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Big Tits

The first thing that entered Bo’s consciousness was her scent. It was sweet and heavy, wafting past like a breeze, then coming closer and settling in. Next came a feeling of closeness, a warmth emanating from close by, warming the bed and his exposed skin. Then came the sensations; soft skin against his, brushing lightly against his arm, over his chest, against his cheek, then back over his chest, over his waist, and lightly over his thighs. Something warm and wet on his chest, his cheeks, as the soft ministrations on his thighs moved gently over his shorts, gently teasing his cock through them. A sound now, breathing on his earlobe, someone whispering his name softly, thickly, “Bo, Bo”.

His eyes fluttered open and widened in surprise. It was dark in the room, gray in the first light, but he knew it was Noelle. He started to speak, but she put her finger on his lips and shook her head slightly. He nodded his assent, the realization that she was naked, flashing through his mind like an electric shock.

She took his right hand in hers, kissed the palm and then took his index finger and began to swirl her tongue over the tip. Then she began to suck on it softly, moving it in and out of her mouth. As she did this her other hand continued to trace lazy circles over his thighs. With each pass her fingertips grew closer to his cock which was now growing taut under his boxers.

She continued to suckle his finger and now she gently grazed her teeth over it as she sucked and licked. Bo was breathing faster, trying in vain to slow the growth of his cock. It steadily grew thicker and longer as Noelle continued to tease him.

Noelle lay his hands back above his head and adjusted herself so that her big, soft breasts hung over his mouth. “Suck my titties, “she whispered. Bo complied, kissing her right breast, licking it and teasing her aureole before sucking her nipple. He teased it with his tongue, sucking it and moaning softly. As he sucked, he felt something soft slip around his wrist. He tried to look to see what it was, but her titties blocked his view. “What are you?” he started to ask, but she brushed her nipples over his lips and whispered, “Trust me. You’ll be glad you did.” As she whispered this, she put his left hand up by the headboard and secured it softly too.

“Don’t stop,” Noelle cooed, “keep playing with my titties.”

Bo didn’t like having his hands restrained, but pleasure overrode his concern and he returned his attention to her titties, licking and suckling them, grazing her nipples with his teeth. Noelle sighed appreciatively as her fingertips outlined his now erect cock as it pressed against his shorts. Bo groaned with pleasure.

Noelle moved down toward his waist and straddled his legs. Her hands moved on either side of his cock, causing it to press harder against the thin fabric of his shorts. Bo moaned softly as his erection throbbed against the fabric. Noelle smiled reached for the bottom of his shorts and began to tug. Bo lifted his hips as she slowly worked the them down over his hips. They hung for a moment on his bulging erection and she had to reach up and pull the hem over his swollen head. As the shorts came down, his penis popped up. Bo gasped as his erection was freed from the confines of his shorts.

Noelle pulled his shorts off and then straddled his legs again, her eyes fixed on his throbbing cock. She looked up and met his eyes mischievously. Then, she bent over and grasped it gently and began to kiss it, starting at the head, moving all the way down his shaft and then returning. She did it again, this time, her tongue teasing through her lips. She kissed all the way to the base of his shaft, then back up to his head. Then, her tongue circled his head, edging it gently. Her eyes met his again as her mouth closed over his head and she began to suck lightly on it. Bo groaned at the pleasure and then gasped as she took more and more of him into her mouth, letting his cock fill her mouth and then applying soft suction as she let it out again, returning to the head.

Bo was mesmerized as he watched her; the sensations in his loins were incredible. After several more trips up and down, she smiled and pulled his cock toward his belly, gently stroking and twisting the shaft as her mouth began to tease his balls. She licked one, then the other, then suckled them one by one. Bo’s mouth was hanging open now and his eyes were half closed, the pleasure he felt matched by the mounting pressure in his balls.

Noelle released him for a moment as she reached for something on the night stand. It was a bottle of lubricant. She poured some in her hands and began to knead his thighs with it. She smiled as his cock continued to sit up and throb. She took the bottle and poured some of it over her breasts. The wet liquid glistened on her swaying breasts as she began to knead them, getting them shiny and slick. She leaned over him again, letting her breasts brush his erection. It looked and felt incredible. What she bakırköy escort did next, nearly made him lose control.

