Movie Night

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Group Sex

“You’ve never seen Basic Instinct?!” Devon exploded.

“Why would I?” I replied, “It’s super old.”

“It’s a classic!” he cried.

“I haven’t seen it either.” James said.

“Alright!” Devon said, “Movie night!”


James, Devon, and I met in university. We were randomly assigned as housemates in a co-ed dorm in a giant Victorian house on campus. Other housemates came and went, but we became really tight and stayed the whole four years. Somehow, the three of us never hooked up. Even with all the partying, late night hangouts, and falling asleep in each others’ rooms (sometimes beds), no one ever crossed the line. I certainly thought about it. They’re both smart, funny, sweet, and sexy. And I knew they saw me the same way. Every once in a while, I’d catch one of them looking at me with interest, but he would shake it off, just like I did. There was an unsaid agreement that we didn’t want to mess with the friendship. After college, Devon and I moved to our own places in town and James moved a couple of hours away for work. We still talked or texted every day and James made it a point to drive into town to hang out about once a month.

Devon has the sweet smile and boyish charm of every love interest from a teen girl movie. In college, he went all-in with this vibe, wearing relaxed jeans, checkered Vans, and fitted t-shirts that showed off his lean, athletic body. He still rocks the look and I often catch women of every age gazing wistfully at him when we’re out. He looks like all of our “one who got away”. Over the years, I’ve seen a sea of women fall for him. He never stayed with anyone for too long. He’d always been careful to cultivate his “here for a good time, not for a long time” attitude, and women never seemed to mind.

We shared a wall in the big house, so I knew his pattern well. He invited someone over for a movie, they’d watch for a little while, then muffled moans ensued. A couple of hours later, Devon, ever the gentleman, walked the happy, slightly dazed girl to the bus stop and made sure she boarded safely. Devon was doing Netflix and Chill when Netflix was still sending DVDs. Not that he needed Netflix, he’d always been a huge movie buff. I watched the wall of DVDs in his room grow through the years and was often subjected to curated movie nights based on his latest obsession. I often suspected that I was the test subject for picking movies boring enough for date nights to progress to more interesting activities.

James is tall and athletic, his body built up through decades of Tae-Kwon Do. He has a square jaw and a face that looks serious and intense when he’s not smiling, which is rare. He has shoulder-length, straight black hair that is usually tied up in a half-ponytail, making him look like an ancient palace guard. This perception was softened by the fact that he only wore workout gear. He actually wore tearaways to graduation. James was one of the few people who arrived at university with a long-term girlfriend and stayed with her for nearly the whole time. As serious as they were, we only met her a couple of times. She went to school in the next town, and he spent most weekends at her place until they broke up in fourth year. After that, Devon tried to teach him the way of the man-whore, but it never stuck. James was and is a serial monogamist. He dated a few women after college in his town, who we met on rare occasions. He was actually quite tight-lipped about his dating life. He seemed to want to keep his relationships and friendships separate.

When it came to my own sex life, I fell somewhere between Devon and James. I’d had a string of short-term boyfriends with one-offs sprinkled in between. I fall into relationships quickly, but inevitably, my eyes wander after a few months. The fact is, I just love anything (or anyone) new. There was always some cute new guy who was completely different than the guy I was seeing at the time. I’d drop the boyfriend and dive right into the new guy’s bed. Devon and James started calling me “Heartbreaker” after hearing about the third breakup within a single year. This is part of the reason why I never tried anything with them. I didn’t exactly stay friends with any of my past lovers. Plus, I always had other options. I’m outgoing and friendly, attractive without being intimidating. I have a fit body, but none ankara yabancı escortlar of the curves that scream “sex goddess”. Unfortunately, this was paired with a personality that made every guy think I was girlfriend material when I just wanted things to be casual.


James was in town for the weekend, as always, staying at Devon’s place. We usually ended up hanging out there. We piled on the couch, popcorn, snacks, and drinks in hand while Devon scanned his DVD wall. He found Basic Instinct and tilted it before us like he was presenting a fine bottle of wine. He popped it in his DVD player.

“Theatrical or Director’s Cut?” he murmured the menu screen came up.

“Theatrical!” we shouted. We’d been tricked before.

Devon pressed play and squeezed into my left on his overstuffed couch, a hand-me-down from his aunt. The couch sat in the middle of his formidable entertainment system, a custom-build that took up most of the room. There were DVDs as far as the eye could see and a state-of-the-art surround system mounted around the room. You’d think someone this serious about movies would have a theatre-style couch with cupholders embedded in the armrests instead of a velveteen, floral monstrosity. We joked that Devon refused to buy a new couch because this one encouraged his dates to snuggle close to him. Not that he needed the help. Right now, this couch was squishing us together. We had movie nights so often, I was used to being sandwiched between these two. Plus, I was constantly freezing, and they both ran hot. I welcomed the warmth.

