Mr. Jenkins and Me Pt. 05

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My eyes fluttered, and I opened them to look at the bedside clock. It was 9:00 AM, and Terry, aka Mr. Jenkins, aka MY teacher, I thought with a horny zing of pleasure, was right next to me, as naked as I was, still asleep. Before reaching to shake him awake, I had an idea. He had awakened me in a most pleasurable fashion yesterday, now it was my time to do the same for him.

His cock was semi-erect, and it jerked when I ran my fingers lightly up and down his big cock. I grasped it in my hand, it immediately throbbed to life, I clamped my hand lightly but firmly around his foreskin and watched the head of his cock pop up, all shiny and pink, as his cock grew to its full 8 inches. His cock was gorgeous, with a smooth shaft laced with veins, and a huge knob that looked like velvet.

I could feel my pussy juicing up rapidly as I leaned over him and kissed the cock head. It jerked again as if reaching for my mouth. I started planting light kisses all over his shaft. The dampness in my pussy was turning into a stream, my pussy was aching, as I slid my mouth down over his big knob, sucking gently. I began to pump his cock gently as my mouth rose and fell on his cock. He groaned, and his cock squirted some pre-cum into my mouth. It tasted sweet, and I sucked harder, hoping for more.

“Oh, yeah,” Terry moaned, still in the land between sleep and waking, and put one of his hands on my head. He began a slow gentle thrusting into my eager mouth. I formed a tight, sliding ring of pleasure with my lips and used my tongue to tickle his cock as it slid slowly in and out of my sucking mouth.

I had one hand at my burning pussy, furiously stroking my clit. His cock was thumping steadily, about to explode. I took his balls in my hand, and gently squeezed them. Then, he suddenly grunted as I could feel the first stream of cum hit the roof of my mouth. The second and third spewed all over my tongue. I was so busy swallowing, moaning around his cock, that I hardly realized he was stroking my head, murmuring softly to me.

“Damn that was the best,” Terry whispered. “Lie back baby, it’s time for you to get the licking you deserve.”

I sighed happily as I lay back, and spread my legs wide for him. I could see Terry gazing appreciatively at my hot crimson love flesh. His head moved forward, kissing all over my pubic triangle, I moaned from the exciting sizzles, and his tongue slid out, and glided up and down my bare, slick pussy lips, as my tender lips felt the exciting touch of his tongue. His tongue slid inside, licking up my honey, as his fingers spread apart my tender folds. His mouth went to work, making me gasp with pleasure as his skillful tongue pushed and probed, licking me all over, nibbling gently, tasting me, making hot, delicious love to me with his mouth. My clit was twitching, hard, erect, and straining for his expert mouth. Terry drew my twitching bud gently into his mouth, and I was now panting with desire, as his tongue went to work on my throbbing clit. I felt complete, gloriously naked, and open to him, and my orgasm started to gather speed. Terry shoved two fingers deep inside me, and I was just on the brink. eryaman genç escort Then I plunged, Oh my god, I felt like I was being eaten alive as I exploded, cumming hard. I screamed and thrashed wildly as my whole body convulsed in ecstasy, and I exploded into his mouth, feeling my juices gush. When the last shuddering had died down he then rose up. I could see his cock, as hard as steel and fully erect.

“Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!” I gasped, desperate to have that big shaft fuck me to the core.

Terry rubbed his cock over my naked and soaking mound, teasing me, driving me almost crazy with lust. He suddenly shoved his cock inside, making me squeal with pleasure as his cock stretched the walls of my tight teen cunt apart. Cunt, fuck hole, I thought, a cunt and a fuck hole, yes, that’s what I am, not a hot pussy, a hot cunt, a hot fuck hole, who needs to be fucked!

I cried out, “Yes, Terry, fuck my cunt! Ram my horny cunt, and fill me, I want every drop of your wet spray of sperm, blow your load deep inside my overheated, fiery fuck hole!”

Terry shuddered as he plunged into me right to the balls, filling me to the core, his balls slapping my ass. He pulled out and rubbed the head of his cock against my slippery clit, and then plunged in the full length again.

He grunted, “Fuck yeah Tanya, your hot tight cunt is something else! Every time I plunge in, your hot fuck hole is milking wildly at my cock!”

I was almost delirious with pleasure as I cooed, “Yes, my horny cunt wants your big balls to give me everything you’ve got, Terry sweetie! Let it go, Terry, fill my horny cunt, I feel like it’s on fire, and I need your special hose to spray me deep inside and quench the fire!”

I wrapped my legs around his waist and urged him on. Over and over, he pulled out to rub my clit and then slammed back in. He fucked me faster and faster, my cunt sucking greedily at his cock, the smooth skin of my outer lips caressing his shaft.

“Oh god, I’m gonna cum again, oh god, good, good, Ummm, love you, love you Terry sweetie, yes, oh yes, FUCK YES!!”

I shrieked with pleasure as I exploded, my pussy throbbing and spasming wildly, my body thrashing wildly under his heaving body as my orgasm ripped through me, leaving me giddy with pleasure.

Terry let out a roar of pleasure and slammed his throbbing cock as deep as possible. I could feel it pulsing wildly as he exploded, jetting his sizzling spunk into my needy heat. He arched into me and shuddered, as my eager pussy milked eagerly at him, draining his swollen cock of every last drop. We flopped down on the bed, feeling totally refreshed.

“Nothing like hot fucking in the morning to get the day off to a rousing start,” I giggled.

He laughed and replied, “So long as it’s the right person and Tanya, you are definitely the right person. The tight cling of your hot cunt just sucks every drop right out of my balls. I love nudging open the top of your cervix, and having a clear path to gush my semen deep into your eager womb.”

