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Right now, I am lying in bed. There is a gorgeous young man next to me. A fine and sexy young man. Blake Mitchells is his name and he’s my best friend’s twin brother. He is lovely and we’ve just spent a wonderful night together. We made love. It was a first for both of us. I feel wonderful. It feels great to be next to him. Maybe it’s the magical time we’ve spent together or maybe it’s just my emotions talking. I think he might be the one for me. And the fact that he’s bisexual doesn’t phase me a bit.

My name is Christine McLeod. I am a pupil at Saint Mary’s Academy, an all-girls boarding school in southern Massachusetts. This is my senior year and I recently turned eighteen. Spring Break had come and I didn’t feel like going home. I have a big family. Two sisters and one brother, being raised by a firefighter and his wife, a teacher. I am the youngest. I am also one of the brightest. I had won myself an academic scholarship to Saint Mary’s Academy a long time ago. I had left Dorchester behind. My brother James is at Bridgewater State College, taking up Criminal Justice. He wants to be a cop. My sister Joanna is a cab driver and my other sister Michelle used to be a nurse but these days, all she does is sleeping with random men and getting knocked up. She’s a ho.

Yeah, I didn’t feel like going home on Spring Break so I decided to stay with my friend Alexandra Mitchells. Alexandra Mitchells is my roommate. A tall, blond-haired girl with green eyes. Unlike all the other stuck-up bitches at school, she was nice to me. I was the only black female student at Saint Mary. Alexandra befriended me and took me places. We were good friends. I kept her secrets. She had a thing going on with professor Jacob Henry, our tall and handsome, thirty-something math teacher. Alexandra was a man chaser. People said that she slept with half the faculty. The male half, to be exact. I didn’t care. She was the only friend that I had.

So, when Spring Break came, Alexandra and I went back to her hometown of Milton. Milton’s a nice town. A place where only rich people can afford to live. I hated rich people but I thought Alexandra’s parents were nice. Her father Eugene Mitchells was a state representative and her mother Marianne Parker Mitchells was a lawyer. They made me feel welcome. I thought my stay at the place was going to be boring, until I saw her twin brother Blake.

Blake Mitchells was a vision of beauty. A six-foot-two, blond-haired, green-eyed canlı bahis stud. He was simply beautiful. I felt moist the first time I laid eyes on him. He was that cute. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed. Blake Mitchells was a senior at Milton Academy. He was also a part-time model. That’s not the bad part. Blake was the president of Milton Academy’s Gay Straight Alliance. Yes, Blake Mitchells was gay. He was openly gay. His parents knew and were supportive. I was shocked. The guy was handsome, tall and masculine. He didn’t look queer at all. Oh, well. This proves that you can’t always tell. Too bad he didn’t want female booty. We could have had some fun together.

The good thing about Alexandra’s parents is that they’re often out, working. Alexandra was getting back together with her ex-boyfriend Troy, a freshman at Boston University. Troy was a tall, sexy black hunk but he had eyes only for her. Since Alexandra was busy, I decided to get a little closer to Blake. I sigh every time I see him. This hunk only liked boys. He was gay. Why? I would sometimes fantasize about him at night. I pictured this sexy guy kissing me and holding me in his arms. I wondered how big his dick was. I wanted him to stick his cock into me. Oh, yeah.

One day, I was left alone with Blake. Alexandra and Troy were in Boston and the parents were gone too. I went down to the pool and saw a vision of beauty. Sexy Blake Mitchells was walking around in his underwear. I looked at him. Damn, he was so sexy. We hadn’t talked a lot since I moved in for the week. Time to talk. I approached him and we started talking. It turns out that we had a lot in common. Blake too felt like an outcast. I felt like one because I was the only black chick at an all-white school. Blake was the practically only openly gay guy at school. The Gay Straight Alliance was made up mostly of girls. Lesbian and bisexual girls. There were very few boys in it. Out of the sixteen members, there were five boys. All of them were effeminate guys. None were fine and masculine like Blake. He felt lonely.

We talked about our past relationships. I told him about Jamal, the boy I once loved. Jamal had left Massachusetts for West Point. I had never seen him again. Blake surprised me by telling me that he was a virgin. I stared at him in disbelief. Surely this sexy guy couldn’t be serious? Hunks don’t stay virgins too long. He was eighteen and still a virgin! Damn! My jaws were flapping in the breeze. Blake told me bahis siteleri that he was saving himself for the right man. He didn’t want his first time to be just with anybody. He wanted someone special. I looked at him with new respect. It’s rare to find a virgin male, it’s even rarer to find such a cute one with such strong convictions. I kissed him on the cheek. He smiled. I sighed. Whoever gets this guy in their bed should consider themselves lucky.

