Marie Ch. 02

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I tried to pretend I was still asleep as I watched Rob, buck naked, walk across the hotel room and open the blinds, allowing the morning sun to pour into the room. Once he turned to face me, though, I couldn’t help but return his smile. I stretched luxuriously in the king-sized bed, every inch of my skin remembering the night before. It was that perfect combination of relaxation, satisfaction, and sore-muscle fatigue.

“So, darling, how do you feel this morning?”

He never called me darling – must be all the sex talking. “I feel wonderful, Rob, how about you?”

Still naked, he rejoined me in bed. “Are you kidding? That was the hottest night I’ve ever had! I just hope you don’t have any regrets?”

I wrapped myself around him, cuddling, as I pondered the question.

“No, Rob, I mean, it’s not like I’m going to seek out a DP-fest every night of the week, but last night was amazing. And I love that you were a part of it, and that we got to, you know, follow up afterwards.”

“Yeah, that was the best shower I’ve had in awhile, too.”

We both laughed, curled up together, and were dozing off in the warm morning sun when there was a knock at the door. Rob quickly jumped out of bed, pulled on his robe, and turned back to me, offering a quick explanation, “Room service.”

Once the food was delivered and the door closed once again, we sat on the edge of the bed and took turns feeding each other bits of breakfast – something we hadn’t done since our honeymoon!

“You know, Rob, I was looking forward to all the reunion activities, but now I just want to spend the rest of the weekend in this hotel room, just you and me!”

“Ooh, Marie, that’s tempting, believe me… but I have a feeling you’d regret it later, so as your loving husband, I’m going to encourage you to see more of your old friends today.”

“Oh, I see, so now you know what’s best for me?”

“Hmm,” he frowned, “not quite the reaction I was going for! How about I put it this way: I’d like to watch you flirt with more of your old buddies all day, then have you to myself in this hotel room again tonight.”

“OK, when you put it like that…” I leaned forward, Rob fed me a strawberry, then I kissed him passionately.

“Sounds like we have a plan. Listen, I’m going to run downstairs and confirm the schedule for today, and then I’ll be back. There was supposed to be a round of golf, right?”

I nodded, watched him get dressed, then let my head fall back against the plump hotel pillows. After he left, I was alone with my thoughts, which quickly drifted to the activities of the night before. The sensations were still fresh enough that I could close my eyes and relive the feeling of fullness from two cocks simultaneously pounding me. And yet I was also filled with disbelief that the whole thing had even happened!

I let my hands roam gently over my skin, my fingers tracing their way around each of my nipples, down my torso, nearly touching my clit then moving on to my thighs. As my fingers moved, I could feel my skin growing hot and sensitive, and a gentle throbbing began deep in my pussy, accompanied by a familiar wetness. I brought both hands back to my breasts now, teasing myself with pinches to each nipple as hips began to grind rhythmically against the mattress.

I must have been lost in these delirious sensations, my eyes closed, my fingers exploring my body, because Rob had managed to re-enter the room, walk all the way around the bed to the side where I was lying, and sit down next to me before I became aware of his presence.

“Yikes,” I cried out when I opened my eyes and found him next to me, “you scared me!”

“Sorry, babe, but you were off in another world there!”

“Yeah, I know, I’m just remembering last night, and it’s getting me all hot and bothered again!”

“Well, that’s good, because I have a surprise for you.”

“Oh?” I sat up, pulling my knees to my chest and looking deep into Rob’s twinkling eyes. He was definitely up to something.

“It seems that news of our activities last night has already begun to spread.”

“Oh my god, seriously?”

“Yup, I overheard a few different conversations downstairs – seems that Mike and Charles were pretty eager to brag about their conquest of my lovely Marie.”

I blushed hotly, said nothing, letting Rob continue.

“And from what I could tell, it sounds like there are more than a few other guys from your high school years who wished they could have gotten into your pants back then. And once they found out that Mike and Charles had been given that opportunity last night…”

“Yeah, well…”

For some reason, even though Rob had been a completely eager and willing participant, I got the sense he was scolding me for some perceived infidelity.

“So, long story short, I’m intrigued.”

“Intrigued?” His choice of words made it obvious that I had misread his mood. “But I thought…”

“You thought our experience last night was a one-time thing?”

