My mother finally let’s me fuck her

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My mother finally let’s me fuck her
This is a story and over 18, mother and son sex.

Hi my name is Nathan aged 21 and I’m 6’5 with a muscly body from my years of football and I have an 8inch cock that only gets hard from my mother Alice aged 44 with the sexiest body you will ever see, she has Ava Addams body and looks of Kendra Lust with dark red hair and green eyes, her breasts and ass are the same size as Ava Addams they are all natural, my mum had me when she was 16 and at the age of 5 I’ve always had a crush on her.

When I hit the coming of age and noticed my cock would get hard whenever I looked at my mum but not at any other girls so I decided to show my mum my hard cock and see her reaction, “mummy look at this my cock it hard I don’t know why” pretending to not know about erections and my mum saw my cock her face went a bit red as she said “put that away Nathan, you don’t need to show mummy your erection” “Is that what it’s called ok but can you tell me why I only get an erection around you and no one else” My mum looked at me in shock “well Nathan sweetie that is wrong for you to get like that from me but you soon grow out of that” but she was wrong.

My feeling for my mum grow with the years by the time I was 16 I found out about i****t and read a couple of stories online, the ones I read the most where how I subdued my mother and some were real and some were fake but all turned me on and I wanted to try some of their techniques, I would flirt with my mum trying to feel sexual around me and I tried from 16 to 18 to get her in bed with me but nothing until one Christmas when I was 18.

The day started out like any other day except it was Christmas my mum was in the kitchen cooking and my dad was sitting on his arm chair watching TV, I notice a mistletoe hanging above my mum head that my dad must have put up so he can kiss mum every time he would go into the kitchen so I thought I would use it for my own purpose, I went into the kitchen and I could feel my cock begging to rise as I saw my mum’s ass bending over the cooker “Merry Christmas mum” she turned me and saw my bottoms tenting up from my hardening cock that her face went a bit red as she said “Merry Christmas Nathan” I walked over to her “look up mum do you know what that is” she looked up and saw the mistletoe “oh that well umm” she was straggling to say anything as I moved in closer to her “it’s a mistletoe and you know the rule of a mistletoe, the two people under the mistletoe must kiss each other on the lips”.

I moved in for the kiss but my mum pushed me back “we can’t do that because it’s wrong for a mother and c***d to kiss like that” “well you going to break the number one rule of a mistletoe mum and it’s just one kiss” she looked at me and could feel my hard cock pressing to her thigh and she sighed “fine but don’t try anything else mister and I will slap you” with that said she moved a bit more closer to me and I brought my lips down to meet hers and oh my god I nearly came in my underwear and bottoms because I’m finely kissing my hot ass mum and her lips are a soft as I excepted, I knew that it might feel weird kissing my mum but it don’t it felt güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri normal and get a bit cocky and tried to stick my tongue in her mouth and she pushed my away and slapped me “I told you if you try anything I would slap you” and she went back to cooking.

The rest of Christmas was a bit awkward between me and my mum as we exchanged gift and all that, so in the New Year I moved into one of my friends place so it would be easier for me to go to college for 3 more years, I got messages from my parents on my 19th and 20th birthdays and I missed two Christmas with them because I felt that it was best for me to stay away from my mum for a while and they were fine with that and I still sent the gifts and they sent me my gifts to my friend’s house, I finished my college course 2 days before my 21st birthday and I got a message from my mum on Facebook saying “Hi Nathan it’s mummy, are you still upset about what I did to you 3 years ago because I want to see you again and wish you a happy birthday in person please tell me” so I replied back “Hi mum and it was my fault 3 years ago, you are not to blame and I was trying to focus on college and well not you, hope you understand and I will be round the night before my birthday because I finished my course, I love you and I will see you tomorrow” my just said “see you tomorrow Nathen kissing emoji”.

I didn’t think anything of the kissing emoji because she always sent that me texts and messages, Tuesday morning arrived the date was 23rd of September 2018 my birthday and I drove home to my dad outside under his car “hey dad what’s up with the car this time” then he slide from under the car “oh Nathan your home, nothing wrong just checking if there any holes under the car because I heard loud bang come from under the engine but everything seems to be all there” then my mum came out with a cup of tea for my dad and she saw me which made my cock twitch as she came towards us, she gave dad his tea and a kiss on the cheek before turning to me “Nathan welcome back home” then she wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her giving me a long kiss on the cheek while she hugged me which I thought was a bit weird for her to prolong the her hug and kiss like this maybe she did miss more than I thought.

My mum whispered in my ear something I never thought she would say (“looks like you missed me as much as I missed you big boy”) then I felt her right hand on my semi-hard cock before let me go and going back inside was my mum just flirting with me? I didn’t know what got it to her but I like it, my mum went back inside and I followed her in as my dad went back to check under his car, I went to my room and notice a strange smell in there, it was a sweet smell of muck in my room and I didn’t know what it was but I like the smell, I stayed my bedroom until dinner time where I was given a card from my dad “I’m give you this now because I won’t be here tomorrow as I got to go up north to Manchester for business and I’ll be leaving here after dinner” so tomorrow I be home alone with my sexy ass mother and she looked at me as then she smiled güvenilir bahis şirketleri at me but this smile seemed sexual to me and so we did our normal every night things then my dad left and me and my mum went our rooms for the night.

