Choosing a BBC for my sexy wife

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Choosing a BBC for my sexy wife
My sexy wife had challenged me I that would not stand watching her being well fucked by a Big Black Cock.
Then I said I would and Ana opened her eyes in surprise…

I added that I would even look for a perfect candidate…
So, I started doing some searching on the internet. After a few days of swapping mails, I finally found someone that I thought would fit…

Jeremiah sounded more than willing to participate, after I explained him about the situation. I asked him for some shots of him nude and then I got amazed watching his eleven inches long black dick…

I told Ana nothing about what I was setting up.
I wanted to surprise her for her and then I just told Jeremiah to meet us at home. I could not wait to see Anita’s reaction when she found out about what I had set up for her.

That Friday night after dinner we sat down at the couch to watch some porn movies and soon my sweet wife was horny as hell…
When Ana went to the bathroom, I called Jeremiah to tell him we were ready and he said he was on his way to our home.
My wife came back after a long while and then I knew she had masturbated there locked inside of the bathroom.
She looked relaxed; but then she jumped when the doorbell rang.

Ana seemed a little shocked when I opened the door and let my new friend Jeremiah coming in. But being a little lit from canlı bahis şirketleri several margaritas, Anita said that she would do whatever I wanted.

She was smiling as she greeted the huge black man, Jeremiah tried to introduce himself to Anita, but she said she did not want even to know his name…
Then my sexy wife just woke up and went upstairs.
I invited Jeremiah some drinks and finally we went to the bedroom.
Ana was there, lying fully naked on the bed. She was face down and she had covered her long killer legs under the white sheets…

Jeremiah walked in and he sat down on the edge of the bed next to my exposed wife’s body. I knew my horny wife could not wait anymore.

Anita took control of the situation as I sat on a chair at the corner.
She ordered the black guy to stand up and come over in front of her. Then she instructed him to strip off his clothes.
As soon as he was naked in front of her, I could notice his huge erection pointing at Anita’s face.

I saw her eyes light up as she sat and looked at his big black cock.
Then she grabbed it in one hand and he grew even a little more.

Her eyes lit up again at the sight of his cock getting harder…
She looked over at me and asked if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I looked at her and nodded my head a yes.

With that, my slutty babe grabbed those eleven hard inches perabet güvenilir mi with her both little hands and started to get it wet with her tongue as she stroked it between her delicate fingers with a tremendous passion.

After it appeared to be pretty wet, she took it in her mouth and started with the head; then slowly worked her mouth farther and farther down his hardened huge cock.

After a few minutes, she was in a frenzy sucking his huge cock. She appeared to be totally turned on sucking this black dick…
Jeremiah reached down and played with Ana’s tits as he looked at me, feeling my wife’s red lips sucking away on that big thing.

After a while, I suggested that he could fuck her now.
Anita stopped sucking him and she lay back on the bed, spreading her mice legs wide and inviting Jeremiah to fuck her…

Then he just put one knee on the bed and stood on the other.
He maneuvered his hard cock in front of her wet swollen pussy. Very slowly, inch by inch, he started pumping Anita’s pussy until it was all the way in.
He began a steady rhythm, pulling it all the way out, then all the way back in. Ana closed her eyes and screamed with pleasure.

She was gritting her teeth and begging him to fuck her white pussy harder and faster with his big, black cock.

Then I thought that Jeremiah might like to know perabet giriş that Ana could take an ass fucking real good; saying he should try that next.

With that, the black man pulled out of her pussy and spun my wife over on her belly. This time he climbed onto the bed with Anita…

I reached over and handed him some lube lotion to help out.
Jeremiah smiled as he bathed his own cock and Ana’s ass with it.

Then he positioned the head of his cock at the rim of Ana’s ass.
He grabbed her hips and slowly inserted that thick cock head in her very tight ass.
Anita squeezed the sheets in her hands as the black lucky bastard slid his cock a little bit at a time in her ass.

After a few seconds, he was all the way in her very tight ass.

Then the black guy just started pumping his cock in and out, every time, sliding his cock out just until his head was not visible, then all the way back in.
Anita was moaning, screaming and talking very dirty to him.
She was telling him to fuck her pretty white ass with his big black cock harder and harder. She looked at me in the corner and just smiled with an evil grin in her beautiful sexy face.

Then my slutty babe announced she was going to cum.
Jeremiah told her let it cum and he would cum right afterward.

Right then, Anita let out a primal scream and came violently as the black man kept fucking her now stretched ass.
But soon Jeremiah pulled out and grunted as he shot a huge sticky onto my wife’s back.
They both collapsed on the bed and let out a deep sigh.

Ana smiled and asked me if I would dare to watch her being gangbanged by a wild bunch of blacks…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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