Circumstances, Regret, Reunion Ch. 04

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“I better wash my face before I come in and eat supper,” Steve said as they exited the bedroom.

Amy laughed at this, and replied, “I guess so. I’ll find your bowls and silverware and dish us out some stew.”

He went into the bathroom, washed his face and hands, dried off, then went into the kitchen. Amy had washed her hands at the sink, and had just finished ladling out two bowls of stew from the crockpot.

He saw Chester the cat, sitting on the back of his easy chair, staring at them.

“Why Chesty, finally making another appearance I see.”

Amy looked at the cat, then brought the bowls to the table, with a large soup spoon for each. They each tested the stew, and Steve said, “This is good shit!”

Amy smiled at him, and they ate in silence for a few minutes, the cat watching them intently.

“Does he always do that?” She asked.

“Who, Chester? Oh yea, especially when I forget to feed him all day. He thinks it’s rude I suppose. What’s really rude is to run off when a guest comes Chester, ya stupid cat!” Steve said to the cat.

“He’s a pretty cat. I’ve always liked those black and grey tiger tabbies.” Amy said.

“I had an orange tabby named Festus until about a year ago. She was fairly old, and one day she darted out, and I never saw her again. She was the mean one. Ole Chester there is a real gentleman among cats, except when I don’t feed him.”

“A female cat named Festus?” She said, looking at him quizzically.

“Well, we got her when the kids were younger. They named her Frank, after Frank Whalen. I started calling her Festus, after the deputy on ‘Gunsmoke’, and pretty soon, the whole family was.” He said, smiling, remembering a pleasant memory from the past.

They finished the meal, put the dishes away. Steve put the rest of the stew in a plastic container, set the timer on the dishwasher for six hours, while Amy went into the living room. She retrieved the Redskins blanket and sat on the couch.

He came into the living room, used the remote to turn on the gas logs, then started to the light switch to turn the light above the table off, then his cell phone rang. Pat Bolden was on the other end, thanking Steve for the payment to his sons, and asking if they behaved. He conversed with Pat for a couple of minutes about the visit from the children earlier, while putting food in Chester’s bowl.

“Yea, I hope they will save some money. Frank Whalen usually gets extra tickets to the Richmond races, and I was going to ask if you guys would like to come.” She heard him say. After a moment, Steve finished the conversation with, “OK Pat, I will let you know when I get the tickets from Frank, and I look forward to taking your boys to their first race. Might even take Amanda, if she doesn’t think it’s too stupid. Ok, Later Pat, and hope you all have a good evening.” He clicked the phone call off, set the phone down on the end table, and sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Amy.

“That was Pat from across the way. Sorry for the interruption.” He said. She stretched her legs across the couch, her feet almost touching him, and he spread the blanket over them. “Oh crap,” he said suddenly, then heaved himself up and went and turned off the light, leaving the room dark save for the flickering light from the fire. He sat down, then put his own legs upon the couch, maneuvering hers between his, then re-spread the blanket over them. He looked at her and said, “Now, after a long interruption, where were we?”

“I think we were about to talk about future plans perhaps?”

“Yes,” he replied, thinking back to the early afternoon, before the Bolden kids arrived. He remembered he had felt she had turned onto the same road he was on, and they had been beginning the task of trying to make something work to bring their lives together.

He began rubbing her bare feet, sticking out from the bottom of the yoga pants. “What would you say if I said I wanted this to be a permanent arrangement?” He started.

“As in marriage?” she asked.

“Yes. I know that is fast under these current circumstances. But the first time I married, I was being responsible for the life I helped create. It was purely accidental, as we had hooked up at a party, fooled around drunkenly and all that. That turned out to be a one way street for me. I have three great kids to show for it, but also a big hole in the middle of myself that your knock on my door last night started to fill…”

“Are you asking me to marry you?” she interrupted.

“Well, yes. In all honesty. I have beaten myself up for a long time about why I could never make Anne love me, why I made her miserable. Before you ever went down on me last night, just talking to you, I realized that it was never me that made her miserable, it was all her. She was a miserable person. She languished and reveled in it at the same time. Her mother egged her right along in that misery, and I was always the reason. But no matter how hard anyone tries, happiness is found within yourself, and bahis firmaları if you won’t allow yourself to be happy, then no one can make you.” He stopped, as Chester the cat jumped up on the back of the couch, next to Amy’s head.

