Bi Midnight

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Big Tits

He arrived just before ten, pungent with cigarette smoke and the stale odor of sweat.

“Oh no. This isn’t going to work.” I said, and promptly bundled him off to the bathroom. Once there, I ran the shower and began to unceremoniously strip him naked. He seemed shy and a bit awkward at having a man do this to him, but endured well enough. He knew what was expected of him and what was involved tonight, and was just as willing of a participant as we.

They were always willing.

I sank to my knees in front of him as I dropped his chinos (never any underpants on the participants) and marveled at the cock hanging before me. My God this kid was huge. It sounds cliché to say it, but… well there it was, a monstrous thing dangling from a tuft of soft brown pubic hair. Even un-aroused he was easily six inches long and even wider around than me, and I’m no slouch in the gifted department. I marveled at it for a minute and without intending to, reached out to handle it. He felt heavy in my hands. I felt his body tense up a bit at this, and despite his posting on-line, I knew that this was not quite what he was expecting. The bi-curious ones were very rarely bi-curious. They simply wanted to get into your woman’s pants and once they had blown their load in her figured their evening was done and were gone without so much a backward glance. We learned that the hard way after several disappointing encounters, and were determined to take matters into our own hands going forward.

Just as I was taking him into my hands now.

“You’re not nervous, about being with a guy, are you?” I asked, stroking his member.

“Nah. Well, maybe a little.” He admitted.

“Nothing to be nervous about, Justin, I promise we’ll take good care of you.” I slowly took his cock into my mouth and sucked and stroked for a few minutes, letting him adapt to the feel of having a man on the end of his manhood. I’ve been told I’m no slouch on in the cock sucking department, (and based on the number of “surprise” loads I’ve had shot in my mouth,) I must be pretty darn good at it. Just when he began to really harden in response, I stopped and ushered him into the shower. I knew it was cruel of me to tease him like that, but his cum was reserved.

I could see him in my mind’s eye as he stood there under the cascading water which beaded up and ran in rivers down his nineteen year old hard body to his semi hard cock and I thought very seriously about joining him. I pictured myself standing behind him, running a soapy scrub puff over his body, his pecks, his too-thin torso with ribs protruding slightly, then rubbing my fully hard cock against the cleft of his buttocks…

I shook myself out of it. That was not part of the plan, as much fun as it might seem. We were needed in the other room, and had tarried too long as it was. The water stopped, the curtain pulled aside, and there he was, standing just as I had pictured him. And either the steam in the shower or the excitement of what was to come was getting to him, because I swear his cock had grown three more inches and still wasn’t erect! I handed Justin a towel which he wrapped around his waist and we padded through the house to the back master bedroom where she was waiting.

Lit candles flickered demonic escort ankara shadows on the walls while the sweet smell of lotion and soft instrumental music greeted us inside the room, but what stopped us both in our tracks was the prone figure on the bed. Melanie lie naked on her stomach, her feet crossed in the air. She was raised up on her elbows so that her breasts hung below her, the tips of her nipples just grazing the silk sheets we had put on the bed for tonight. The candles cast erotic shapes across her flesh and I knew he and I were both getting hard at the sight of her.

“Evening boys,” she said by way of greeting, “gimmie those cocks.”

I shrugged out of my robe; Justin let his towel drop the floor and Melanie rose up onto her knees. We stood on either side of her, as she took one of us in each of her hands and started to caress and stroke our stiffening dicks. I marveled at his lean, lithe body, but kept coming back to his manhood, watching it grow and swell and stiffen in her expert hand. Justin had to be a full eleven inches now, standing up at attention from his body. Oddly, I didn’t feel ashamed of my own healthy seven inches, just in awe of how powerful and thick his dick looked. I couldn’t wait to see him fuck her with it.

Melanie seemed to be thinking the same thing. She guided his cock to her mouth, wrapping her wet lips and tongue around it. She began to expertly blow him, but for just long enough to make him wet. Still stroking her hand up and down the full length of him, she guided him down on his back, swung one leg over and proceeded to mount him. I moved around for a better look, as she shifted her hips and his bulbous head disappeared inside her. She gasped, moving slowly and more and more of his shaft sank up inside her wetness. It wasn’t just the depth, but the width of him spreading her apart.

“Oh god…” She breathed, “so big…”

Justin reached out with his hands and placed them on either side of her hips, gently pulling her apart so she could sink down even further. Then they started a rhythm, slow upward thrusts and deliberate downward grinding. I watched for a moment longer, then moved around front and knelt over them both. Melanie took my cock in her mouth, Justin started licking my hairless balls, occasionally darting his tongue back to explore my ass as he fucked her.

I could tell Melanie was getting a good fucking by the way she kept sucking in air around my swollen dick every time he moved. I grabbed the back of her head and pushed forward, driving myself as far into her mouth and throat as she could take me. We don’t do this often, but every so often Melanie likes to be roughhoused. Justin brought both his crotch and head up at the same time, bringing his tongue and cock as deep inside both of us as he could get. The energy of that connection was so intense I doubted any of us would last long.

At last she pulled away and commanded me to get behind her. Justin paused just long enough in his pounding to allow me to maneuver into postion. Then the head of my cock touched the exposed underside of his. I paused, enjoying the feel of his throbbing meat touching mine. Then I started to fully slide my wet shaft up against his, and I slowly pushed my way into her already tight pussy. She ankara escortlar gasped, and moaned, and cried out in pleasure as I reached full depth.

