Compromising Positions Ch. 05

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When Jenne woke up, her new piercings were sensitive enough that she decided to try something different. She laid out one of the new outfits she’d picked up shopping the day before: An A-line skirt, above the knee in a soft thin material, a burgundy silk blouse, and a black lace half-cup bra. She loved the way the new bra looked – a beautiful lace, which cupped her breasts, but left her over-sensitive nipples uncovered. She buttoned up the silk blouse, which while opaque, was light as a feather, and left a suggestion that she was bra-less.

She put on her skirt and a pair of high heels. To complete the look, she decided to go for a sexy schoolteacher effect – she put her hair in a loose bun and put on a nice pair of glasses, rather than her usual contact lenses.

With the longer skirt, their weren’t going to be as many opportunities to “accidentally” flash her co-workers, but the subtle effects of her new outfit were going to have people wondering all day just how little she was wearing.

For some added spice, she tucked the little egg-shaped vibrator and it’s remote in her purse and headed to work.

The silk blouse felt great as it caressed her sensitive breasts. She could already feel her nipple poking out, accented further by the small barbells pierced through them.

Her morning went well.

She got a surprising amount of work done and she noticed that there was a lot more traffic going by her desk lately. It was slightly amusing to see how many people found an excuse to stop and talk.

In the late morning, Angela called her, and after a short conversation, they agreed to meet around 9:00 on Friday at a local nightclub. Jenne couldn’t wait, as she had a great outfit picked out. She told Angela that she wouldn’t be at the gym the next couple of nights, but that she would see her on Friday.

After lunch, with most of her important work done, güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri she decided to spice up the rest of her day. She went to the ladies room and carefully inserted the egg vibrator. As she stood up, she realized the one downside to leaving her panties at home – she needed to clamp her vaginal muscles down in order to keep her naughty little secret from falling on the floor. With a pleasant, but slightly scary feeling, she went back and sat down at her desk. After looking around for a minute, she took out her phone, and opened the remote vibrator’s application. She set the remote on a low setting, a nice buzz that sent pleasant waves through her. She put her phone away, making sure she could get to it if necessary, and set about answering a couple of emails.

As she sat there with a serene smile on her face, buzzing away, she was interrupted by their office intern, a cute young college girl named Cheryl. “Hi Jenne, Scot asked me to come down and sit with you for the rest of the day. He said he wanted you to show me how to assemble the weekly reports.”

Jenne had seen the email, she’d just forgotten it. Now she had a dilemma, since she couldn’t just reach into her purse and turn off her little toy… She just had to ride it through. Cheryl pulled up a chair, and Jenne did her best to ignore the vibrations deep in her vagina. The thought of getting caught made her more excited – part of her wanted to run to the bathroom and remove the egg, but the idea of sitting there getting off in front of the cute young intern was bringing her close to the edge.

As she sat there speaking about the mundane work topic, she considered her young trainee. Cheryl was twenty one years old, and quite pretty. She had long straight blond hair, tied up in a pony tail, blue eyes, and an open friendly smile. She wore a simple floral pattern dress, which buttoned up güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri the front, revealing a small, but pleasant amount of cleavage. The bottom four buttons were undone, exposing a distracting amount of tan, well-toned leg.

“You seem distracted Jenne, is everything okay?”

Jenne pushed down her thoughts, and tried to ignore the pleasure she was feeling. “Yes, sorry, I guess I’m already thinking of the weekend.”

The next two hours were a torment, as she gamely tried to concentrate on the work at hand, while resisting the urge to head to the ladies room and finish off what promised to be an explosive orgasm. Finally, the end of the day rolled around, she arranged to have Cheryl sit with her again the next day. As she picked up her things to go home, she briefly contemplated removing the egg before heading off, before dismissing the idea. She walked a little shakily as she left, and had three pleasurably agonizing conversations, vaginal muscles clamped tightly as she made her way to her car.

Since she wasn’t going to the gym (the piercings were just sore enough to make the tight spandex uncomfortable and besides, she wanted to surprise Angela), she decided to have a night in. Hard as it was, she held off on relieving the afternoon’s incredible sexual tension.

She went to the bedroom, grabbed the toys and adult videos she picked up earlier and headed back to the living room. She popped the first disc in the player, and while the credits started, she re-inserted her new best friend, the egg vibrator, on the lowest setting. While she found the plot ridiculous, she was intrigued by the idea of having sex for money – these people were getting paid to have sex for her vicarious pleasure. The story revolved around the adventures of a group of intrepid strippers, who somehow managed to spend an awful lot of time having screwing everything güvenilir bahis şirketleri they could.

With her new outlook on life, the idea sounded terribly exciting. As she watched a beautiful young woman suck off one of her “customers,” Jenne took another vibrator and circled her clitoris, careful to avoid too much contact with the sensitive piercing. She wanted this to last. After all, she had a couple more DVDs to watch.

When she finished the first one, she dropped another movie in the player – this one was about the nudist lifestyle. Once again, the plot was absurdly bad, but the ideas she got from it sent her imagination racing. It wasn’t long before she couldn’t hold back any longer, and let herself come loudly.

She took a short break, egg inserted, but off for the moment. The last movie for the evening involved the stereotypical hooker with a heart of gold, who went from streetwalker to high class call girl. Heady stuff, more deep thoughts.

After another intense orgasm, she decided to do her yoga exercises to compensate for her evening skipping the gym. She grabbed her yoga mat, and headed to the back patio. Normally, she would have put on a leotard for it, but once again, her new piercings were still somewhat sore, and since her backyard was very private, she decided it might be more fun to exercise nude.

Jenne turned on the pool lights, and started her routine. The warm night air, with a slight breeze felt great on her skin as she did her workout. It felt completely different without the restrictions of the tight leotard, and she was confident that this was the way that yoga should be done. After a tiring regimen, she was sweaty, but felt really good. She walked over to the pool and dived in.

She swam around, thinking about the huge changes in her life in the last few days. She was having more fun than ever before, and couldn’t believe the transformation in her attitude. She normally thought of herself as a fairly shy person, so her new attitude was a complete change. A week ago, she never would have gone for a late night skinny dip, never mind everything else that had happened.

Now she could barely imagine anything else.

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