“Hey kitty” she said, as Chester, smelling of nine-lives, crawled into her lap atop the blanket. Steve could hear the purring from across the couch. She petted the cat, then looked at him and said, “Go on.”

“He likes you, that’s a plus I suppose,” he laughed. “Anyhow, when you walked through that door last night, I just felt elated. After conversing with you and reading that note you saved,” he paused and retrieved the scrap from the end table. “After talking with you, discovering that you too were unattached, I realized that you had come to my little three bedroom house on the outskirts of Richmond to see me, to be with me. After over twenty years.”

Chester seemed to be watching Steve as intently as Amy was, and he paused. She felt blushed, as hearing the words come from his mouth struck her deep in her core.

“In that moment,” he began again, “In that time just before you dropped to your knees before me, I let go of the regret, let go of the, the, failures of the past. I realized that the past is what it is, and that all I have is here and now, and the possibility of changing my future to a brighter, better one. So yes, I guess I am saying I want to marry you. I want to share how much ever time I have left with you beside me.”

“The answer to that is yes.” She said quietly.

He began again, trying to hold his enthusiasm in, as he was not accustomed to sharing such deep thoughts and aspirations. “I’m sorry that that is not a very romantic proposal…What?” he stopped.

“The answer to that is yes,” she said again. “I will marry you.”

He sat stunned, hardly believing what he heard. He could feel his own heart beating in his chest, and realized he had gotten quite animated in his confession. He could hardly believe what he had heard.

“Really? You’d marry me, after less than twenty four hours of coming back into my life? Don’t get me wrong please, but honestly, there is more to being married than…”

“Than what?” she asked, interrupting. “The important things about you that appeal to me, make me, no, cause me, to love you, I saw on a consistent basis years ago. You’re kind, compassionate, empathetic, sympathetic, and you do not give up or run away from problems.”

They looked at each other for a long minute. Finally, he said, “I don’t see that in myself. I just figured I was a nice guy, and you know what they say about nice guys finishing last. Marriage to Anne just made me feel that was true.”

“You know that I grew up without a father, right?” she asked.

“Yes, most everyone did back in those days. He lit out when you were just a small girl as I recall.”

“Yes, I was four. I have very spotty memories of him as a child. He was always drunk or high. He was seldom home. My mother raised three of us alone. She was strong and we all turned out good and successful. I met my father once after I was grown. On his deathbed in Indianapolis. I was about 35 then. He never apologized, he never acknowledged that he had abandoned the people he was responsible for.

He turned out to be a sixty year old stoner who never grew up. I loathed him for it then, but forgave him eventually.”

“I’m sorry. I never knew any of the details.” He said.

“It’s all right. Do you remember when Ben and I started dating? The comments and remarks some people would make, concerning our age difference?”

“Yes I do. Some of them were pretty low. You needed a daddy, and a sugar daddy at that, I recall was one of the prevalent gossip snippets I would hear in my travels throughout the hospital, and especially on the floors.

“I also remember being told that you defended me several times.”

“I did. I guess I just wanted you to be happy, and it was not anyone else’s business. How did you know that I had defended you?”

“You know all those nurses and staff I mentioned that would have gladly had your children?”

“Yes, you mentioned something about that last night.” He said, smiling and letting out a chuckle.

“Well, most of those girls were friends who were not saying awful things about me at that time. They were the ones who heard you defend me to the busybodies that were gossiping. The big difference in them wanting to have your children, and me, at that time, was I had seen, first hand, what kind of man you were.”

“Because of that one night when we…”

“Yes, and no. Yes, I was the only one of them that lusted after you privately that had actually kissed you, actually got to first base with you. Heck, we were headed to third when your daughter started crying. But that wasn’t the real reason. I told you I watched you comfort and care for your little girl that night. You left me on the verge of coming when she cried. Not a second’s hesitation. And that’s when I saw what a man was, and it kaçak iddaa was something that none of those other young nurses ever saw about you.

