Lost Among the Stars

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Lost Among the Stars
At 18 I was a lost soul. I still am in a lot of ways, but I was especially lost then. I couldn’t see my worth as a human being, only as an object to be coveted. And I was coveted by many people. Most of all by my older sister’s long-term boyfriend. He’d been a part of my life since I was 4 and he was 18, so he basically watched me grow up.

Neither that nor having k**s with my sister stopped him from making inappropriate passes at me periodically. He loved to make things seem like playful teasing. Everyone reacted like I was uptight and unreasonable when he would pick me up and toss me onto his shoulder, lifting my skirt so everyone could give me a spanking on my birthday. A birthday spanking never hurt anyone, after all. I was ruining the fun if I didn’t want to sit on his lap at the drive-inn because it meant everyone had to be more cramped so I could have my own seat. I was made to let him hug and kiss me on the cheek every time we left his place, otherwise I was being rude.

I think my sister knew he had a thing for me for a long time. She would dress me up in pretty clothes and makeup and then parade me in front of her friends like she was proud to have such a pretty and doll-like little sister. At home it was another story. She would accuse me of being a whore. She would throw money at me and ask if it was enough for me to stay away from her boyfriend. I never made a pass at him. I tried to keep my distance from him. I wouldn’t drink or eat anything he gave me, even if it was sealed. I never let my guard down around him.

I realize I was fortunate that I had a ride to school, but I’d have rather walked. I just wasn’t allowed to because my mom was convinced I’d be stolen and killed among other things. Funnily enough she didn’t see that he was a risk to me and didn’t question him volunteering to drive me to and from school every day for the last 8 years. And when I told her I’d rather walk to school she acted like I was a brainless fool setting myself up to be harmed.

It was a hard place to be, trying to protect yourself from someone you felt was predatory because he was literally showing you porn and trying to get you to try various d**gs since middle school, “It’s so common for k**s your age to experiment, one time won’t hurt,” and trying not to be the cause of your mother’s nervous breakdown because a 25 minute walk is just “too far” for you in her eyes. Yet she wasn’t willing to drive me and the bus cost money to use. Leaving my sister’s 14-years-older than me boyfriend to fulfill that role, which he seemed more than happy to do..

Then I turned 18 and the very next time he drove me to school, he pulled over on the side of the road and told me I was “legal” now. He pushed his seat back and unzipped his pants, pulled his cock out and told me he’d give me a $100 if I sucked him off. I made him pay me up front, but I gave him what he wanted. It became $50 to play with my tits, $200 to cum on me, $150 to eat me out, $75 for a hand job, and $250 to sit naked on his lap and masturbate with him. He and my sister started fighting about money and he started begging me to cut him some slack because he’s “Practically my brother-in-law.” I let him eat me out without charging him a few times, I was getting sick of all of it though. I finally thought I found a solid out and told him that if he broke up with my sister and gave me $2,500 he could fuck my ass.

It took him a few months, but he saved it up and broke things off with my sister. I met him at a motel room he’d rented when he moved out of the apartment he and my sister shared. I lived up to my end of the deal. He fucked me slowly and enjoyed it immensely, especially so when he saw that tears were streaming down my face with each thrust. It hurt more than I expected it to, but I didn’t vocalize the pain and he really tried to make me. The most he got was a couple of gasps and groans.

As he was getting dressed again he looked me over. I was lying on the bed on my stomach, wiping the tears from my cheeks. He went back to buttoning his shirt up and said, very nonchalantly, “How much to fuck your pussy, ‘gie?”

I was a bit snarky with my reply, “I don’t know yet. I think I might auction that opportunity off to get a good chunk of college paid for.” I turned over onto my back and spread my legs as I looked at him, “What would you be willing to bid for my virginity, D?”

He smirked, “I got your sister’s. I’m sure yours would be pretty similar.”

I shrugged, “Would it though? You had my sister the whole time you were perving on me, you had my sister when this started, why bother paying for me if we’re similar?”

He climbed up on the bed and knelt between my legs, pinning my wrists above my head as he pressed his crotch against me. I twisted my arms and tried to pull free but he tightened his grip, “Because I saw the whore you wanted to be all this time and I thought maybe I could break you in more gently than others would.”

I arched my back and tried to get free again, “Get off of me. You’re hurting me,” I yelled.

He got both of my wrists in one of his hands and pulled his belt from his waist with his other. I tried to twist to get my legs both on one side of him so I could kick him but he just pushed himself against me tighter as he wrapped the belt around one wrist then behind a spoke in the cheap bed frame and around the other wrist until I was tightly secured. He fastened the last little bit as tightly as he could, putting a new hole in the belt to do so, so I couldn’t get my hands loose.

He ran his hands down my body, they settled on the backs of my thighs and he pushed my legs back and apart. I was trying to not let on that he was scaring me, “You’re hurting me, D,” I said again.

He unfastened his pants and I kicked at him when he let my leg go to do so. He caught my leg and lifted it roughly and pinned my knee to my chest. He gripped my other leg in his hand and did the same with it, effectively pinning both knees to my chest with one hand and pushing my hips up enough to lift my ass off the bed. He rubbed his hand over my ass and pushed his thumb just between my pussy lips. He pulled his hand back and smacked my ass hard.

I screamed and tried to push my legs back down. He just put more of his weight onto the backs of my legs and he smacked my ass again. It stung and I yelped. Every time his palm made contact with my ass, he rubbed his thumb through my pussy lips. He gave me five very hard swats with little to no emotion beyond some excitement in his cock as I got wet from it.

