New Year with Diana

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It was New Year’s Eve. Another year has gone by. Time seems to go by so quick these days. Diana and Roger have had their up and downs, but they still always enjoy New Year’s Eve together.

They both have few friends, so they usually just stay home together, or go to a quiet place for a drink or two. They decided that year to go out to a quiet bar/restaurant for late dinner the place was almost empty. They sat next to each other and ordered their favourite drinks and meal.

It was nice having almost the entire restaurant to them. They joked and laughed, sneaking in a little kiss along the way. Both finished their meal and ordered another drink.

Roger suddenly thought about the time and looked at the clock; it was about 3 minutes to midnight. They watched the ball fall on the bar TV; and gave each other a nice kiss just as midnight struck.

They gazed softly into each other’s eyes, shared another deeper kiss, and then began making out at the table. After a minute they remembered where they were and composed themselves.

Roger paid the cheque and we went to the car. Once inside they began making out again. They gazed into each other’s eyes, both having that subtle ‘I know what you want, I want it too’ look.

Roger definitely broke a few speed limits to get home. They quickly removed off their coats and just tossed them on the floor.

Without saying a word, Roger came up behind Diana and wrapped his arms around her. She purred as he massaged her breasts through her blouse, softly nibbling at her neck and ear before spinning her around and pushing her against the wall.

Roger brought his lips within millimeters of her, blowing gently on her lips before kissing them softly. They spent several minutes making out as Roger kept his body pressed against hers; their tongues darting between their halkalı escort mouths as their hands explored each other’s bodies.

Diana then pushed Roger away and directed him to pull out the sofa bed in the living room before disappearing into the bedroom.

Roger pulled out the bed, turned off the lights and lit a couple of candles, stripped naked, and got under the covers. She came out of the bedroom after a few minutes wearing a black semi-sheer mid length nightie.

She walked to the end of the bed, grabbed the covers, and pulled them off the bed, exposing his naked body and rock-hard cock that was just dying for attention.

Smiling hungrily, Diana crawled in between Roger’s legs and took his cock into her mouth. Slowly she moved, bringing his throbbing tool deep into her throat and out again, sucking softly as her head bobbed up and down at just the right speed and rhythm.

As Roger would begin to build toward an orgasm she would stop for a moment and just hold his cock tight in her hand, then start again, deep into her throat; the tease was driving Roger absolutely insane.

After several minutes of torturing him Diana stopped and crawled on top of him. Roger ran his hands first over, then under her nightie.

She had no panties on, so he was able to caress the bare skin of her smooth and perfect ass while they slid their tongues deep in their mouths.

Straddled on him just right he slid his cock slowly into her warm wet pussy. She moaned with pleasure as he slid in deeper and deeper and just held her tight as his cock pulsated inside her.

She then sat up straight and began to ride him, slowly at first, then a little faster. Roger gently massaged her breasts through her nightie, as she continued to gyrate on top of him. She then reached down and slowly şişli escort pulled off her nightie, exposing those perfectly round D-cup breasts that he loved so much. Roger reached up and caressed them, slowly and gently at first, then a little rougher, tweaking and pinching her nipples as Diana rode him faster.

Roger moved his hands to her hips and rocked here back and forth, giving that firm ass an occasional spank as she moaned with pleasure. Faster and faster she rode his cock, moaning louder with every movement.

Roger moved his hands back to her breasts, massaging them semi-softly as she rode away. He felt her body begin to tremble as she built up to an orgasm. Roger took her breasts firm in his hands and pinched her nipples hard.

She let out a duel pleasure/pain yelp which turned into a moaning scream. She froze on top of him, his cock buried deep in her pussy, her body trembling wildly as a huge orgasm overcame her.

He held Diana’s breasts good and tight as her whole body quivered with pleasure. Diana shook for what seemed like forever before collapsing on top of Roger, still trembling as his cock slipped out of her warm hole.

He just held her for several moments; then he brought her lips to him and buried his tongue deep in her mouth again, as they kissed passionately.

Roger then motioned her to lie on her back. He stood up and moved Diana’s hips to the edge of the bed. He took some lotion off her nightstand and poured a little into his hands.

He moved between her knees and began to give her then red breasts and nipples a soft massage, while letting his still throbbing cock rest against her clit.

Diana closed her eyes and moaned softly as he caressed and kneaded her breasts, still tweaking her nipples ever so softly. sarıyer escort Roger kept this up for several minutes as she purred with pleasure.

Roger then lifted her legs up so the back of her heels were on his shoulders. He took his cock in his hand and stroked it against her clit softly.

Diana begged him to fuck her but remembering how she teased him with her mouth earlier Roger wanted to return the favour. After several moments of her begging he decided that she had enough.

Roger moved his cock down and slowly slid it into her wet pussy as deep as he possibly could as she moaned with delight. Roger then pulled his cock out almost all the way, and then slammed it back inside her fast, causing her to howl with pleasurable surprise.

He slid almost all the way out and did it again, repeating this at least twenty more times as she yelped and shuddered a little more with each hard thrust into her.

Roger then began a slower rhythmic pace, still pulling almost all the way out, and then burying his cock deep as possible into her now dripping wet pussy. In and out he continued.

Diana moaned with delight as he watched those beautiful breasts of hers bounce in perfect unison with every thrust. Roger picked up the pace a little, and then a little more, still pushing his cock into her pussy as deep as he possibly could.

Roger pounded her harder and faster yet again until he was fucking her with all his might and speed. In and out, harder and faster, as Diana moaned and shook beneath him.

He held himself from climaxing as long as he could but finally he could hold it no longer. Roger buried his cock deep inside of her and blasted his hot come deep inside her as she screamed and shook with another huge mind bending orgasm, her hot pussy convulsing around his cock.

Roger stayed buried deep inside her until she stopped shaking then slowly pulled out, swung her legs back onto the bed and curled up next to her.

After a little more passionate kissing they fell asleep; their naked bodies entwined into each other. Roger and Diana couldn’t think of a better way to start a new year.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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