Corporate Cowgirl

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The sign outside the boardroom read ‘Executive Board Members: 2005 Product Line Meeting’. This was the day. It was the meeting that showcased the results of a year’s worth of concepts, designs, and endless meetings. I had watched many careers made or broken here every year – it all happened within the next 30 minutes. The boardroom was humming with directors from each department patiently waiting for the unveiling of the new products from the P&R Division. So many creative minds had been involved in getting this year’s product line ready for the market. It promised to be one of our most exciting years ever.

I worked my way down the large, oval, boardroom table determined to get an end seat. There was always a video presentation to kick off the product launch and I liked to have a view that didn’t give me a kink in my neck. This would be my 7th year attending these meetings – I knew the drill well.

The chatter was charged with excitement as everyone moved around the table looking over the display toys. Au Naturel was this year’s theme – colours, textures and functions all focused around this concept. A smile came across my face as I eyed one in particular. They did look intriguing.

“So, 2005 seems to have your approval by the look on your face.”

I turned to see Geoff, the new corporate attorney, standing beside me. We had met briefly at the welcome cocktail party last week – he was charming and had a rather interesting look about him.

He was a little over 6 feet tall and quite dark, maybe having some Italian or Mediterranean blood in his ancestry. His easy manner made me relaxed, feeling like we were old friends, and his deep blue eyes smiled when he spoke. I didn’t know what I liked more, his eyes or delicious looking lips.

“They look stimulating but I never judge a toy by its size.” My comment made him grin. I went on. “Since my department’s in charge of marketing, I’ll need to evaluate them, first hand, to see if they stand the test. That’s when you’ll get my critique Counsellor.”

“A wise strategy,” he said with humouring approval. He pulled out my chair, inviting me to sit down, and took the seat next to me. The lights dimmed and the video presentation started almost immediately. I mumbled a comment about being disappointed that we weren’t getting a live demonstration again this year.

“Oh. Are you volunteering?” I could hear the playfulness in his voice.

I turned to look at him and said, “That would depend on who the demonstra-tor was.”

Our eyes locked for just a little too long, contemplating the suggestiveness of our words. “I can’t say I’d turn down the job if he offered,” I thought, letting my mind wander to hot and steamy places. The banter and my over-active imagination were both abruptly interrupted. Show time! The presentation had begun. Our attention immediately turned to the front of the room as the new toys were introduced one-by-one.

Future Corporation was a world-wide firm that specialized in the design and manufacture of small, electronic toys. I worked directly with the P&R Division (Pleasure and Relaxation), heading up the marketing of their big sellers: vibrators, dildos and sybians. Years ago, while studying for my MBA degree, I’d financed my tuition by working as a tester for P&R. You don’t get a better part-time job than that! The pay was great and it earned me a little more than a foot, so to speak, in the door. This later secured my position as manager of the department and in a few short years I had worked my way up to Director of Marketing. The best part of the job was that I had one of each product at home – obtained in the name of ‘research’. I believed in doing a thorough job, no matter what the sacrifice.

Geoff pushed a button on the table console and a flat screen and keyboard popped up. He typed something in large print, only seen by me because of our positioning at the end of the table. It read, “Have you decided which one you’ll try first?”

I activated my computer and answered, “Not yet. Any recommendations?”

Without hesitation he typed, “I like the look of Mr. Purple. Its vibrating speed is matched by nothing on the market and the clitoris extension has a suction cup with tiny, smooth, round bumps.”

I’m not sure what came over me at that moment. I casually leaned forward and snatched Mr. Purple from the boardroom table. Glancing around the room, I checked canlı bahis to see if my thievery had attracted any attention. I was in luck – all eyes where to the front of the room watching the video presentation. Truth be known, you could have dropped a 200 pound, dancing monkey onto the middle of the table – no one would have noticed. They were spellbound and captivated for the next 30 minutes – that was guaranteed. My favourite part of the yearly meeting was when the lights came on. Everyone would be shifting uncomfortably in their chairs; the men hiding hard-ons and the ladies blushing with lust, just dying to try out one of the big boys from the display table.

Geoff’s screen lit up with another message. “Now, what are you going to do with that? If you turn that thing on we probably won’t see you again for the rest of the day!”

We both laughed under our breath and I shot him a mischievous look.

He typed again, “You wouldn’t dare…?”

I was wearing a white blouse that showed just a hint of my delicate French lace camisole along with a snug-fitting navy skirt and matching jacket. Normally I would have worn stockings to the office but had skipped that additional layer. It was a scorching hot summer’s day and I couldn’t bear to have any more clothes on than was necessary.

My hands went under the table and I wiggled and pulled and tugged. Luckily the lighting in the room provided the privacy I needed for the first part of my mission. Success! Dangling something lacy from my index finger I dropped my midnight-blue panties on Geoff’s lap.

“How’s that for a start?” I typed.

