Not Another Day

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It started out as any other day but who knew what would be awaiting those few souls whose open minds let in too much darkness. The cold pitter patter of melting snow was heard echoing through the empty streets as she looked at the brightness of the white landscape. It hurt her eyes and she had to turn away even though she knew he would be coming soon. There was no contrast of color as he pulled up in a white van to collect her work done for the day.

His agile body swung out of the van door, but there was something different about his swagger today than days past. If anyone would know what kind of swagger he had it was she, as she watched him more than anyone knew. He had caught her a few times staring at him as he casually dropped off the work. When he has caught her gaze he noticed it wasn’t always on his face. She watched him move, as her mind raced with desirous thoughts. Her faced reveled more than she thought as he enjoyed watching her watch him, and he strutted a bit more for her benefit knowing he was wanted by her. She blushed easily and put her head down when he looked directly at her each day to say hi. When she wasn’t in the front he would look around until he spotted her, and she was always looking and he would wave nonchalantly. But they both new, it was a look or a tilt of the head or maybe it was in the vocal timbre when the spoke. Others didn’t know or didn’t get it but that was irrelevant. They had no reason to care if they knew or not, the want was more than they both knew. And if they knew the burning yearning need that would be fueled in the next few hours he wouldn’t be picking up the work today and she wouldn’t have waited for him.

He produced the keys needed to enter, she could have helped him but she wanted a few more minutes to watch him without him knowing she was there. She usually leaves work at 3:30 but on this day she needed to stay because his eye contact this morning was mesmerizing and she wanted more. More what? Well she didn’t know for sure but more of him in any capacity would make her happy. He was looking down as he entered the bank, swinging the door open as he swung his slim hips with his small quick movements.

She was looking at his hips as he looked up and said “Oh hey, you are here still, sorry I am running a little late.”

She smiled as her gaze lifted up to his handsome face. “That is ok I didn’t want to go home yet, all this snow is driving me crazy being esenyurt escort holed up with the family.” He looked at her directly in the eyes, she blushed and looked down.

He touched her chin and lifted up her face to meet his eyes. “Do I scare you?” he asks with a smirk.

“Oh goodness no, umm maybe I just get a little nervous talking to you, I am sorry, it is not you it is me.” She is embarrassed but strangely excited, and is trembling a bit. Her chin tingles from his touch and she is red with blush.

“Are you ready for me?” he asks.

“What?” she replied, surprised he was so bold. “The box, is it ready for me?” he says smiling cause he knows exactly what she was thinking.

“Oh yes I am sorry, yes it is ready. Ummmmmm how are the roads?” she asks stalling for more time with him. He laughs at her obviousness, and she frowns at his laugh.

He looks her up and down, as he has done many times without her knowing. He is taking in her golden hair, her sparkling aqua eyes, her smooth creamy skin. His eyes are undressing her as he looks at her silky shirt, covering her massive tits, and his mouth starts to water. He slowly gazes down her tummy and sees her long legs and wants to know if she is wet where her legs meet her body. He darts back to her eyes and she is watching him devour her with his blue eyes. He wants her she can tell.

He finally says, “I will give you a ride home and you can see how the roads are.” This was not a question it was a statement. She was so moist from his gaze she was certain he could smell her sex from across the counter. She didn’t reply she just grabbed her coat and followed his sweet ass out the door.

She told him she only lived a block away, but he wasn’t listening anyways. He said “You wanted to know how the roads are I will show you.” She was quiet because his forwardness was turning her on and she didn’t want him to stop. He drove out a mile and the roads were fine, but then he turned to the left and said we better try out the gravel. Again she did not protest. He pulled into an abandon farm, and she was extremely scared, and wondered what she was doing with him in a van out in the country.

He turned off the van, and didn’t look at her. He said, “You watch me.” It wasn’t a question it was a statement. “You see me don’t you?”.

“Yes”, she whispers.

He rasps to her, “Tell me what you see?”