Over the next couple of days, Blake and I hung out. He was so cool. Different from just about any guy that I knew. We went to stores in downtown Boston and checked out cute guys together. Blake was unlike every queer boy I had ever known. He could play basketball and football as roughly as any guy. He was a good athlete. Yet he knew a lot about poetry, art and music. Also, he was a good dresser and knew how to cook. Masculine, sensitive, educated and refined. The perfect man. Why did he have to be gay?

I was developing a crush on him. I wonder if he noticed. Once, I asked him if he had ever felt attracted to a girl. To my surprise, he said yes. I was all ears as he told me the story. Once, Blake had a crush on a girl. It happened around the same time that he started liking guys. The girl’s name was Priscilla, a foxy redhead. Blake liked her and asked her out. They went out together. She cheated on him with Jonathan, one of his buddies from the Milton basketball team. After this incident, Blake dumped her and shied away from females. He decided to explore his unsettling but growing attraction to men. He had a brief relationship with Andrew, a boy he had fallen in love with.

Andrew and Blake were in love. Unfortunately, the world around them wouldn’t understand so they hid their relationship from the world. One day, as they were making out, Andrew’s parents caught them. Andrew shoved Blake away and called him a disgusting queer. He accused Blake of putting the moves on him. Andrew’s parents threw Blake out and told him never to return. Angry and hurt, Andrew ended up coming out to his parents. Later, he came out to the entire school. He was gay and proud. Tired of hiding. Fed up with homophobia. He decided to take a stand, and together with some friends, he started a Gay Straight Alliance. I looked at Blake’s face. It was filled with pain.

Blake was so handsome and so young. Yet he had lived such a life. He was only eighteen, like me, yet he had already done so much. I smiled and gently bahis şirketleri hugged him. He hesitated, then hugged me back. My heart was beating as I Felt his body against mine. Gently, I kissed his forehead, then his cheeks and finally his lips. I gasped. Too late did I realize what I was doing. I had just kissed Blake. My best friend’s twin brother. Who was gay. He stared at me. I froze. What in hell was I thinking? I had just kissed a gay guy…but I couldn’t help myself. I wanted him to be mine. But that could never be. I looked at Blake, and braced myself for the rejection I was sure would come from his lips.

Blake looked at me. He seemed puzzled. He smiled, then he did the last thing I would have expected. He kissed me. I put my arms around him and kissed him back. We slowly removed our clothes and began exploring each other’s flesh. I caressed his face, his neck and chest. I cupped his firm buttocks in my hands and caressed them. My hands went eagerly to his manhood and I stroked him. I looked up at Blake. He smiled at me. I went down on the boy I loved. I kissed the length of his cock, which was uncircumcised but I didn’t care. I liked them natural anyway. I kissed his cock and balls and sucked on them. Blake moaned in pleasure. I sucked him off and he cried out my name. He shouted that he was about to erupt. I didn’t care. I wanted to taste him. And I did. When he came, I drank his seed. It was different from every other male I had ever tasted. Better.

Later, we made love. It was passionate and tender and rough at the same time. Blake and I rolled around on his bed, playfully wrestling. My sexy boy Came up on top of me and I spread my legs, welcoming him inside me. He pressed his cock against my pussy. I looked into his eyes. Yes, I wanted him to take me. I wanted to feel him inside me. I wanted to be his first woman. He slid his cock into me. Thrust into my flesh. Until he was sheathed up in me right down to his balls. I gasped. Blake was vigorous. I urged him to go harder and faster. He did. I welcomed his thrusts into my womanhood. We fucked and sucked the night away.

Later, Blake and I lay in bed together. He was asleep. I wasn’t. I looked at him, this wonderful young man who liked not women but other men. I liked him. I had never felt anything like this for any man. What is about unavailable males that drives women wild? I was his first woman. Perhaps his last. I was pleased. I wanted him to be with me but I knew that he couldn’t. Blake liked men. He was bisexual at best and fully homosexual at worst. I could never sate all of his desires. But tonight I hope was a night he would never forget. I know I won’t forget it. Until the day that I die.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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