Nerea’s Job Interview

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Nerea thought that law was a boring subject before she got the job as “legal aid”. When her friend started mentioning how handsy the lawyers at her office were, Nerea got interested.

She knew she didn’t have any legitimate legal skills or even any office skills, so when her friend got her an interview she just laid it out bare.

“I can’t type; I know nothing about the law; I hate reading, but I love sucking cock; licking pussy, and eating ass! I’ll dress however you want as long as its slutty.”

“I find your candor naive and refreshing. I also find you to be an interesting candidate. I won’t waste our time asking the usual qualifying questions. I already know that I want to hire you. What sort of compensation package were you hoping for?”

“Compenwhatnow, Ms. Sharpe?”

“Payment, salary, benefits?”

“Oh! Um, well, I don’t have much, but I guess I can give you around 10 a day, but only for a month or two. After that, I’d have to ask Daddy for more allowance.”

‘You are precious. We’ll pay YOU. How much do you think is fair?”

“Um, gee. My Daddy buys me underwear, but if you wanted me wearing nice clothes like the pretty lady in front, istanbul escort maybe you could buy them for me?”

Ms. Sheela Sharpe was used to negotiating salaries downward, but she found herself in the off position of advocating for the other side. Still, this girl was gorgeous, had a great body, and claimed to have the skillset her firm was looking for.

“Miss Onan, should you prove to have the talent required for this position, we would want you to be a happy employee. Is there anything else you need to be a satisfied employee?”

“Um, well, I know that I’d probably get to eat your pussy, and maybe if it’s ok with you I could also lick that little hole in your butt?”

“That would be delightful! Yes, I will let you lick my ass. Is there anything more you could hope for?”

“Gee, um, I did notice that you had some boy lawyers too. Do you think maybe I could suck their cocks? I’m small, so I could swallow their jizz, er um, is sperm the legal term? Er, I could suck them under their desks while they worked. I promise I won’t spill any. It’s just that there are so many cute boys and handsome Daddies avcılar escort working here that it makes me all tingly and drooly for man cum.”

The young woman shifted around in her chair, jiggling her almost completely exposed tits in a way that made Ms. Sharpe tingle a bit herself.

After letting her wiggle around a bit in silence, Ms. Sharpe cleared her throat.

“Ahem, well, yes, well, we could certainly include that in your duties (it was already), but I think I’ll have to observe every now and then, just to make sure you’re doing things properly.”

“Those are already … benefits that are part of the position.”

“Position? Um, I can do all the ones I know the names of, and a few other fancy ones!”

“By position, I mean the job. Is there anything else that you want?”

“Ooh, I like that game, if I could have anything I would want … bigger tits!”

The girl’s face suddenly darkened and she began to pout.

“My last boyfriend was going to buy them for me, but his wife wouldn’t let him. I thought she was nice cuz of the way she used to help me learn how to throat her husband. She would grab my hair, and şirinevler escort shove the back of my head down onto his dick. When my boyfriend said he was getting me bimbo tits, she suddenly started to get all mean.”

“Anyway, it’s been my dream since I was little to have giant boobies so men would stare at me more. I really like your big tits Ms. Sharpe. They look like they’d be real fun to suck on.”

“Hmm, yes, suck on my big tits, I … Excuse me Miss Onan, I got a bit distracted. You want big tits? Let me think about it. Yes. That could be part of the compensation package. In fact, if you’re interested, we have a plastic surgeon in Macao who has a whole bimbo package that we could get for you.”

“Oooo! Goody!” Nerea screamed.

“Does that mean I got the job?”

“Not quite yet. I still need to see if you have the skills you claim to have. We’ll start with pussy eating.”

Ms. Sharpe got up, came around the desk, hopped her butt up on the edge in front of the girl, then spread her legs to show her pantiless crotch. She didn’t even have to tell the girl what to do.

“Yummy!” squealed the girl and dove in.

After 3 orgasms, Ms. Sharpe flipped over and again didn’t have to give instructions.

“Wow! What a pretty butthole! I’m gonna put my tongue in it.”

Ms. Sharpe had her do the other part of the practical skills test with her partner Mr. Pointee. Mr. Pointee tested all of her skills thoroughly for the rest of the afternoon.

She got the job.

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