Best Friends Ch. 06

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The rest of the summer was heavenly. I’d found my sexual self and was honing my satisfaction to a fine edge. The most surprising thing to me was that I still wanted to maintain my position of leadership within the church and in the level of society that I had achieved within my community. I can remember through the years that I had been judgmental of people who had fallen by the wayside, as it was referred to. People who had had affairs were on my original hit list as far as my assessment of them was concerned. I didn’t have the perspective of what a broad and open minded sexual acceptance could mean at the time, and would have surely been a leading critic of the kind of behavior in which I found myself involved. After the shoe was on the other foot however, I had become quite accepting and even a cheer leader for the kind of behavior that obsessed me.

Not a week went by that Amanda and I didn’t frolic naked in my bed, her bed or a bed in the Blackthorn motel. It was in a secluded spot in town and Amanda had worked out some kind of arrangement with the manager whereby a door was left conveniently open for us so we could simply sneak in. It was here where she introduced me to strap-ons and double dildoes.

During the summer I experienced Corey and Lee individually at least a couple days each week and Amanda at least once. As I became more familiar with being a fuck slut my highs became more intense. Arthur told me that he never expected that our sex would be such an important part of our lives, and we fucked almost every night. He had no idea that, some days my cunt had been the playground of three cocks and a strap-on and/or a double dildo, that his was the third cock I had sucked, or that four tongues had licked my pussy that day. The fact that I withheld these secrets from him excited me even more. Had I become a nymphomaniac? Perhaps I had; I wanted sexual pleasure from morning ’til night and had the means to achieve it.

Prior to Amanda I never understood the nature of anal sex and, without her, would have considered it disgusting. She introduced me gradually, first with her fingers then a butt plug and finally, with a rather large strap-on. She always knew how to get the most out of me and had taught me how I could get the most out of her. My highlight of the summer with Amanda came one day, when we had taken a room at the motel and spent an entire Sunday after noon making love.

We brought each other up and let each other down in gathering waves until we were near a fever pitch. It was then that Amanda fucked my pussy with a large strap-on and put a double dildo in both of our asses. We became so wild that the motel manager called our room to see if we were alright. We were alright, alright but, because we had both squirted so copiously, his bed was a mess. This was the first time we had both squirted at the same time

Once, Arthur and I had a quickie before he got up early to go on a business trip. After he left I made sure that Madison was sleeping soundly, then stole into Lee’s room. I eased his covers off and saw that he was already hard with what men call a “piss hard-on,” or “morning wood.” I bent over him and sucked him until he was awake. Then, I showed him the tube of hemorrhoid gel that I had in my hand, handed it to him, bent over and spread my cheeks. He slid the applicator into my ass and squeezed, filling me with the cool gel. I climbed into his bed, straddled him, spread my cheeks and sat down on his cock. The gel made his huge dick feel like it was sliding into its companion sheath. This was the first time my son’s cock had been in my ass and I rode it blissfully, moving up and down like a carousel horse. His cum spewing inside my ass was the brass ring and our silenced orgasms were the prize. I thought the double dildo was big but, inside my ass, Lee’s cock was bigger.

That was a particularly active day. Corey had come over when Lee went to the gym, something that had become routine. He made love to me on the kitchen table, in Lee’s bed, in my bed and, I can’t explain why, but he took me into Madison’s room and fucked me in the ass, the first time for him also. It was such an explosive orgasm that I squirted on Madison’s sheets. They were all wet and I had to change them. Arthur was out of town on business and, very late that night, as if he understood my raging need, Lee sneaked into my bedroom and ate my pussy while I sucked his cock. We fucked that night until we were both drained of energy.

All summer long I asked myself if I had become a nymphomaniac and, as I said goodbye to both Corey and Lee as they went back to college, I felt a severe sense of loss. Arthur and I were having sex about three times a week (more when he was not out of town) but it just wasn’t enough. Amanda and I got together at least once a week, which I loved but I so missed those vibrant young boys and their marvelously rigid cocks. I never told Amanda that I was having affairs with the boys, but she knew my sexual appetite had grown internet casino immensely. I confided to her that she might have saved my marriage, that because she had ignited my libido Arthur and I were, once again, making love regularly. I started jogging every morning and it helped, at least a little, in keeping my mind off my dilemma.