He let go of my legs and wiped the tears from my cheeks as he stroked my lip with the thumb he’d used to check my reaction to his spanking, “I could have taken you any time I wanted without paying a dime, ‘gie. It looks like you would have gotten at least some enjoyment out of being forced, too. But go ahead and auction it off to someone you don’t know, who might not let you walk away after.”

He pushed his thumb between my lips and I glared at him as I twisted my lower body to try and pull my wrists free, “I could take you gently, make sure you enjoyed it, make sure I wasn’t barbaric, making you bleed just for the satisfaction of tearing you open,” he rubbed his hand down my body and rubbed very gently around my vaginal opening without penetrating it, “but you don’t want that. Whoever wins your game isn’t going to know you or see you as a person. They are going to see a prime pussy they paid top dollar to fuck and they are going to use that hole until they feel they’ve gotten their money’s worth out of it.”

He looked me in the eyes, the slightest smile lingered at the corners of his lips, “Don’t move if you don’t want me to slip.”

He rubbed his cock around my cunt, lubricating me with a mixture of his precum and my creamy fluids that his spanking had produced. The head of his cock just rubbed over my opening, he made no effort to push forward and penetrate me. His eyes were focused on my cunt and how his cock head compared to the small slit he was capable of taking but denied himself.

“They could be happy with a few seconds of quick, messy pumping, or they could decide they bought more than a quick nut in a virgin cunt. Or, maybe they get angry when they realize how much they spent on an eager little slut that would have spread her legs for far less and decide to tie you up in a cheap motel, and after they’ve fucked all of your holes to their heart’s content, they start pimping you out to their angry sexually frustrated dad friends to use and abuse. Just imagine how many dads and step-dads are pissed and frustrated with their slutty teen daughters but can’t bring themselves to dole out the punishment that would stick in their heads, and then this guy offers your teen body to work out all that pent up anger on.”

My eyes watered and my chin quivered, he looked me in the eyes and tilted his head to the left slightly as he looked me over, “A smart man would realize your value is so much higher if he doesn’t fuck you first. I bet there are guys in this motel right now that would give me a quick $20 just to nut on your face. Might even get some of them to cough up $50 to blow a load right on your little virgin cunt. I could probably even sell pictures of your cum coated body next to the money I made from you. A pretty little virgin coated in the cum of dozens of strangers like a common whore has to be a kink for someone out there.”

He pulled his cock up and lay it against my pubis as he leaned over me and unlatched his belt, unwrapping it from my wrists and released me, “I’m not that kind of a monster, though.”

I got up and ran to the bathroom. I locked the door and started the shower. I was trembling with fear, sobbing and gasping uncontrollably. He had always been crude and pushy, but never so over the top like that. I could hear him sighing on the other side of the door as he knocked on it, “Angelica? ‘Gie? I’m sorry. I went too far, I know. Can I come in?”

I was sitting on the floor of the bathroom, my stomach was tense and I felt like I was going to throw up. I heard the cheap little lock on the door pop. He must have stuck something into the hole on the other side. He came into the room and looked around for me, “Angie?”

I was behind the door. He didn’t see me until he shut it. I sat with my arms wrapped around my knees and sobbed. He sat next to me and I pulled away from him as he wrapped his arms around me in a hug, “I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m an asshole.”

I nodded and he laughed slightly. I tried to smirk but instead my sobs quieted slightly and I started gasping between more occasional sobs, “That…that…” I tried to speak as my lip quivered. I buried my head in my knees again.

His hands grabbed mine, making me let go of my knees, and wrapped my arms around his shoulders so he could pick me up. He was still mostly dressed, excepting his shoes and belt now, but he carried me over to the shower and climbed in with me. The warm water cascaded over both of us as he stood me up in front of him. It soaked away the salty tears as it streamed down my hair and over my face.

His rough hands gathered my hair and pulled it away from my neck and off to the side. He leaned down and kissed my neck. I was still making some gasping sobs every little bit and he pulled me back out of the water stream, “I’m so sorry ‘gie. Don’t do that though? Don’t auction yourself off like that?”

I turned and looked at him. My arms were crossed over my chest. I shivered like I was cold in spite of the warm water sliding over my back. My lower lip quivered as tears streamed down my cheeks still, my voice was strained when I finally pushed myself to talk, “That was cruel. That crossed a line. I never even wanted to start any of this. I only did it ‘cause you wouldn’t stop. You…” I hit his chest and pushed him back towards the corner of the tub, “you don’t get to pretend to give a shit about me. You’ve wanted to fuck me long before I became ‘legal’ and I’ve been fucking terrified of you doing what you just did if I didn’t give you a way to get the things you wanted. You’ve thought about it before, I know you have, so don’t tell me you haven’t.”

He clenched his jaw but nodded, “I did. I thought about it, but I never did it. I let my thoughts get carried away sometimes, but I never acted on any of it and you know I didn’t.”

My eyes were red from crying, but I was this confused mixture of pure wrath and terror. I probably could have ripped his dick off if I could get my hands to stop trembling for a minute. “You get that you just assaulted me, right? I didn’t want any of that, I didn’t consent to any of what you just did. I said you were hurting me. I said to get off of me.”

“I didn’t…,” he said as he looked to the ground. He looked back up at me with a slightly sad look on his face, “I’ll pay you more,” he said.

I scoffed, “Just stay the fuck away from me. Get out and don’t ever contact me again.”