“Irrefutable and full of potential,” was the answer on his screen. His look was one of sheer disbelief as he stared at the tiny pile of lace on his lap.

The two, thin layers of blouse and camisole were no contest for my large nipples. I ran my fingertips over them as he watched – the twinkle of amusement now back in his eyes. He moved one hand to his lap. I was driving this man wild and liked how it made me feel.

Pushing myself away from the table just enough to expose my long, bare legs, I reached for the dildo. My lips parted and I inserted two fingers into my mouth – wrapping my tongue around them – getting them wet and slippery. My hand delicately slid down the shaft of the dildo, firmly surrounding it as it moved back up to the tip. I stroked it as I watched him play, seductively, with his own hard cock hidden inside his pants.

It was time to get down to business. I pivoted my chair so that I was now facing him. Using the head of the dildo to spread my pussy lips, I pushed it in just a few inches, teasing my g-spot – pumping Mr. Purple in and out. I pressed the small suction cup onto my clit. It grabbed it and sucked it in, sending a delicious bolt of captivating pleasure right down to my knees. I resisted turning the toy on but instead looked at Geoff and mouthed the words, “Demonstration please?”

He smiled and typed, “Swing one knee over the arm of the chair and spread your legs.”

This was easily done but resulted in my skirt being hiked up so high that our Learned Counsellor was now staring at my glistening pussy. I looked down to see his cock now desperately trying to burst out of his pants. “That’s got to be uncomfortable,” I thought. But like a man with a quest, he ignored his throbbing state of affairs and turned his full attention to me.

Switching Mr. Purple on to medium speed, he gently pushed it inside me, thrusting it deeper and deeper with each stroke. Once it was buried, filling me with its thick girth, he turned the speed onto ‘HIGH’. I was impressed at how quiet it was. But even more so, I was impressed with my ability to stay sitting upright on my chair. My body started squirming, sinking and heaving. I was on fire and totally out of control. A warm and creamy feeling ran through my veins. I wanted to yell out something (“Oh sweet Jesus,” would have done nicely) but, instead, bit into my fist as I threw my head back and let it happen.

The next time I opened my eyes I realized Mr. Purple was not inside me anymore. The timing had been perfect. The video was just about to end and I had about 29 seconds to make myself look presentable. I yanked my skirt down to an appropriate above-the-knee length, turned my chair around so I was once again facing the screen, and brought all thoughts back to the boardroom.

I saw bahis siteleri Geoff toss my panties and Mr. Purple into his valise just before he typed, “Can you join me in my office as soon as we get out of here?”

I responded, “…well, unless you are an avid panty collector….yes, I will stop by.”

We both sat there with a very pleased look on our faces, not hearing a word of the President’s closing remarks.


I walked down the hallway feeling tingly and aroused, still pantiless and very wet from the boardroom demo. “He’s expecting you,” his secretary said, giving me the customary go-ahead-in wave as I approached her desk. I nodded, unable to conceal a smile, wondering what was on the agenda for my first official meeting with Future Corp’s latest and very handsome acquisition.

His corner office was the same size as mine with one rather dramatic difference. Two walls were solid windows giving a breathtaking view of the city from the 37th floor.

“You’re going to bankrupt the firm with the expense of cleaning all these windows,” I said, sitting on the edge of his desk.

“They tell me they’re only one-way,” he said with an innocent look, and got up to stand in front of me. He planted soft kisses on my neck and shoulders while running his hands down my arms. His finger traced my lips as he leaned in so very close. “Let’s get you comfortable – I’ve got something I want to show you.”

S-h-i-v-e-r-s. This man gave me shivers everywhere. They covered my body, making me feel vibrant and excited. He looked so good. He smelled delicious and his touch was exquisitely sensual. That only left…taste.

He took my hand and led me to the other side of his office. The furniture was set up in a spacious U-shape layout with two couches, a wing-backed chair, and coffee table. A mysterious looking object draped in a black, satin cloth sat on the floor in front of a couch. I turned to him with an inquisitive look. “Why the cloth?”

“It’s not your usual piece of furniture,” he said, while removing its cover. “What do you think?”

The moment I saw it my body went into spontaneous reaction. That would be similar to spontaneous combustion but nothing exploded on the outside – it was strictly an internal phenomenon.

“It’s called Black Beauty. I designed it myself,” he proudly announced.

I was looking at one of the most beautiful sybians I had ever seen. It was black leather and shaped like a saddle, complete with stirrups and horn. Sitting on the coffee table was a selection of dildos that attached onto the piston, all varying in shape, width and length. I couldn’t speak. My body continued to react on a primal level with speech not being one of the included functions.

His hand ran up my back. “Ms. Director, I’d much rather give you a hands-on demonstration than bore you with a verbal dissertation.”

He had read my mind completely.

