My Freaky Girlfriend

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Recently, I met the freakiest chick I’ve ever met. This chick has the greatest body and what an ass. It’s perfectly round and she wears those short shorts and you can see her pussy right through them.

The girl is freaky and she loves to have anal sex. In fact, we had anal sex long before I ever fucked her pussy. She loves to get all nasty and even enjoys when I dominate her. I must be the luckiest dude out there.

I have to tell you she dresses in the tightest clothes you’ve ever seen and she just loves to get fucked. How lucky am I. One time, I was at my job. I’m an accountant at a fortune five hundred company.

My girl Denise came to my office with lunch. I thought that was so sweet. But, that wasn’t why she came to see me. She came to suck my cock and have me fuck that tight rosebud of hers.

She went back to my door and locked it. My girl walked to my desk and she sat on it. She was wearing this cute little sundress with little flowers on it and of course no panties. Denise has long legs and she was wearing these cute jeweled silver sandals.

“Your little slut came to suck your cock. Do you want me to do that for you?”

She then took off my belt and unzipped my pants and pulled them down. Denise got on her knees and played with my cock. I wasn’t hard, but in a few minutes she jerked my cock. My rod grew to its length of seven inches. My girl then wrapped her mouth around my throbbing cock and took me into her hot, warm, mouth.

Denise sucked and gagged on my thick prick. She worked my cock deep into her slutty mouth. I moved her straps down on her dress and pulled her dress down to expose her huge jugs. My baby has a nice rack on her. Her bra size is 38D. I played with her erect nipples, while my girl slobbered up and down over my thick prick.

“Eric, please will you fuck my ass? I’m so horny for you. I just love to feel your big, fat, hard cock in my little rosebud.”

“Denise, you’re such a freaky chick. Of course I will fuck your kurtköy escort ass.”

With that my girl bent her ass over my desk. I spit on my palm and rubbed it all over her ass and my cock. I slid my cock into her slowly. Her little rosebud opened up right away. I’m constantly fucking her there, so she’s used to this style of fucking.

“Oh Eric, fuck me harder. Slap my ass! Grab my hips! Fuck me fast!”

I held on to Denise’s hips and I rammed her ass hard. My cock felt so good in her tight anus. It actually felt like velvet. She was moaning and her tits were swaying as I fucked into her. I fucked her ass for a while.

“Eric, put your cock back into my mouth. I want to suck you off. And then you can give me a treat.”

With that I pulled out and put my hard and throbbing cock into Denise’s warm mouth. She was bobbing along my cock. I held her hair up, so I could watch her suck my cock. After about five minutes, I blew my load down her throat.

Denise drank it down like a good trooper. She really loves my come. I bet if I made her cocktail and put my come in it, she would drink it. The girl is so freaky. But she is my girl and I love her.

After she was done with that, she pulled her dress up, and said she would see me at home. The rest of day she was sending me sexual texts of herself. She loves to take pictures of herself and send them to me. I can barely concentrate at work. She likes to spread her pussy lips and take pictures. Sometimes, she will spread her lips and jam her vibrator in that muff, and then snap a shot.

One time she bent over the couch and was fingering her ass and took a picture. She licked her tits and took pictures. She’s a freak. She loves sex and particularly anal sex. I have to tell you, I’ve dated a lot of women and have never met a girl like this. Most women do not like anal sex. So if you come along one who does, you have to know she’s a special lady.

She even loves to have public sex. Whenever we go out, malatya escort she never wears panties. My baby loves when I finger her out in public. In the car, I finger her juicy pussy. When we’re at the bar, we’ll get a table in the back and I’ll play with her bald little slit. One time, I even fucked my girl in the bar. She pulled her dress up and she rode on my cock. That time, I fucked her pussy in the bar. She rode me reverse cowgirl and I fucked her cunt out in the open.

Most of the patrons were drinking, but a few people noticed that she was fucking my rod. She’s so freaky and so damn hot. She rode my cock in the bar. Then when she was done, she just excused herself, and went into the ladies room to clean herself up.

Lately, my girl has been talking about getting double penetrated. She said she would love for my friend Ronnie to fuck her cunt, while I fuck her sweet pussy. She said it’s a fantasy of hers. Last weekend I made Denise’s dreams come true. My friend and I gave her the fucking of her life. Denise loved it.

My best friend Ronnie came over. He brought a case of beer with him and we all were drinking and having a good time.

“Denise baby, go get yourself in your lingerie and do a little dance for us guys.”

Denise came out in a black lacy bra, black lacy thong, garter, thigh high stockings and black heels. She wore her black straight hair down. Denise has green eyes and has a beautiful hard body. She’s just smoking hot. She came into the living room and turned on some music.

My baby started to dance around the room. Then she got onto each of our laps and did a lap dance. She was making out heavily with Ronnie. Ronnie was digging her. His hands were in her panties feeling her ass. We were all going to be getting busy soon. I was so fucking horny watching my best friend feel my baby up.

After that, Denise again stood in the middle of the room. She was gyrating her hips and doing a very sexy dance. She then started twerking. The girl can kayseri escort twerk. What a fucking ass. We all went into our bedroom. Denise started to give kisses to each of us. I wanted Ronnie to taste my baby’s pussy.

Denise laid on the bed. Ronnie pulled her lacy panties down her long legs. She spread her thighs and my friend got to work on her wet pussy. He put his long tongue into her and tongue fucked my baby fast. She had her hands in his hair. She was grinding her cunt into his face. Ronnie was slurping and getting her really creamed up for the next portion of our evening.

“Ronnie, you have such an amazing tongue. Oh fuck, it feels so good. Eat my pussy!”

I then wanted a taste of her pussy and Ronnie got out of the way. I licked her folds and sucked on her pink pearl with my teeth.

“Oh Eric, fuck that feels so good. Oh God!”

My baby was so nice and wet for us to start this party.

Ronnie was on his back. Denise straddled his cock and started to fuck him. Her cunt was so juicy. I don’t normally fuck her there, but when she gets action there she gets wetter than usual.

I then took out some lube and smothered it all over her ass. I then slid my cock into her ass, while Ronnie was fucking her pussy. I could feel my cock and his cock in her. It was so hot and my baby was moaning and groaning. Ronnie was sucking on her tits, while he was fucking into her sweet bald cunt.

My cock was riding her nice firm rosebud. I had my hands on her hips, while I was sliding my hard, throbbing cock into her anus.

“Oh God, that feels so good. I’m so horny for the both of you guys. Oh God. Oh fuck!”

We were both plowing into Denise’s holes. She was so filled up. We both were moaning and fucking her good.

We all started screaming and we came into Denise. Denise was moaning. She had a very intense orgasm. Her body was shaking when she came. She was dripping with come from her ass and her pussy.

‘Thanks guys for making my fantasy come true.”

“No problem that was a lot of hot fun.”

We all got cleaned up and Ronnie went home. Denise and I had a few beers and then later we went to bed. Now she can mark that off her sexual bucket list.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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