Meeting the Boss’s Daughter

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A long day at the office and the boss extends a meeting at his house. It’s not unusual just that we don’t get paid for it. I do remember his beautiful house though and his hot daughter. His wife left when she was young was all I knew.

Anyway, I’m a senior designer for retail marketing and I can’t miss the meeting. My name is Derrick, I’m 41, slightly married if you get the drift, running is how I keep myself fit. I’m 6″, tight body, dark hair

We finally got there, me and my colleagues, men and women alike. A big group. He had a room set up for us with projections about the new project coming up. It was about an hour or so of extremely dull talk and I couldn’t stop yawning. I got up to get coffee but first hit the restroom.

I found myself roaming the halls and up the stairs, to a room with an unlocked door. I opened it and saw a sight that I could not erase my mind. In the dim lamp light, the glowing young skin of my boss’s daughter shone out, the creaminess of her thighs, the mounds of her breasts peering out from the light pink teddy she had on. On the edge of the bed were lace panties and in her hand, a vibrator. I knew I had to leave but I just couldn’t stop staring. I closed the door behind me and just feasted my eyes on her. She had turned 21 a few months back, but her body was that of an adult, full round breasts, long creamy legs, her dark hair tousled on the pillows. Her legs were slightly folded but I could see the bareness between them. I couldn’t keep the bulge in my pants at bay.

I walk over to the edge, pull her leg over, spreading them apart, her glistening pussy now visibly wet. I pendik escort take the vibrator and take a sniff, she had been playing, daddy’s little girl. I turn it on to a low setting, as if the full vibrating intensity would sound out through the whole house. I put it to her clit, she moans gently but doesn’t wake up. I keep at it for a while, her pussy has started to wet up even as she was sleeping.

I pull off my shirt and climb atop her, touching her face, tracing my finger down to her chest, to her breasts, around her hard nipple, grazing at them through the sheer material of her teddy. I lean over and bite on them. She gasps. I reach down to rub her clit with just my fingers this time, my teeth nibbling at her nipple. My fingers are soaked with her juices that I couldn’t afford not to. I pull off of her, moving lower, pushing her legs apart and dive my tongue at her pussy, sucking hard at her juices. I can feel her body writhing, her purrs were getting more frequent. I knew I didn’t have much time to enjoy her. I pull off my pants and boxers, freeing my rock hard cock. I position myself between her legs, coating my shaft with along her slit before thrusting myself in all the way, ripping through the tightness of her young pussy. I feel her stir. I stay buried deep inside her to see how she would react.

Her eyes open but still trying to grasp what was happening, her pussy instinctively clenched around me realizing the stranger that was inside her. As soon as it dawned on her that she was not alone, her eyes grew wide.

I lean down on her, huskily speaking, try to scream and I’ll hurt you. At first I thought tuzla escort she’d scream but instead she nodded silently.

I hold her legs up wider and begin thrusting in and out of her. Fuck she was tight, I knew she wasn’t a virgin but fuck, could’ve fooled me right there. As I’m rocking her body back and forth with my cock, I tell her,

“You really should learn to lock your door,” the fear in her makes her pussy clench around me again, making it even tighter around my thick cock. I grunt as I bury myself deep inside her, holding there, leaning forward, my hands reaching to her chest, to the fabric over and it and tear it open, exposing her beautiful round breasts. I pull her legs up higher and thrust deeper, her breasts bouncing against her chest turning me on even more. She’s starting to moan and writhe, I build up more speed and force in my thrusts.

“Fuck me, you’re just a little slutty girl in heat,” I say, unable to be think more decently, as if my cock was taking over my brains. I was fucking her pussy so violently the bed was creaking under us. I see her fingers grasping down, her body arching, I reach a hand cover her mouth but not slowing down on my pounding her. She let out a scream muffled only by my hand as I feel her tightening and shaking like mad.

I don’t wait for it to subside, I take her vibrator and put in full, rubbing it against her hard clit. Her face is filled with intense pleasure as the push the toy harder down against her. She screams once more as she lets out another orgasm almost right after the first.

I lean down, taking my hand away, kissing her soft lips, swirling kartal escort my tongue inside her mouth as her pussy pulsates around my cock. I want to cum so badly but I didn’t want to waste the opportunity.

I inspect the vibrator, pressing another button, this time the toy moves in a pumping motion, almost like a cock fucking but only a few inches. I smile and pull my still hard cock out of her. I turn her over on her hands and knees on the bed, I run the toy in it’s highest intensity along her clit and slide it deep inside her. She moans again as the toy is pumping her, I, on the other hand, want something else. I spread her ass apart, lean down and slide my tongue along her slit.

“You’re just too fucking hot to leave this way,”

I position myself behind her, my shaft aimed at her puckered whole. I thrust slowly at first, she was so tight but was already lubricated quite well by her cum. She was in so much heat that it didn’t take much effort to slide more of my 8 inches inside her with any protest. I see her fingers clutching tighter at the sheets as I fill her up.

Both her holes were filled up and she was groaning and moaning, face buried in the pillows. I start building my rhythm in her ass, I could feel her meeting my thrusts and that of the vibrator. I alternate the thrusts, pushing in and pulling the toy out and vise versa. Only a few more hard thrusts and I feel her tensing up, i ram both my cock and the toy deep inside her and she lets out a scream without a thought of concern for those downstairs as her body convulses, tightening around me in quick pulses.

I can’t hold it in, I explode inside her as well. Our bodies fall over each other on the bed. She’s gasping for air and i hold her in my arms to make sure she’s alright before I get up to leave. I kiss her cheek and cover her properly as I leave.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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