That’s why I had to let you go I suppose. You were someone else’s man, and I was late to that party, and I did not want to crash it, no matter what we might have felt. I guess that sounds, what was it you said? ‘Ridiculously prudish?” She trailed off, looking at the top of Chester’s head, purring in her lap.

“I wish now we had pursued a relationship then.” He finally said, breaking the silence.

“Who knows what might have happened. But like you said a few minutes ago, the past is what it is, and like you, I have here and now, and a lot of tomorrows to get through. You have not changed in the ways that matter Briggs, from what I can see. The way you dealt with those neighbor kids today was a shining example of what I love about you. What I never had as a child, and what I only somewhat had in my marriage. A caring, responsible man. That is the most important thing to me. That is why I say I will marry you on such short notice, so to speak,” she finished.

After a couple of minutes, Steve said, “I don’t see myself that way I suppose. What if I snore loud at night, leave the toilet seat up, stuff like that?” he asked, smiling back at her now, trying to lift a little of the seriousness off the conversation.

“What if you do? I can live with small annoyances. In the big picture of how I want the rest of my life to go, and who I want to be with, and share it with, I can say with confidence that it’s you big guy. Is that convincing enough for you?”

“Yes it is.” He said, smiling at her.

“Oh, and by the way big guy, as far as the other aspect of you and I goes, something else has not changed.”

“What would that be?”

“Twenty some years ago, I was half inebriated, came on to you, and within a few minutes was literally and figuratively, putty in your hands. Last night and earlier this evening, while stone sober, you made me putty in your hands again.”

“Just my hands?” he asked grinning.

“Don’t be a turd Briggs.”

“Well, I just hope it was not just my hands that excited you.”

“Oh no, those other skills you demonstrated were certainly above and beyond what I have experienced. Just icing on the cake in that aspect.”

With that, Steve picked up her legs, swung his left one out, and came to a sitting position on the couch. He then pulled her to him as he lay back down. Chester let out a loud protest and scampered off.

“Be gone stupid cat.” Steve said as he readjusted the blanket over them, Amy’s face on his upper chest.

She laughed as the cat scampered off and settled on the hearth, sitting and watching them.

“I love you Steve Briggs. I have for a long time,” she said, his heat beat filling her ear. “No matter what changes have to happen, I want to be by your side, from here on out.”

She looked up at his face, and he pulled her lips to his. They began kissing passionately. She lay directly on top of him, and each seemed to be trying to devour the other. She could feel him stiffen in the sweat pants he had put on after their earlier afternoon delight, and he could feel her nipples harden against his chest through the reds baseball shirt. After several minutes of letting his hands roam over her butt, He worked his fingers toward her mound, and began caressing it through the yoga pants.

She moaned into his mouth and shoved her tongue deeper as his finger found her clit.

Then, from behind his head on the end table, his cell phone rang. He immediately recognized the ringtone as his oldest daughters.

He broke the lip lock, and removed his hand and fingers from Amy’s bottom and pants front. He reached behind his head for the phone.

“Once again, my daughter breaks up a hot moment for us,” He said to her, “This may be important, as she usually calls me on Sunday morning.”

“Where is she at?” Amy asked, sitting up on the other end of the couch again.

“Japan. She is married to a Marine officer. Let’s see, they are about thirteen hours ahead of us, so it is early morning there…Wonder what the early call is?” he trailed off, then pushed the answer icon on the screen.

He talked to his oldest daughter Jane for ten minutes. Amy got up and retrieved another green tea bottle from the fridge, half listening to the conversation from Steve’s end. He seemed to be very excited and animated as he spoke to his daughter. She went to the front window and looked out, seeing the snow in the road beneath the street light, and the stars in the sky.

She returned to the couch, carefully making her way from the light provided by the fireplace, and sat back down. She watched him as he listened to what his daughter was telling her, noticing the tear in his eye and the smile across his face. He looked at her and raised his eyebrows twice in a happy way at her.

“Have you talked to your mother about this yet?” He asked into the phone.