One morning when I was finishing my run, it was about 7:30, I turned the corner, about a hundred yards from my home and there was a car sitting at the stop sign. I recognized it was David Firestone, Amanda’s husband. I waved and he tooted his horn. I heard my name being called and turned around. David had rolled down the window and was calling me. So I turned and walked back to the car. “Would you like to join me for a cup of coffee,” he asked, “I’m headed to the coffee shop now.” I hesitated. He’d never suggested such a thing before. “Amanda suggested that we should Mary; come on, get in.”

I sat at a table while he went to get our coffee. Sweating, I felt uncomfortable being in a public place. But he had been thoughtful enough to offer me a towel to sit on, said that he had been driving to the gym when he saw me. As he came back, carrying the two coffee cups, I was reminded how well built he was. It wasn’t the first time I’d ever thought that. Arthur and I had played tennis with he and Amanda years before and I had recognized what a beautiful, athletic figure he had. Also I was kind of impressed that he always seemed to be in such command, as if he was accustomed to giving orders. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his crotch, wondering if he was a thick as Corey. He looked at me and winked.

We sipped our hot coffee in silence until I asked, “Why did Amanda suggest that we should talk David?” His eyes were like a photographer’s camera, taking shot after shot. I could almost hear the clicks and rewinds.

He put his hand on mine and patted it “I’ve known about you and Amanda since the day she played bridge at your house and…” He left it hanging.

I felt a knot in my stomach. I’d been discovered. The prim church lady and civic leader had been found out. My face flushed and I stammered the question, “And…and what did you think about such a thing?” I was trying to be cool but I could hear my heart beating in my ears.

His eyes swallowed me and his lips pulled back into a broad grin. “I’m the one who suggested it.”

I was flabbergasted. He’d known all along. He suggested it! I was defensive. “Did you think I was that sexually starved?”

“No,” he said, his grin melting to an understanding smile.

“I don’t understand David.” This was a strange conversation. I was flustered and didn’t know what to think. But there was something in being close to him that made me squirm in my seat. He watched. I crossed my legs. He watched. I picked up my coffee in my right hand and unconsciously slid my left hand between my legs, as if to protect myself. He watched. “What’s this all about David?”

He took a sip of his coffee, set it down, looked at me and cleared his throat. “Would you say that you are a more sophisticated woman since you and Amanda began your relationship?’ If you only knew, I thought. It was like he’d read my mind and didn’t wait for an answer.

“Amanda’s told me how wild you’ve become Mary. And, I have to be honest with you; she thinks you have someone else on the side.”

“And what makes her think that, may I ask?” I felt boxed in. Could they possibly know about Corey and me…and, how could they know?

He cleared his throat, hesitated then said, “She tasted semen…didn’t think it came from Arthur… he was out of town.”

My face turned beet red. Amanda had never mentioned the thing about the semen and I wondered who’s cum she thought it might be. It was one of the days I was with Corey. I wanted to get up and walk away.

“She wasn’t accusatory, Mary. As a matter of fact, she was excited for you that you were broadening your sexual self and was titillated…said that the taste of another man’s cum in your pussy really turned her on…and, I might add, it made for an exciting evening for me as well.”

It was too much of a revelation for me to feel comfortable with a man whom I had known for years but with whom I had never had more than light social conversations.

“I know how much you and Amanda both feel you need one another. I know, according to Amanda, that you and Arthur have had a resurgence in your own relationship. And, I know that you want more,” he went on, “you need more and do you know what Mary?” I was afraid to ask what. “I’ve sensed for a long time that you would like for me to fuck you.” My face turned red, I thought in anger and I pressed on the table to lurch out of the chair and leave. But I didn’t.

Even before Amanda and I began our escapades, going back to the years when our two boys were on the same Little League team, I’d been captivated with David, who was the coach. His magnetic personality, his outstanding canlı poker oyna physique and his air of authority had me fantasizing more than once about going to bed with him. Because I was married and Amanda was my best friend I never gave it serious consideration. The vision and memory of Corey’s cock flashed my mind and I wondered if David was as thick as his son. Corey was a great lover for such a young man but David had to be better, he had so much more experience. Amanda told me more than once how good he was.

