Office Affairs Pt. 03

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The text from Cassie rocked my world. I couldn’t see straight, but I slowly made my way to her office. She had a video of me fucking her. If my wife saw that video I was dead. I finally arrived at her office and closed the door behind me.

“You’re done having your way with me,” she stated simply. “Now I have something I can use against you.” She turned and pressed play on her computer and we both watched for what must have been 15-20 minutes of me fucking her in various ways.

Despite having a deep worry in me about this video, I couldn’t help but get rock hard. I watched myself as I fucked her intensely from behind. Seeing myself climax and cum in her ass was incredible hot. She shifted multiple times in her seat as she watched, as well.

By the time the video was over we were both breathing heavily. She just looked at me, biting the corner of her soft lip, her face flush. “This is the last time, but I need satisfaction now. Will you do that for me?” I smiled as I knew I didn’t have anything to worry about with her. I took out my phone, set it next to her desk and started gently massaging her clit, while she sat on her desk.

Faster and faster, I rubbed over her sweet spot. Breathing more heavily now, I moved down quickly to start massaging her clit with my tongue. I simultaneously fingered her, hitting her G-Spot over and over. Making a come here motion, I stimulated her soft and tight pussy. In only a minute’s time she started cumming intensely.

I wiped off my mouth as I pushed her down flat on the desk and ripped her shirt open, buttons falling to the side. “Hey..” she started to say, but before she could finish, I had taken out my cock and began rubbing my head against her entrance. She stopped short, entranced by that feeling, the teasing, the anticipation. I swept my dick up and down her entrance and finally bakırköy escort when I could take it no more, started to push in.

Each inch gave a new sensation. I grabbed my phone and took pictures as I penetrated her. Short videos. I used my hips to plow deep inside of her again and again. She moaned loud while I filled her with myself. She wrapped her legs around me as I picked her up off of the desk. She was surprised at first but then was assured I had her. I bucked her up in the air repeatedly, impaling her again and again on my rigid shaft.

I took her over to the wall and pushed her back against it as I fucked her up against the wall. Bending down a little, I took her left nipple inside of my mouth. Tweaking it gently and lapping at it alternatively, she visibly held back moans. I held her in the air against the wall, pulling almost all the way out and pushing fully back in. The head of my cock passing by her narrow entrance was sensational. As I continued to go deep inside her, she opened her mouth wide, as if to scream, and closed her eyes. She let loose a silent scream and tensed her body, orgasming again.

Seeing that, I began to loose control. Seeing it in my face, she groaned, “Do it! … I’m on the pill!” Holding onto her and slamming her against the wall now, I drove myself into her again and again. Her perky breasts filling my vision, smooth, round and delicious. Slam! I drove her into the wall as I started cumming. Slam! Into the wall again, as I felt myself shoot into her deep insides. Slam! I was filling her up. Slam! This was a sensation I’d never felt before. Slam! I emptied myself inside of her. A final slam, as my dick, sensitive now, rested inside of her.

I leaned against her as I held her, still in the air, against the wall. Both of us were panting and dripping sweat.

“No beşiktaş escort need to tell anyone else, right?” she proposed. I simply shook my head.


I left that day feeling very guilty. As much as I had fucking Cassie’s brains out, I felt had cheated on my wife again. I didn’t enjoy that part. Or did I? Is there some twisted part of me that enjoys rebelling against my wife. I decided not to think about it.

Arriving home I found my wife getting dressed up in some summery clothes. “Hey there! Someone from your work sent us an invitation to a barbecue!” Puzzled, I took a look at the invitation she showed me. “From: Trista” My mind did somersaults! We couldn’t go to that, where my wife would meet the first woman I cheated on her with! “Let’s not go to this, baby.” I tried to convince her.

“Don’t be silly! She must be so nice to invite us to a barbecue. It’ll be so much fun, plus I already made something for us to bring,” she indicated toward the pasta salad she made. “Come on,” I said. “There might be other people from the office there and I just spent all day with them.” I was trying hard.

“No let’s go! I’ll give you a special treat on the way over.” As much as I didn’t want to go to this barbecue, I wanted road head more. My wife knew it, too. It was one of my favorite things and I decided it was worth the risk. I would just have to do my best to keep the two apart and get out as quickly as possible.

We gathered our things and headed toward the car. According to the address it wasn’t too far away, but it seemed far enough away for a blow job. My wife had settled on wearing a halter top, tied up around her neck, and a pretty short skirt. Once we got in the car, she wasted no time reaching over and unzipping my pants and pulling my still beylikdüzü escort flaccid dick out. We live in a pretty densely populated neighborhood so people could certainly see what was going on if they choose to look inside our car.

I reached over behind her head and untied the tie on her halter top and it fell forward, exposing her breasts and abs. She didn’t wear a bra when it wasn’t necessary which I loved. She took the head of my cock inside her mouth and sucked on it. Taking it down to underneath my head, then coming back to near the tip again. I was starting to get incredibly hard. She had this motion down. She used the perfect amount of suction when taking my dick in her mouth. Running her tongue around my head, I glanced outside.

As we drove by the sidewalk, every once and a while, someone would see inside and their eyes would grow big as they saw what was happening. It was thrilling. I reached over her back and spanked her exposed ass, as her skirt had ridden up while she was taking my dick.

She used her had and pumped me vigorously while she sucked the top half of my cock into her mouth, licking and slobbering on it. Watching my topless wife blow me as we drove through the streets was putting me over. We came to a stoplight and on the corner were some college girls sunbathing on their stomachs. One standing up saw inside the car and said something to the others. Apparently without thinking, they stood up and turned to look, not realizing they were topless. They shared shocked looks as they watched my wife blow me right next to them and realized they revealed their young tits were out in the open.

Seeing this was too much, my wife pumped and sucked as I began to shoot load after load of my hot cum into her mouth, on her tongue, and down her throat. Pumping me until I indicated that it was too sensitive, she worked to swallow every last drop and lick my dick until it was clean.

By this time the light had turned green and I drove away, smiling at the college girls, now scrambling to either lay back down or put their tops on.

We were almost to the cookout. Here we go. In and out as quick as possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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