Noelle pushed her breasts together around his shaft and began to slide gently up and down, jacking his shaft with her tits and covering it with the warm, slick lube. Up and down she went, squeezing her tits around it just enough to create a light friction that caused his shaft to thicken even more.

On the next jack, as his head poked up between her tits, she took his head in her mouth and sucked gently. Then she released it and began to swirl her tongue over it; around and around, over the head, the edges, the glans, her tongue swirled and teased. Bo moaned. His cock head and shaft felt more swollen and engorged than he could ever remember them being and his balls were tingling, the pressure in them building like a rising tide.

Noelle seemed to sense that he was about to lose control and she released him and sat back again. Bo’s eyes widened and without thinking he gasped, “Don’ stop!”

Noelle winked and reached for his shaft again, taking care to avoid his sensitive head. With her left hand, she squeezed gently on the base of his shaft. With her right, she began to stroke his shaft, with long slow, twisting strokes. It intensified the feeling fullness in his throbbing shaft, making him moan and buck with each stroke. After a moment, Noelle switched hands and repeated her ministrations, her hand moving just a tiny bit faster.

Bo was panting now, his hips rising with her tugs. Now, Noelle released the base of his shaft and began to use both hands, one after the other, stroking from the base of his shaft to the head, right, then left, then right, then left, right, left, right, left, twisting and tugging until he thought his penis would surely burst it was so hard. His balls were tingling now, tight against his body and he was almost desperate to cum.

Again, Noelle seemed to read his mind. She released him, meeting his eyes and whispering, “Are you ready to cum, Bo? Are your ready to shoot it out?”

He nodded and croaked, “Yes!”

She took his shaft in her right hand, squeezing gently on the base again. “I want your cum,” she whispered, “I want to feel your cock tense, feel your body buck, feel it jerk as you shoot it.” As she said this, she leaned over, putting her lips on the head of his penis and whispered, “Fuck my mouth baby.”

With that, she closed her lips over the head and went down on him. She sucked his head, swirling her tongue over it even as the hand holding the base of his shaft began to jack it again. The tingling in his balls and the head of his cock grew matching the pressure in his balls. Her head bobbed up and down, fucking his cock with her mouth as she jacked his shaft in tempo. His hips matched her tempo, driving his erection in and out of her mouth. He felt the cum rising in his shaft and tried to hold it back, but it was no use, the pleasure coursing through his swollen member was too much. He felt his precum release and then his back arched up off the bed his cock jerking as he cried out and shot into her mouth, once, twice, three times.

Bo sat up with a start as he came, disoriented for a moment before realizing it had been a dream, a very vivid, very wet, dream, but only that. He exhaled, rubbed his face, and shook his head before rising and padding to the bathroom. He rinsed out his shorts, hung them up and then took a hot shower. As he let the warm water wash over him, his thoughts returned to Noelle.

Noelle. She had come into his life two months prior when she had moved in with Erin. His relationship with Erin was complicated. They had been friends since grammar school. In high school, they’d dated and on prom night of their junior year, they’d lost their virginity together. They’d gone steady for a few months and had both realized that they got along better as friends with benefits than anything more. They both dated other people, but still got along well and on occasion had sex.

They’d ended up both going to Furman together, she on cheerleading scholarship and he a soccer scholarship. Over the course of their first year, they’d hung out some and made love a few times. Both had dated others casually and Erin had informed him that she’d found she liked being with women more than men (though she didn’t turn him away when he’d last made a pass at her – if anything she’d had a stronger orgasm than he’d ever remembered).

When they’d arrived back at school for their sophomore year, Erin found that her roommate from the prior year had not returned. The housing director had asked her to come by and when she did, he told her that there was a freshman female soccer player who needed a roommate. Would Erin, he asked, be willing to room with her? If it didn’t work out, he promised to find another place for her at the end of the semester. Erin had agreed a bit reluctantly. Living with someone she’d never met made her nervous, beşiktaş escort but her scholarship didn’t pay for room and board, so if she didn’t have a roommate, her rent would effectively double.

Noelle had arrived a few days later with her family from Louisiana. Erin had helped her move in and they’d found each other to be decent company. Bo had come over a few days later, not knowing that Erin had a new roomie. When Noelle opened the door, Bo was speechless. For one, he was expecting Erin’s former roommate and for another, he found Noelle to be the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen.

