Dana , Stuart Ch. 01

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Dana never imagined herself in one of these booths. She couldn’t imagine how men sat there and flipped through the various “channels” trying to find something to amuse themselves with. She was surprised by the selection. She figured all the channels would contain nothing but big-breasted women and girl on girl action. There were a few softer films, but between them there were: transsexuals, fat women, gay men, a big budget adult film, a woman using a strap-on dildo on a man, girls masturbating.

“Wait,” Dana said to herself quietly while losing track of the channel that caught her attention.

“Fuck,” she said even softer.

She got lost amongst the other channels. She tried finding it but couldn’t get back to that channel. She noticed her time running out. She was stuck on some gay porn while she fumbled with her purse trying to find another dollar bill. The timer kept counting as she tried to feed the bill into the machine. She had about 30 seconds left as the machine spit the bill out. She pulled it out, 20 seconds left, straightened it out against the machine, 10 seconds left, she finally got it into the machine with about 5 seconds left. The timer climbed to high number. She was for sure she put a $10 bill in the machine. But she didn’t care; she had to find that channel again.

She clicked the channel button with great intensity. She briefly stayed on each channel as she tried finding the one she wanted. Then they started to get familiar, the transsexuals, the fat women, the Hollywood style movie, and finally the woman using the strap-on.

“Thank god,” she said in a soft tone.

She was mesmerized by the image. A woman using a dildo on a man, she thought it was great. Why hadn’t she thought of this before? This was exactly what she wanted to do. Stuart had goaded her into anal sex a few years ago, but he was unwilling to return the favor.

Suddenly Dana let go. She unzipped her pants and quickly slid her hand down her panties. She focused on the image of the man getting pummeled by the woman’s dildo. She worked two fingers into her vagina. She worked up a rhythm as her mouth bit down on her index finger. She kept looking at the image, this time the woman pulled out of him and worked the dildo into his mouth.

“Fuck,” Dana said as she bit down hard on her index finger.

She quickly stood up and dropped her pants; she didn’t care if anyone saw her pants on the floor. When she returned to the movie the woman had returned to fucking the man’s ass. Dana was shocked to see how ruthless she was to him. She pulled the dildo out nearly all the way and quickly rammed it back into him.

“You like that,” the woman asked.

“Yes,” the man yelled back.

“I can’t hear you,” she stated as she pulled the dildo out.

“YES,” he yelled out louder as the dildo was plunged further into him.

Dana pushed a third finger into herself. She never thought she’d be turned out by something like this. Nor did she ever think she’d be masturbating in an adult arcade. She worked her fingers faster and faster as the scene began to wind down.

“Gonna cum,” the woman asked the man.

“Yes,” Dana replied to the woman in a low voice.

“Yes,” the man said as she pulled out of him.

The güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri woman got on her knees as the man stood up and began to masturbate in front of her. The timer began to count down. He ejaculated rather weakly as the sperm mostly flew onto her chin. A few drops got into her mouth, but she quickly pushed them out. It seemed like an anticlimactic ending to the otherwise impressive sex. Then the screen went blank.

“Shit,” Dana said in a low voice as she pulled her fingers out of her vagina.

She pulled her pants up and readjusted herself. She unlocked the door and walked into the hallway. She looked at the films on display in the hallway. She didn’t get the channel number down, but she was able to locate the film. She smiled as she looked at the movie. She slowly walked out of the hallway into the main store. She was surprised that it was light outside. She looked at her watch to see that it was only three in the afternoon. She noticed a few of the employees. She knee in her mind that they knew what she was doing. She walked to the toy section; in particular she went straight for the full sized didlos. She saw a similar one that she’d seen in the movie. It was perfect, she wanted it; but Stuart wouldn’t go for a huge dildo like that. She peered over to find an anal-plug. This would be perfect to open him up, pun intended. She grabbed it and walked over to the lubricants. She picked up a cheap bottle of lube and walked to the register.

“Find everything okay,” the young clerk asked.

“Yes,” Dana replied as she handed the plug and lube to him.

“That will be $35.79,” he said as he began to bag the items.

She handed him two 20’s and quickly returned the change.

“Thanks,” Dana responded as she put the change in her purse.

“Have a good one,” the clerk said as he handed her the bag.

“What’s your name,” Dana asked as she extended her hand.

“Brad,” he said as he gripped her hand.

“Nice to meet you,” Dana said as they let go of each other, “I might be back real soon and I may need some help.”

“No problem,” Brad replied as Dana pulled away.

Dana quickly exited the store and walked to her car. She sat the bag in the passenger seat and quickly started the ignition. She drove back home to find Stuart waiting in the living room.

“What did you get,” he asked as he stood up and hugged her.

“A surprise,” she replied as she swung the bag from side to side.

“Will I like it,” Stuart asked.

“I think you will,” she smiled.

“Oh,” he started as he sat back down on the couch.

“What,” she replied.

“I have to go out of town for that conference,” he said in a quick breath.

“They decided to send you,” she said as she placed the bag on the coffee table.

“Yeah,” he said, “I don’t know why they would send me.”

“Well,” she laughed, “you were the project manager on that thing.”

“That thing made us a lot of money,” he laughed.

“Made you money,” she replied as she slinked into his arms, “I make my own money.”

“That you do,” he laughed, “how’s that divorce coming?”

“Slow,” she replied, “maybe a bit too slow.”

“He’s that baseball player right,” he asked.

“Football,” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri she corrected him, “She tricked him into marriage, if he just would’ve used a condom. That and they didn’t have a pre-nuptial agreement.”

“Is that your only case,” he asked.

