Moms best friend

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Moms best friend
When I was 29 I lived about 5 miles from my parents so I would stop In from time to time. I was self employed blue collar. So if I was hungry I would just stop over and get a bite to eat. My parents are cool as shit they grew up as hippies, my mom still a hippie. Smoking weed and dressing like a hippie. They were also big party people. They would have bashes at their house.

One Monday I needed a bathroom so I went and took a piss. I walked out of the bathroom and the house was a disaster. Cups and beer cans on every flat surface. Dang I thought they really had a bash.
Turning the corner I see my aunt Sasha laying on the couch. She wasn’t my real aunt she was just my moms best friend and growing up I called her Aunt Sasha.

I walked up to her , she was laying kinda on her stomach and side. Her left knee pulled up towards her stomach. Her right leg extended. Sasha has long black hair, almost to the small of her back, it was thick and shiny. She had a tan complexion year round. She never wore a bra, she really didn’t need one cause her titts were so small. But her nipples were always hard and pointing out what ever she was wearing. She had on a long hippie dress. It was of rust and blue colors and it complimented her tanned skin nicely. Her dress was hiked up to about her thighs. Her thighs made my mouth water. So tan and firm.
I walked closer, I could see down her top , I seen her dark areola. Trying to get a better look at her nipple. I tapped her on the arm. Aunt Sasha you ok? Nothing I shook her. Nothing.
Fuck it… I pulled her top away. Beautiful hard dark nipples. My cock was already hard but that made me so horny and she wasn’t waking up. I sat at the edge of the couch. Slowly lifting her dress. Her beautiful golden brown asscheek appears. She had on like a pair of white bikini bottoms that tied on the sides. Her left asscheek showing cause they were wedged in her ass crack. I needed to see more. I lifted her dress all the way over her ass. Slowly I untied the panties. And ever so gently I pulled the back out of her crack and set it on the cushion. Her ass perfectly round. Her crack was like nothing I ever seen . Her cheeks didn’t touch, they were spaced apart at least a inch. And that’s when I seen it. Her tiny brown butthole. I leaned in and smelled her scent. It took everything for me to not lick her asshole.

Suddenly she rolled to her back, I dodged her leg just in time. As she rolled her panties were left behind. Her dress slid down a bit. But slowly I lifted it. Her soft clam shaped vagina. She was completely bald except for a small patch above. I leaned in for a sniff. Smelling delicious. I wanted to jerk off right there ! I took a photo of her laying on her back pussy showing and titts out and headed to the bathroom. On my way I knocked something on the steps over luckily I caught it before it made too much noise.

In the bathroom I opened her picture and sat it in the sink. Pulled out my dick and started stroking. Minutes later the door flew open I stood there my dick dripping pre cum. Drooling over a picture of Sasha.

What the fuck Chris!
I look over to see Sasha holding her panties. In her kaçak iddaa dress. She walks in and grabbed my phone. You fucking pervert! She screamed
And deleted the photo. My throbbing cock in my hand. She looks down.
I continue stroking looking at her.
Put it away!
Still stroking
God damnit Chris! Put it away now.
She grabbed me by the shirt and pulled me out of the bathroom. Takes my phone and takes a video of me jerking. I here her phone beep upstairs. I just sent it to myself if you don’t stop I’m sending it to your parents!

That made me stop. I shoved my cock in my pants and we went upstairs. Sit down!
I sat on the couch as she yelled at me of being a disgusting pervert.

Did you take my panties off? Yeah
Did you pull my shirt down? Yeah
What else? Well I sniffed your pussy and asshole I laughed
You think it’s funny? Your a pig!
Get out!

That night I got a call from my mom, so aunt Sasha said you two had a nice visit…
She did?
Yeah… yeah it was nice seeing her . Blah blah blah.

I hung up thanking god she didn’t tell my mom.
About a week passed and my parents were headed up north to some hippie party they were going to be away for the weekend. Is aunt Sasha going? Yeah should be a good time.