“Well, yeah.”

“Well, antalya escort watching you touch yourself just now, I can see how much of a turn-on it is for you, just thinking about it again. And I have to admit, watching you take on those two guys at once last night was one of the hottest things I’ve ever seen. Why not have one more adventure like that before we go back home to our regular lives?”

“Um, well, yeah, if it’s OK with you!” I perked up, smiling, the heat growing between my legs once again. “So, what do you have in mind?”

“Well, the schedule for today includes a round of golf, among other things. Why not spread the word that if any of the guys want to come up to our room instead of driving over to the course, that my hot little Marie will make it worth their while?”

“Woah, Rob, seriously? Um, do you realize how many guys might take you up on that?”

“I think I have a pretty good idea of how much of a tease you were in high school.”

“Hmm, I’m not sure if you do,” my mind racing with the names and faces of all the guys who took me out after I broke up with Chucky, assuming they could get into my pants because of the way he’d bragged about me. Hell, I couldn’t even remember all their names!

“I’m willing to learn, my naughty little slut! You wanna?”

“Yeah,” I replied, my voice breathy, as I found myself already turned on at the prospect of pleasuring multiple men while my husband looked on.

“OK, then, let’s get dressed.”

I gave him a puzzled look, then suddenly understood as he pulled his golf clothes out of his bag. He changed out of his jeans and tee into a black polo shirt and plaid golf pants, and then watch as I dressed in my finest golf slut attire. I started with a matching bra and thong panties in a soft pink with white lace trim. Then I pulled on my short pink pleated golf skirt, which came to mid-thigh, and my sleeveless white polo shirt with pink trim. Once my long blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail, and tied in place with a pink ribbon, I was ready.

“You look stunning, Marie. Turn around and bend over.”

I followed Rob’s directions, putting my hands on the edge of the bed as he quickly came up behind me, pushing my skirt up and grinding his erection against me as he grabbed my ass cheeks and slapped each of them a few times, then just as quickly pulled away and pulled my skirt back down. Obviously his goal was to keep me as hot and bothered as possible, and he had certainly succeeded.

It was still fairly early as we made our way downstairs and into the dining room, so many of the reunion guests were still eating breakfast. I mingled, being sure to wiggle my ass flirtatiously in the general direction of one or more of my old flames, as I made small talk with more of my old girlfriends. Whenever I could, I caught a glimpse of Rob, who was making his way around the room, chatting first with Mikey, then with Chucky, then with a couple of other guys who looked familiar but who I couldn’t quite place.

Time seemed to drag on until I was able to meet up with my husband again, and he took my hand, leading me back to the elevator and up to our room. There were only a few moments alone in the elevator, but Rob made the most of them, pushing me against the wall, shoving his hand up my short skirt, and stroking my clit as he kissed me, hard. I was breathless when the elevator door opened, and it was all I could do to walk calmly down the long hallway to our room, as we passed a few other guests.

Finally alone again, the door closed behind us, I pressed him for information.

“So, what happened? Did anyone take you up on it?”

“Are you kidding, Marie? There’s not a man in that dining room this morning that wouldn’t fuck you if given the chance.”

I grinned, searching for a clever response, but unable to come up with one. Rob continued.

“So, since many of them are here with wives or girlfriends, the plan is to keep up the appearance of going off to play golf. I’ve asked Mike and Charles to spread the word. Any man who would rather enjoy a few minutes with you instead of a round of golf, is invited to come up to our room starting at 9.”

“So, we’re having a tournament of our own, so to speak.”

“Indeed. Lots of clubs, lots of balls, and just a few holes which will have to be shared among the group.”

“Oh, god, Rob, this is so hot.” I looked at my watch, and realized that it was possible we’d have company in just a few minutes. I looked back up at my husband with lust in my eyes. “What should I do?”

“How about just like last night, get up on the bed and touch yourself while we’re waiting for our first visitors.”

I kicked off my shoes, climbed up on the bed, and began rubbing myself, first through my skirt, and then gradually moving that fabric away so that it was only the thin fabric of my thong still between my fingers and my clit.

“And yes, Marie, you’re right, this is very hot.”

