Boy meets Daddy

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Boy meets Daddy
Boy Meets Daddy (unabridged)

Boy knew how awkward the first physical meeting could be. He decided that he would handle it by instinct. When Daddy opened the door, he looked into his eyes, smiled shyly (because that was all he could manage) stepped in the door and immediately put his arms around him, cheek against his chest. A bit startled at first, daddy looked down with a smile, closed the door to the room and held him for a moment. “Sorry sir,” boy mumbled. “That’s okay, boy” daddy said and put his arms around him a little tighter.
It was the duality of daddy that had conflicted boy in the days leading to this meeting. Should he be submissive or overt, affectionate or a whore. He was so anxious to please, thrilled if daddy responded, heartsick if he offended. “It’s the wanting to touch you for so long”, he said, turning to kiss daddy’s neck, the smell of him making him sigh. “I know, I know” daddy said, running his hand down to the small of boy’s back. It was all boy could do but keep kissing his neck as daddy ran his hand up inside the back of boy’s shirt. Boy trembled and sighed again, the touch of daddy’s hand against his skin. As boy kissed daddy along his neck to that tender place at the base of the throat, daddy reached and began to unbutton the front of boy’s shirt. And as boy kept quietly kissing, sighing softly, daddy took boy’s nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twisted them gently. Boy went a little weak with groaning and lifted his head back to thank his daddy, but before he could get the words out, he felt daddy’s mouth on his lips hotly, his tongue forcing his way into him. Closing his eyes, he gratefully sucked on his daddy’s tongue, moaned and was lost.
In that eternity, boy felt daddy’s tongue leaving him and daddy not so roughly kissing boy’s lips again. Eyes opening, boy opened his mouth to kiss him back, but felt the pressure of daddy’s hands on his shoulders and felt him step back. Still a bit dazed, boy looked to daddy’s eyes for guidance and heard him say, “Now get undressed, boy”. Panting a little for breath, boy trembling as he could not resist him, shyly cast off his shirt and quickly unbuttoned his shorts, letting them drop to the floor. He looked bashfully but hopefully to his daddy. “Underwear too,” daddy said gruffly. Boy hastily pulled his briefs down, already hard cock slapping against his belly as it was freed.
Boy stood there shyly, head down, breathing sharply with both shame and excitement. “Look at me, boy!” daddy said with a not unkind tone in his voice. “Yes sir”, he whispered and looked up longingly, heaving a sigh. “Come here!”, daddy said, as boy stepped closer, “and kneel!” Dread clenching him, hope lifting him, he knelt on one knee, then the other. “And hands behind your back!” daddy said sternly, though the hardness in his voice was softening. Boy reached behind and locked hand to wrist, breath catching as he mumbled, “yes sir, thank you sir”. He looked up at his daddy, then turned his face and rested it softly against daddy’s belly, moaning a little as he exhaled. “No touching unless daddy tells you to touch, boy” daddy said, caressing boy’s cheek a little, his own voice catching.