He licked his lips and stepped towards me, causing me to cautiously step back into the water more, “What if I run the auction? I can weed out the creeps, go with you to make sure they keep up their end of the bargain…”

I bahis siteleri rolled my eyes, “I was joking. I’m not going to fucking auction off my virginity. I only whored myself to you ‘cause I really and genuinely thought you would just take it anyways at some point, so I might as well get something out of you for it.”

“You could make serious money doing other stuff you know? I know some people who could set up a cam system. I could set up a website. It’d likely pay your whole way through college. You’d be in charge of what you showed and did. You could wear a mask if you didn’t want to show your face,” he was trying hard to stay a part of my life.

I looked him over and he avoided eye contact with me, “A mask?” I asked. My curiosity was, admittedly, piqued.

He nodded, raising his eyes to mine, “One that covered your whole face, or just half. Maybe even just a masquerade style covering around your eyes. You could do as much or as little as you wanted. You can charge more if you masturbate or fuck on screen, but I have seen girls who just go about their lives in tight or skimpy clothes make serious bank, too.”

He moved a little closer to me and I backed up into the spigot of the tub. He took the hint and moved back away from me again, “You can even auction your virginity in a way. Get a few guys willing to do it on camera and have your viewers pay to vote until you reach a total monetary goal. Safer for you, you get to choose who goes in the poll, and you can count on some guys watching that over and over again, generating ad revenue for you as well.”

I contemplated it, “How much do you think I could make?” I asked.

He shrugged, “A lot. With the whole virginity thing, you could also give them options to vote on how they want you to lose it. Your options again, so it can be sweet and gentle, rough, you unaware, blackmail, etc. The position you lose it in, the number of guys who actually fuck you after, with the highest earning one being the one to go first. The options are pretty endless. A dollar a vote, 5 options, if we get 100 guys to vote you’d make what you just made with me like it was nothing, set your total goal high and the word will spread. You can have an end date and bonus events if you reach higher goals before the end date. You could probably see a few hundred grand in a month’s time and only have to work a few hours to slowly reveal the results. Keep it going by letting them vote on your outfits, what underwear you wear that day, what you eat, the color of your nails, eyeshadow, or lipstick. You would grow a following quick.”

“How much would it cost to set up?” I asked.

“We couldn’t do it at your house. I’m staying here for the time being. I’m sure we could set something up here,” he said as he looked around the bathroom. “I’ve got offers in on a few condos too. If I get one of them, we could do something more permanent there.”

I sat down on my knees in the bottom of the tub. I don’t know why I was even entertaining the thought, but I was. I looked up at him, a cascade of poorly pressurized water separated us, “And what do you expect from me out of this?”

“I get to choose one thing for every category you want to make except for the people. That’s it,” He said as he stepped out of the tub.

“Why not one of the people?” I asked as I watched him pull the sopping wet clothes off of himself.

He couldn’t help but smirk slightly, “Because you’re right about what I did in there. I wanted to scare you. I clearly succeeded, but I didn’t think it all the way through.”

I stood back up in the shower and he watched me wash my hair and my body. He held up a towel for me as I turned the water off and stepped out, “How long will it take to set up?” I asked.

“I can set it up here in about a week overall. A more permanent place is going to take longer, I have to have an offer accepted and finalize everything, that can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the seller,” he said.

I looked him in the eye, “Set it up here and tell me when to come back.”

“Wednesday. Come back Wednesday evening so we can take some video and photos for the site. Don’t worry about bringing anything with you. If we’re going to do this, we’re going to do it right,” he said without hesitation.

I was nervous, but I wasn’t sure why. He still picked me up and dropped me off for school in spite of me being 18 and him and my sister splitting up. It was weird, but the rides were silent and he barely even looked at me. The most that happened was he asked me if I wanted a mask for the website. I did.

It was after dinner when I arrived on Wednesday. There was another woman in the room and a rack full of clothes. D introduced me to the woman, Shea. She was a makeup artist and photographer, he hired her to do the photos. The mask he ended up choosing for me was a lace and satin eye mask that clipped into my hair at the sides.

Shea did my makeup and fixed my hair while D pulled out a series of outfits for me to wear. I followed the instructions I was given and the photos were stunning. I wasn’t really expecting to take some of the ones we did. In one D was facing away from the camera and I was on his lap, looking directly into the camera. My fingers were bent and Shea showed me how to make it look like I was digging my nails into his back without actually hurting him. It was insanely sensual when I saw the ones she took, she ended up liking the one where I was looking at D and biting my lip with my brows furrowed in ecstasy. D was still partly clothed for the shot, just had his pants pulled down enough to look naked.

She understood the concept of the website she was taking the photos for, so she made it a point to have D take me into the bathroom and actually get me excited. He went in there with me, but kept his distance until I told him it was okay. He knelt in front of me as I sat on the edge of the tub and savored getting my clit and pussy lips swollen with excitement. I didn’t cum from his teasing, we kinda didn’t have time for that, but he did work me up enough to get the thick creamy fluids flowing over me. Shea had me perch on a chair, my feet up on the seat, legs spread apart with the light shining on me. Then she took photos of my spread pussy, the soft pink labia glistening with moisture from both D’s tongue and my own body.

Then she kinda surprised me and pulled out this small tub of thick clear gel. “It’s for writing on cakes, we can mix it with a little cream to make it look more like cum,” she said it so nonchalantly, like every photographer carried around fake-able cum in their kit. She had D help her mix it up to various white shades and thicknesses using heavy cream, light cream and just some water then pulled it up into a little syringe and apparently that’s how you fake making a girl look like she’s been drenched in the cum of a few dozen guys when you don’t have a few dozen volunteers around.