Noelle was 5’4″ with shoulder length, black hair. Her skin was a light tan and she had freckles on her cheeks. Her green eyes were big and her lips were full. However, it was her body that made Bo stare. She was wearing a tank top that did little to hide the fact that she had large breasts, the tops of which were visible over the tank. She was a little thicker than Erin, who was petite, but by no means fat. The shorts she was wearing also made plain that she had a full bottom and her legs were firm and tan.

After an awkward moment, she had said, “Hi, can I help you?”

Her voice was soft and sweet, with a southern accent that made you smile.

Bo had blushed deeply and stuttered, “Uh, yeah, hi, um sorry, I uh, I was looking for Erin.”

As he said this Erin had come up and said, “Noelle, this is Bo. Bo, meet my new roomie, Noelle.”

Noelle had offered her hand and Bo had taken it and they had gone inside. Erin had told him the story of how Noelle had come to live with her. They had found conversation over the soccer program and chatted for a while. Soon, Bo had to leave to go to practice. Erin had offered to drop him as she was on the way to cheer practice. He’d agreed and he’d said his goodbyes to Noelle and left.

“So,” Erin had said with a smirk as they drove, “I take it you like my roomie.”

“Why do you say that?” Bo asked, knowing the answer.

“Well, the way you were staring at her, I thought you might just take her in the bedroom and have your way with her right then,” Erin said with a laugh.

Bo blushed and said, “She’s pretty. You two getting along alright so far?”

“Yes, “Erin replied, “she’s nice enough. She’s quiet, but I think that is more being unsure of herself; new place, new team, new roomie, that kind of thing.”

“Right,” he said, “well, maybe I can show her around.”

“Around what?” Erin quipped with a wink, “your bedroom.”

Bo blushed and grinned as Erin pulled up at the soccer field.

“Be nice to me and maybe I’ll let you hang out with us stud,” Erin said with a wink as he got out.

“Yes ma’am,” he grinned back, “I’ll do my best.”

The next few weeks, the three of them had hung out a bit. Bo wasn’t the only guy who found Noelle enticing. Several guys had hit on her, but she’d rebuffed them, more comfortable just with Bo and Erin and a few of their friends. Even though the semester hadn’t yet begun, they’d all gotten busy with their sports, Bo and Noelle with soccer, and Erin with cheerleading.

The Saturday night before classes started, there was a big, off-campus party that a lot of the athletes attended. Most were soccer and baseball players and their friends. The party had been fairly tame and the three of them had hung together and enjoyed themselves. They all had a couple of beers. Bo and Erin got a little buzz, but by the time she finished her second drink, Noelle was slurring her words a bit and when she took a third and got into it, she began to stumble and giggle.

Bo and Erin shared a look and Erin said, “I don’t think she’s used to drinking much.”

Bo chuckled, “No. I think we better take her home before she gets herself in trouble.”

Erin nodded in agreement. It was after midnight and they all had practice the next day. They told Noelle it was time to go. She made a pouty face and asked if they could stay a little longer. Bo and Erin laughed and said no and, reluctantly, she followed them to the car.

The ride back to the girls’ apartment was about twenty minutes and by the time they got there, Noelle had nodded off and was sound asleep. Erin giggled quietly as she looked at her. Bo, scooped her up and carried her into the apartment, laying her on her bed.

“Thanks,” Erin said, kissing him gently, “She would’ve had to sleep in the car if I’d been by myself.”

“No worries,” Bo replied.

“I’m going to bed,” Erin said giving him another squeeze, “It’s late. You’re welcome to sleep on the couch if you want.”

Bo thought that he’d rather have an invitation to her bed, but he didn’t say that, rather he nodded and said, “Yeah, I think I will.”

Erin brought him a pillow and a light blanket and gave him one more peck on the cheek, waving through a big yawn as she turned and went to bed.

Sunlight coming through the front window woke Bo the next morning. He stretched and rolled over. beylikdüzü escort He dozed for a bit and then woke again. He stood and stretched and went to the bathroom. When he was done, he peeked into the girls’ rooms. Noelle was sleeping soundly, snoring softly. Erin was awake and met his eyes when he looked in. She stretched and yawned and said huskily, “Good morning.”