I turned towards him without a word and began slowly unbuttoning my blouse. He watched me as I performed for him – the Executive strip tease. I eased both shoulders out of my blouse and felt my soft, puffy nipples turn hard under the silk camisole. His hands slid under it and caressed my breasts while I unzipped my skirt. He played with my nipples, pinching and rolling them between his fingers as I continued to maneuver out of my armor.

“Here, put this on.” He handed me a small box from the coffee table drawer that contained a butterfly vibe. I attached the thin belt around my waist and positioned the mechanism comfortably on top of my clit. The familiar, gentle hum of the vibe made my facial expression soften to a look of heavenly bliss.

His lips covered mine and his tongue plunged passionately into my mouth. Four out of four – he tasted good too! My fingers crawled up his chest and unbuttoned his crisp, white shirt. I needed to touch his skin and wanted him to feel my soft breasts against his body. He slipped the camisole over my head and whispered, “I can’t wait to see you ride this machine.”

Once my top had been removed I was standing completely naked in front of all those windows. Even if they were only one-way, I felt a surge of excitement with the thought that someone might be watching. His lips had worked their way down my neck, awakening every nerve fibre. He took a breast into his mouth and sucked hard on my long, dark pink bahis şirketleri nipples. I watched as he dragged his teeth to their tip, over and over again, triggering a searing rush of heat that was on a direct route to my pussy. The clit vibrator made my breathing uneven and the wetness between my legs meant I needed more.

My hands went down to his belt. “Fair is fair,” I said with a sultry look. His pants were removed without much coaxing, allowing the palm of my hand to run over his hard cock. My fingernails scraped along the thick shaft. “Let’s get you out of these,” I suggested while tugging his shorts down over his hips – finally exposing what I craved.

He picked me up and sat me on the saddle so the huge, black cock was between my thighs. “This will keep product liability down,” he said smiling, and handed me a tube of lubricant. I generously slicked up the dildo knowing I would need all the help I could get if that monster was going to penetrate me. Satisfied with my handiwork, I raised my hips and felt the soft, mushroom tip of the dildo slide between my wet pussy lips. I lowered myself down just a little so once again I could gently tease my g-spot. My clit was now swollen and crimson from the vibe – I didn’t know if I would survive the intensity and power of these two toys. I leaned forward and closed my eyes, denying myself the ultimate pleasure of being filled.

My eyes shot open as the huge dildo entered deep and fast. Geoff was standing in front of the sybian with a black box in his hand, watching me. I wasn’t in control anymore. I braced my hands on the front of the saddle ready to be fucked by this machine—completely at Geoff’s mercy. The piston speed started to build, pumping the cock inside me. Holding onto the horn, I met each thrust, grinding my pussy down hard. I was the picture of pure, primal desire as I bit my bottom lip and purred.

Geoff approached me with his cock in hand. Brushing my lips with the dripping precum, he said, “Suck my cock while I watch you ride. You look so incredibly beautiful.”

I was close to cuming and not sure how much longer I would last. In answer to his request, I opened my mouth and slid my tongue down the underside of his cock. The tip ran along the roof of my mouth as my tongue teased – flicking back and forth. I pulled back gently grazing over the throbbing head with my teeth. He groaned and dug a hand into my hair—his hips moving to the gentle rhythm of the machine.

He still held the black box in one hand. While watching his cock slide in and out of my mouth he slowly turned the dial, increasing the speed of my black lover. The dildo started slamming up inside me twice as fast as when we had started. I couldn’t move at this point – all I could do was hang on. My pussy was pulsing, my clit was screaming and I had an insatiable need to go on forever.

I heard Geoff let out a moan as he fucked my mouth hard with his cock. He exploded, eyes wide open, taking in this sight before him—my ass cheeks quivering with each powerful thrust. The warmth and softness of his skin made the dildo feel deceitfully real. This had to be the ultimate combination – technology and nature at their best.

His pace slowed down. He pulled out of my mouth and took a step backwards saying, “This is for you baby.”

Little did I realize the sybian had not been at maximum. With one last turn of the dial the machine went into overdrive. I arched my back, grasped the saddle horn and submitted my body unconditionally to this black devil. My clit started to spasm, finally giving into the butterfly’s unrelenting tease. Half a second later, my pussy burst into an orgasm that gripped my entire body with a swell that just kept building. I had never before experienced two orgasms at the same time. They both started from separate places, feeling so different, yet surged together – melding into one of the most powerful orgasms ever.

The machine slowed down to a gentle rocking motion and the butterfly went silent. I smiled at Geoff as he helped me off the machine—my legs were a little shaky and I needed to be held. He took me into his arms and we collapsed onto the couch together—our kisses slow and luscious.

“So, what do you think? Should I have the Marketing Department take a look at it?”

My mind started to clear and I let out a sigh as my body relaxed to a calm, satiated place.

I gave him a sinful smile. “Yes…this would conclude Marketing’s preliminary test run…but in my experience as Director, I would suggest a little more research be done to work out any possible design kinks. Any plans tonight?”

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