After Shea left, D got a little hesitant with me. “We need to take some video of you too, so they know you’re a real person and not just a click-bait model to lure them in,” he said.

I nodded and he blushed brightly, “I’m going to take the video of you giving me a blowjob.”

“I kinda figured that,” I said.

“The more genuine you are, the more you let your personality shine the more guys are going to be taken with you,” he was still hesitating.

“Why are you stalling?” I asked as he set up the camera.

He shrugged, “It’s not weird to you? I mean people are going to see us…What if your sister recognizes my tattoos?”

I smirked, “Well, I don’t have any tattoos, or birthmarks, or easily identifiable marks at all. She might be able to tell it’s you from the photos, but she won’t know it’s me.”

He still hesitated, “You have to talk while I take the video. I’m going to ask questions and you’re going to answer them and do the things I ask you to do. I won’t be able to alter your voice because it comes off as if we’re trying to hide something.”

I thought about it for a minute, “My family hasn’t really done shit for me anyways, at worst they disown me for blowing my sister’s ex. It’s not like you’re fucking me. Let’s get it over with so I can go home.”

I sat on the edge of the bed and watched D fumble with the camera as he set it up so that it was kind of over his shoulder and looking down, a perspective shot. I adjusted my mask and went over to kneel down in front of him, he pushed my hair out of my face and stroked my jaw, “Do you know who you want to put in the poll?”

I shook my head, “Not yet. I have a couple of friends I may be able to talk into going on camera for it, but I’m not entirely sure I want them for that kind of a thing.”

He reached up and turned on the camera, “You ready?” he asked.

I nodded.

“A lot of people are going to want to know what to call you. For safety reasons, we obviously can’t call you by your legal name, so what name would you like your fans to use when referring to you?”

“Evelyn. Maybe Evie for short,” I said as I looked into the camera, just as he’d instructed me to when we discussed this previously.

“Evie, huh? That’s a nice choice. What made you want to set up this opportunity?”

I bit my lower lip and shrugged, “I dunno. I liked the idea of recording that experience. I like the idea of being able revisit it.”

“Have you had other kinds of sex? Oral? Anal?” he asked as he guided me closer to him.

I had my hands on his thighs, looking up into the camera more than into D’s face, but I did glance over every now and then. I nodded, “I wish I had recorded those firsts as well, but the idea was just recently put into my head. Both were firsts within the last few months.”

“A pretty girl like you only recently dropped to her knees for a guy? I don’t know if I believe that,” he teased. His thumb pressed against my lower lip, tugging it gently. I quickly licked the pad of his thumb and smiled.

“It’s true though. I’ve had a couple of boyfriends before. They tried to get me to, but I just wasn’t ready yet. I waited until I turned 18,” I said as his hand slid down my jaw and over my neck.

“Do you masturbate often?” he asked.

I smiled, “Pretty often.”

“Do you use toys on that pretty little pussy of yours?” he asked

“No, well, at least not yet. I just use my hands, or my shower head.”

He squeezed my breast and smiled as he looked down at me, “Will you take your top off, Evie?” he asked.

I crossed my arms and pulled my top up and over my head. The air in here was intentionally set much colder than it needed to be. My breasts were on the small size, a large B, small C at most. The light pink areolae were puffy and my nipples were slightly upturned with a soft curve along the bottom of the breast. I liked them.

“Sit up and lets see,” he said as he smiled at me.

I sat up straight, pushing my shoulders back and chest out. He groped my breasts, running his thumb over my erect nipple, squeezing and tugging at them. He cradled them in his palms and pushed them up and together. He put his hand on my hip and pulled me up a little higher, taking my right breast in his mouth, sucking roughly on it before moving to my left breast and doing the same. My nipples were much more prominent when he pulled his mouth from my tits.

“Do you like sucking dick, Evie?” he asked as he ran his hands over my breasts, toying with the perky nipples as he did.

I nodded and he wagged his finger at me, “You have to say it, love.”

“I love sucking dick,” I said as rubbed my hands over his upper thighs.

“I don’t know if I believe you, Evie. You don’t seem that enthusiastic about it,”

I pouted slightly, “I can show you?”

“You want to suck my cock? Think you can get it all deep into your throat?” he asked as he rubbed the front of my neck.

I nodded.

He pulled his pants and underwear down and I helped him pull them off of his legs. I sat between his legs and rubbed my hands up his thighs as I looked up at him, he had a big smile on his face as I licked from the base of his cock to the tip. I stroked his shaft with my hand and moved closer. He gathered my hair up in his hands and pulled to the side. He angled his hips and turned my head slightly by tugging my hair. I bobbed my lips up and down the length of him and he moaned.

“Atta girl. Let’s show everyone how much you like to gag on cock, Evie,” he pushed my head down further on his shaft and groaned as I actually gagged on him. My throat tensed up and he grabbed my jaw, pulling my lips further down on him.

My eyes were watering and the head of his cock was a good 3” down my throat. He pulled his cock free of my mouth as I gasped and I quickly bobbed my head back onto him. He grunted and my tongue massaged the underside of his cock as his head pulsed in my throat.

I looked up at him, his cock glistened from my spit. I worked my lips down to the base of his cock and curled my tongue just beneath his balls. His grip in my hair tightened and I couldn’t help but make some awkward garbled noises as I started bobbing my head up and down on him. He bucked his hips up towards my mouth and pulled my head tightly down to him as he relished the tightening and squeezing of my oxygen starved tipobet güvenilir mi throat on his cock head.