“Good morning,” Bo replied, stepping into her room. She scooted over to the far side of the bed and patted the mattress next to her. Bo went over and lay down beside her and she moved close, snuggling up next to him.

“You smell like you went to a party last night,” she said with a chuckle.

“What a coincidence,” he said with mock seriousness, “you know it seems like I did.”

They both smiled and Erin laid her head on his chest.

“I don’t want to get up,” Erin said with a sigh, “I need to wash clothes and we’ve got a two hour practice this afternoon.”

“I feel ya,” Bo replied, “bout the same for me.”

“Why don’t you do that?” Erin said softly, “Feel me.”

As she said it, her fingers slid down his chest and outlined his cock through his shorts.

Bo smiled as his hand moved down Erin’s back and found her firm, round bottom. He began to squeeze it as she leaned in and kissed him. He returned the kiss, kneading her ass as her fingers moved over his chest, teasing his nipples and returning down his belly and back over his shorts again.

“Wakey, wakey,” she whispered as her tongue teased his lips and found his tongue. They kissed deeply, their tongues dancing as their hands continued to roam. Bo’s cock was stiff now, pressing against his boxers. Erin placed her hand on the head and moved it in slow circles, teasing it through the thin fabric.

Bo groaned as his arousal grew, reaching between her legs to stroke her pussy which was already emanating heat. She sighed deeply as he stroked her. Then she arched her back, pushing up on her elbows and raising her hips off the bed. Bo reached over and pulled her panties down as far as he could. Erin lay back down and wiggled them off her legs. She turned toward him again, parting her legs to allow him access. He began to stroke her again and she moaned as he slid a finger inside her damp, smoldering pussy.

“Your turn,” she said, patting his boxers.

Bo repeated her move, raising himself up on his elbows and pushing his hips up off the bed. Erin tried to pull off his shorts, but they wouldn’t come off over his erection. They both giggled and Bo reached down and pushed them over his swollen cock. It popped to attention as it cleared the shorts and they both giggled again.

Erin snuggled against him again and reached for his shaft with her left hand. She began to jack it slowly with long, gently twisting strokes. His right hand found her pussy again and began to stroke it gently, slowly pushing his fingers inside. Their breathing quickened as their hands did, slowly driving each other mad with desire. They turned to face each other and continued stroking. Erin had made a circle with her fingers which Bo was thrusting in and out of while she was thrusting herself against his stroking fingers. She moaned a long, low moan of desire.

Bo sat up and pulled her up too, then nearly ripped her night shirt as he pulled it over her head. He sat back against the headboard and she sat with her back to him. He fondled her breasts and nibbled at her neck as she reached between her legs to find his erection. His hands moved to his waist and he lifted her up and held her as she guided his throbbing erection into her pussy. He let her down, settling her on his cock and they began to move together. He pushed his erect cock up into her and she pushed her pussy down onto it. He reached for her tits again and stroked and pulled on her nipples as she rode him. She moaned at the sweet sensations as he thrust into her with long, deep strokes.

“Yes,” she hissed as the tempo began to pick up.

The bed began to creak with each thrust and she could hear the sweet, wet sound of their sexes meeting as they thrust their sexes together.

It felt so good. Bo’s eyes were closed as he thrust faster, his cock throbbing now as her pussy seemed to massage it. Erin was thrusting herself onto him fervently and had just reached down and begun to rub her clit when she opened her eyes and saw, in the mirror, Noelle watching them from the hall.

Somewhere in her pleasure addled brain, Erin thought for a nano-second about stopping, but that thought was quickly erased and she began to thrust with all her might, pushing herself and Bo closer and closer to orgasm. Involuntarily, she moaned again and arched her back. Bo was reaching the end of his control and grasped Erin’s hips now, impaling her passionately on his cock. They were both moaning now, their climaxes coming closer and closer.

Up and down Erin’s pussy slammed into his cock. In and out he thrust. Faster still. Suddenly, Erin’s pussy clamped around his cock and she let out a long moan, took in a deep breath and cried out as her orgasm rolled over her.

“Yes!” she moaned, “Yes, yes!”

It was more than Bo could take. He thrust up desperately, feeling the cum rising in his shaft. He felt his cum rise into the head of his cock as he fucked her wildly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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