“For now,” she replied as Stuart tried reaching for the bag.

“I don’t want you to spoil the surprise,” she said as her free hand reached for the bag.

“Okay,” he laughed.

“So when do you leave for the conference,” she asked.

“Sunday morning,” he replied.

“Fuck,” she said.

“What,” he said slowly sitting up.

“I suppose I could speed things up,” she said.

“Why,” he asked.

“Well today is Friday,” she started, “I guess we could do this thing tonight, and then save the rest for Saturday.”

“Oh,” he started, “is the bag just the start of something bigger?”

“Yes it is,” she replied, “I’ll have to go back to the bookstore tomorrow and get the rest.”

“What else do you have in mind,” he asked.

“A surprise,” she replied before closing her eyes.

When she opened her eyes she was surprised it was almost seven at night. Stuart was not in the room, but the bag was still on the table. She sat up and looked around.

“Shit,” she said before rubbing her eyes.

“You up,” Stuart called from the kitchen.

“Yeah,” she replied as she stood up.

She grabbed the bag and walked to the bedroom. She placed it on the nightstand and walked out. Dinner was rather quick. They decided against going out and made a meal out of leftovers. They ended up watching some lame CSI type TV show. Dana hated those shows. She’d worked as a defense attorney for a brief period of time and knew that murder cases were never as sensational as the ones presented on this show. It was around 11 when they made their way back to the bedroom.

“So,” Dana started as she grabbed the bag.

“Yes,” Stuart replied as he jumped on the bed.

“I thought we could start with this,” she smiled as she removed the plug and lube and placed them on the bed.

“Oh,” Stuart said as he began to lick his lips.

“Yeah,” she replied in a sly tone.

“Think you can handle it,” he started, “it’s been a while since you’ve played with your, you know.”

“It’s not for me,” she said in a serious tone.

“What,” he said as he sat up in the bed.

“It’s for you,” she smiled.

“Um,” he said in a nervous tone.

“Well,” she started, “shall we?”

“Yeah,” he replied in a rather awkward voice.

Dana started by taking off her pants and panties. She slid them over her skimmer shoes. She had a habit of keeping her shoes on during any kind of sex. This sort of disturbed Stuart but he didn’t seem to mind anymore. She undid her blouse next slowly removing it while keeping her bra on. She slowly made her way to the bed. Stuart hadn’t taken off any of his clothes.

“Come on,” she started as she slid next to him.

“I don’t know,” he started, “I’ve never done this with a woman before.”

“What,” Dana asked as she pulled her breast out of her bra while keeping it on.

“I mean,” he started.

“You’ve done this before,” she started.

“No,” güvenilir bahis şirketleri he replied while reaching for her breasts.

“Well,” she smiled while grabbing the plug and lube, “it seemed to me like you’ve done this before.”

“No,” he began, “I’m just a little scared.”

“I let you in mine,” she laughed, “the least you could do is let me in yours.”

“Okay,” he said reluctantly.

“If you don’t like it we’ll stop,” she smiled as she began to undo his pants.

With that he began to take his shirt off while she finally undid her bra. Dana was full of all these little quirks. For some strange reason she liked to keep her bra on in this uncomfortable way during sex as well. But she decided against it. Stuart finished taking his pants off while she removed his socks. Both were on the bed naked. Stuart laid on the bed while Dana was knelt over him.

“On you knees,” she coyly demanded.

“I’d rather lie down,” he replied.

“It’s fine,” she replied.

She placed the plug in her hand and began to pour the lubricant over the small object. She gripped the plug firmly and moved it around in her hand as she ensured the liquid encompassed the entire thing. Stuart spread his legs rather quickly. This caught her off guard, as she wanted him to go slowly. She grabbed the base of the plug with her dry hand and gripped his penis with the wet one. She slowly worked it inside of him. He grunted as she began to inch it into him. She leaned over and kissed him passionately. She probed her tongue into his mouth as she slowly worked the plug into him. Her wet hand slowly worked his penis. He tried to grunt as she worked it into him even more. She could feel that it was almost all the way in him. She slowly pulled away from him and pushed the plug into him. Then suddenly it happened. She felt the warm liquid spill down her hand. She looked down to see that he was ejaculating. A second burst seeped out of him and onto her hand.

“Oh my god,” Dana said in sad tone as she removed her hand from his penis.

“Sorry,” he said before he swallowed.

“It’s fine,” she said before leaning over to kiss him.

They both stood up and walked to the bathroom. Stuart turned the shower on and jumped in. Dana followed suit. They both stood in the shower as the warm water washed over them.

“Your shoes,” Stuart laughed.

“Shit,” Dana replied while looking down.

She quickly slid them off and put them outside the shower. She then stood behind him and wrapped her arm around him.

“Sorry,” she whispered in his ear.

“Well,” he said as he ran his hand through his hair, “maybe we can still have some fun with this.”

“What do you want to do,” she asked.

“Get it out,” he laughed.

“Oh,” she replied as she let go of him.

He slightly bent over as he placed his hands on the wall. Dana worked her hand slowly down his back and made it’s way to the plug. She gripped the base and slowly worked it out. It came out faster than she thought. She placed it in the soap dish. Suddenly Stuart turned the water off and abruptly left.

Dana stayed in the shower for a few seconds after he left. Dana quickly toweled off and walked out into the bedroom. She noticed Stuart lying in the bed. She pulled the sheets off her side of the bed and worked her way to him.

“Sorry about,” she whispered in his ear.

“We’ll be okay,” he said as he looked towards the alarm clock.

Little did they know things would not be okay anymore. This incident would awaken things they tried to forget…

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