When his grip on me loosened, I slowly started bobbing back up his cock, taking just slightly less and less until my tongue swirled over the tip of his cock. He was dribbling a mix of precum and spit. He laughed slightly as I looked up at him, “Do you want to show everyone the prize at the end of this game?”

I slid my skirt and panties off and climbed up on his lap, “Why don’t you spread me open to show them?” I asked.

I leaned back and grasped his calves with my legs on either side of him. He lifted my hips with one hand and used the other to push my pussy lips apart, “Now that, dear viewers, is an 18-year-old virgin cunt. Miss Evelyn here is running a bit of a competition. From now until June 2nd you can vote for various aspects of this little cunt’s future. You want to tell them their options, Evie?”

I started rubbing my pussy along the side of D’s cock as I looked into the camera, “First, there’s the who. As in, which of three cocks do you want to see inside of me? Then there’s the where. You get five options: in a car, in my bed, on the couch, on the floor, or biggest spender’s choice.”

I bit my lip and moaned as I started rubbing myself along his shaft just a little faster. He had his hands hooked around my thighs as he moaned too. I closed my eyes and breathily continued, “Then there’s the how. Do you want me to be seduced into giving up my virginity? Do you want me to be completely drunk? Or maybe you want me to take the lead and mount him? Or maybe you want someone to teach me a lesson for being a teasing whore?”

D squeezed my thighs and I climbed my way up him, kissing him softly as I continued, “You can also decide if you want it to be just me and the man you choose, or if you’d like him to bring his friends and how many of them. You can choose the outfit I wear that night and…,” I moaned and arched my back, “the highest spender will get to choose if I’m fucked with my panties on or naked. He or she will also get a special piece of memorabilia from the night.”

D pulled his cock from between my pussy lips and started stroking himself quickly. I leaned my head back and smiled as a few hot spurts of his cum landed on my breasts and stomach. I looked back over at the camera, “Damon here is the first option. He is…well…quite a bit older than me. He’s known me for most of my life. Damon, why don’t you tell them why you should win the opportunity to fuck me?”

He was half smirking behind a huge smile that no one could see. He rubbed his hands over my body and pulled me closer to him, “I’ll make certain to leave her body quivering with pleasure.” He rubbed his thumb over my clit and I squirmed slightly. Then he held his dick against my stomach, making it appear that if he went full hilt into my cunt, the tip of his dick would up past my belly button, which is obviously not how it works but it’s a fun visual. “Just look at the potential of how full she’ll be with my cock pounding her.”

I leaned over slightly and looked into the camera, “Videos of the next options will be available soon.”

I turned off the camera and started to get off of D’s lap, but he grabbed my hip and held me still, “You sure about putting me in as an option?”

I nodded, “You got everything else, might as well give you the chance at a triple crown run.”

“Why the name Damon?” he asked

I smirked, “Demon seemed a little on the nose. So, what happens if you win the poll and they want you to bring friends? Most of your friends know me and know you were with my sister. It’ll get back to her quick.”

He sighed, “We’ll figure it out when the time comes, ‘gie.”

The initial launch of the site went quite well. D advertised it in a small porn mag and online community. We made videos with two other guys, one a friend of mine for most of my life, the other was one of my teachers. The timing of the video would be after graduation, so no real ethics issues there. He didn’t like the idea of it being recorded, but all three options would be wearing a mask too, so he was game.

I made a video of each guy, giving them the same chance to interview me and be intimate with me that D had. I called my teacher Ari, short for Aristotle, and my friend Sam. I was kind of surprised to learn Ari had the biggest cock of the three, he was roughly the same length of D but nearly twice as thick. Sammy was a fair few inches shorter than D but just as thick as Ari.

D and I made videos of outfits I could wear at the start of the event, lingerie I could wear, and me detailing the options of how and showing the wheres that were an option. We also made a video with all three guys wearing their masks and fondling me. Of course if anyone found out Ari was my teacher and these videos were made before I graduated there could be some issues for him. None of the men were allowed to talk to each other in that video, their faces were darkened to match the color of their masks so features were harder to discern and tattoos were covered with makeup. I didn’t want them to know who the other options were.

We made some serious cash. I was making a video a day during the competition, highlighting the options and the pros and cons of each choice. Thousands of people were participating. We set up a chat room and a forum for them to discuss the options among themselves. I would often chat with the people and D would mod any streams I did.

He mostly muted people for being crude, we only had to ban one person. And that was only because he was actually threatening v******e against me and the three guys they were choosing from. He sent D a message with a picture of D at work, apparently interacting with the guy in a friendly way. It freaked him out a little so he hired a bodyguard to basically follow me discreetly anytime I left my house.

When all was said and done, The voting brought in a little over two million dollars. I was expecting a couple thousand. This blew up much bigger than I thought it would. We arranged everything and set up to do a stream of the event, with it recording from several other angles to be cut together and put up separately as well.

I was wearing a long black trench coat as I came out on the live camera, which was sitting just to my right at a slight angle, a large black cloth behind me to cover the “where” of the polls. I gave them six categories they could vote on. Who, how, where, what attire (outfit and lingerie, but same category), how many participants, and where the cum went.

The first thing I revealed to the live audience was the outfit they chose. I pulled off the trench coat as I spoke to them, “This was close. It only won by about 50 votes.”

Beneath the coat I wore a deep aubergine colored corset and skirt. It was off the shoulder with lightly gathered fabric emulating a sleeve just along the top of my arm. The top framed my breasts with a pretty corseted style princess cut bodice and the skirt flowed softly down to about mid-thigh. A black petticoat puffed up the skirt just a little. I was wearing black stockings, the lace tops of which teased exposure just beneath the hem of my skirt every time I moved.