“I avrupa yakası escort see you, I see the soft lips, I see the cocky walk, I see that you are great in bed, I see that you want me to be your slut, I see that you want to use me forever, I see the boredom in your eyes from everyday life. I see your desires are extreme, like mine are. I see you want the excitement that I also need.” She whispers all of this to him.

He looks over to her, blue on blue boring holes into each other. He just stares at her, making her lose her gaze because it is too intense. Her eyes drop to his pants, his zipper is straining under the pressure that is building. “I knew you seen me, understood me, you are just like me, and want me. It is in your face everyday that I come in to your work. Now you will have what you need.”

He reaches over and yanks her golden hair back, looks at her and sees the tears well up in her eyes, he doesn’t know if this is from the hair pulling or because she is scared or because the need in her is so strong that it is killing her. He touches her lips with his finger, traces the sweet pink lips and puts his finger in her mouth. She greedily starts sucking his finger immediately. She is now rubbing her legs together because everything about him has gotten her white silk panties soaked. He pulls his finger out.

He says, “I want to see you, take off your shirt” he knows she is shy about her body but has a feeling she will do anything he asks her to do. She takes off her silk blouse and silk pants while never looking away from his eyes. She can’t look away, she wants to please him. He takes his moist finger that was just in her mouth and slowly drags it down her neck, down her large creamy boobs, stopping at her tweaked nipples, he rolls it between his fingers and she moans. He traces down her belly and onto her bare mound. He looks at her when he slid his finger over her soaked slit. She pushes her bald pussy at him, hoping his fingers will slip right into the hole, she needs his finger in her, inside her hot warm walls. He pulls back yet again, he tells her “Put your finger where mine just was.” Of course she obeys.

He says “Now I am going to take out my cock and you are going to get as much of your hand into your pussy as you can.”

All she could think of was finally! He pulls out his cock which anadolu yakası escort is standing strong and hard and it is all she can do to not reach over and touch it. Her eyes glaze over with such a powerful need, he knew she would love his large manhood. He was 11 inches of silky hardness and he had to stroke himself cause she was already turning him on without even knowing it.

He said, “What did I tell you slut?” , he didn’t like calling her that but he knew she wanted to hear it. She reached down with two fingers and with no problem at all stuck them in her steaming pussy. She was moaning already just staring at his cock, licking her lips.

He says “Baby, you can do better than that, make me proud of you.” She sticks another finger in herself, it is tight, but it is so damn wet you can hear her pussy sucking it in, squishing the juices out of her, giving the van a hot sex odor, that was driving him crazy. He is massaging the head of his vein popping penis, and is loving watching this professional lady on his seat finger fucking her pussy.

He says, “More, I know you can do more, look how much you want me, you can stick four in that tight hole and you will love it.” Amazingly enough she barely gets one more finger tip inside her, it isn’t fitting but she is trying so hard he is wanting to stick his big cock in her in the most powerful way.

“Oh god, I want you so bad.” She whispers to him with smoldering eyes.

He says “DO NOT CUM YET, MY SWEET GIRL. I will tell you when I want that.” Her hand is going into her hot wet pussy and it is making him jerk harder, not wanting to enter her yet, wanting to savor the moment. He can’t he hasn’t had someone so willing to please him in every way ever.

He says, “Get your sweet ass up here and ride my cock like I know you want and crave so bad you can taste it.” She rushes to his lap, she straddles him and he is holding the base of his cock, and her wet pussy is directly over it. He says stay there and don’t move yet. She is so wet her pussy is actually dripping her hot sweet nectar right on the head of his massive dick.

He says “Serve me those luscious tits baby.” She does as told and starts moaning like crazy. Her tits are so big and full and her nipples are big and hard and are so sensitive she is nearly going crazy.

She starts saying “God please you have to give it to me. I need you, I need your cock in my pussy now, please please please please.” Oh god he was now going crazy too listening to this hot bitch beg him to fuck her. He grabbed her hips and impaled her with his massive hard on.

“Oh MY GOD!” they both said at the same time. The fit was perfect, she took him all the way in, yet enveloped him so perfectly that he thought he had died and gone to heaven, PUSSY HEAVEN.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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