He pushed canlı bahis şirketleri boy’s head back and boy looked up as he unbuttoned his shirt and threw it on the bed next to him. Boy ‘ohhed’ softly at the furry nakedness of daddy’s skin. “Now kiss daddy’s belly”, he said, as daddy played with his own nipples a bit. Boy sighed a little as he kissed and rubbed his face gently against daddy’s soft fur; “thank you, sir…thank you, daddy”, he said. “Good boy, keep kissing boy”, daddy said softly, his excitement growing as he played with a nipple with one hand and gently clenched boy’s hair with the other, pushing boy’s head lower as he ground his crotch into boy’s face.
Boy gasped a little, his own cock throbbing, feeling the shape of daddy’s already hardening cock through the trousers. He moaned a little, trying clumsily to mouth it and groaned as daddy pushed his face hard against it. Still clenching boy’s hair, daddy pulled his head back again and growled, “now undo daddy’s belt and take it off boy, daddy’s probably gonna need that later”. “Yes sir, thank you sir” boy moaned as he unfastened the belt and pulled it free, more frightened than thrilled at the prospect of it, almost reluctant to set it on the bed beside him. Daddy again shoved his stiffening crotch hard against boy’s face and said “you want daddy’s hard cock, don’t you boy.” “Yes sir, please sir” boy moaned, almost weeping in his tone, the precum leaking from his own cock.
“Now undo daddy’s pants and be quick about it!…daddy’s gonna fuck boy’s mouth hard!”, he said, his own desire creeping into his voice. Boy quickly undid the clasp of his trousers, yanked them down sharply, daddy’s stiff cock grazing his face. Turning to feel the hardness of it against his cheek, boy groaned loudly and moaning, began to kiss at the base of it. Daddy groaned as well, but clenched boy’s hair tightly this time, jerking his head back and yelling to him, “you never touch daddy’s cock without permission!…you hear me boy, never!!” He heard boy’s whimpered, “sorry daddy, I’m so sorry daddy”, his tone almost truly weeping now. Daddy watched boy wincing a little, a subtle agony playing over his features, his eyes squeezed shut as a single tear escaped quietly from the corner of each.
Though thrilled by his power over him, the power of it, he felt a sting of compassion for him then and loosened his grip, running the palm of his hand against the side of boy’s face, slowly tracing the tear with his finger, gently past his ear and down his boy’s neck. Boy sighed a little at that, and daddy softened and said, “you have to be a good boy and do what daddy tells you”. And his hard cock throbbing a little, hovering, almost touching boy’s upturned face, he watched a drop of precum oozing from the head and dropping onto boy’s slightly open mouth, his cocked jumping a little at that.
Feeling that, boy opened his eyes, licking at the drop, a thrill running through him to see daddy’s smiling face looking down at him. “No, no…no licking, boy” daddy said, softly rubbing the underside of his cock along the bridge of boy’s nose, tapping it gently then pulling back. “Now kiss the head,” daddy said, his breath labouring canlı kaçak iddaa slightly. Boy’s own cock throbbing, he whispered an “ohhh” as he touched his lips to the precum oozing out of daddy’s pisshole. He kissed it gently and opened his mouth a little to kiss it more wetly. “No, no”, daddy said hoarsely, “close your eyes and keep your mouth closed for daddy, boy…daddy wants to see it”, he said as he mashed the head of his cock against boy’s closed lips, grunting a little, smearing the precum over them as he went. “Good boy”, he said groaning, his boy groaning along with him. With he and his cock both pleased with the sight of it, he smeared it around his lips with his fingers, boy’s lips puckering to meet them. “Now lick it, good boy!”, he whispered, “my good little cunt boy” he growled, mashing his balls up against boy’s nose, slapping his stiff cock against his cheek.
Sucking and licking thankfully at the tips of daddy’s thick fingers, breathing in the scent from his balls, the words ran through him electric, like tiny jolts to his nipples, cock and scrotum. “Oh yes I am sir!” the words spilled out as he groaned and ran his open mouth against the side of his daddy’s cock, ‘thank you for calling me that sir, it’s what I am, sir!”, he whimpered in spite of himself and groaned again, the thought of the words thrilling him. “Good boy, good little cunt boy” daddy said hoarsely again as he gently pulled boy’s head back again by the hair.
“Now daddy wants to fuck boy’s cunt mouth hard, okay boy!?”, grunting a smile as he said it. Exhaling a loud groan, he pleaded, “please don’t fuck my cunt mouth daddy, please don’t sir!”, knowing instinctively that it would make his daddy harder, “yes boy!…I am gonna fuck your cunt mouth, boy!” The head of his own cock hurt from throbbing so hard, wanting his daddy’s cock in his mouth so badly, but he said again, “no please daddy, please don’t fuck my cunt mouth, daddy”, that subtle agony again playing on his face as he looked up at this daddy, groans escaping him. And grunting, his own face red from exertion, still grasping his boy’s hair, seeing his face pleading, boy’s words throbbing through his cock, he gasped loudly, “open up boy, here it comes!” he said.
He thrust boy’s mouth hard against his cock, thrusting so deep, it choked him. He flung his head back, groaning through clenched teeth and left boy there for a moment, listening to him retch a little as he held and mashed boy’s lips against the base of his cock. Exhaling sharply and realizing he was tearing at boy’s hair, he relaxed his grip a little and pulled out from his mouth with a wet, sucking sound, seeing the first tiny bit of cum pulled from boy’s open mouth along with it. “Thank you, sir!” boy said gasping, his chest heaving. “Thank you, thank you, sir!”, he said as he kissed at the head and sides of his daddy’s cock, still gasping for breath.
C’mere”, daddy said, his own chest heaving, bracing himself with one hand to sit at the edge of the bed, tugging at boy’s head with the other, conscious not to pull too hard. With boy kneeling between his legs again, he gently pulled his head back saying, “now look at me”, and leaned to kiss his open mouth, canlı kaçak bahis tongue thrusting inside it, kissing his boy’s mouth tenderly for a moment, grateful for the pleasure it had brought him so far. And as boy moaned, without thinking, without knowing, he felt the tears streaming hotly down, flushing his cheeks, his whole body moved by it.

