Of Teardrops and Warm Wet Sand

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Bachelorette Party

It’s been a while since we have chatted to each other and although I have missed you, we have had some erotic fun over the internet and phone. Of course it’s not completely sexually satisfying, not even nearly so. So I was excited that I would be seeing you tonight~! Wow my heart thundered in my chest when you told me you would be here for a night and I would get to see you~! I felt like Rihanna in her song, Russian Roulette — “You can see my heart beating, you can see it through my chest…”

We have decided that you will finish what you have to do and come through to where I live, so we will meet for the first time in a restaurant where we will be having dinner. You have asked me to choose a restaurant and I chose on nearby which I really enjoy — great menu, good atmosphere and a wide wine selection.

I have been walking on air all day, waiting to see you. Nervous, wondering what it will be like, meeting you for the first time, worrying if you will like me…. how silly is that? I mean we have fucked each other in almost every way possible virtually via every known telecommunication tool available to us, yet I am divinely nervous, on edge, excited and walking on air~! Gosh~! I check the clock and see it’s just after 16h00 and decide it’s time to start getting ready. I have not worked much as I have been unable to concentrate, remembering the heat, passion and lust of our last discussion. I have already tried on a few things trying to decide what to wear. I found myself giggling aloud and am glad I was working alone at home today so nobody would hear me. You see it just occurred to me that no matter what I wear, no matter how carefully I dress, I hope — no I know – it’s going to wind up crumpled on the floor, discarded as we fuel each other’s passion and satiate each other’s lust.

None-the-less I take great care soaping and scrubbing my body in the hot steamy shower, and I wash my hair slowly, watching how my natural curls straighten and then reform. I could not decide whether to shave my rounded pussy lips or not, but decided against it, instead trimming my pubes carefully and washing them with care. I love the bright ruby red colour of my pubes and wonder how when I was a young girl my head hair was the same colour. Over time my long curly tresses have darkened to a deep auburn red, sometimes seeming almost chestnut brown with deep and light red highs and lows. But my pubes have stayed bright ruby red, and I am kinda proud of them. They are rare after all…

Shaking my reverie slightly I finish washing, turn off the faucets and step out, reaching for a fluffy towel. I dry myself carefully and rub in my favourite papaya scented body butter, massaging it into my arms, thighs, calves, feet, tummy, buttocks and breasts with great care. I love how it makes my skin shine and the soft scent it lends to the smell of my skin. I pin my damp curls up after rubbing in a little bit of pure serum, and turn my attention to my face. I decide it is way too hot to wear full make up so I apply a light cream, a sprinkling of gold dust to make my skin glow slightly, and finish off by shaping my brows, adding mascara and brushing a sheer lip gloss onto my lips. I frown slightly at the laugh lines at my eyes, but decide a few lines are worth the many laughs in my life~! I un-pin my hair and towel dry it, run my fingers through it then pin it again so some curls escape to frame my face. I’m done~!

I bought new underwear JUST for tonight~! And again I laugh as I wonder if you will notice it before you take it off~! I love my new bra in red. Its soft and satiny and hugs the shape of my breasts softly despite being a half cup style, and when I run my hands over my breasts I feel how thin the clingy bra fabric is as my nipples harden through the soft material. It looks so good on I wish I could just wear my lingerie~! It would be a lot cooler, and easier. I slide into my low cut boy panties which also cling softly. Nice. Then I pull out the cross over top I decided to wear — it crosses over and ties on the right side, giving a generous view of my cleavage and also clinging as it is made of soft cotton. I am still in a dither about whether to wear a skirt or trousers. I like trousers and rarely wear a skirt, but this time I find myself deciding on the soft matching wrap around cotton skirt that finishes mid calf, and slip my feet into black sandals so you can see my perfectly painted red toes. A spritz of First perfume on my wrists and décolletage and through my hair and I’m ready~!

As I am pulling into the parking lot you sms me to say you have arrived and again my heart jumps~! WOW you do turn me on~! I park, grab my purse and walk in. I tell the maître D I am meeting someone as my eyes scan the tables. My eyes find yours and my heart jumps again as I smile and walk toward you. You stand as I get to the table, take both my hands and kiss my cheeks. I sit across from you, the candlelight sparkling in my dark eyes and look at your handsome face bathed in the same candle light. Wow you look so good. anadolu yakası escort Even better than the many pictures, video’s and webcam calls led me to believe.