We watched the film with Devon interjecting with related trivia every once in a while. It was actually pretty good for a 90s movie. During the first sex scene, my mind started to wander a bit as I felt the two guys shift beside me. We were squeezed so tight that I could feel every movement, every breath. It occurred to me that we were all single, even James. I’d also been on a self-imposed dating break so I could focus on a course I was taking for work. I’d been celibate for 3 months, the longest streak since college. This in combination with watching a psycho-sexual thriller while sandwiched between two hot men was a bit much. I felt James adjust in his seat again. Devon was prattling on about lighting or something while Jeanne Triplehorn and Michael Douglas fucked onscreen. Clearly, this movie was hitting different for him than James and me. I felt sweat beading on the back of my neck. Was it the heat from the two guys, or something else?

Thankfully, the movie went back to the murder plot, giving my brain something else to focus on. But my body was still back on the sex scene. My pussy was actually tingling. I took a deep breath, hoping to calm myself, but instead I got a head full of Devon’s scent, which I always loved. He smelled like clean laundry and musk. Dammit. I considered going to the bathroom to take care of myself, but I knew they would pause the movie and wait for me. That kind of pressure wouldn’t be conducive to getting off quickly. Another sex scene began. I’m starting to understand why this movie was so popular. I decided to try something, my horniness overriding any rational thought. I rested my hands on both their thighs, a few inches above the knee.

Low enough to almost be innocent, but considering what we were watching, definitely not innocent. Neither of them reacted obviously, but I did feel both of them hold their breath. My heart was beating hard, adrenaline coursing through my veins. I slid my fingers down towards the couch and moved my hands a couple inches up their thighs. I gave a soft squeeze. Still no reaction. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see Devon tighten his grip on the remote, and James’ hand freeze, hovering over the popcorn bowl on his right leg. Was this a bad idea? Was I fully in the friend zone? If they weren’t interested, they would stop me, right? Maybe they were worried about hurting my feelings? The room was eerily quiet except for the movie. Devon even let a Dutch angle pass onscreen without pointing it out.

I had already crossed the line, there was no going back now. I took a deep breath and slid my hands all the way up their thighs, finding Devon and James equally hard. They both let out a loud, gasping moan. They whipped their shocked faces towards each other, realizing ankara yeni escortlar they weren’t the only one being silently groped. Then they laughed. The tension in the room dissolved, replaced with heat. “You pervert,” teased Devon. He grabbed my face and kissed me hard. My world went black for a moment and only came back when I felt James’ breath on my neck. I pulled away and turned to him. His gorgeous face was serious and searching. I fell against him in a passionate kiss, squeezing his cock over his pants and feeling him moan against my lips.

Devon pressed up behind me and kissed up and down the back of my neck, his hands finding his way under my shirt to slide up and down my belly and sides. His brushed his hands against the underside of my breasts, but he never went higher. Ever the gentleman. I sat back down and moved my face towards Devon, eager for his mouth against mine. At the same time, I undid my tight jeans and started working my way out of them. James took the opportunity to help. He kneeled in front of me and pulled them off. My bare legs felt electric as the air hit my skin. He smoothed his warm hands over my thighs and squeezed my ass hard, making me moan. I pulled off my shirt and bra and pressed Devon’s hand over my right breast, finally giving him the permission he was waiting for. He squeezed my breast and pinched my nipple, making me gasp.

James started kissing his way up my inner thighs. I ran my hands through his shoulder-length hair encouragingly and spread my legs to give him more access. My other hand was squeezing and kneading Devon’s shaft through his jeans, which were shockingly still on. “Take your pants off,” I breathed before pushing my lips back into his, sucking on his lip. He quickly obliged, stripping his pants, socks, and boxers off in one practiced movement. I grasped his large cock and he exhaled loudly, throwing his head back into the couch. James had worked his way to the tops of my thighs and was teasing me. His lips and tongue everywhere except where I needed them to be. I was desperate, pulling him with my one hand, but he was stronger.

He hooked his fingers into the waist of my panties and slowly slide them down my ass. They were heavy and wet as he slid them down and off. Both Devon and I watched him move slowly and deliberately, never breaking eye contact with me as he began kissing his way up my leg again. Devon’s cock pulsed in my hand as I slide it up and down. When James’ mouth was halfway up my thigh, he squeezed my ass and yanked me to the edge of the couch, his mouth suddenly covering my dripping wet pussy. His mouth and tongue moved quickly now, sucking on my clit and drawing quick circles around and around with his tongue. Both my hands were in his hair now, pulling him as deep and as hard as I could. I came quick and hard, screaming so loud that Devon clapped his hand over my mouth, worried we would alert his neighbours.