His eyes never stopped devouring me, his smile never waned. He cleared his throat and said, “Actually, I’m here with Amanda’s blessing…at her suggestion. She told me that you would be running this morning and suggested that I take you to the Blackthorn (the motel that Amanda and I had been using for some of our frolics). Reaching across the table he took my hand. My breath caught in my throat and I felt that my pussy was turning inside out.

On the way to the motel I shielded the side of my face, afraid that someone might recognize me. I’m such a fucking whore, I thought, but I love it. I love it. His voice brought me out of the closet of my mind and I was amazed at what he said. “You’re not a whore Mary. You’re an incredibly exciting woman who has arrived at a point in life where you are exercising your sexual freedom. It’s your right, your obligation to yourself. Today’s just another departure for you and I promise you will experience something new.”

He didn’t stop at Blackthorn office, just drove around back, got out of the car, came to my door, opened it, took my hand and we walked to the same room Amanda and I had often used. Amanda told me that they had used the motel for some of their sexual sessions and I wondered if they used it with someone else. As usual, the door was ajar. David pushed it open and said, “You should feel pretty comfortable here,” then touched my back and coaxed me into the room. I wondered what I could possibly experience that would be new.

Before Amanda liberated me I had been such a sexual prude, never having imagined what unbridled sex could mean to me, always relating it to the wickedness the preachers had defined. But Amanda shot me with a magic bullet and, in just one day, I had grown from a sexual midget to a woman growing with sexual desire.

Woman-on-woman sex was something I had thought depraved, thought it would be disgusting but I found that I loved it, even craved it. Then, it was sex with her son Corey. And on the same day, I committed the ultimate sin, incest, with my only son. Then, with all of the sexual experience I was having that summer; my sexual relationship with Arthur was rekindled and burned with a raging fire. Could it be possible be that Amanda was responsible for it all?

I stood in the motel room facing David and the tingling emanating from the core of my pussy spread to my entire body. I was on fire, shaking with the anticipation of what this man might teach me today. Another cock, I thought. Before Amanda I had known only one, Arthur’s. Since that day I had experienced two more (in an entirely new way) and now it would be David’s. When would it stop? I hoped, never. I am a nympho, I thought. I love it so much.

His kiss was tender; his lips so soft and warm. I felt them melt beneath my lips. His hand was inside panties and the touch of his finger in my flooded trough sent shivers throughout my body. We were naked so quickly that it seemed surreal but we had so little to take off, just shorts and t-shirts, a jockstrap for him, panties and my sports bra for me.

He stepped back and his eyes scanned my body standing naked before him. I felt completely vulnerable yet, my nipples had become rock hard and the juice of my pussy was running down my leg. I was ravenous…didn’t want foreplay; we could catch up later. His cock was thick like Corey’s but long like Lee’s, and like Lees, was uncut, the sheath of his foreskin muting the beautiful helmet shaped head beneath. I wanted it inside my cunt, fucking me like the whore I was.

“Just fuck me David,” I said, and unable to control myself I lurched backward on the bed and spread my legs like a bitch in heat. I was so fucking wet that when he fell on top of me with his huge cock in his hand it was almost instantaneous that I felt his bulk stretching me, driving deep inside. I strangled his waist with my legs and yelped in spastic orgasm. I had never had an orgasm this quickly but had never felt in such great need.

Waiting for my spasms to subside he held me tight. I was out of breath but had no reason to be. He was patient, so hard inside me, and caressed me until my breathing settled. He kissed me, licked my lips and slowly slid his tongue inside my mouth. At the same time he withdrew the incredible length of his stout cock. I feared it would pop out but just as I felt the rim of his head go past my vaginal sphincter he leaned forward and his cock settled just about two inches inside me.