We somehow manage small talk, though afterwards I will never remember what we spoke about, until the waitress brings the menus. We decide to share a Greek salad and I recommend the Coriander and Coconut Chicken as an entree. You order wine and we wait while the wine is poured. It’s a great woody musky merlot, and I love the deep red colour.

As the waitress disappears I feel somehow as if everyone else in the busy restaurant has melted away. You tell me about work, and what you’ve been doing, and I talk about my work. I watch your strong hands as they twirl the wine in your glass, the light reflected in your eyes, the way your mouth turns up at the edges as you chat to me. To my surprise you tell me how proud you are of me when I talk about what I have been doing, I am gratified at the compliment, unexpected and unsolicited. It means a lot to me, I know I am good at what I do, but to hear you say that ~ well it pleases me so much and make makes me smile softly.

I find I can barely touch the salad, but I do try, and I see you also do not eat much. Our main meal arrives and there is a lull as we both taste the delightfully soft, buttery chicken dish with wild rice. It’s so divine and we both smile. You agree with me that this is an amazing dish. We joke and laugh, and for a while times goes by in a soft dreamy way. The waitress clears our plates. We opt for Irish coffees rather than dessert and I tell you about my niece who has recently come to stay with me. You have some sound advice and I listen intently. You challenge me to try your methods and I laugh and agree to do so.

Suddenly you reach across and touch my hand. A jolt of electricity goes through me. I had noticed you eyeing my cleavage, watching my mouth when I sip my wine, and I know I had been watching you too, feeling a soft warm glow of desire. To be honest I am amazed that we held out so long in each other’s company without touching each other, but I have enjoyed it. We have chatted a lot on the internet, and over the phone, but nothing like tonight. After the first few seconds it seemed so natural, you and I. Inside for the first time I feel a small frissom of fear. Of all the things our relationship can be, to where it can evolve, the rules we have yet to write are clear about one thing.- a defined promise that it will not entwine our ‘real’ lives. I made a promise I would never interfere with your life. Our relationship is to be based on deep friendship, trust and lust.

For a while lust had lain dormant while we chatted and dined, but now with one touch of your hand the breath leaves my body and as our eyes meet I see reflected desire in yours. We stay as long as we can while they start to close the restaurant around us, my hands softly stroking your strong hands, soft gentle touches. Reluctantly we get up and pay the bill and walk outside as they turn off the lights around us. I walk to my car. You come up and push me against the door, your mouth seeking mine, and I feel your tongue touch mine, and my body melts against yours. You ask me what now? Surely we cannot just part ways? “I want to fuck you, Lesley”… you whisper fiercely in my ear before darting your tongue against my ear and making my knees weak. I suggest a drive along the beach road and you agree. We use your car — hell let’s be honest, it’s bigger~! Lol~!

We drive from the restaurant and I navigate for you until we are driving along the road close to the beach, looking at white froth against a dark sea and darker sand. Your one hand finds my thigh and on exploration finds the opening of the wrap around skirt. My one hand finds its way to your groin and I feel your hardness straining at your zip and audibly moan. Your hand caresses my thigh, moves higher, and I part my legs so your hand can feel the dampness between my thighs, through my soft satiny panties, and you moan this time. Your hand moves again and a finger finds its way beneath my panty leg and touches my very soft fine pubes and the touch of them makes you moan again. Your hand moves out and up inside my wrap around top, cupping my left breast and finding the hard nipple there, your hand squeezing, then your thumb and finger playing with my nipple. I moan again in pure animal lust and pleasure. Oh how I want you, and my nimble practised hand has unbuckled your belt and is opening your fly. My fingers slide underneath and feel your hard cock through the cotton of your jocks. You shudder slightly and briefly we look at each other, open lust in our eyes.

My hand manoeuvres and your cock springs free. I look at it and am lost in lust. Oh gosh it is awesome, hard, and firm, throbbing slightly as my hands touches it. I need you in my mouth. I push my chair back and lean over across the handbrake and my mouth finds the swollen tip of your cock and I slowly take it inside where ataşehir escort my mouth is warm and wet, and run my tongue over the sensitive eye, hearing your sharp intake of breath as I do so. I manoeuvre further and feel you slide deep into my throat and I murmur against your cock. I push harder and you slide further into my throat and I feel you slightly raise your hips to slide even deeper. I move up and down as your hand finds its way to the centre of my pussy lips and strokes softly against them, until they open. Your finger finds my clit and I grind against your hand.