I woke up the next morning as a 21 year old man and I knew exactly what I wanted to do today but my mum would never allow me to do it with her, when I left my room I noticed my mum and dad room door was shut and there was movement on the other side “mum are you in there” “Yes I am Nathan, I’m just getting dressed go down and watch TV I’ll be down in a few” so I went downstairs and put the TV on a few moments later I heard my mum come down the stairs “Nathan close your eyes for a bid surprise and no peeking” I was about to turn around when she screamed at me “If you look you won’t get your surprise!!” so I turned my head back towards the TV and placed my hands over my eyes “ok mum I’ll do as you ask, this better be a good surprise though” “oh trust me it’s one you will never forget”.

Then I heard hear walk to stand right in front, and then I heard something hits the floor like a towel or dressing gown “Ok…Nathan you can look now” then I removed my hands from my eyes and they nearly popped out of my head as my cock went from soft to hard in a matter of seconds as I was the most beautiful sight of my mum in red stockings with a red garter belt, black panties, black bra standing in front of me “judging by the tent in your bottoms that you like the surprise but there is more” “Wait what going on here mum, why you dressed like that, I like what I’m seeing but tell me what going on” she sighed and walked over to me and sat on my lap “ok I tell you the truth Nathan, I know that you have been flirting with me from 16 to 18 and I really did enjoy you flirting with me even though I didn’t show it, and when you saw that mistletoe that I put up so I could kiss you made me orgasm but I couldn’t let myself give into because your my son, so I know your father was leaving town and I decided to give you the one thing you been waiting for” “Oh really mum and what that one thing” I said as I placed my hands on her ass.

“You’re going to make me say it aren’t you” “well yeah I need to make sure it’s the right thing I want” I squeezed her ass as she leant forward with her nose touching my nose looking me in the eyes “fine I’ll say it, your finally going to fuck me Nathan” the she placed her lips on to mine and she pushed her tongue into my mouth so I return the kiss with my tongue going into her mouth, I still couldn’t believe this was happen I thought it was a dream so I pinched myself and my mum was still sitting on my lap passionately kissing me so I moved my hand up the back of her body and unclipped her bra which made her brake the kiss as I removed the bra from her breasts revealing her cute pink hard nipples “go ahead and suck them like you did when you was a baby” so I put my hands on her breasts and placed my lips on her right nipple and began to suck and lick it making her moan, “oh baby that feels good, suck mummy’s nipples” I felt her hand wrap around my cock and start stroking canlı bahis şirketleri it.

I broke from sucking my mum’s nipples “do you want to suck my cock now mum” she bit her low lip before saying “stand up Nathan and let me suck your big cock” then she climbed of me so I could stand up, my mum was on her knees waiting as I stood in front of her with my cock pointing to the ceiling “oh my how big you have grown, you an inch bigger than your dad’s cock but you both have thick cocks” she then wrap her mouth around my cock and I felt like I was going to cum then and there but I didn’t thank god, my mum took my cock deep before she began bobbing her head on my cock “oh fuck mum you so good at this, fuck suck my cock, shit if you kept this up I’ll cum soon” hearing this my mum picked up the speed of her bobbing “oh fuck mum I’m going to cum” which I did filling up her mouth which she swallowed all of it “mmm so creamy Nathan, now come and eat your mother’s pussy”.

She stood up taking of her panties, then sat on the couch and spread her stocking covered legs showing me her pussy, my cock was slowly going soft but seeing my mum’s pussy made my cock get hard again, I moved closer to her pussy and then placed my lips onto it and oh my god the tasted was so good and she was wet as well. I began to lick and suck her pussy juices making her moan in pleasure “oh god Nathan, you so good at this you sure you haven’t had a girlfriend” I even surprised myself at how good I was at licking pussy since this is the first pussy I have ever tasted “oh Nathan fuck it feels so good, you’re going to make mummy cum if you keep this up” I didn’t stop because I wanted to tasted my mother’s cum “oh I’m cumming Nathan, fuck I’m cumming” that when it hit me, her orgasm was short but taste was good then I placed my cock in line with her pussy “are you ready mum for me to fuck your pussy”.

“Yes Nathan stick your cock inside me, fuck your mother hard” once she said that I pushed my cock into her pussy and she let out a moan as my cock entered her “oh fuck mum you’re so tight, I hope I’m not hurting you” “oh no baby you’re not hurting me, just keep going” so I began to move my hips making her moan as my cock went in and out of her pussy. Once I started picking up the pace of pounding my mum’s pussy making her moan a lot “oh fuck me Nathan fuck mummy’s pussy, oh fuck yes I’m cumming, oh god you so good at this” I felt her cum on my cock a couple of times which felt good but I could feel that I was about to cum this time “oh fuck mum I’m going to cum soon, I should cum outside you” as so as I was about cum I started to pull out of my mum’s pussy when she wrap her legs around my waist and pushed my cock back into her as I came deep in her womb my hot load went “oh fuck mum what did you just do, what if you get pregnant” she placed her lips on to mine and said “don’t worry I’m not going to get pregnant anytime as I have no more eggs let inside me, so you can come inside me as much as you want” “oh really then are you ready for more sex” I was still hard inside her, she looked at me then the magic words came out of her mouth “let got to your room and continue fucking Nathan”.

That’s exactly what happened as we went to my room and continued our passionate fucking for the 2 weeks my father was away and we even fuck when he returned home in secret as long as we could, I’m glad my mum let me finally let me fuck her and now we can’t stop no matter what happens.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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