Smiling softly, daddy brushed the tears away with the back of his fingers and with one last kiss, his cock throbbing again, smoothed his hair back and cupped his face. “You’re gonna suck me again, aren’t you boy?” Sighing, with a sweet smile, he leaned down with a mumbled, “yes daddy”, and slowly brought his mouth to the tip of daddy’s cock. Ever so gently, ever so slowly, he took the head in, tongue wetting it, sucking it softly, his lips cupping around it, then slowly pulled back from it, his lips grazing it wetly, daddy groaning along with him.
Again and again they went, boy pleading, daddy forcing, boy’s throat opening more easily each time, boy thanking, moaning and daddy groaning louder each time. He came suddenly, daddy thrusting, groaning and gasping, boy gulping, dripping it along the sides of daddy’s cock, onto his chin and chest, As daddy slowed the pace of it, panting for breath, he took the cum boy had missed tenderly, smearing it along the shaft so boy could have it, then pulling out so boy could lick along the shaft for any he had missed, boy sighing gratefully. He stroked boy’s hair back with his fingers, waiting for him to finish and looking down, saw a shiny pool of wetness. He felt a pang of disappointment that his boy had already cum and it surprised him.
He took boy’s face in his hands again and gave him a hard kiss. Then, with a stern smile, he pushed himself further back on the bed gesturing to boy, beckoning him, “up on the bed, boy”. Shyly climbing up beside him, boy kissed at him and daddy returned the kiss, not thinking. “Hands and knees boy, over daddy’s lap”, and boy complied, kissing daddy’s chest as his face brushed past it. “Now daddy’s gonna have a little rest, boy,” he said as he ran his hand roughly down boy’s back, twisting his nipples with the other, boy kissing daddy’s forearm as it was all he could reach. Daddy then reached for the belt beside him. “Daddy just wants you to know that this isn’t over yet, boy”, he said, his tone hardening, grabbing and kneading one of boy’s buttocks with one hand, readying to swing the belt with the other. And as his boy mumbled a “yes sir”, sighing with a hint of sadness, daddy hesitated for a moment, smoothed his touch to a caress and turning the belt on it’s edge, rubbed it gently between his ass cheeks, boy groaning a little as it gently grazed his hole.
He held it like that for a moment, letting it linger there, then with a slap to his buttock, he pushed boy up suddenly, pushed himself further back on the bed as he swung his legs up, then layed back, looking at his boy. “Daddy’s tired” he said softly, holding his arms out to him. Boy crawled over bashfully, gratefully, and reaching him, his own face full of emotion, he looked down at his daddy’s face and said shyly, “may I kiss you please, daddy?”. Daddy smiled up at him warmly and with more tenderness than he had ever meant to portray said, “yes you may boy, yes you may”. With a long, gentle kiss, daddy put his arms around him and boy settled his cheek against his daddy’s furry chest. Daddy sighed a little and turning his head, closed his eyes to sleep.

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