Naughty Night Out Ch. 02

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When we got back to the hotel we headed upstairs. I wasn’t sure about you, after all you had come at least five times already, but I knew that I was still horny. I wanted your body again; I couldn’t get enough of it. I was always a horny and sexual guy, but with you I was even more so.

‘You wanna have a bath together and clean up a bit??’ I suggested with a naughty grin.

‘Are you still horny Ben?’ you asked with a knowing smile, as you reached forwards to brush your hand against my cock.

I nodded. ‘If you’re all sexed out for tonight that’s ok babes, we still have another couple of nights here.’ I said.

‘Well let’s run a bath and see, alright? I am a bit tired at the moment but a bath might perk me up slightly.’ You replied.

You wandered off to start running the bath while I went to find where the hotel towels were. When I walked back into the bathroom, my mouth dropped open in shock. You were bent over the bath testing the temperature of the water, while your tight dress rode high up your legs, giving me nice view of your exposed pussy. Your arse looked absolutely fantastic…I was speechless.

You turned around as I dropped the towels on the floor and gave me a naughty grin. You knew exactly how to tease me…well two could play at that game. I casually dropped my pants, exposing my hardening cock to your eyes. I saw your eyes widen slightly and a look of lust passed through them.

I moved closer to you.

‘How’s the water baby?’ I asked as I came up behind you and brushed my cock against your wet pussy. Your only response was a moan as my cock softly stroked up your pussy lips. I could tell you wanted me to slide inside you, but I knew I was gonna tease you for it and make you beg me for it. You were mine now.

‘Ash? Are you ok? You’re not saying anything.’ I said as I slid just the head of my cock inside your pussy, and slowly teased you with just the head. Fuck you were absolutely soaked already. I could tell you were majorly turned on. You managed to gasp out that you were fine. I grinned again. I knew that you were trying to act normal but I knew that if I pulled my cock head out of you then you would practically be begging for a fucking. I began to slowly slide my cock out of you. You pressed your pussy back against me as you tried not to let me leave it. As my cock head slid out, you let out a small moan and your legs trembled slightly.

‘Fuck Ben. I’m so fucking horny again!! God I want you.’

With that I turned the water off, span you around and kissed you deeply. As I pulled you tight up against me, I reached up your skirt and rubbed my finger around your clit before sliding two fingers inside your dripping pussy.

‘Ohhhhhh Ben!!!’ you moaned as my two fingers entered your soaked pussy. I pulled them out and lifted them up to my mouth to suck your wonderful pussy juices off them. God you tasted so fucking sexy.

‘Lets get this halkalı escort dress off you babe.’ I said.

‘Wait! Let me do it baby. You sit there and watch.’ You said as you pushed me back and sat me down on the edge of the bath. I stripped off my top, so I was sitting naked on the edge of the bath. You started moving and swaying your body so sexily, while staring at me with your horny eyes.

You pulled the top of your dress down to expose the bra that held your wonderful tits in place. You reached around behind you and unclipped your bra, then pulled it off and dropped it on the floor. God your tits were fantastic!! I just wanted to kiss and suck every inch of them. You rubbed your hand over your breasts and rolled a nipple between your finger and thumb, making it so hard. Your other hand was rubbing your clit as you were moaning.

‘Ohh god Ben. Fuck that feels so fucking good!! I’m imagining your soft tongue licking my clit right now. God I’m so turned on!! God Ben I’m really fucking close already!! I wanna come so hard!!’ you moaned as you fingered your clit.

I was as hard as a rock at this show you were putting on for me. My hard cock was sticking straight out from me. I wanted desperately to stroke it and shoot my load all over you, but I knew that I would get to fuck you soon.

‘Come here then babe and I’ll make you come.’ I said.

You wiggled out of your dress and came over to me. You placed one leg up on the side of the bath, which fully exposed your wet pussy, with your clit just peeking out.

‘Fucking lick my pussy Ben and make me come!!’ you said.

I didn’t need to be asked twice!!! As I leaned forward to lick you, you grabbed my head and forcefully shoved my face against your pussy. I licked you right up the full length of your pussy. You weren’t wrong about being turned on, I was tasting a lot of juices flowing from your pussy!! You were so turned on that it only took me a few licks of your pussy to bring you to orgasm.

‘Oh fuck Ben that’s it baby!!! Oh my god!!! Fuck baby I’m coming already!! Oh shit!! FUCK!!! OHH FUCK!!! BEN I’M COMING!!! FUUUUUUCCCCCKKKK!!! OHHHH GOD!!!’

You ground your pussy into my face as I could feel your hot juices flowing onto my face as you came so hard. I was still licking your clit as you humped my face, you legs were trembling and I had my hands on your arse supporting you so that you didn’t collapse. You stopped coming, and then suddenly dropped to your knees, startling me.

‘Ash are you……’ I didn’t get to finish my statement as you grabbed hold of my cock and slid your soft lips around it!! I almost came from the first lick.

‘Fuck you know how to give an amazing blowjob baby.’ I moaned.

‘I want your come baby!! I’ve been a naughty girl and you should come all over me!!’ you moaned as you stroked my cock, before resuming your sucking.