Expertly, poker oyna David used his uncircumcised cock inside my cunt to its best advantage. I felt the gathered bulk of his pushed-back-foreskin rubbing my g-spot. I screamed at the joyous feeling as he kept wiggling it on my spot, my yelps coming in vibrating ohs. My ring grew tighter as my sac was filled, making it feel like I was going to crush David’s cock in my tightening vise. He felt it too, pushed his cock in past the restriction then fucking me with long strokes. I couldn’t make any sound come from my throat but my lips held their oval and my breath came out like I was practicing Lamaze. Harder and faster, his cock, like a veined piston drove in and out. My legs kicked and my arms flailed like an epileptic and my head waggled wildly from side to side.

My sac was full to the breaking point but couldn’t drain until David removed his cock. He looked into the saucers of my eyes and, as in everything he had done so far, he understood, pulled his cock from my pussy which sounded like the plunger on a bicycle pump pulling in more air. It was instantaneous. The eruption was so forceful that I felt my hips recoil and saw the arc of my projectile ejaculation rise and fall to the bedspread. I screamed, “David! Oh my God! My God!” then quivered on the bed like a malaria victim in the throes of ague. I had never felt such release, such total deflating release. My body felt as if it had been massaged from the inside.

I didn’t understand where the voice had come from. It said, “Jesus, David. Classy woman you’re fucking!” But my eyes sought the sound that came from a doorway. It took an instant to realize that the door separating the room we were in from the room next door—adjoining rooms. I recognized the face of the man standing in the doorway. It was the manager of the Blackthorn motel. I had seen him from afar once, when Amanda had driven into the motel parking lot one day. That time he was dressed in black slacks and was wearing a wine colored jacket, the colors of the Blackthorn. But what I saw, while I was lying on the bed, which I had just soaked with my cum, was the same face, but on a naked body, his massive, erect cock waggled back and forth.

David said,” Good timing Sandor, huh?”

The man replied with a chuckle, “Well, I guess so. Only, housecleaning’s gonna have to give this room a real going over.” He eased into the room and stood over me looking down, his eyes taking in my body, still laboring to regain my breath. His eyes centered on my pussy, moved up my body, stopping at my breasts then took in my face. They lingered on my face then moved back down, all the way to my feet. “You were right David, she’s truly elegant.”

David turned to me, looking at my questioning eyes and said, “Mary, I’d like for you to meet Sandor VanCleef. He manages the motel and is a very good friend of Amanda’s, and mine. I didn’t think you would mind if he joined us. His eyes questioned mine and I didn’t speak, just looked back in amazement. “I didn’t think you would.”

My eyes went back to Sandor’s face and moved to his cock which was now standing out straight and rigid. I looked then gulped. I thought David’s cock was big, but it was smaller than Sandor’s! I had never imagined that something that large would fit in any woman’s vagina. But mine was begging for him to try.

“Perhaps a shower would be good Mary,” he chuckled then added, “and a dry bed.” He reached out his hand and took mine, helped me sit up, then coaxed me off the bed and led me to the bathroom. “I need a shower as well,” he said. He led me to the bathroom, opened the glass door, turned on the shower, tested the temperature with his open hand then said, “After you Mary.”

He position my back to the soothing shower, took a wash cloth, soaked it in the warm water then dropped the bar of soap in the middle. He worked a lather with the soap then, working from my neck down he washed me, holding up each arm washing under my arms, each breast, my stomach, over my bushy mound and under my pussy. The he washed my pussy gently, moving the washcloth down my legs, until, on one knee, he washed my feet. He turned me and washed my back, over my bottom then down my legs, coming back up and spreading my cheeks, washing my ass and tenderly scrubbing my asshole. He turned me and handed the washcloth to me.

He turned, faced his back to me and I washed up and down his body, making sure I cleaned him as he had cleaned me. He turned and I washed down his chest, under his arms and down his stomach. His cock, with the washcloth wrapped around it, felt unreal. As I washed it with the cloth I held his balls with my left hand. They hung low and felt like what I imagined a bull’s would feel like. He turned under the water and rinsed off then, taking my shoulders, as he leaned into me ad pulled me toward him, he kissed my lips. His lips were sensuous, soft and warm. His right hand flattened on the small of my back and pulled me forward, and I felt the bulk of his erection part my legs, its lenght and sliding under the puffy lips of my vulva. We hugged, my breasts flattening against his chest and his cock slid forward and back in my groove, which was rapidly remoistening itself.

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