That night I was sitting in my place watching porn and edging. I got a text it was the video of me jerking off. With lol
Wtf I thought.
Sasha wrote forgot I had this you fucking perv!
Yeah thanks for not telling. So how’s the party?
What are you doing she asked
Chris wtf are you jerking off again? To who now? I snapped a picture of my computer of Tera patric riding a cock analy.

So you like big titts? And what’s with you k**s and the anal?

Ummm I like smaller titts better but I love her tan skin and pretty face. Anal is fun , tight and when you slide in a girls ass her face is amazing!

Yeah cause it’s painful!
It can be at first, sure but it feels great.

How would you know.?
I showed her the dildo in my ass.
That’s kinda hot!
A knock on my door…

I closed my computer. Pulled my dildo out putting it under the cushion. Put my pants on and opened the door.

Sasha stood there. Wearing strapped heels and a calf length green dress, it was spaghetti strap at the top. Her golden skin and the green accent each other perfectly. She had a beaded necklace on, her long hair down her back and d****d over her left eye. Her eyes went from a dark black eyeshadow to a green that match her dress. Her lips glossy natural. Her earrings were silver hoops. She stood there holding 2 twelve packs of beer.

Sasha! Omg
I took the beer from her and asked her in. She closed the door behind her. Nice place Chris! Um thanks I stuttered as I put the beer away. I’ll take one! And grab yourself one. I turned around and she sat on the couch crossing her legs, she smiled and lifted her dress showing her beautiful legs.

Why ain’t you at the party? Eh I was headed there now but … anyway I’m not going. Come sit. She tapped the cushion.

I sat down looking at her legs.
You know I’m a year older than your mom? Yeah
So what did my pussy smell like? I almost spit out my beer. Umm
She laughed.
Should I go to sleep Chris? tipobet güvenilir mi Would that make you less nervous?
C’mon you can lift my dress and take off my panties?
No I rather you awake I laughed
Good cause I already took my panties off in the car… she giggled
My cock grew hard and she noticed.
Ya know I’ve never had my asshole eaten do you do that? Fuck yes!
Hmmm. She stands up sliding her straps off her shoulders and her dress falls to the floor. She step out. Her tanned body, her tiny titts and pointing nipples, her mini bush, her thigh gap, I could see the tight crease in her mound.
Shoes on or off? On!
Mmmmm bad boy. She takes a swig of her beer. Turning around her little round firm ass I see her tiny asshole.
Sniff my asshole Chris! I bury my nose in it breathe after breath. Lick it Chris! My tongue gliding over her soft anus. Ohhh she moaned
Get it nice and wet Chris! I spit on her ass and rub it around with my tongue.
Now Chris slide your tongue deep in my asshole! I feel her ass relax as my tongue darts deep in her asshole. Omg Chris. Mmmmm you dirty boy!

She turned around. How many times did you cum today? None
Ohhh so a big cum shot is due? Oh yeah
Where do you wanna shoot it? Pussy , asshole , face or down my throat?

Where ever you want! No you pick…
Ummm idk
Well we have time she giggled
Take off your clothes! I stripped down. My cock hard. Where’s your dildo? Under the cushion. Have anymore? A strap on by chance,?
I pull a box out and hand her the harness. She puts it on.
Here’s the deal. I’m gonna fuck you however I want then you can do me however you want! Deal? Fuck yes!