God you taksim escort looked so sexy as you looked up at me while you gave me an amazing cock sucking. I reluctantly stopped her before I could come.

‘Don’t worry baby, you will get my come but I wanna fuck you first.’ I said.

With that I pulled you upwards and bent you over the side of the bath and you held tightly onto the side. I stood behind you and slid my cock as deep into you as I could until I could feel my balls touching your wet clit.

‘Ohhhh fuck Ben!! Your cock feels so fucking AMAZING!!’ you moaned.

‘Mmmmm fuck baby your pussy is so tight babes, it feels so hot and wet on my cock!!’ I moaned back, ‘Now I’m gonna punish you for being such a naughty girl.’

I drew my hips back and began to fuck your pussy hard and deep. You were so wet and I slid in and out so easily. As I fucked you, you began to moan my name louder. I spanked your arse.

‘Ohhhhh fuck Ben!!’

I spanked you again, as my cock penetrated deep into you.

‘Fuuuuckkkk!!! Shit!!!!’

I spanked you again, a bit harder this time.


I spanked your arse again.

You screamed and came on my cock. Your legs trembled as you came and your juices soaked my cock as the combination of the hard fucking and the spanking made you come like crazy. ‘That’s right my filthy girl!! Take my cock you naughty bitch!!’ I moaned while I fucked you.

I pulled you up against me so I was fucking you from behind while we were standing. I pulled your head around so that I could kiss you. I continued to slide my cock in and out of your pussy as we kissed in that position, while you moaned into my mouth. Then I bent you back over and began to fuck you harder again. I reached around with one hand so that I could fondle your nipple, while my other hand continued to spank your sexy arse.

I could tell that you were getting close as you were screaming my name and your pussy was getting so tight on my cock.

‘OHHH BABE I’M GONNA COME AGAIN!!! OHHH FUCK!! HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME!!! FUUUUUCCCKKKK!!! I’M COMING!!! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH BEN!!!!’ you were screaming my name as I fucked you so hard and deep.

‘Ohh fuck Ash your pussy feels so good on my cock!! Fuck your coming hard Ash!!! O shit baby I’m getting close!!!’

You stopped coming, and turned to look at me and practically yelled, ‘Fuck I’m so horny!! Fuck my arse Ben!!! I need your cock in me right now!!! Put it in my arse and make me come!!!’

I knew that you loved to get fucked in your arse when you got really horny and so I knew that I wanted to fuck you hard and make us both come again.

I slipped my hard cock out of your wet pussy and placed it at the entrance of your arse.

‘Oh god Ben!! Please fuck me!! I want your cock in my arse now babe!! Fuck me!!’

I slowly slid my cock head into şişli escort your tight arse. It felt so fucking tight around my cock. You moaned loudly as my cock head entered you. Once the head was in, I slowly slid my length deeper into you. I was rock hard. As I filled your arse with my cock, you were already moaning.

‘Oh fuck Ben that feels so good! I love your hard cock in my arse!!! Fuck me baby!! Make me come with your cock in my arse!!’

I began to fuck you in earnest, sliding my cock hard and deep into your arse. God you were so tight, I knew that I wouldn’t last long, after your amazing blowjob and fucking from before. I wanted to make you come again before I did, so I reached down to your pussy and began to rub your clit softly in circles. Your clit was so hard, and coated in your pussy juices.

‘Holy shit Ben!! Fuck baby!!! FUCK!! I’m getting close again!!! O FUCK!! Fuck baby spank me like the filthy bitch I am!!! OHH MY GOD!!!’ you screamed.

I spanked your arse with my free hand. ‘Fuck Ash you are so fucking sexy!! You’re my filthy bitch baby!! I’m fucking your arse and spanking you, you fucking naughty girl!! Fuck baby, my cock is gonna explode!!’


I could feel my come rising in my cock and I knew that I was gonna explode.


‘Ben shoot it on my face and tits!! I’m your filthy slut and I want you to come all over me!!’ you moaned as you turned around and knelt in front of my hard cock.

It only took a couple of strokes and I could feel my come about to explode out of my cock. I held my cock and pointed it down at you, where you knelt with your mouth open and tits pressed up ready to take my come. Then the hardest orgasm of my life took over and I began to shoot a massive load of come all over you.


As the last few squirts fell onto your breasts, I had to sit down as my legs were about to collapse with the intense orgasm I had just had. I looked at you, and you were my filthy slut. My come all over your face and in your mouth. Some running down your chin and onto your tits. Fuck you looked sexy!! You looked at me and smiled.

‘So am I a good girl now?’ you asked.

I nodded. Still breathless form the intense sex session.

‘How about that bath now?’ You asked me.

‘Sounds like a good idea.’ I replied.

‘God Ben that was an amazing night. I’ve never come so many times, or so hard!! It was so intense when you fucked my arse.’

‘Ashley thank you for everything tonight. It was fucking amazing for me too!’

We jumped in the bath then to clean up and relax for a bit. We were both exhausted from all of the sex and orgasms from the night.

I thought to myself…what are the next two nights on holiday going to be like…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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