Lonely Lovin’

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A/n this is my first story on this site. This was inspired by my overactive imagination, so enjoy.


She couldn’t take it anymore. She was horny and lonely. Jenna craved the feeling of her pussy being licked and having a hard and throbbing cock driving into her. The thought of a tongue sliding across her clit and slipping into her wet pussy made her squirm. She could feel the wetness building between her legs. Jenna could hear his voice in her ear.

“You want me to fuck you? You want me to fuck you for all your worth?” he asked in a husky voice. Moaning in pleasure Jenna squirmed on her bed rubbing herself against her sheets needing to feel the friction her jeans and panties created.

“Oh yes, fuck me hard and fast,” she replied.

“I want you to do something for me. Will you do something for me?” he asked.


“Take off your shirt and bra. Now take your breasts in your hands and squeeze them. How does that feel baby?”

“Oh baby it feels so good. My nipples are getting hard, just begging to be licked,” Jenna moaned.

“Oh baby so fuckin hot. Take your index finger and place it in your mouth then take it and place it on your right nipple. Then pinch it. Does it turn you on?

“Fuck yes… I’m so wet can I touch myself yet?” Jenna pleaded.

“No, not yet. Repeat the action güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri with your left nipple.

“O…kay,” Jenna said as she panted with pleasure Jenna did what he told her to before dragging her fingernail across both nipples, hissing in pleasure.

“Did you just scrape your nails across your nipples?” he asked getting hard at the thought.

“Yeah,” she answered.

“Oh, fuck, jen… Do you have any idea how much you turn me on when you touch yourself? How hot it is for me to watch you as you fondle your breasts or when you slide your fingers in and out of your pussy?” he asked breathlessly.

“Oh god… I need to touch myself. I can’t wait,” Jenna moaned as she quickly unfascened her jeans and in one fluid movement pushed both them and her underwear off, leaving her totally naked. Groaning at the image his girlfriend had just placed in his mind Tom quickly discarded his pants and boxers. As soon as it was free he took his hard and leaking cock into his hand..

“Oh, fuck Jenna, I wish this was your mouth on me and you were sucking me off,” Tom groaned as his hand slid from the bottom up to the head before sliding back down. Then he fondled his balls. “Do you wish it was me licking your pussy before fucking you senseless?” Tom whispered. Jenna’s response was a long loud güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri moan. “Tell me what your doing to yourself, baby,” Tom requested.

“My left hand is squeezing my breasts and pinching my nipples. My right hand is fucking my hot wet pussy. I’m so fucking wet, my juices are dripping,” Jenna says as she moans, hitting a particular arousing spot.

“How many fingers?”

“Two inside me and my thumbs rubbing my clit. I’m so fuckin close. I need to come, fuck I need to come!” Jenna cries in frustration knowing she can’t come until he says she can.

“In a minute. Place another finger in that hot wet pussy. How does it feel to stretch yourself like that?” Tom whispers as he speeds up his strokes. His cock is throbbing and he’s about to blow his load and soon.

“Fuck!” Her fingers move in and out of her tight wet pussy at a frantic pace. “fuckfuckfuck so fucking wet. I wanna feel your hard cock buried deep inside me. I want you to fuck me so hard that I don’t know where you begin and I end. Will you fuck me like that tom?” she asks in a sultry voice.

“Oh fuck yes, jen. Oh baby ooooooo,” Tom moaned as he brought himself closer and closer to orgasm.

“How close are you baby?” Jenna whispered.

“Very close. I won’t last long. My cock’s throbbing so hard it’s aching. güvenilir bahis şirketleri How close are you Jen?”

“So fucking close I’m on the edge and need to come so fucking bad. Oh god so close so wet…”

“Pull your fingers all the way out then slam them back in, can you hit your G-spot for me?” he stutters as his hand tightens on his cock at the image he’s seeing.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” Jenna screams. By this time she’s rithing around on the bed desperately needing release.

“Do that again but this time, rub your clit with your thumb. Fuck yourself like you’ve never been fucked before. It’s my cock driving in and out of you. My balls are slapping against our bodies,” Tom describes. “Oooooo Je..na.”

“Oh fuck Tom.. I need to come baby, please?” Jenna beggs her pussy is so wet she can feel it running down between her legs. About to come as well Tom wants Jenna to come first.

“Come for me baby. Tell me who it’s for…” Tom ground out as his hand sped up and he neared his own climax. That was all the encouragement she needed, with one last thrust of her fingers and her thumb pressing on her clit she came, screaming his name.

“Toooooooooom! Oh fuck Tom oh yes, baby oh fuck!” Jenna cried as her orgasm ripped through her. At the sound of his girlfriends pleasured screams Tom allowed his hand to speed up even more and move to the head of his penis.

“Jenna… Jenna… Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenna!!!” Tom yelled as his orgasm exploded and he collapsed back on to the bed spent. A few minutes later.

“MMM I guess we should go to bed, ‘night.’,” Jenna said.

“MMM, night,” Tom replied hanging up the phone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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