You can take it no more and turn off the road. There are houses on the right side of the road and the beach on the left. You turn onto the grassy embankment opposite the beach and stop the car. You pull me up and your mouth finds mine as your hands cup my breasts and we kiss. It’s erotic and wet and I feel my whole body melt. You break the kiss and look at me. You grin and I laugh we both feel like teenagers, making out in a car at the side of the road~! You lean over and pull a lever pushing my chair back even more and making the back rest almost completely horizontal. I move back, giving myself room and take off my top throwing it onto the back seat. You reach over and unclip my bra and sigh as my large heavy breasts bounce free, and when your tongue finds my nipple I sigh in pure ecstasy. You open my skirt and then we work on your clothes. Soon we are completely naked in the car, windows already steamed up, giggling like kids.

Somehow you manoeuvre between my legs and I raise them up splayed wide, feet on the dash as your tongue slides over my pussy lips. I lay back eyes closed as your tongue pushes my pussy open and with your hands there too you soon have your tongue on my clit, sucking, tongue fucking me until I feel myself building up to orgasm. Your fingers slide inside my tight wetness, and your tongue slides inside me as your thumb works on my clit. My own hands are on my breasts kneading and twisting my hardened nipples. Oh my gosh I love this feeling and I tell you how much, tell you how you make me feel, you are a great lover and I find myself about to cum, and you beg me to cum so I let myself go and cum hard, my whole tummy quivering, my legs shaking. You continue to suck and lick until my breathing slows and my shuddering stops, you move up and kiss me and I love my taste on your tongue. You manoeuvre back to your chair and I lean over so I can return the favour and once again take you in my mouth, deep down my throat. Your hands find my breasts as I suckle on you softly and then harder. Your hands leave my breasts and push my head down further. I am lost in the sensation of your cock in my mouth and throat when you stop me. “no” you whisper, “no, I have to fuck you Lesley, I have to”. I nod silently and move back to my chair.

You slide back over and I feel you between my legs we bump our heads and giggle. Then there you are, your cock head pushing against my pussy lips, your mouth on my mouth as my breasts squash against your chest. Your cock rubs against my pussy for a number of strokes, coating itself in my juices before you suddenly slide inside me in one quick stroke. The sheer pleasure, the feeling of your hard cock filling me, stretching me, reaching the sweet spot inside me from the very first thrust, takes my breath away and I feel that familiar beloved floaty feeling overtake my body. “Oh fuck I love this” I whisper in your ear. “Promise you will never stop fucking me, never…. cos I Fucken love it~!” I say and you grunt in answer. “Oh god you are so big, I can feel your cock touch my heart when you thrust inside me”…. I say in wonder, my arms tightly clasped around you. You thrust in strong, deep, hard, even strokes, and I feel your excitement building. Our mouths find each other in the darkness and we kiss wetly, open-mouthed kisses mixed with grunts. Sweat drips on our bodies and the windows are so steamed up I cannot see outside. I feel your tempo increase and somehow find a way to lift my knees so you slide in even deeper. I can hear the wet sucking sounds as my pussy tightens on your cock and tries to keep it from going out with each outward stroke, hear the squelchy wetness as you thrust back into me. Your tongue dances with mine and I feel you increase the tempo and your thrusting becomes harder, faster, wilder. ” Yes,” I whisper looking into your eyes. “Fuck me baby, come on, fuck me hard… cum inside me baby, cum NOW”~!

I feel your cock pulse inside me, see in your eyes that you are about to cum, feel your whole body tense, then relax and then I feel your cum inside me, spurting out, feel your cum fill me up and I let go and my pussy muscles clamp on your spurting cock squeezing out even more cum as I let my own orgasm overtake me. your fingers dig deep into my skin as you cum, and my finger nails leave marks as I cum, and then you collapse on top of me.