I looked up and watched him watch me, obviously turned alanya escort on, his eyes glued to my crotch as I slowly pulled the thong to the side and began rubbing my pussy lips directly, moistening myself with my own juices. I was rocking my hips slowly and rhythmically when there was a gentle knock at the door.

“Don’t you dare stop, Marie, just keep doing what you’re doing, I’ll get the door.”

I smiled at Rob, and nodded my understanding of his instructions. I let my head turn to watch as he opened the door and let four men in, but never for a second stopped fingering myself. It was Mikey and Chucky again, along with two other guys I immediately recognized, even though I hadn’t seen them in several years: Bob and Terry.

“Oh, god, Mike, you weren’t kidding.”

“I never kid about sex with hot women, Terry.”

“So, guys, welcome,” Rob greeted them. “I see we have our first foursome?”

I laughed immediately, always tuned in to my husband’s humor, and knowing that he was going to make the most of this scenario, not just for sex, but for double-entendre golf/sex jokes. It took the guys a second, but they soon caught on as well, chuckling half-heartedly, but with most of their attention remaining focused on me as I writhed in pleasure on the bed, my fingers continuing to work my clit as I looked up at the men.

“Nice to see you, Bob. You too, Terry.”

I smiled up at them, and shifted my position to give them a perfect view of my shaved pussy as they stood above me. They seemed to both realize at the same time that they were still holding their golf bags on their shoulders, and so both put them down in the corner of the room, then quickly returned to the edge of the bed to watch me.

“Wow, Marie, it’s nice to see you!”

Terry looked over at Rob, as if to make sure, one last time, that he really was OK with all of this. Rob simply nodded, at which point Terry and Bob worked together to get me out of my shirt and bra, then knelt on the bed on each side of me, one man playing with each of my tits. I continued to finger myself, sighing with pleasure as the men began pinching my nipples, and watched as Mikey and Chucky unzipped their golf pants and pulled out their cocks.

I almost laughed at the sight of their hard cocks jutting out from the hideous plaid background of their pants, but quickly found it to be quite the turn-on, watching these men who had originally planned a relaxing morning of golf, and were now obsessed with the idea of a gang-bang with me instead. Inspired by this thought, I reached over to Terry, then to Bob, unzipping them as well, and taking their cocks into each hand, stroking them as they continued to fondle me.

It was at this moment that I realized the power I had in this situation. An observer might see my petite frame, surrounded by four men with me on the bed and a fifth watching from the corner of the room, and assume that I was completely under their control. But in fact, they were all so captivated by watching me in this scenario, by the idea of taking their turn with me, that I could ask for, and get, pretty much anything I wanted from them.

Just the idea practically put me over the edge, but I struggled to control myself for just a bit longer, as Mikey and Chucky began taking turns thrusting into my pussy.

“Pinch my nipples harder, guys, really, I like it rough. Yes, please, harder! That’s it, Bob, yes!”

I took Bob’s cock into my mouth, panting with pleasure as both men now pinched my nipples hard. Soon, Terry began trying new things, twisting my nipple in his fingers, pinching the tip, and I rewarded him for his attention by releasing Bob from my mouth, turning my head, and taking Terry’s full length deep into my throat.

Soon, I had the two men in a competition, working to outdo each other in their rough attention to my chest, so that they would be repaid with my attention on their cock. Meanwhile, Mikey and Chucky were continuing to take their turns in my pussy, and then, before I knew it, one of them – Chucky, yikes! – had pounded into my ass with no warning.

I cried out with a powerful orgasm at that very moment, which thankfully somewhat masked the pain of being taken once again in that hole which, I now realized, was still incredibly sore from the night before. Chucky slowed, riding out my orgasm, but then gradually increased his pace, fucking my tight ass for a few minutes more until finally pulling out and shooting his load onto my belly.

The other three men watched, then switched positions, Mikey moving up to the head of the bed and kneeling next to me so that I could take him into my mouth, and Bob and Terry moving lower on the bed to take turns in my pussy. I lifted my hips to meet each of them, so pleased to take cocks into my wet and ready pussy rather than my tight, sore ass.

“Yes, that’s it, fuck me, fuck my pussy!”

