ‘fuck… fuck…fuck yeah’.

All at once he had me on all fours on the bed and buried his cock deep inside my dripping wet cunt. This was not time for that sweet and gentle loving, this was the time for a good, old-fashioned fuck – fast and hard. I couldn’t help but cry out with the force of his thrusts, slamming his body hard against mine intent on making me feel every inch of his throbbing cock. He used the leverage of the railed headboard to ram himself deeper still and it wasn’t long before I felt his grip tighten on my arse and his body bucking against me in the throes of orgasm.

I slowly lowered myself, exhausted, onto the bed as he withdrew and laid, spent, spooned up against my back. As our breathing slowly returned to its usual pace and frequency, I pondered how good it would feel, if every day could start this way.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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