I smiled at the camera, “I almost think there was a little conspiracy going on considering you lot also chose the amethyst jewelry and the red-violet makeup look. Or is it because I’m a redhead and dark purples make that more prominent?”

I looked over to D and he gave the thumbs up. Ari and Sammy were sitting with him, all three had their masks, still making things as anonymous as possible right up to the full reveal of events. I started to unlace the front of the corset but stopped, “Oh, I suppose we should let our winner do that to show off the choice for underneath the pretty dress, huh?”

I looked around, “I guess the next thing I should reveal is the where,” I teased as I turned and looked at the cloth. We obviously couldn’t do it in my real bedroom, but we were able to easily dress up the room to look like a teenaged girl’s room. I tugged on the cloth gently and it pulled down to reveal a prim and proper girly-girl’s room. The kind of room that would make the average person want to gouge their eyes out with a rusty spoon if they had to sleep in it for more than a night.

I turned back to the camera, eyebrow raised, “As for the how? Well, it seems that I’ve come across a few very nice fellas that are eager to give me a crash course in pleasing a man after I displayed a concern of still being a virgin and disappointing my boyfriend.”

Ari approached me first as D and Sammy moderated the chat. Ari took my hand and led me over to the bed. He helped me up onto it and then climbed on behind me. He rubbed my shoulders and kissed the side of my neck. As his hands trailed down my arms, he whispered in my ear, “I can’t imagine someone being disappointed in you.” He slid his hands over my hips and down my outer thigh. My dress lifted enough to give them a glimpse of the lingerie they’d chosen and his hand rubbed my cunt through the thin white fabric. His voice was calm and smooth as his fingers dipped under my panties and into the wetness between my pussy lips, “You feel so warm and inviting.”

He rubbed my clit quickly back and forth, his fingers slippery from the juices clinging to my cunt. I moaned and whined. Sammy came over to me and stood to the side, unlacing the corset of the dress until the bodice lay open, my breasts on display in an open cup soft white lace bra.

Ari helped Sammy get the top of the dress off of me, it may have gotten ripped a little as they became impatient. Sammy stroked my cheek as Ari continued stroking and rubbing my clit. Sammy’s kiss was soft, tugging gently at my lower lip as his tongue tangled around mine. He wasn’t as soft spoken as Ari was, his voice was much deeper as well.

He tugged my hair back gently as kissed his way down my chin and over my neck, stopping only to persuade in a more harsh way, “You want to let him be in control.” He bit my neck and I cringed as it was much harder than I expected him to go. His teeth grazed my breast and closed over my nipple very lightly. His mouth closed down on my breast and his hand gripped my throat as he sucked on me.

I winced and cried out as I felt my stomach tightening. Ari’s fingers were making it very hard to concentrate on everything else. Sammy stopped suckling my breast to look up at me as he spoke, “But he should never deny you pleasure” he said with just the slightest hint of a smile at the corner of his lips.

D came over and knelt in front of me, allowing him access without blocking me from view. He slid his hands up my thighs and kept pushing up on my skirt until it was just under my breasts. Ari and Sammy took over and pulled it the rest of the way off of me. I knelt in the bed in nothing more than a white open cup lace bra, a soft white g-string with a silk ruffle along the waist, a black garter belt and black stockings with a scalloped lace top. D moved to the side and pulled the panty down a little, thick strings of fluid stretched between the inner lining and my cunt.

The light glistened on the fluids and he groaned in lust as he looked at my pussy. His eyes lit up as he looked at me, “Well you’re just a little whore, excited for her first dick aren’t you?” He pulled them down to my knees, but they stayed on me for this.

I bit my lip and he leaned forward, his tongue curled over my clit as Ari and Sammy caressed and kissed the rest of my body. I closed my eyes, the sensation of warm soft lips closed around my clit, nipple, and my own lips was overwhelming. Add in the hand rubbing the back of my neck, another groping my other breast, one tugging my hair gently to keep my head turned towards him, another squeezing and rubbing my ass, and D’s hands were both on the backs of my inner thighs, ensuring my cunt was spread and didn’t close as he sucked and kissed my already swollen and teased clit.

I whimpered and Someone grabbed my jaw, Ari whispered to me, “Open your eyes so they can see you enjoying this.”

I did.

I panted and squirmed and Ari and Sammy both started holding me still and lifting me from the bed as D’s tongue brought me to my first live orgasm. I arched my back and leaned back, my legs and stomach tensed up and twitched as my hands tightened around Ari and Sammy’s wrists. I pushed my hips towards D’s tongue and bit my lip.

I didn’t know who’d won yet. The guys decided to keep it to themselves and surprise me. D looked up at me, the light glistened on the pussy fluid around his lips as he climbed up my body, “Are you ready Evie?”

I nodded, still squirming from the orgasm. I was fucking eager, actually. He smiled and stood in front of me, “Close your eyes. We’re going to make sure our guests can see your pretty little cunt the whole time and you have to keep your eyes closed, okay?”

I nodded again and closed my eyes. My panties fell from my legs and landed beneath me. They moved me around and I wasn’t really sure who was holding me up and who’s cock head was coating itself in my pussy juices. Two guys were on either side of me, holding perabet me up. They had one arm behind my upper back and head, their other arms were supporting my lower back and waist area. The third person pushed my legs back and maneuvered them so that, I think, my feet were behind the head of each of the guys at my sides. It kinda hurt, but resting my knee against their shoulder helped.