These words had just left my lips when I saw Rob move to the door, obviously in response to a knock alanya rus escort which I’d been too preoccupied to hear. There were soon several more men in the room, and I tried my best to get a look at who had joined us, all while continuing to have my mouth and pussy pounded by three different men. I saw Bill and Lenny, then closed my eyes as Mikey pushed further into my throat. Then, a few moments later, I was able to open my eyes again and recognized Bucky, Jim, and oh god, what was his name….. Nick!

These were all guys I’d been out with during high school, but had never let any of them past first base. Quite a lot had changed since then: now they had all been invited – by my husband, no less – to a gang-bang of which I was the star. I was amazed how it turned me on, to see them all watching me, splayed out on the bed, one cock in my mouth, two guys taking turns pounding my pussy. I felt like such a dirty little slut, and yet there was my husband, too, watching everything, keeping his eye on me during this whole filthy scenario.

I came again, too soon after my last orgasm, my pussy clenching against my will, panting, struggling to keep Mikey’s cock in my throat. Soon, all three men, inspired by my powerful climax beneath them, were perched above me, furiously stroking their cocks, shooting their competing arcs of cum through the air, once again covering my belly with their hot, sticky, white cum.

I closed my eyes for a moment, taking in the sensations, relaxing my jaw and stretching my legs. When I opened my eyes again, I saw that the men had shifted positions; where there had been three guys surrounding me, now there were five, and for a moment, I was a little intimidated, as I watched them strip down and then approach me, two sets of hands all over my tits, pinching my erect nipples, another set of hands finally freeing me from the skirt and thong which had been shoved up and pushed aside by the previous group of men.

“Perhaps it’s time for a little ball-washing, guys, don’t you think?” I recognized Rob’s voice again, after too long.

I laughed at Rob’s latest joke, and also thought to myself how thankful I was that he was giving my pussy a rest. Two of the men – frankly, I was losing track of who was who at this point – gathered the pillows from the head of the bed and pushed them under my head and upper back, propping me up a bit higher, and making it easier for each of them to crouch above me.

One by one, they took turns, lowering their balls into my mouth, and I eagerly sucked, my hands reaching up to grab the shaft and stroke, until each man pulled away and made room for the next. As the others awaited their turn, they continued playing with my tits, rubbing back and forth against my clit, and I could smell the scent of my own juices, combined with the sweat of several different men, filling the room with a sexy aroma.

Now, one of them plunged into me with one hard stroke, while I still had a set of balls in my mouth. As the pounding continued, I felt a second man approach my mouth, and now I was alternating between two cocks, reaching up to hold them both in my hands.

“Let her up, guys, I want to see her on all fours for a while, and I’m sure you wouldn’t mind that either.”

There was a rumbling of agreement from the guys that this was a good idea, and I felt the men pull up off of me and help me off my back and onto my knees. As soon as I was in that position, my ass in the air and my hands flat against the bed, I was once again presented with two cocks directly in my face, and could quickly feel the math add up as three different cocks took turns plunging into me from behind.

I eagerly sucked, lustily pushed my hips back against each man who entered me, and was kept on the edge of near-climax by the constant attention, as all five men took their turns. As I moaned beneath them, my pussy adjusting to each cock as they alternated every minute or so, I could sense that all of them were approaching their climax now as well. The first to cum was whichever man – again, it was difficult to keep track at this point – was in my mouth. I sighed with pleasure as his hot load shot to the back of my throat.

This was apparently enough to set off two of the others as well, as I heard two distinct voices moaning with pleasure and felt cum land simultaneously in my hair and on the small of my back. A few moments later, the last two men covered me as well, and I giggled as I collapsed to the bed in a combination of exhaustion and stickiness.

As I rolled back over onto my back, carelessly covering the sheets in cum and fully aware that I must be a complete filthy mess, I felt two familiar fingers force themselves firmly into my pussy. I propped myself up on my elbows and watched as Rob pleasured me, clearly intending to keep me on edge as another group of men had entered the room and was quickly removing their tacky plaid.

Only four men this time, I thought to myself, amazed how quickly perspectives could change, as I watched Johnny, Ron, Gary and Denny approach the bed, their erections growing and stiffening as they approached me. Rob pulled out of me and motioned for Ron and Gary to climb up on the bed beneath me, and then encouraged me to begin riding them, alternating every few minutes from one to the other.

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