After a couple kaçak bahis of minutes of silence, he said, “Sweetheart, that’s the last phone number and address I had for your mom. That was two years ago, right after your grandfather died. I believe your grandmother was living with her. I have not heard of anything different. Let her know if you can.”

More silence as he listened.

“Ok sweetheart, if she calls me, I will pass it on. Congratulations, and tell Marty the same. Keep me posted, and I guess I will see you in about six months or so. Love ya girl, more than you know.”

He finished, then tapped the end call icon.

“Sounds like good news!” She said, cuddling up next to him again, as he placed the phone back on the end table.

“It was. Two bits of good news to be precise.”

“Really, what is it?” she asked.

“Well, Marty and Jane are coming back to the States late this coming summer. He is going to be stationed at the Pentagon, and is getting promoted to Captain.”

“Wow, good for you and them. What’s the second bit of good news? Must be real good to cause a tear to well up.” She said, as she pulled the Redskins blanket over them again.

He sighed into her hair as he placed his arms around her above the blanket. “I am going to be a grandfather sometime in late summer, or early fall it seems.”

“Really?!” She exclaimed.

“Appears so, She is about three months along, and they should have the child not long after they return to the States.” He replied, letting the information sink in, and a smile flow across his face. “I can’t hardly believe it, I’m going to be a grandfather.”

“How does it make you feel?” she asked, running her hands beneath his t-shirt, finger combing the hair on his chest.

“I’m not sure really. Part of me is elated, though mostly for Jane and her husband. Part of me is proud. And a large part of me feels…old. You know I always pictured grandparents as old. Mine were. Grey headed and kind of sickly most of the time as I recall. I believe they were actually younger than I am now when I was born though, making them grandparents. Just hard to believe…”He trailed off, feeling her fingers in his chest hair, and caressing his chest.

“You’re not old, Briggs,” she said, moving her hand down his abdomen and then into his sweatpants. “And I believe if I can get this hard, I can make you feel young again.”

She began caressing and stroking his member gently, then letting her hand cup his balls, squeezing and pulling them. He had foregone underwear after their earlier excursion, and the sweatpants gave her plenty of room to entice and tease him. He began to harden again, and once he began kissing her, his cock became fully erect.

He tried to maneuver his hands into her yoga pants, but she was under the blanket, and the best he could do was get a slight handful of her breast, and that was mostly just getting a handful of the Redskins blanket.

After a few moments of spooning, she broke the kiss, and eased her head under the blanket, sliding her body down as well. At the same time, she freed his manhood from the sweatpants, and slid them down as far as she could. She cupped and squeezed his balls again as her mouth engulfed his cock. He let out a gasp as she took all of him in and began her slow, pleasurably tortuous fellatio.

She sucked him for a few minutes, gently pulling on his balls the whole time. In the light of the fire, her motions were just a moving lump under the blanket. He could feel himself building toward another explosion into her mouth, but was happy that he seemed to be able to hold out longer than the night before.

Chester the cat interrupted at this point by pouncing upon the moving spot underneath the blanket, which happened to be her head going up and down. Had he still had his front claws, it may have ended the night’s activities quickly, but Steve grabbed the cat and tossed it behind the couch. Chester let out an angry combination of a hiss and a meow, and scampered off into the spare bedroom.

Amy brought her head off of him and looked at him from under the blanket. “What in the world was that?” she asked.

“My killer attack cat. I have him trained to attack beautiful women giving me head under a blanket, to keep me lasting longer.” He smiled at her.

“Really?” She asked, licking the saliva generated by her work from her lips. “And just how often has Chester done this?”

“First time…There were never any takers before.” He replied.

He then pulled her up to him and began kissing her, tasting himself again on her tongue and lips. She slowly stroked his now drying cock beneath the blanket, and his hands at last found her mound again beneath the yoga pants and began caressing her aggressively.

After a few moments of this, feeling her moisture begin to seep into the material, he then maneuvered their bodies off the couch and got behind her, forcing her upper body onto the long ottoman in front of the couch.

He pulled her yoga pants down below her hips, freeing her pleasures, and again placed his hand upon her womanhood from behind, letting his middle and fourth finger slip into her wetness. She gasped, and he then thrust them both into her further.

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