Everyone was quiet. My pussy was absolutely dripping with anticipation and the person between my legs was spreading apart my lips, running his finger over the still very much intact membrane along the outer edge of my vaginal opening. I felt the guys lower me down a little and then the head of a cock at my entrance I tensed up and lifted my hips slightly.

It felt big, but I didn’t really have any other reference point to go by. This was a new feeling to me and I’m not sure if I would have really been able to tell the difference between their sizes on my first go. I gasped and cried out a little as he tried to get his cock head into me. My fingernails were digging into the hips of each of the guys at my side.

It hurt. I felt him pull back, the pressure and pain between my legs eased and I relaxed a little. His thumb rubbed my clit, clearly trying to soothe me from the pain. Then without warning there was a sharp stabbing pain that cut right through me and I screamed. I tried to pull my hips away, and was nearly sobbing, but he grabbed my hips and made a few deep slow thrusts, pulling back until just the head was inside of me and then pushing forcefully all the way down, hitting something very sensitive to pain inside of me.

I pulled my hands from the hips of the guys on my sides and tried to push myself away. The man between my legs grabbed my hips and held me up as the other two grabbed my wrists and held them firmly. I started crying, gasping for breath as he continued to fuck me. I could feel the blood dripping down from my pussy and I was just instantly filled with fear as I knew this was just the start of things.

I opened my eyes and looked to my right, D’s face was contorted in concern as I sobbed and he held me up, preventing me from stopping what was going on, but not being the one fucking me like I thought would happen. My legs were trembling. My lower lip quivered and I just cried as I looked him in the eye.

I just glanced down to see who it was, and realized it was my former teacher. They’d voted for the guy with the biggest dick to take my virginity, that seemed somewhat cruel. As the pain settled and Ari began to thrust a little faster into me I started to feel the pleasure. My lip still quivered but I closed my eyes and the tears began to dry up. D and Sammy let go of my wrists and moved my legs so that they weren’t being stretched awkwardly and they maneuvered me until I could wrap my arms around my teacher and he bounced me gently on his cock, turning so that the camera was ultimately seeing my back.

Ari’s grip on me was tight. I could feel his hands trembling and I pulled back just enough to look at him, he had tears in his eyes too and was trying to keep his face buried in my neck so no one could see after he turned towards the camera. I started rocking my hips against him when he lowered me fully down onto him. It seemed to take him by surprise as he moaned loudly into my ear and his dick twitched in me. His voice was soft as he whispered to me, so lightly I don’t think anyone else could’ve heard him, “Are you okay?”

I nodded slightly and sat up to look him in the eyes. My eyes were red, my lip still quivered and I was having a hard time stopping the dry sobs. I started tilting and dropping my hips, riding him as he held me against his crotch, a thin line of pinkish tinted fluids ran down his inner thigh as he let me take over.

I knew that he had to cum in me and I was kind of looking forward to that. D and Sammy both stood on either side of me and ran their hands over my back and along my thigh. I groaned and Ari started locking his lips on mine as he started thrusting into me again. Someone’s hand slid between Ari and I and began to rub my throbbing clit. The camera could only see from my shoulders to about mid-thigh on Ari, but was angled to best capture his cock spreading me open.

There was a thin layer of sweat glistening down my spine and Ari wrapped his arms around my upper back and hooked his hands onto my shoulders. The mystery hand kept rubbing my clit until I tensed up and squeezed my pussy down on Ari’s cock. He grunted and pulled me down tightly onto his cock as I squirmed and squeezed him during my orgasm.

I shifted slightly and D quickly lifted me off of Ari and lifted my leg, Pink tinted cum with thin red ribbons ran down my inner thigh. D quickly pushed his cock into my pussy from behind and I whined as my leg nearly gave out under me. He held me up easily and pumped his cock in and out of my cum filled pussy. I turned to look at him and he kissed me deeply. He groped my breast with one hand and Ari knelt down and began licking and tonguing my clit. I hadn’t fully come down from the last orgasm and found it rather overwhelming.

I leaned back against D’s chest, his lips muffled my moans as his cock hit the forward wall of my cunt. It felt fucking amazing as he’d ram himself against me then his cock would twitch and rub along the wall. The vertical split he held my leg in gave the viewers the full show of his cock penetrating and Ari’s tongue flicking my swollen little clit back and forth.

D held out the longest with his orgasm. He was close a few times and I had at least one full body orgasm as his cock penetrated me, which nearly sent him over the edge as my leg turned to jelly and my full weight fell down on his hips, impaling myself deeply on his cock. He nearly collapsed with me, but held me up and pumped his cock into me harder and faster, Ari’s cum was vacated by D’s cock and quickly replaced in my cunt with possibly twice the load. He dropped my leg and pushed me away, causing me to fall Ari adjusted the camera to show me on the floor as Sammy came up behind me and mounted me from behind.

I ached and throbbed but I was so fucking horny. Sammy quickly turned me around, sitting on the ground with my back to his chest and my legs on the outside of his, spreading me open to show the camera my spread pussy. It was red and I’d wager people could see my clit pulsing. Sammy grabbed my throat and pulled me down to the floor with him. My tits bounced with every upward thrust and his hand expertly fondled and teased my clit. He was hitting that forward wall as well. The perfect angle with a thick cock pounding me hard and fast.

I trembled in his grip and a stream of clear watery fluid poured down his cock from my cunt. My hands were on his wrist as he squeezed my throat tighter and tighter as he fucked me harder. I couldn’t even moan, I was barely able to make any noise beyond a slightly high pitched squeal. He came hard and let go of my throat and shoved me off of his cock.