Damn, his hot talk had gotten my cunt simmering again. He seemed to know exactly what his sexy talk had ankara escort bayan done, he took me in his arms, and I felt a hand lovingly caressing my sex, his nimble fingers sliding around and around the tight lips. The simmer quickly turned to a boil, as his fingers slid back and forth over the hood of my clitoris. I was panting and gasping as he drew my throbbing love bud gently from beneath its covering, and ran his fingertips around and around, making me red hot. His fingers were soaked with my juices, and he gently slipped his fingertips over my throbbing clit, again and again, and I started cumming again, in a long, slow, blissful, wrenching wave of pleasure. My moans and cries of orgasm filled the room as I rode that wave of bliss.

As I glided down from my orgasm high, I saw his cock had again become rock hard. I eagerly pounced, clamping my pouty lips tightly around the head, I slid my mouth down, right to the balls, encasing his hard cock in the tight, wet cling of my mouth. I adjusted my lips to give him the tight, sliding ring of pleasure and bringing all my skills at fellatio to bear, I gave him the best blowjob I could, I loved being his little cocksucking student, his moans and grunts of pleasure guiding me on. A hot little cocksucker, getting her grades by getting on her knees to suck off the teacher.

He grunted, “Oh yeah Tanya baby, your tight cocksucker lips are gonna do it again, gonna flood your hot mouth, swallow my load baby, fuck YEAH!”

I could feel his cock throbbing and pulsing, and he fired a fresh volley of thick semen, splattering it all over my tongue. I kept him in to suck out every drop, then I eagerly swallowed his tasty whitewash.

After a few minutes of rest, we were in the shower, we washed each other down, I could feel my cunt starting to juice up as I used a handful of soapsuds to clean his cock. I could feel it already, I was ready for more. No way would I be returning home without at least another hot, steamy session between the sheets.

I had brought along an overnight bag, and I dug out a T-shirt and my nice, tight pair of shorts. I felt the warm glow of sexual tension building again as Terry’s eyes followed my getting dressed, his eyes, like a soft caress, gazing at my ass cheeks as I slowly slid my panties up, and then I could see the lust in his eyes as he took in the way my breasts pushed out the front of my T-shirt and the way my shorts clung to the curves of my ass cheeks.

In his convertible, it was another sunny warm day, so we dropped the top as we drove up the coast to a small country inn-style restaurant, that had a wonderful Sunday buffet, and after our meal, we left well satisfied.

We took a drive up the coast, enjoying the sun and the waves racing along the coastline. We parked along the coast, and walked along the shoreline, hand in hand, like two lovers just enjoying the day.

As the afternoon waned, and my need for his sexual talents grew, I whispered to him, “Terry, let’s go back to your place. I’ll have to be going home soon, and I cannot leave without your mouth at my pussy, and your cock fucking my cunt sincan escort one more time!”

Soon, we were back in his bedroom. I again dressed up in my sexy undies, so I could enjoy the sight of his cock tenting up, so hard and so ready. He again undid the bows of my flame-red panties, and his eyes drank in the fill of me, with my demi-cup bra, garter belt, and black stockings on, so hot, and so ready for him. My cunt was slicked and soaked up with the juices of my lust.

In 20 seconds, I was flat on my back as his hot mouth was between my legs, and he went to work on my throbbing cunt. I came explosively in almost no time, he kept up his oral assault on my twitching clit, and drove me to two more explosive orgasms. He rose up, his card rock hard and ready to ravage me.

“Yeah Terry sweetie, give it to me! My cunt’s been simmering all day, now it’s boiling! Ram that stiff beauty up my horny volcano, and ravage my fiery cunt! I want every drop of your hot semen deep inside my fiery fuck hole!”

Placing the head of his cock against me, he slid the entire 8 inches in, in one thrust. I squealed with pleasure as I felt the tight walls of my teen cunt getting the stuffing I craved, as his thickness split open my steamy cleft. I could feel my eager pussy stretched wide around his thick, hard shaft. I wrapped my stocking-covered legs around his waist, so he could get every last bit of his cock deep up my throbbing cunt, and he picked up the rhythm, his cock ramming me again and again, his cock head touching the top of my cervix. I could feel my orgasm racing at me.

“Fuck, yes, let me have it! Cum in me, cum in me now, fill your horny little cock hungry student, I’m cumming, oh my god, yes, YES!”

As my voice rose to a shriek, I could feel his cock jerk and swell uptight, steel hard, pushing in as deep as possible, nudging open the top of my cervix. As my cunt started to spasm wildly, I could feel his cock pulsing, exploding and squirting wildly, gushing thick spurts of semen through my cervix, and deep into my womb. My cunt greedily milked his hard cock, sucking every last drop out of his balls.

The next 2 hours were a blur of pleasure, as we wanted to get in as much loving as possible. We were soon in a loving 69, eating each other hungrily, I sucked him up to a renewed hard-on, and he sank his hard cock deep into my soft buttery depths, again and again, taking me from behind doggy style, then he lay back so I could mount his stiff cock, squatting above him, impaling my hot, fiery core on his cock. I unhooked my bra and tossed it aside so Terry could enjoy the sight of my tits bouncing up and down in time to the pumping of my hips, riding his cock until I exploded again and again, my body writhing and shaking, the tight, gripping spasms driving Terry to a massive climax, his cock pumping wildly inside my deep velvet depths, splattering another thick load of semen deep into my womb.

At the garage, he kissed me long and deeply and made sure that I knew our first weekend was not going to be our last. I was already looking forward to next weekend, and hotter, sex-filled lessons from my teacher. These were the kinds of lessons that couldn’t be learned in a classroom, I wanted to be the best cock-sucking, teacher-fucking student I could be. I would show him how well I would learn all of the special lessons he would teach me, and to get an A+ grade.

The End

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