Together, Justin and I slowly moved in and out of her, enjoying every exquisite sensation of our two hard cocks touching and rubbing against each other, my balls resting on top of his.

I swear I could feel him swell even more as we fucked her together, and the feeling was so great I nearly came myself. I’ve got great stamina, but the feel of the flesh on his cock made all the difference. Melanie must have been aware, for she stopped moaning long enough to say, “No, I want your load in my ass.”

I thrust deep one last time, feeling his cock stroke all the way up the length of me and back down, before I pulled out, and guided my engorged member toward her tight ass. I rose up on my haunches, and Justin pulled her butt checks apart, exposing my target. Melanie arched her back, knowing what was coming, but couldn’t move much since Justin was still plowing her pussy with that massive rod of his. I placed the head of my cock against her and wiggled, then pushed. Her ass accepted me with a slight pop.

Now I could feel him thrusting in her, separated from him but still pushing up against me. Melanie tightened up and let loose a throaty growl as she shuddered. She loves anal, loves double penetration, and this was just what she needed after a long week. Better than a drink and a soak in the hot tub, and twice as much fun. I paused for a second to allow her spasm to subside, then moved deeper in until my balls were flush against her.

“Oh god, now. Fuck me hard now!” What was it Tina Turner once said? “We never ever do nuthin’ nice and easy. We always do it nice, and rough.” That’s how she likes it, and Justin and I needed no greater encouragement. We both began thrusting fast and hard. Her yells fell into incoherent guttural screams and grunts. Our balls slapped together with every inward push, and I realized I was not going to be able to hold back. My already swollen cock engorged further, everything tightened, and I cried out as I pumped my first load of the night into her tight ass. I could feel the warmth of my cum as it dripped back down my shaft and balls and drizzled over Justin, who grunted as he came just a moment later.

Our human pyramid fell apart as we collapsed exhausted. At least, I was exhausted, Justin lay there with a goofy grin on his face, but still rock hard. Melanie was not about to give up on her still absent orgasm, and began sucking the mixture of pussy juice and cum off Justin’s cock. Without a word, she indicated he should do the same to me. He hesitated just a second, then took my dick still dripping cum and ass cream and tentatively ran his tongue and lips over it. I shuddered, and my cock responded, twitching of its own accord. This emboldened him, and he took me in his mouth. Obviously his first time, he was slow and awkward, but what he lacked in skill he made up for in enthusiasm and before long he had me at full mast again.

Melanie lie on her stomach, her knees down, wet ass and pussy pushed up in the air. In one hand, she held a vibrating egg, her absolute favorite toy. She cranked the setting to full (more than once commenting why there’s any ankara kaliteli escortlar other setting at all?) and moved the bullet to her clit. The effect was immediate as she tensed up all over again. Justin moved behind her on his knees, and shoved his still hard member in her, causing her to gasp aloud. “Take it!” She shouted. Then she looked at me. “Take him.” Then she was lost in her own ecstasy again.

I moved to the other side of the bed and got back on my haunches, this time behind Justin’s tight butt. I admired his backside as he pumped her, and thought again of what my dick would feel like nestled snuggly between his cheeks. I grabbed the lube bottle we keep on the headboard and squirted some into my hand, then ran it down the crack of his ass, slowly prying him apart, using my finger to explore his very tight virgin hole. Once I had him used to the idea of a finger, I rubbed the rest of the lube on my quivering cock, fully alive and ready for more.

I pushed him down so that he was more prone over Melanie, then literally levered his cheeks apart and started rubbing my cock up and down his ass crack. It was as exquisite as I had hoped. He paused in his fucking of her in anticipation of what was next, so I started in.

The penetration was tough as tight as he was, but I was patient and knew to take my time. There’s nothing worse than an over-eager ass fucking. Finally, the head of my cock disappeared inside him. I heard him draw breath and asked if he was okay. He just shook his head yes, waiting for more. I shifted my hips and pushed more of me in his ass. Justin was quiet, but Melanie became more vocal at that point. “Oh god, I can feel him swelling more!”

I slowly shoved forward to the hilt, burying my cock in his ass as he shoved forward and buried his in Melanie’s pussy. The first few strokes were fledgling but we soon found our rhythm, as I fucked him and he fucked her. I moved my hands forward across his hips and found hers. It felt like I was fucking her through him. We formed quite the train; the only sound other than our fucking was the constant buzz of the vibrator on her clit. Eventually, his ass loosed a bit, but kept its tight grip on my shaft. I loved the feel, and I know he loved being sandwiched between us.

Melanie started to quiver and buck, and fell forward onto her stomach. She swung her legs inward toward each other, trapping the vibrator and his cock between them as she started to cum, and cum hard. Justin wasn’t prepared, but pushed forward as she fell, which pushed her over the edge. I drove my own cock deep into him and suddenly felt my orgasm rush forth. The powerful shot of my hot cum in his ass sent Justin over the edge just as Melanie was cumming and they climaxed together, his shooting forward into her. Melanie is normally a squirter, but between his huge rod filling her and the death grip her legs had formed around the vibrator, there was nowhere for it to go.

Finally she lay quiet but still shook violently, and I reached down to turn the vibrator off. She sagged forward nearly sobbing from the effort. I backed my dwindling cock out of his ass slowly, and was rewarded as a stream of hot cum dribbled out of him. Justin did the same, and literally a great wave of cum poured out of Melanie, drenching the bed.

“So, did we take good care of you?” I asked.

“No. You two made me realize I was bi.” He said, laughing.

We all collapsed completely spent, just as the chimes of the Grandfather clock in the hall struck midnight.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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