James stood up and bent over me, kissing me deeply. I could taste myself on his lips. Weakly, I pushed him back on the couch, eager to repay the favour. He sat back and let me pull his sweatpants down around his thighs and pull his cock out. I bent down and began licking up and down the shaft, getting it wet. He moaned and caressed my head softly. I felt movement behind me and Devon’s hands lifting me up on my knees. He slid his cock against the outside of my pussy, making me shiver. He squeezed my ass as he ground himself against me. I pushed back, ready for him. Devon placed the head at my entrance as I positioned my mouth at the tip of James’ cock. We both pushed in at the same time.

I moaned as they both filled me up, and James swore under his breath. He gripped my hair in his hand and kept me still for a moment, my lips stretched over his thick cock. He relaxed his fingers and I slowly bobbed my head up and down, tracing every vein with my tongue. Devon watched my movements closely and matched with his hips. For a moment we were silent, just heavy breathing and the sounds of wet bodies moving in sync. I pushed back harder against Devon, I wasn’t in the mood for something this gentle. He responded by squeezing my hips and picking up the pace. His body slapped rhythmically against my ass. I moaned in appreciation and sent vibrations against James’ cock. James gripped my hair again sincan oral yapan escortlar to hold my head in place while he worked his hips up and down, taking the pace he wanted. I was in ecstasy, my body relaxed, submitted completely to their desires. I felt another orgasm crash over me, my pussy squeezed and pulsated around Devon’s cock and I moaned hard, muffled by James as he pushed as deep as he could into my mouth. He pulled me off and Devon pulled me against him, my pussy still throbbing around his shaft. I pressed my back against his chest, feeling him breathing hard, his arms around me.

James pulled off his shirt and pants and I took in his muscular body and thick cock, which was twitching in anticipation. I pulled myself off of Devon, making him groan. Still on my knees, I faced the back of the couch. I dug my elbows into the top of the backrest and arched my back, sticking my ass out seductively and looking at the James, then Devon. They looked at each other for a moment. Devon smiled and nodded his head up at James. Devon walked behind the couch and pulled me into a kiss, his hands caressing my face and neck. James stepped behind me and ran his fingertips up and down my back, making me shiver all over. He reached around and squeezed my tits softly while he kissed the soft skin between my shoulders. He put his hands on my hips and pulled them back. I felt him position his cock against my pussy and push in.

We both moaned as my pussy stretched around his thick cock. I looked up to see Devon watching with rapt attention and desire, absent-mindedly stroking himself. I put one hand up on the back of the couch and hooked my other hand back around James’ neck, straightening myself out and giving him a better view. James kept one hand on my hip and wrapped the other around my ribs, just under my tits, pulling my body tight against his. I wrapped my other arm around his neck, my body fully exposed to Devon. James began hammering his hips, making my tits bounce against my chest. Devon watched us with glassy eyes, completely lost in the show. I felt so beautiful and powerful, being ravaged from behind while being admired from the front.

James pumped me long and hard, my body bouncing like a rag doll. After a few minutes, he squeezed my body and stopped abruptly, taking in a couple of deep, ragged breaths. He was getting too close to finishing, and we were definitely not ready for that. He unwrapped his arm from my waist and placed his hand around the back of my neck. He gently, but firmly, bent my body forwards. I looked up at Devon and watched as the spell broke. He looked down at me and gave me his classic boyish grin. I reached out and grabbed his cock, using it to pull him closer to me. I wrapped my lips around the head, tasting my cum on him. I worked my hands up and down his long shaft while concentrating my lips and tongue on the head. He began to moan loudly, moans I had heard a hundred times through the wall. Moans I had definitely gotten off listening to in the past. My body responded automatically, my hips grinding back against James. He reached down and began rubbing my clit. I ground my hips torturously slow against him, distracted by his fingers and Devon’s cock. James groaned in pleasure and frustration as I edged him.

I began speeding up my movements on Devon, jerking him faster and sucking him harder. He wrapped my hair in his fist and started pumping hard in and out of my mouth. “Fuck, you’re going to make me cum!” he said through gritted teeth. I let go of his cock and stabilized myself against the couch. James put both hands back on my hips and started fucking me hard from behind. The room filled with the sounds of moans and bodies slapping. Devon was no longer concerned about his neighbours. I felt lightheaded as waves of pleasure washed over my entire body. I heard James let out a loud gasp and felt him pull out quickly, his hot cum splashing against my quivering ass. Devon pulled me up and off his cock, my body upright. He grabbed his cock and stroked it feverishly, his cum hitting my tits in thick spurts.

Completely spent, Devon bent forward and put both hands on the back of the couch, breathing hard. James grabbed his shirt and started mopping up the cum that was quickly cooling on my skin. He wrapped me in his arms and kissed me long and softly. He sat us back on the couch, sort of spooning, my legs feeling like jelly. Devon collapsed on the couch beside me. He hooked my neck in the crook of his arm and pulled me in for a long kiss.

“Well,” he said, looking at me and up at James, “Back to business!” He grabbed the remote and unpaused the movie.

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