Bend over the table! I leaned over and lubed up. Slowly she slid in and started fucking me slowly, you like that? Yeah but no need to be gentle. Good boy!
She started pounding me hard, grabbing at my nipples, pinching them. Smacking my ass. We move from the table to the floor she put my feet over my head and slammed over and over, then pull out the dildo and made me suck it. Then shoved it back in. You like that you little bitch? Yes fuck yes!
She was so aggressive! She pushed me on my stomach and slid it deeper than I ever had it. Hurts? A little… shut up! Take it! She had me all over the house just pounding away like she hates me. A total of 4 hours of nonstop ass pounding!
Her pussy was dripping down her legs the entire time. After she was worn out she sat on my face smoothed with her pucker asshole. Eat it! And I did! Then she grinded her pussy and asshole over my tongue till she came uncontrollably. Her body shaking her asshole quivering. I was in heaven. I was on my back on the tile floor her suck my asshole Chris. I was sucking her hole rose bud in my mouth I could feel her flexing her sphincter. My tongue partially in her ass, her hole opened and she farted in my mouth. It was the hottest thing that ever happened to me. She sat back on my chest laughing. Her pussy in my face. Her beautiful brown eyes looking at me her white teeth and her pale pink tongue. Shit I gotta pee she laughed. I grabbed her thighs holding her down. Chris I gotta pee. I opened my mouth and stuck my tongue tipobet giriş out. Oh damn your kinky ok she slid her mouth into my mouth and let it flow. I guzzled her sweet piss up. Wow she moaned as she grinded her pissing pussy into my tongue. After she finished I licked her clean.

We stood up. She dropped the harness and stood there all gorgeous. Your turn Chris. A deals a deal whatever you want.

Now going through my mind I think if I ram her in the ass and hurt her or disrespected her there will be no chance of another time.

I pushed her back against the wall. Standing face to face I kiss her gently on the lips , slowly sliding my tongue in her mouth. My hands softly run up her thighs, using just my fingertips they explore her soft belly up her ribs and around her breasts, gliding over and around her nipples. I move in closer the head of my cock sliding up her pelvis till our skin is touching, we make out passionately. My fingertips walk down her ribs over her hips to the back of her thighs. I feel goosebumps all over her skin. Mmmmm she moaned as I replaced my mouth on her neck. Softly biting and licking. Omg Chris!
My mouth moves towards her nipple, I lick it and breath on it softly. Mmmmm she moans slowly sucking it into my wet mouth my tongue dances around her hard nip. I lick up her chest to her neck over her chin and around her lips, her mouth opened to except my tongue. She’s ready! My hands clenched her thighs and I pull her up, she wrapped her legs around my waist. My cock slides deep into her dripping pussy. Omg she moaned take me baby! Slowly working my cock in and around her pussy. She wrapped her arms around my neck her nails slowly began digging into my skin. Her ass against the wall I began thrusting in and out of her. She starts kissing me sloppy moaning, it wasn’t long and her body was once again shuddering under my control. Yes yes omg Chris I’m cumming. I felt her juices running around my balls. I walked her to the bed and slowly laid her down my cock still inside her. She pulled her knees close to her chest. Looking me in the eye , geezus Chris your amazing. I pulled her legs to wrap around my waist . My hard cock slowly pounded her as we stared into each other’s eyes, interrupted by kisses. The sound of my cock sloshing around in her wet cunt was a beautiful song
My hands tracing her nipples as we slowly made love. In and out I slid. Her moans grew louder and louder . I knew she was going to cum again, I needed her to cum again. My balls began slapping her asshole. She stared into my soul. Yes yes she shouted as spit shot out of her mouth onto my face. I was giving her my all . Harder and harder my balls bounces off her asshole. I couldn’t take anymore. My balls started twitching. Omg Chris she screamed. Her nails dig deep into my back breaking the skin. My cock trembled. And my balls flexed over and over. I fell onto her . She bit my neck so hard, thick streams of my cum drenched her insides. We laid there panting and kissing.
God damn Chris! I thought I’d do this once and forget about it….
Can I stay the weekend? Fuck yes
I rolled off and we sat there laying face to face.
Chris your a smart boy!
Why’s that? You could have hammered your cock in my ass . Abusing me all night but you opted to make love to me. Cause you knew I would come back she smiled.

I don’t need to fuck your ass your pussy is amazing!

We passed out in each other’s arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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