As our breathing normalises I softly stroke your back, and we find our breaths. You nuzzle ümraniye escort against me and I trace my finger tips over your skin. You close your eyes as I run my fingers over your skin. Then I feel you soften and start to slide out and you open your eyes, smile, kiss me and slide off me and onto your chair. We look at each other and laugh and we open the windows for some air, you open the door and find your clothes. I reach for mine. I step out of the car, ignoring the houses across the road and the possibility that cars may whiz by and I walk naked to the sea, closely followed by you. Holding hands we dip in the sea, daring to go thigh deep in the cold salty water.

It has been awesome and I feel like a teenager. I grab your hand and pull you down onto the warm wet sand, both of us naked, to sit cross-legged, the moonlight glinting of our skin and shining in our eyes. It’s warm and the breeze is so soft it caresses our skin without causing even a single goose-bump, but it does make my nipples harden, a detail your eyes do not miss. I lay my head against your shoulder and your arm goes around me. I wish I could freeze the moment and stay in your arms like this forever, but deep somewhere inside I am aware that my time with you is borrowed, and I feel as if the sands running through the hourglass are going to finish trickling way too soon. I do not care to think what will happen then. So instead I turn and kiss your cheek, enjoying the now, loving the now, because now is all we have, all we will ever have. And so we make now the best it can be.

I reach out and stroke your arm, and you shiver, so I look at you, smiling widely, eyes sparkling. “Are you cold?” I laugh softly. You shake your head and look at me and I see a hint of something I have not seen in your eyes before. Is it concern? “Hey” I say softly “sorry, I forgot that you have to go home, and….” I had more to say but your lips are on mine as you push me back into the sand. Your kiss is hard and desperate and delicious. Your mouth moves down to suck the tang of sea-salt from my skin and I quiver at the touch of your soft lips and warm tongue. You move down and suck my clit, your tongue diving inside me. I almost cum and drag your head up again to find your lips and slide my tongue inside, tasting our mingled cum from my own pussy. As you kiss me your hardness slides inside where I am wet and so hot and so tight and we fuck again slowly this time, as if in a trance. I feel everything, your cock filling me, the sand below me, the wind on our skin. I hear every sound, the waves, the leaves rustling in the wind, your soft murmurs, my groans, the wet squelching as you slide in and out. It’s like every fibre of my being has been awakened. I feel your cock buck inside me, feel my own orgasm build, then feel as it takes over my whole body, as my back arches and my legs quiver, as you grunt and release your hot cum inside me, and how my own orgasm pushes out our once again mingled cum juices, and it runs out over your balls and down my pussy, along that line that divides my buttocks. You collapse on me and I reach out and hold you tight, filled with awe, and mesmerised by the awesome moment we shared.

When you can move, you push up, and look down at me. Your eyes are a little sad and conflicted. “You, dear lady,” you say softly — so softly I strain to hear. “You are awesome. And dangerously addictive . . .. and I am already falling in love with you…” I free my hand and put a finger on your lips.

“No promises, no regrets,” I say softly. “No complications. That is what I promised you. And I keep my promises…” I see hurt in your eyes and I know it’s not my words that cause you pain, but the reality that we cannot be together. You hold me again, tight, so tight I can hardly breathe and you think you hid the shine of tears in your eyes, but you did not, and as you hold me a tear slides from my eye and trickles slowly down to soak into the sand. The same sand that absorbed our cum now hungrily drinks my teardrop.

You push yourself up, holding out a hand to help me up, and when we stand you pull me to you, and we hold each other for precious moments before turning and walking hand in hand back to the car. You have found a towel and we both use it to dry the sand off as we reach for our clothes and start to dress.

We dress in silence, touching as much as we can, wordless as there is nothing we can say! And suddenly there we are, dressed, but somehow still looking crumpled. My hair has come loose, my lips are red from all the kissing, my eyes are bright and you look like you just got out of bed, your neat hair all over the place, your shirt creased. I laugh and you join in and we stand there in the cold night air, laughing and holding each other tightly.

After some time we get back in the car and drive back to the restaurant. I hate goodbyes, and we kiss tenderly at my car. You brush the hair from my face and tell me I have never looked more beautiful — not ever. I smile and my finger runs across your cheek. You kiss me softly, tenderly, gently, and I get in my car. You parked so your window is by my window and you reach across and squeeze my hand. “Let me know when you get home safely” I say softly and you nod. There is sadness in goodbyes, but no regrets, and I smile as you drive away and I turn the opposite direction to go home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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