I fell to the floor next to him and Ari came around and pulled me up to my knees, pushing his cock down my throat until I gagged and nearly threw up. I could taste my blood on him still. Someone was standing over me, slapping my ass and spreading my legs, the sticky mess of white and clear cum mixed with bits of blood between my legs being shown off as the prize for the viewers who voted in our polls. The splash of cold liquid against my asshole caught me off guard. D was rubbing it in and around my ass, fingering me to push the lube inside just as he’d done when he took my anal virginity.

Then I felt a much thicker pressure than I had with D and turned as much as I could with Ari’s dick rammed down my throat to see Sammy squatting over me and D holding my hips up as he pushed his much thicker but well lubed cock in my ass. I screamed again and Ari grabbed my hair and held my head down on his cock as he came in my throat. I couldn’t breathe and he held me there for a few seconds before he pulled himself free with a pop as I started coughing and gagging on the floor. Ari was lifting my hips and D came over to my mouth. I shook my head as I coughed.

“Oww, oww,” I whined as Sammy fucked my ass hard.

D grabbed my jaw and forced his cock into my mouth in spite of my protests. He pulled free once and looked at me, my eyes were red and full of tears. Sammy came in my ass and then Ari started fucking it. I cried and D kissed me deeply to silence it. He stroked my hair and rubbed my throat and jaw.

Ari didn’t lube his cock first, he used the lube already there and Sammy’s cum to stretch me to accommodate him. I was sobbing again, but it was muffled against D’s lips and tongue as he tried to soothe me. I kicked my feet as Ari pushed in deeper than Sammy had been. D pulled his lips from mine to chide Ari, “Not so rough,” he yelled at him.

I screamed and Ari grabbed my hips and moved a little slower. I sobbed against D’s shoulder as Ari began to slowly fuck my ass. D whispered to me, “It’s almost over. You’re doing really well, you know? Just a little more, ‘gie.”

I felt Sammy climb under me and felt his dick at my pussy again. I sat up and looked at D, absolute horror on my face as he pushed into me. Ari pushed into my ass as Sammy pulled back from my pussy and they alternated as I panted and tried to not scream again. D was rubbing my cheek and stood in front of me, the tip of his cock poised at my lips.

I leaned forward and swallowed his cock. It was a fair distraction. Ari came first as he pushed deeply into my ass. Then Sammy left another load in my pussy. D held back as my tongue circled him and the tears were subsiding. As soon as Sammy pulled out, D lifted me up and got his dick in my cunt again. I rubbed my clit and rode his cock. Sammy picked up the camera and got it between us, to show my red, swollen and cum filled cunt being used again by D. My fingers rubbed my clit until I leaned back and reached my final orgasm. D came deep in my cunt again. I leaned back on the floor, my arms above my head Sammy videoed my body as D pulled his cock out of me. Another load of his cum dripping from my thoroughly used pussy.

“How do you feel, Evie?” D asked as he wiped his cum covered cock on my stomach.

I looked around to each of them, “Can the next few times be a little gentler?” I rubbed my aching cunt with my fingers and pouted a little.

D smiled, “Do you want all of us again?”

I nodded, “Please? But we can do separate videos too, right?”

Ari approached me with a warm cloth and laid it on my cunt, rubbing gently as he cleaned me up. Sammy was still holding the camera and recording me up close. D began to clean the drool and cum from my lips. He looked up and saw Sammy with the camera then reached out and tilted it up. “The next planned video is just going to be getting her off, over and over again until she can’t stand up. No polls, no other gimmicks, just a pretty girl experiencing intense orgasms. We’ll have the video of this with better angles and clearer shots of her deflowering up for sale soon, check back in a few weeks. In the meantime, let’s welcome Evie to the world of selling her body for your viewing pleasure. Oh, and by the way, the most spent by any one voter was $8,000. You sir, are going to get these,” he held up my panties, blood, cum and my own fluids had dripped over them throughout the fucking session and then pulled my sweat soaked bra off of me.

I blushed and D smiled, “I think we’re going to make selling her panties from videos a thing. The next pair will be soaked in only her cum and sweat, we’ll give you options to vote on and these votes will be free, but the panties will be auctioned. Thank you for joining us, ladies and gentlemen, and we hope to see you next time.” He looked down at me, a huge smile on his face as the camera turned off.

The stream ended and D helped me to my wobbly feet. Sammy was shutting down all of the tech and Ari picked me up in his arms so I didn’t have to stand. D looked around and took off his mask, “Well, it seems like we may all want this to be an ongoing thing, so we might as well know who we each are. I’m Davis, former fiance of ‘gie’s sister.”

Sammy took off his mask, “Liam. My mom is her ther****t.”

Ari hesitated but took off his mask, “Marcus Hutchins. I’ve been her homeroom teacher for the past three years.”

I looked around to each of them and pulled my mask off as well, “This stays in this room, yeah?”

They all nodded and a pact was made. I got half the money and they split the other half three ways. Production costs came out of my half to even things up a bit. We’re two years in. I want to quit but the money’s amazing and the three of them take excellent care of me. I still feel lost though, like I’m trapped between them and if I explore more than sex with any of them, or anyone else, I’m betraying them. I’ve been contemplating just running away. But, I think I’ve become addicted. I know I’ve become co-dependent on them.

I think I could have billions of dollar and still want to sell my body to the men around me. We’ve been tossing around the idea of auctioning off a night with me to one of our viewers. Or, I should say, I’ve been trying to toss it out there as an idea. The boys all think it’s far too unsafe. They may not be wrong, there have been a few stalking incidents over the years, but the risk of the unknown is enticing to me.

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